Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 182


Chapter 182 Threats

Three days in the air,

the sky is clear.

The sky is full of white clouds, and occasionally flying birds pass through them, bringing out wisps of smoke, and the hustle and bustle of the past seems to have quieted down in this brief moment.

The breeze with a little water vapor blows people’s spirits, and when they look around, everything seems to be a lot clearer.

“Rarely good weather.”

Li Zhubo, who was over seventy years old, red light across the whole face, lightly stroked his beard, withdrew his distant gaze, and moved towards the other two. People frequently signaled:

“Don’t be idle, Hah!”


“It’s an eventful autumn.” Qin Zhubo shook his head:

“The two of us are not as leisurely and elegant as Li Zhubo. I’m afraid that the threshold will be broken by the visiting people in the past few days, and the wine has become boring.”

“This is a good thing. .” Li Zhubo said with a smile:

“The three of us have insufficient cultivation bases, so it is difficult to make a major event, so we can manage money and food, and it is thanks to these years of hard work that we can be today.”

He picked up the wine glass and took a sip:

“Think of me, this Li person, trifling Grade 4 cultivation base, looking at the Heavenly Tiger gang, I’m afraid a small helper can do it Throw me to the ground.”

“Now, I can ask the Gang Lord candidate.”


“It’s really unexpected. Ah!”

He shook his head repeatedly with emotion.

“Old Li.” Master He frowned and said:

“You always said that people must be self-aware, but now the three of us are on fire. It doesn’t taste good when you bake it.”

Master Qin was nodded again and again.

For who is Gang Lord, Heavenly Tiger gang has been in a mess during this time. It doesn’t matter who is really powerful and powerful.

The three of them hold the money and food of the gang, but they are not strong enough, and anyone can bully them.

Because of their seniority, they have a certain right to speak, so several parties came to the door one after another, making promises and threats.

How to be in a good mood.

“Haha…” Master Li smiled thinly:

“You two, this is a dead end.”

“With the three of us in control No matter who becomes Gang Lord, he has to rely on the things of the gang, and this alone makes him invincible.”

“Old Li.” He Zhuzhu waved his hand, as if he didn’t want to talk more :

“Let’s put it bluntly, who are you looking for us for?”

“Lei Gang Lord shocking and stunning, singlehanded has laid a great foundation, which is admirable, but unfortunately the tiger father Dog.” Li Zhu thinly stroked his beard and sighed:

“Even Lei Prison, who is loved by Gang Lord, is perverse and supercilious, and I think the two of them are equally unhappy.”

“Other people are also incompetent, either the old, the weak, the sick or the weak.”

“On the other hand, Qiu Yingchen, the son of Vice-Gang Leader, is dignified, talented, and has the power to dominate one side. Yes, it can be said to be a successor.”

He Zhuzhu and Qin Zhubo looked at each other, strangely silent, as if they had some scruples.

“The three of us are in charge of money and food. Without one, it is acceptable, but without the other, it is difficult to help.” Li Zhubo glanced at the two and continued:

“With This Li’s opinion, we should work together!”

The three looked at each other with different expressions.

When Lei Batian was there, the three people who were in charge of money and food were not allowed to make friends privately, just because they were worried that the three of them would collude with each other and secretly swallow the money.

This also indirectly shows that the three powers are so powerful that even the Gang Lord should be vigilant.

If the three of them join forces, not to mention the power at hand, just the relationship they have managed over the years, it is a big weight.

As for the selection of Qiu Yingchen…

He Zhuzhu’s eyes twitched and he said in a muffled voice:

“I have no opinion.”

Qin The main thin face was dull and silent.


Li Zhubo sighed:

“This Li is the oldest and has the least qualification to say some things, but I still have to say something. , we all have people who are still unclear.”

“At our age, we don’t have many years to live, and the rest of the days are more for future generations to think about, which is just right.”


The wine bowl in Qin Zhubo’s hand suddenly shattered, and several youngsters standing behind the three also changed color.

Master Li smiled and said nothing.

Long time.

Qin Zhu Bocai’s face stiffened:

“Old Li said yes.”


This At that time, a youngster behind He Zhushu stepped forward and whispered:

“Ms. Mei is outside.”


Three The host Bo Qiqi raised his head.

Congratulations to the master book, brows frowned, after thinking for a while, then waved gently:



youngster should be, whispered to go on.


Li Zhubo smiled:

“A wise choice.”

Qin Zhubo beside him With a sigh, he shook his head secretly.

He, like He Zhuzhu, has hardships. For them, choosing Gang Lord can’t bring much benefit to them.

It was a disaster.



There was a commotion downstairs, and there was also the sound of heavy objects falling, and the three looked at each other in blank dismay , only to hear the sound of heavy footsteps getting closer.





