Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 184


Chapter 184 Visits

Wu Bozhong and Yuan Xisheng, and saying that Heavenly Tiger helped the two Young Masters not only shows their appearance Dignity is a symbol of strength and status.

Yuan Xisheng’s Sword Art is outstanding, and Wu Bozhong’s palm is transcendent.

The sneak attack of the Thirteen Eagles is fast and powerful, and the Claw Art is exquisite.

“So brave!”

Wu Bozhong holds a fan in one hand and a butterfly in the other hand, leaping in the attacking Claw Art. Regression:

“A Mortal Grade, dare to be mad in front of Wu!”

“It’s just right, I’m going to see the true face of one of the thirteen eagles today, if you ask It’s even more a happy event to leave the Eagle’s Nest.”


Black Eagle grunted, Claw Art became faster and faster, and the sound of breaking through the air was almost continuous. The escaping energy can cut gold break jade.

After self-defeating at the hands of Zhou Jia, he devoted himself to hard work these days.

According to Old Zheng’s statement, in addition to being a little restless in his mood, he has a cultivation base and strength, and has reached the peak of the ordinary.


Ordinary order, after all, ordinary order.

And Wu Bozhong is not ordinary black iron.


The palm strength changes from reality to reality. It seems to be erratic, but it is actually like a mountain of gravity. The shadow of the claws in the sky touches it, and it falls apart in an instant.

Black Hawk’s throat staggered backwards.

Wu Bozhong did not pursue the victory, but shrank his eyes and appeared beside Qiu Yingchen, his folding fan spinning rapidly.


A sword light suddenly appeared, and was stopped by the folding fan. The two collided, and there was a sudden burst of condensed energy.

“Red Eagle!”

“Wu Bozhong, we meet again!”

The visitor laughed heartily, the fiery red cloak shook his back, swift as a gust of wind The sword qi of the shower immediately enveloped the two of them.

Red Eagle Di Wei is the only one among the Thirteen Eagles whose name is known to the world.

This person calls himself a cold-blooded killer. As long as he gives money, he can even kill his biological parents. He is here today.

And while the Black Hawk was entangled with his opponent, he suddenly sneak attacked Qiu Yingchen.

Wu Bozhong’s eyes flashed, while intercepting the incoming sword qi, protecting Qiu Yingchen’s safety, and at the same time taking the entire scene into the entire scene.

Not many people came to the Eagle’s Nest, except for Red Eagle and Black Eagle, there were only a few people, which was the reason why they were able to hide from the black iron expert’s perception.

Although there are few people, all of them are elites.

Few people below Grade 7 are killing themselves.

“Red Eagle!”

Qiu Yingchen’s face turned pale, and under the protection of Wu Bozhong, he retreated again and again:

“Who asked you to kill me, I Pay double the price, and you will solve him!”

“Master Qiu Young, you should think about who you have offended during this time.” Hong Ying sneered:

” As for the price…”

“Isn’t Mr. Di an unruly person?”

“Uncle Di.” It came out:

“Come on, the movement here has caught the attention of outsiders.”

“Bai Feng!” Qiu Yingchen could see who the woman was at a glance, and his face couldn’t help but change. Urgent:

“Quick, leave people behind!”

This woman is very important to him, not for his own selfish desires, but to dedicate it to someone in exchange for more support.

No, it doesn’t hurt to let the package fatty.


Red Eagle rode towards the sky, sword light flourished in the field, followed by all kinds of hidden weapons shooting, helping Heavenly Tiger People are suppressed.

By the time everyone recovered, the Thirteen Eagles had been disappeared.

Wu Bozhong, the only one who had spare energy to chase down, also did not chase because he was worried about Qiu Yingchen’s safety by lured the tiger away from the mountain.



Qiu Yingchen gritted his teeth and smashed the wooden beam beside him:

“It must be Lei Mei’s slut. I didn’t expect her to dare to resort to such means.”

He has offended many people, but recently, he can still invite Thirteen Eagles to take action, it seems Lei Mei was the only one.

Wu Bozhong brows frowned.

He didn’t think it was Lei Mei’s method, but he didn’t say anything.



Qiu Baimen stood up suddenly, his eyes glaring at his brother:

“Brother , what nonsense are you talking about, let me poison Lei Mei, if you want to fight for the position of Gang Lord, just and honorable fight.”

