Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 185


Chapter 185 Membership

The rain gradually becomes sparse.

Tian shopkeeper took off his robes, tossed the mud from his shoes, bowed in front of several guards, explained his origin, and then stepped inside.


He was guarded by all guards, and the inexplicable coercion made him bow subconsciously until he saw the silhouette sitting beside him, and then he relaxed.

โ€œElder Zhou.โ€

โ€œTian shopkeeper.โ€

Zhou Jia put down the scroll in his hand, nodded:

โ€œ You’re here, sit down.”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare.” Tian shopkeeper waved his hands again and again, facing a black iron powerhouse, the gap in cultivation base and identity even made him dare not look up.

He took out a bottle of medicine pill from his sleeve and presented it, saying:

“The precious medicine sent by the host family this month.”

“It’s work. “Zhou Jia nodded, took the porcelain bottle, and opened the lid.


A strong medicinal fragrance assaults the senses.

With the long experience of taking medicine, Zhou Jia can tell the many ingredients by sniffing his nose lightly, and a look of satisfaction immediately appeared on his face:

“With the source The quality medicine, Miss Xu has a heart.”

“Yes, yes.” Tian shopkeeper nodded:

“The master also hopes that the Elder Zhou cultivation base will be successful. In the future, our business will be bigger and bigger, and we will always take medicine seriously.”

“en.” Zhou Jia put away the medicine pill and looked up:

” speaking of which, I haven’t heard Miss Xu talk about business for a while, how is the situation now after that Young Master Xu returned?”

“Young Master Xu.” Tian shopkeeper looked strange :

“The owner of the Blood Vine Building appeared that day and killed Cai senior. Young Master Xu was frightened and was bedridden for several days. Now it has been several months, and I heard that he still has not recovered.”

“I’m afraid it’s…”

“It’s a waste!”

Having said this, he lowered his head and forced the smile on his face.

He is a native of Stone City.

I was favored by Qian Xiaoyun and Xu Xiuzhi early on and became the shopkeeper of the local Thousand Spirits Pavilion. With today’s identity, I am unwilling to change the owner.

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

He didn’t expect that Xu Chang’s ability to bear would be so weak, and merely this saved a lot of trouble.

“Elder Zhou.” Tian shopkeeper said:

“This batch of goods…”

“Go to my house to find Sanshui.” Zhou Jia recovered, took a token from his body and handed it over:

“Just ask him to take you there.”

“Yes.” Tian shopkeeper’s eyes lit up :

“The villain said goodbye.”

Watching the other party leave, Zhou Jia slowly retracted his gaze.

Since he found the treasure medicine in the Blood Vine Building and tasted the advanced by leaps and bounds brought by the source quality medicine to the cultivation base, the ordinary medicine pill has been ignored by him.


One level!

This kind of entry can envy others.

It’s no wonder that the Inner Sect, the military, and even some people in the Imperial Court Imperial Family, after advanced black iron, the cultivation base can still be advanced by leaps and bounds.

It’s a pity that the source quality medicine is rare, and ordinary people can’t afford it at all.

Fortunately, Zhou Jia’s way is wide enough.

Xu Family will send a bottle every month, and a Tianwang Dan from Lei Mei, plus a lot of ordinary medicine pills, the cultivation base is still progressing slowly.

Two years!

It didn’t even take two years for him to have the confidence to break the second test of Shenhuang Jue.

In short,

The future is bright!


โ€œMartial Uncle Zhou.โ€

Not long after Tian shopkeeper left, another person came to Xiaolang Island.

The surname is Ke. He is in his 40s, but his seniority is low and his cultivation base is not high. He has been doing trivial chores on the island.

Personally known as Steward Ke.

He cupped one fist in the other hand and said:

“There have been a lot of newcomers on the island recently, the seniors are not enough, Elder Yang said that you should choose two people to earn income My own door.”

“en?” Zhou Jia brows slightly wrinkle:

“So urgent.”

According to the rules of Xuantian League, in order to continue In the inheritance of the Human Race of the Dalin Dynasty, every black iron powerhouse needs to receive disciples to pass on the Dharma.

In this way, to inherit the martial arts.

But if it is a new black iron, it is not necessary to accept apprentices in the past few years.

Those with outstanding innate talent such as Zhou Jia, who have a promising future, can even stay away from the discipline and focus on Cultivation and the pursuit of higher realm.

Of course,

This is only in theory, the actual operation is different.

“A few years ago, there were fewer people on the island.” Manager Ke shyly said:

“I don’t know why recently, we have received a lot of Disciples at this lineage, senior We are too busy, so we can only bother Martial Uncle.”

“Martial Uncle Zhou, don’t worry, it’s just a place for you, you don’t need to worry about it in normal times.”

“Of course… “

He raised his head and said:

“If you want, they can also run back and forth.”

Zhou Jia secretly shook his head.

It seems that there are more people going through the back door this year, and their Disciple quota is also being targeted, but the benefits are not given at all.

Some people on the island are too mean.

He sighed lightly and reached out his hand to signal:

“Bring the list.”