The shopkeeper’s face was pale, and the two-strand war , but had to get stuck at the entrance of the stairs:

“There is no person you are looking for.”

Zhou Jia said nothing, grabbed Xiao Er’s collar with a big hand, He threw it backwards and pushed the two guards down.


The people guarding the door on the second floor tensed and shouted:

“Come here again, don’t blame us for being rude! “


Although their voices were not small, none of them dared to step forward. After all, they were the Dark Iron Elder from the Heavenly Tiger gang, an expert known as the Thunder Axe.

“fuck off!”

Zhou Jia brows frowned, reached out and grabbed the door frame, tore off the door frame, and swept several people downstairs with one sweep.

The broken doors and windows were mixed with screams, accompanied by a heavy landing sound, which resounded throughout the restaurant, and also made the diners scream in surprise.

In the house, the three elders are sitting in the middle, and several youngsters are standing around.

Seeing Zhou Jia, everyone was nervous.

“He Zhushu!”

Zhou Jia glanced at the three of them, his eyes fell on He Zhuzhu, his voice was cold:

“Didn’t you say she’s not there? , what does this mean?”

Although there were many people in the house, there was only one person in front of the door, but the power of the incoming people made everyone’s heart tremble, and no one dared to move.

Dark iron!

These two words mean completely different from mortals.

Looking at the whole stone city, the black iron powerhouse can also be counted on one’s fingers.

“Zhou…Elder Zhou.” Director He stood up tremblingly, with a strong smile on his face:

“I didn’t know you were coming.”

“I know now!” Zhou Jia waved his hand to interrupt his explanation:

“Miss Mei wants to see you, do you want to meet here or in another place.”

” This…” Master He hesitated on the tape.

“Elder Zhou.” Li Zhubo got up and said in a sullen voice:

“Why do you need to make things clear and hurt each other’s feelings, He Zhubo doesn’t want to see people, Don’t you understand what it means?”


Lei Mei’s voice came from outside, she stepped upstairs and looked directly at the glittering eyes of He Zhuzhu :

“Lao He, I treat you well, and I have already made a decision before, why is it now that I suddenly avoid meeting somebody?”

In He’s main book She put a lot of thought into it.

As the daughter of Gang Lord, she came to the door in person, helped the other’s children arrange things, and even promised to be the Gang Lord in the future.

Seems to have been promised.

This time,

has changed.

How can she not be angry and puzzled.

“This…I…” Master He hesitated, not knowing where to start.

“Ms. Mei.” Li Zhubo said again:

“You are a woman after all. Although it’s not the period of the Dalin Dynasty, it’s not good to show your face, and you should also be at your age. Get married and have children.”

“How can I succeed the Gang Lord?”

Before he could finish his sentence, Zhou Jia frowned and waved his sleeves suddenly.


The invisible fan was on Li Zhubo’s face, and he was directly thrown to the ground. The wine glass in front of him and the bench behind him even rolled around.

“Old Guy.”

“If you don’t ask me, just shut up!”

Zhou Jia’s voice is cold, his body stands proudly, and the invisible force The pressure enveloped the audience, and his words smashed into his heart.


Master Li vomited blood, and his old face flushed.

“Zhou Jia!”

He roared and propped up his body, his eyes glaring:

“The old man was personally invited by Lord Lei Gang. Lord, I have worked hard for Heavenly Tiger for decades, even if Gang Lord is alive, he is respectful to me.”


“what thing are You!”

“You are a new black iron in trifling, and when you are an Elder, you dare to bully an old man. Miss Mei is the way you manage people, so you can’t be the Gang Lord!”

Lei Mei face changed.


Although Li Zhubo is not strong, his seniority is high enough. The entire Heavenly Tiger gang has the same seniority as him, and there are not many people today.

If you want to succeed the Gang Lord, you should not only look at your strength, but also look at people’s aspirations.

If you bully Old Senior at will, what will the rest of the gang think?

It is precisely because of this that Li Zhubo has a certain detached status in the gang.

“rely on age to show of age!”

Zhou Jia didn’t mean to give Fang Zi, he hummed lightly, and an invisible force blasted through the air.


One silhouette stopped in front of Li Zhubo, holding an eight-sided heavy sword in one hand, blocking the energy, but the whole person also took a few steps backwards.

Ten products!

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows and glanced at each other slightly unexpectedly.

He is a dark-skinned, short, thin man of indistinguishable age.

During the daytime, this man was also wrapped in a thick robe, wrapping his entire body in it, with only chicken feet-like hands exposed.

Behind him, Li Zhubo’s face was pale and his eyes were terrified.

He could see that Zhou Jia really had murderous intentions, and he had no intention of showing mercy at all, so he would say more.

It’s possible to die!


Director He raised his voice, gritted his teeth, and said:

“Miss Mei, He has children, As well as family members, the selection of Gang Lord is not something that a villain can participate in, so please come back.”