“With such inferior means, I I feel ashamed!”

“What did you say!” Qiu Yingchen’s face changed color, he raised his hand and slapped it.

Qiu Baimen not to be outdone, greeted him with a raised hand.


The two of them retreated at the same time.

“What are you doing?”

Mrs. Qiu held a cane in her hand, and said heavily:

“Why, before I figured out how to deal with outsiders, the family just The fight has already started, the two of you are really good.”

“Mother!” Qiu Yingchen said angrily:

“Look at your precious daughter, you can’t help outsiders. I, that slut surnamed Lei can kill people, but I can’t poison?”


“I didn’t want to kill her either!”

“Then what are you doing?” Qiu Baimen raised his eyebrows.

“Poison is not necessarily used to kill people.” Qiu Yingchen coldly snorted:

“Some poison can help men and women.”

“Aphrodisiac? “Mrs. Qiu was stunned for a moment, but it’s not surprising. With her identity and age, it’s common for certain things to happen:

“Did Ying Chen have a crush on her eyebrows?”

” That’s fine!”

She slowly nodded:

“You and Mei’er have become a family, and you don’t have to keep arguing about the position of Gang Lord, so it’s the best of both worlds. Good thing.”

“Mother!” Qiu Baimen stomped his feet:

“Lei Mei doesn’t like big brother at all, and using such means to occupy her body, it is impossible to do what you want, but I’m afraid It will have the opposite effect.”

She knew exactly Lei Mei’s temper.

Strong personality.

Even if Qiu Yingchen really takes over, he will never admit defeat. It is more likely that he will hold grudges and retaliate.

And Qiu Yingchen did such a thing, and also eliminated Heavenly Tiger’s position as Gang Lord.

Who would choose such a person to be Gang Lord?

“I’m not that stupid.” Qiu Yingchen coldly snorted:

“Su Angry is very interested in Lei Mei.”

“Su Ang? Su Family Three Su Fu, who is idle all day long?” Qiu Baimen was stunned for a moment, and then his face was full of contempt:

“If you do it yourself, even if you can’t get the position of Gang Lord, I can admire you. Courage, even a woman can make people, big brother is really amazing!”

“You…” Qiu Yingchen was angry:

“What do you know!”

“Su An just seems to be idle, but in fact, his strength is not weak at all. You probably don’t know that he is already tenth rank.”


He took a deep breath and said:

“Lei Mei was taken over by Su Fu, no matter what the reason is, the people on Xiaolang Island will not give her the position of Gang Lord again.”

Heavenly Tiger helped Gang Lord, how could it be related to Su Family?

when the time comes.

In case Lei Mei becomes Gang Lord and becomes pregnant with Su Family’s child, will Heavenly Tiger Gang be the property of Xiaolang Island or the property of Su Family?

“That doesn’t work either!”

Qiu Baimen slammed out the door:

“Don’t pay such attention to me.”



The angry voice drifted away.

“This girl…” Mrs. Qiu shook her head helplessly, and looked towards Qiu Yingchen:

“Yingchen, your younger sister doesn’t want to help, what should I do?”

Qiu Bowei is strong by nature, but his wife’s character is weak. She has no backbone, and she can’t even manage her two children.


Mrs. Qiu still supports her son’s idea.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Qiu Yingchen closed his eyes, spit one mouthful of impure air, his expression gradually turned cold:

“Someone will be willing.”





Pulling the reins lightly, thunder eyebrows follow the beast Jump up and down the spine.

“Sister Mei!”

“Young Lady Lei.”

The people who were guarding the courtyard immediately greeted them, and the two of them were both at the front. familiar.

Lei Yue.

Lei Batian’s illegitimate son.

Chen Ying.

Elder Chen’s daughter and friend of Lei Mei.

β€œElder Zhou!”

β€œBrother Zhou!”

The two also moved towards Zhou Jia who followed closely from behind to say hello, one respectfully, the other The soundtrack is close.

“How is it?” Lei Mei strode forward and asked casually:

“What did the 13th Brother say?”

“He didn’t say anything. “Chen Ying sighed:

“But Aunt Tang didn’t agree.”


