Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 183


Chapter 183 Parties

You still have the face to talk about me?

Master Li was trembling with a sullen body. Even if he threatened people, he would do it secretly and secretly, lest people be discovered.

You are in the public eye, and you are shooting directly!

At this time, the murderous intention hit the face, the power was amazing, and there was no room to think about it.

Li Zhubo heart trembled and shouted anxiously:

“Stop him!”

At the same time, he turned around and ran back.

His cultivation base is not high, but he has been in charge of money and food over the years and has enjoyed a lot of benefits, many of which are used to buy life-saving things.

Lightweight Technique, Wind Talisman, Barbaric Ox Armor…

In an instant.

A dozen auras flashed on his body, which also made his speed soar, as if he was wearing several layers of heavy armor.

next moment.

“fuck off!”

Zhou Jia shouted, his arms swept forward, his violent energy was like a oolong rolling, and several silhouettes that tried to intercept were directly swept away. fly out.

At the same time, the big hand presses the empty space, ‘ka-cha cha’ a crisp sound.

Li Zhubo’s body flashed aura that instantly shattered, the whole person vomited blood, smashed through the wall and moved towards the street outside.


A black shadow swept through the air, grabbed Li Zhubo’s collar with one hand, spread a pair of wings behind his back, and fluttered toward the sky.

For a split second, Zhou Jia thought he had met a certain ‘Goddess’ again.

But in an instant he realized something was wrong.

Goddess has much larger wings and a detached breath, a mixture of divine and death, which is impressive, and this silhouette is different.

More like…

Big bat!

The wings are noticeably smaller and covered with black fluff, and there is no sign of dust when flapping, like a house mouse in a hurry to escape.

It was the black robed man who had been behind Li Zhubo all the time.

Under the black robe,

hidden a pair of wings.

β€œWinged Human Race!”

This is a relatively rare race, with a short stature and a thin body. Because of its pair of wings, it is born with the ability to fly.

The winged man fluttered his wings and flew high, and the power of the tenth rank exploded, and he could instantly soar several feet with one person.

“Want to escape?”

Zhou Jia coldly snorted, the double-edged axe behind him instantly appeared in his palm, and a dazzling thunder emerged from the axe blade and blasted into the sky silhouette.



The two of them screamed in unison, the winged body trembled wildly, the eight-sided heavy sword and Li Zhubo, who lost one’s head out of fear, all went down to the whereabouts.

And he himself was swept up his wings and swept through the aftermath of the thunder.


Zhou Jia slightly frowned.

In order to stay alive, he didn’t use too much force, but the power of the Five Thunder Axe was by no means something that an ordinary 10th rank could endure.

“Take Li Zhubo.”

He dodged and jumped out of the restaurant, with a lingering voice:

“I’ll go after him!”

“Elder Zhou.” Lei Mei took a step forward:

“Be careful!”

Before he finished speaking, the silhouette was gone.

“Mei…Miss Mei.”

Behind him, Master Qin’s tape was uneasy:

“Elder Zhou will be fine, should we first Take down Li Zhubo, and ask clearly about how to threaten me?”

Lei Mei looked back, looking at Qin Zhubo and the others with obvious fear on his face, a sudden change in his heart A clear comprehension.

Everyone in the world is afraid of power but not virtue!

I persuaded me in a kind voice, promising to pay great attention to profit, and willing to pay a visit to make friends, but it could not resist Zhou Jia’s arrogance and cruelty.


“I see.”

Unconsciously, she turned cold and waved:

“Put people Take it down.”


Lei Mei, aloof and remote, and no strangers to enter, seems to have made his subordinates more restrained, and the scorn of the past has quietly subsided. .

All of them responded and rushed towards Li Zhubo.

next moment.

“Miss Mei, Li Zhubo committed suicide by taking poison!”


Lei Mei frowned.

He Zhuzhu and Qin Zhubo looked at each other, but they knew it in their hearts.

What Li Zhubo did, as long as you hold the evidence, you will definitely die, and even the big Li Family will be implicated.

This suicide may also save the family.