β€œHe Zhuzhu, what do you mean by that?” Lei Mei frowned:


“Someone threatens you with your family?”

She face changed, said solemnly:

“Relax, if it’s true In this case, Lei Mei can ensure the safety of your family, and even let the senior of Xiaolang Island come forward, and you will never be threatened.”

He Zhuzhu’s eyes moved slightly, he hesitated for a while, and finally Still shook his head:

“Miss Mei misunderstood, I… I also think what Li Zhubo said makes sense. After all, you are a woman and you are not suitable to succeed Gang Lord.”

Lei Mei’s body swayed slightly, his consciousness was blurred, and his heart was even colder.

Since she planned to take over as Heavenly Tiger’s Gang Lord, various voices of doubt have emerged one after another, and the identity of a woman is one of them.

She naturally didn’t believe that Master He thought the same way, otherwise there was no need to agree before.

I said this because I was worried about my descendants.

But even so.

It still made her feel at a loss, her thoughts were empty, and she had nowhere to go, as if her busy days had become a joke.

“Ms. Mei.”

Director He looked at Lei Mei with unbearable eyes:

“You are a good person, but… The position of Gang Lord.”

“Whether it is suitable for you to succeed the position of Gang Lord, you have the final say?” Zhou Jia’s voice was cold:

“As for good people…”

His voice sank:

“A good person will be bullied?”


A strong wind blows in the field , Zhou Jia opened his eyes and looked towards the youngster behind Master He who was somewhat similar to his appearance.

“Others can threaten your family, why can’t I wait?”


He waved his sleeves violently, and a surge of energy emerged , smashed the youngster directly to the ground:

“He, you go back on one’s word, aren’t you afraid of killing Zhou to vent your anger? If you don’t give an answer today, your son doesn’t have to Got out alive!”



Everyone was shocked.

Even Lei Mei was stunned and muttered:

“Zhou… Brother Zhou, why did it come to this?”

“Miss Mei .” Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent, and he reprimanded in a deep voice:

“Since you want to be the Gang Lord of above ten thousand people, don’t have an excess tendency to clemency, how can a major event be terrified and over-cautious? , advance two, retreat one?”

“Someone once said that doing a major event is either a Great Accomplishment or a great failure, and there will never be a middle route to choose from. What means, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work.”

“He’s surnamed He!”

He turned his head and looked directly at the Director of He:

“Tell me , do you want your son to die today or later?”

“He dare not!” Li Zhubo’s eyes twitched and he shouted loudly.

“Don’t you dare?”

Zhou Jia sneered, and when he stretched out his big hand, the youngster on the ground was pulled up by his strength, and he covered his neck with his hands and struggled desperately.

He looked down and said calmly:

“He Zhuzhu, don’t worry, you can think about it slowly!”

He Zhuzhu looked pale , with panic in his eyes and trembling hands:

“Elder Zhou, no, no!”

“Miss Mei!”

Lei Mei’s lips trembled, Glancing at Zhou Jia with a cold face, Yin Fang suddenly bit his teeth and took a step back to avoid his gaze.

“Miss Mei!” He Zhuzhu fell to his knees with a thud, his voice tape crying:

“Elder Zhou, show mercy, show mercy!”

The other people were also pale, and several youngsters huddled together, looking at the son of He Zhuzhu who was getting weaker and weaker with a look of horror.

“I promise!”

“I promise!”

Seeing that his son’s breath was weakening and he had almost no strength to struggle, Mr. He hurriedly shouted:

“Elder Zhou, let him go, I promise!”



Zhou Jia laughed:

“He, Director, don’t need to panic, Zhou is joking with you. How could I kill someone?”

Said, he released his hand and put down the dying youngster.

At the same time, he looked towards Qin Zhubo in the field:

“Qin Zhubo, what do you think?”

Qin Zhubo turned pale, The two youngsters behind him were so frightened that they almost screamed on the spot, looking at Zhou Jia’s eyes as if they were looking at a murderer again, and hurriedly grabbed the father’s sleeves.



They didn’t think Zhou Jia was joking.

In the situation just now, as long as Mr. He said a word late, he would have died.

“Elder Zhou, good trick.” Qin Zhubo stared at Zhou Jia, his body trembling, and he suddenly smiled bitterly, saying:

“This Qin is also willing to propose Miss took over as Gang Lord, and I also know who threatened the lives of my descendants.”

“oh?” Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows:


“He!” Qin Zhubo pointed out:

“Li Zhubo!”


There was a roar in the middle, Zhou Jia didn’t say a word, didn’t make the slightest verification, and swooped on Li Zhubo:

“Old Guy, it’s no wonder you’ve been making the first bird, threatening the lives of your fellow gang’s descendants. , damn it!”

He seemed to forget that he was threatening others just now.

(End of this chapter)

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