Lei Mei let out a light hum and led everyone into the courtyard , in the fearful sight of the servants in the courtyard, grandiose came to the backyard.

There are only four people in the backyard.

Two old servants, a woman, and a youngster who looked like Lei Batian.

Youngster was practicing the Blade Technique by himself, when he saw the crowd come in, his face tensed, he stopped and moved to the woman’s side.

“Lei Mei!”

The woman saw the person coming, and the complexion turned cold:

“What are you doing here?”

“I’ve already told you that the position of Gang Lord belongs to Ye’er. It’s not right for you to show up as a woman. How can you take possession of what originally belonged to Ye’er.”

“13th Brother.” Lei Mei ignored her and looked towards youngster:

“What are your plans?”

“I…” Lei Ye opened his mouth to speak, and looked at mother subconsciously.

The woman immediately raised her eyebrows and loudly said:

“Lei Mei, don’t bully people because of the number of people. Our family Lei Ye is his father’s favorite son. But it can become a black iron powerhouse.”

“And our Tang Family is not to be trifled with!”

“The position of Gang Lord must be Ye’er, you If you’re interested, take the initiative to help Ye’er, so that you won’t be able to come down to the stage in the future.”

“Shut up!” Lei Mei’s face sank, and he scolded angrily:

“You don’t like women showing up. , don’t talk indiscriminately and confuse right and wrong, the 13th Brother is not small, and he still has no opinion on things.”

“I think it’s because of you!”

“You can’t say that. My mother!” Lei Ye hurriedly stood up, put his hands in front of the woman, and glared at Lei Mei:

“Third sister, my mother asked me to be the Gang Lord, so I will be.”

“She told you to do it, you can do it?” Lei Mei looked disdainful:

“The 13th Brother, the father died, together with his uncle, Senior Brother Yuan, Jiuru Elder, Liao Elder… …, these fathers who are highly valued, all unfortunately died!”

“We are running out of people.”

She bowed her head slightly, staring at Lei Ye. :

“As for the Qiu family, there are still many supporters, especially Elder Wu and Master Shen Hall, who stand with them with a lot of gang members.”

“If our brothers fight each other again…”

“Heavenly Tiger gang, the surname will be Qiu in the future!”

“Then you have to support Ye’er even more. .” The woman was also a little anxious when she heard this, and hurriedly said:

“If you support Ye’er, the Heavenly Tiger gang can be in the hands of the Lei Family. You are a woman, and you are not Lei when you are married. This can’t be done.”

“I’m not married.” Lei Mei said coldly.

“You said you won’t get married if you don’t get married?” The woman faced disdain:

“When you have tasted what a man is like, I’m afraid you won’t be able to say such words… …”

“Damn talk!” Lei Mei was furious, and suddenly stepped forward, about to start, Lei Ye’s face was tense, but he stopped in front of him without any intention.

Lei Batian has many children, the most favored of which is Mrs. Lei’s son Lei Jiao.

But innate talent is the highest.

It’s Lei Ye!

The woman said that Lei Batian likes Lei Ye the most, which is not a lie. After all, this child is young, and the cultivation base is already close to the tenth rank of ordinary rank, and he is most likely to become black iron.

Even even the Zi Lei Blade Technique is extremely skilled.

Even when Lei Prison was alive, he was not necessarily his opponent.

Lei Mei and Lei Ye looked at each other, neither giving way to the other.

Long time.

“You guys go out!”

Lei Mei’s beautiful eyes flashed and suddenly waved:

“I’ll tell you.”

Zhou Jia raised his head, thought about it, and said nodded:

“Miss Mei, be careful.”

As he spoke, he waved his hands gently, and led the people out of the yard, leaving the three alone.

In the hospital.

Lei Mei slowly retracted his edgy temperament and said coldly:

“Aunt Tang, you should know very well that the 13th Brother is too young to be more important, and he is not the current one. Gang Lord’s best candidate.”


The woman hummed softly:

“I think my son is very good, at least better than you. Gang Lord is better.”

“I am Gang Lord, 13th Brother should provide as usual, plus 20% monthly salary for his cultivation until he attains black iron.” Lei Mei waved his hand and interrupted. The woman opened her mouth to speak, and continued:

“If Qiu Yingchen becomes the Gang Lord, you and I both know that it is impossible for the Lei Family to live a prosperous life as usual, and most likely there will be some… accidents. .”