At their age, they are very open to death. Anyway, they don’t have a good life for a few years. Everything is for future generations.


The two sighed silently and bowed their heads slowly.




Although the wingmen broke through the thunder, they were obviously injured, their wings were weak, and they could only Encouraged to support and keep flying forward.

But race innate talent, equally incomparable.

Although he is a tenth rank mortal, his speed can make the black iron blushed with shame.


The wounds in his internal organs made the winged man weak, and he opened his mouth to spurt a stream of blood, but he didn’t dare to stop, struggling to jump up again.

He steps on the eaves, his wings flap behind his back, and a twinkle is several feet.


The tracking person is also not slow, and because of the injury on his body, the distance between the two is getting closer and closer.

“Where are you from?”

Zhou Jia’s figure flashed on the eaves and walls, and his voice was neither too fast nor too slow:

“As far as I know, there are very few Winged Human Races in Shicheng, and there is not a ten-rank expert. Where did you come from?”

“What Li Zhubo did, but someone The mastermind behind the scenes?”

“Speak up.”

“Zhou can consider spare your life!”

“Don’t think about it!” The winged man gritted his teeth With a low growl, his figure rushed forward again, and then he seemed to see something, his eyes lit up, and his face was full of ecstasy.


Zhou Jia’s eyes sank slightly behind him, and the ground beneath his feet sank quietly.


Heavenly Jade Thunder!

More than ten groups of purple flame lightning appeared one after another, and the lightning revolved in the air, accompanied by Zhou Jia swinging the double-edged axe, forming a thunder axe light.

The beam of the axe beams to the front.


The invisible pressure made the winged man stiffen, his face was terrified, and he couldn’t help shouting loudly.



Bricks and tiles broke open below, and a burly silhouette rose into the sky, roaring:

“Dare to commit murder here?”

“courting death!”

The silhouette holds a long spear, although there is only one person, there is a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses The meaning of charge, the long spear pointed to the axe light in the field.


The long spear pierced into the thunder, Zhou Jia only felt a shock all over his body, the lightning exploded instantly, and an invisible force restrained his figure.

The winged man is overjoyed, his wings fanned wildly behind his back, and he is about to flee.

“fuck off!”

Zhou Jia’s complexion sank, his axe beamed again and again, slamming towards the person who came, and at the same time quickly approaching the winged man.

“You’re so brave!”

The person who came was eight feet tall, like a giant bear, opened his eyes when he saw it, and the afterimage of the long spear pierced into the heavenly thunder. .

He didn’t care about the life and death of the winged man.

But killing someone in front of him means not taking yourself seriously, and you are naturally angry.


The long spear is like a dragon, and with a flick, World’s Essence Qi of several feet in the radius will gather, and a bright glow flashes from the tip of the spear. .

The bright light was only a moment in the beginning, and in the blink of an eye, it has become the trend of hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Mid-Dark Iron!

The Military Method of Killing!

Zhou Jia’s eye sockets twitched, his arm shook, and the shield behind him had already chosen to fly out, and the sharp light of the spear tip that moved towards the attack slammed into it.

The four-phase shield shakes!

A layer of invisible strength appeared before Jingmang.


Ning Ran’s strength lasted only for a moment, and then it shattered with a bang. The shield was also held by the tip of the spear, and it approached Zhou Jia rapidly.

The distance of more than ten meters, in front of the expert in the middle of the black iron, is almost equivalent to face to face.


are clearly articulated.

Zhou Jia movement method After a while, he held the inner buckle of the shield with one hand, and at the same time the axe light skyrocketed.


The loud noise shook all directions, and the surrounding walls were blasted out, and a giant tree surrounded by several people was crushed by the escaping energy on the spot.

Zhou Jia groaned, his body backwards crazily, and his feet plowed out a deep ravine more than ten meters long on the hard ground.

The person who came here also trembled, and he stopped a few steps backwards.

And that winged man…

Being shrouded in the light of the axe, it has long since become a pile of flesh.

Without provoking violence and axe, Zhou Jia’s strength is obviously not as good as the opponent’s.

“Good boy!”

The visitor’s eyes widened, pointed finger towards with a gun, baleful aura pressing:

“You are courting death! ”

Speaking and getting started.

“General Niu!” At this time, several people jumped out of the room below. One of them saw that it was Zhou Jia, and hurriedly reached out to stop him:

“Misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding. .”

“This is Zhou Jia Junior Brother Zhou from our Xiaolang Island.”

At the same time, he gestured to Zhou Jia:

“Junior Brother Zhou Zhou. , come and see General Niu!”

“Senior Brother Yang.”

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly, but this person was Yang Yunyi, he hesitated, then slowly closed Raise the axe and shield, moved towards the opponent:

“General Niu.”

Niu Yan, the black iron expert of the Scarlet Firmament Army, the recruitment has ended, and he has not left yet.

The few people who jumped out of the house are all famous people in the city. The City Lord’s Mansion and Su Family are all here.

And without exception.

It’s all black iron experts!

“What’s going on?” Yang Yunyi frowned and asked:

“Isn’t Junior Brother following Lei Mei?”

“Not bad.” Zhou Jiap found the nominee:

“Just now that person threatened them with the lives of the master bookkeeper in the gang. Zhou had a clue and followed it all the way until he was interrupted by General Niu.”

” Boy.” General Niu grinned, coldly said:

“Are you blaming me?”

He looked at Zhou Jia and his eyes fell on the double-edged axe:

“You are good at shield and axe. You can kill someone in front of Niu when you first enter the black iron. No wonder you are so arrogant. Why have I never heard of your name?”

” General Niu.” Yang Yunyi hurriedly said:

“Junior Brother Zhou advanced to black iron not long ago, but his axe method has obtained the true inheritance of Lei Gang Lord. The purple thunder axe method is not the same as Yalei Gang Lord back then.”


General Niu raised his eyebrows, his eyes suddenly revealed:

“No wonder.”

Lei Batian’s Purple Thunder Blade Technique he has seen before, ashamed of being inferior, and even the late military experts have repeatedly praised it.

It’s not surprising that this guy has a great thunder axe.

“Junior Brother, we are discussing matters.” Yang Yunyi said at the right time:

“Would you like to come and see you?”

“No.” Zhou Jia He shook his head, moved towards the direction that the winged people wanted to escape, and looked indifferently:

“I still have something to do, so I won’t bother.”

Said, facing a few people Hand in hand, turned away.


Niu Yan coldly snorted:

“It does have some personality, if he is in the army, Niu will definitely let him know what rules are called .”


A cold icy voice sounded:

“Come back, things haven’t been resolved yet.”

“Yes.” This voice made Niu Yan face changed and bow his head respectfully.




Not far from Zhou Jia and Niu Yan, in an Inn.

Qiu Yingchen slowly closed the curtains, covering the distant gaze, his face was a little pale, and he cursed in a low voice:

“Zhou Jia…”


“The rubbish, you’re escaping here because you want to kill me!”

At this time, someone pushed in the door, whispered a few words in one of their ears, and then The other party motioned to step back.

β€œYoung Master.”

The person who speaks is holding a folding fan and is handsome. It is one of the few existing elders of the Heavenly Tiger Gang, Young Master Feng Wu Bozhong.

He said slowly:

“The news that just came, Li Zhubo is dead, and He and Qin are afraid that it will be irreversible.”

“I can’t believe that Zhou Jia is so domineering!”

“hmph!” Qiu Yingchen coldly snorted:

“This man is a lunatic, when he just took over the casino The same is true, all those who are not convinced are killed, and naturally they are all convinced.”

Be that as it may, he couldn’t help but feel a little envious in his heart.

It would be great if I could do things so happily, but the truth is that there are too many constraints and impossible is so reckless.

“No.” Wu Bozhong shook his head lightly:

“It won’t be long, if Zhou Jia is blindly domineering, it is impossible to live to this day, and you have seen the situation just now. , he didn’t get tough with Niu Yan?”

“Isn’t this just bullying the soft and afraid of being tough?” Qiu Yingchen face revealed disdain:

“The villain’s behavior!”