The woman pouted.

Although I am disdainful in my heart, I also know that this is the truth.

Once the position of the Gang Lord is not in the hands of the Lei Family, the successor of the Gang Lord will definitely suppress the dissatisfied people in order to master the Heavenly Tiger Gang.

Lei Family,

Bear the brunt.

The days of their mothers will definitely not be as comfortable as they are now.

“I can promise you.”

Lei Mei turned around and looked at the two of them with bright eyes:

“As long as you help me take over this time. The position of Gang Lord, the 13th Brother became a black iron in the future, and if I want to be Gang Lord, I will hand the position of Gang Lord into his hands.”


She took a deep breath and said:

“When I was the Gang Lord, I swore that I would never marry!”


The field was quiet.

The woman’s eyes flickered and she was surprised. She didn’t seem to expect that Lei Mei would make such a promise, and Lei Ye’s expression moved slightly.

Different from women.

Lei Ye is not interested in the position of Gang Lord, he prefers to practice martial arts.

Achieving black iron is his goal.

However, for a long time, he has always obeyed the woman’s words, and Lei Ye never thought about it, to veto the mother’s decision.



The woman coldly snorted:

“You just want to deceive us.”

“You’re nice at this time, wait until you’re real Don’t try to deceive us so easily!”


At this time, there were also shouts from outside the hospital:

“Is it alright inside? If it’s alright, I will accompany Brother Zhou outside to have a conversation. You can talk slowly.”


“Elder Tang !”

The woman and Lei Mei looked back at the same time.




Outside the hospital.

The fat-headed and big-eared Elder Tang stepped down from the carriage, shook his body, and stood in front of Zhou Jia with a smile on his face:

“Single brother really knows how to teach discipline. The three black irons in the door are really enviable, but it’s a pity…”

He shook his head again and again with emotion.

β€œSenior Tang.” Zhou Jia surrendered:

β€œDo you feel that who should take over as Gang Lord?”

β€œI don’t know. “Elder Tang shook his head again and again, with a simple and honest face:

“As long as my daughter is not bullied, it is enough.”

old fox!

Zhou Jia hummed lightly, looking back towards the courtyard gate.

The voices in the courtyard have stopped, but there are whispers. Not long after, Lei Mei walked out from behind the door, with a haggard face, moved towards a few people nodded:

“Aunt Tang agreed.”


Chen Ying and Lei Yue were overjoyed:

“very good!”

“Hmm…” Elder Tang’s small eyes flashed back and forth:

“My daughter has a stubborn temper, and it took a lot of effort for Miss Mei to be able to persuade her. , someone from Tang should persuade him more.”

“What did Elder Tang say?” Lei Mei forced a smile:

“In the future, please give me more advice. .”

Said, she looked up at the sky:

“It’s going to rain.”

“Yeah.” Elder Tang:

“It looks like it won’t be too small.”

“Da da… da da…”

While speaking, one person rides a burgundy mount from a distance He rushed over, and a figure above it waved the whip rope, stopped the attack in front of everyone, and shouted angrily:

“Lei Mei, did you send someone to assassinate my brother?”

“Ah!” Lei Mei was stunned:

“Baimen, why are you here? Qiu Yingchen was assassinated?”

“Don’t be pretentious!” Qiu Baimen’s pretty face sullen , suddenly waved his hand and chopped off a strand of his long hair, and glared at him:

“Unexpectedly, I also saw the wrong person, the position of Gang Lord is really amazing, it makes people’s hearts change, and that’s the case, we From today onwards, the two will end their friendship!”

“White Gate!” Lei Mei’s face changed.

“hmph!” Qiu Baimen didn’t give her a chance to explain. He put his legs together, turned his mounts, and ran out the way he came.


The drizzle fell, making Lei Mei’s expression stiff.

Long time.

She smiled wryly, bowed her head slightly, and her eyes were full of melancholy.

“Being Gang Lord is like this. Not only can you not have an excess tendency to clemency, but you must also know how to choose.” Elder Tang whispered:

“Sometimes, it is compelled by circumstances , and sometimes, it has to be done.”

(End of this chapter)

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