“Heh…” Wu Bozhong chuckled:

“A real man who can bend and stretch, and his recklessness is just right every time. To be honest, I don’t believe in such a coincidence.”

“Maybe it’s not necessarily because he heard something in advance.”

“That’s it!” Qiu Yingchen waved his hand:

“Leave this aside, I just bought one here. Woman, Elder Wu, can you help me?”

He said, clapping his hands lightly.



“Bring someone here.”

The door opened and the two pressed A woman came in.

The woman’s long hair was loose, complexion pale, and her clothes were quite messy. She even had a burn on the corner of her cheek, but she still did not lose her beauty.

Especially the fear in his eyes gave birth to a kind of pitiful feeling.

“This woman’s name is Bai Feng. Not long ago, my people met near Cloud Mist Mountain. She is very talented. How does Elder Wu feel?”

“I still see it. Pity!” Wu Bozhong had already looked down on women, and he couldn’t help but admire: “Bai Feng, there used to be a Bai Family in Tianshui Village, who lived in the sub-rudder of Kirishima. It is said that there is a white clothed Dili. bloodline, is it possible that is related.”

“Elder Wu really experienced and knowledgeable.” Qiu Yingchen’s eyes lit up:

“It’s true!”

“Brother Qiu!” At this moment, someone from outside the door hurried in and saw Bai Feng, his eyes lit up involuntarily:

“I heard that you have a new woman, so I came here to take a look. She is really…exquisite beauty!”

Not caring about Qiu Yingchen’s attitude, he directly stretched out his hand to hold Bai Feng’s chin, his small eyes flashed wildly, and he didn’t hide his thoughts.

“Brother Bao.” Qiu Yingchen was slightly frowned, suppressing his displeasure:

“You’re here.”

“Yes.” Fatty said Xiao and Qiu Yingchen grew up together, and the two said it was okay to wear a pair of trousers, so they sat aside without seeing the outside world:

“How did this woman send me there today?”

“Don’t worry, my father will definitely help you!”

Said, slapped his chest.

“It’s easy to talk, easy to talk about.” Qiu Yingchen didn’t smile, and pointed to the outside:

“Brother Bao, do you know why the military people haven’t left yet?”

“Not quite clear.” Fatty shook his head, and filled the jug beside Qiu Yingchen, whispered:

“It seems to be an old case several decades ago, someone discovered It was a merfolk’s body back then, so I stayed to find out the clues.”

“I don’t know the specifics.”


Qiu Yingchen looked thoughtful, then patted fatty:

“Brother Bao, I have something to do, you are busy first.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Fatty waved his hands repeatedly:

“You are busy with your work.”

Qiu Yingchen nodded, got up with a smile, walked out of the door with Wu Bozhong, and whispered:

“Wait for a fatty bag. “

“Young Master.” Wu Bozhong raised his eyebrows:

“For a woman…”

“Not a woman.” Qiu Yingchen’s voice was cold:


“I reminded him that I am no longer the Qiu Yingchen of the past. I can give some things, but if I don’t give them, he can’t take them.”

“Since I haven’t grown up, then go to Die!”

Wu Bozhong’s eyes flickered and his head bowed slightly.

Just a few months.

Qiu Yingchen has really grown up and gradually has the power of the leader of the gang. Even he is sometimes very reserved in front of the other party.

This is a good thing!

The leader of the gang, how can he be as casual as he used to be?

“And my younger sister.” Qiu Yingchen took a deep breath and said:

“Is the Elder confident to convince her that she has a good relationship with Lei Mei, and to start from her, Can you… take down Lei Mei?”

“Hmm…” Wu Bozhong groaned:

“After all, Lei Mei is a woman, or a virgin, compared to For other people, the body is the biggest weakness, you can try it.”

“Be careful!”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly waved his sleeves to block Qiu Yingchen’s body, blocking a dark arrow.

A few more shadows swooped in.

One of them was wearing an eagle-head mask and grabbed it with five fingers.

“Thirteen Eagles!”

(End of this chapter)

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