“Yes.” Manager Ke was overjoyed and hurriedly took out a In this booklet, open a few pages:

โ€œPlease take a look at Martial Uncle, this is a group of Disciples that stand out. Two of them are under 20 years old and have Grade 7 Peak.โ€

“This person…”

“Yang Ku?” Zhou Jia fingered one of the names and said with a smile:

“Grade 5, Can you also get started?”

“This…” Director Ke’s throat rolled, and said:

“This child is Yang Clan’s foreign surname, so I’m a little more accommodating.”

Zhou Jia shook his head.

This Yang Ku is actually Yang Xuan’s son. Although both of them are Surnamed Yang, their relationship with the Yang Family on Xiaolang Island is inseparable.

I am afraid that I have used a lot of benefits before I came in.

speaking of which is funny.

In order for his son not to be dragged down by his own identity, Yang Xuan did everything possible to send Yang Ku to Xiaolang Island, but he never thought that the two owners of the Blood Vine Building were from the island.

Isn’t it a lamb in a tiger’s den?

“Just him.” Zhou Jia pointed to Yang Ku’s name with a smile:

“I have been instructed by Elder Yang, and this child is listed under my name. Quan should repay, and this one named Lin Yuan, come here together.”


Manager Ke should bow his head.

“Elder Zhou!”

At this time, Lei Yue walked out from the backyard:

“It’s done, Sister Mei said that these days are busy and some Iโ€™m tired, I just donโ€™t have any arrangements today, I plan to go to Qihuju to gather with a few friends, so just relax.โ€


Zhou Jia nodded, slowly Get up:

“Let’s go!”




As more and more Many people supported Lei Mei, and her trip became more formal.

A guard of honor of dozens of people opened the way, followed by more than ten elite guards to protect them, accompanied by Zhou Jia, who has become a black iron.

And Chen Ying, Lei Yue and the others, all busy.

Although there was no noise of gongs and drums, the huge team was silent and majestic, but it also made pedestrians on the road retreat early to avoid it.

Qihuju is located in the city.

It was originally the courtyard of a large family, but it was later converted into a garden, with a winery and an Inn inside, and it gradually became a place for banquets and gatherings.

Second floor.

Dense branches and clusters of flowers block the window, and through the gap, the motorcade outside can be seen far away.

“Sister Meier is really different. Traveling is so lively now, and he will become Heavenly Tiger to help Gang Lord. Is it still good?”

Someone looking through the window Open it outwards and speak softly.

“Who said no?”

The house is full of smiles, both envious and envious:

“In my opinion, sister Meier doesn’t need to think about getting married. Who is, with her current status, what kind of man would she want?”

“Build a golden nest and raise a bunch of men!”

“Enough is enough. .”

Someone frowned and reprimanded in a low voice:

“We used to talk about this kind of thing in private, but now it’s heard by Sister Mei, even if she doesn’t mind, People around her will also mind.”

“Don’t ask for trouble!”


Someone hummed:

“Yeah, Lei Mei’s identity is different. He wants to be the character of Gang Lord, and there is no time to interact with idlers like us in the future.”

“If you don’t want to come, you can go!”


One person looked at him coldly:

“You think the current Lei Mei is something we can see if we want to see it. In my opinion, your family is afraid that you come to Lei Mei to hang out in front of you. A familiar face.”


“What are you, aren’t you?”


A woman stood up and shouted loudly:

“If you talk again, get out of here.”

The identity of this woman seems to be quite different, all the women hearing this pale, No one dared to refute, Qi Qi lowered his head and kept his mouth shut.

“Why didn’t Baimen come?”

The woman glanced over her body, brows frowned:

“I wrote her a letter.”

“Sister Huan, Baimen’s big brother is competing with Sister Meier for the position of Heavenly Tiger to help Gang Lord. It is said that Sister Meier secretly hired someone to assassinate Qiu Yingchen.” A woman said:

“They The two of you have already given up.”

Said, shaking his head slightly, with a look of regret.

All the women are daughters of powerful families in the city, but there are only a few at the core.

Except for Lei Mei and Qiu Baimen, Meng Bulijiao and Jiao Buli Meng, who belong to City Lord’s Mansion Ouyang Huan, the two young ladies of the Su Family are the most detached.

The two daughters of Su Family are not here today.

Qiu Baimen didn’t come either.

There are some people who are not very well-identified. After hearing the news, they cling to various relationships and rush over, just to get familiar in front of Lei Mei.

There are many such people.


Ouyang Huan’s pretty face tightened, paused, and he waved his hand:

“Yu Rong, stay in the clear night, the others go downstairs .”

“The gathering of our sisters, the ones that should come, don’t come, what are so many useless outsiders doing, looking at it makes me upset.”

“Sister Huan !” As soon as these words fell, the expressions of the women who were normally close to each other changed.

Opening his mouth to speak, he saw that Ouyang Huan was already smiling.



The women’s expressions were stiff, but Ouyang Huan, who was obviously angry, didn’t dare to say anything. They scolded each other and went downstairs one after another.

Only two women remained.

The field immediately fell silent.

“Sister Huan, there’s no need to be angry.”

Yu Rong’s temperament is soft and her voice is soothing:

“They were also forced to come here by their family members. As a rich lady, she is flattering others, so she may not be happy in her heart, and she doesn’t need to express her anger.”

“Yu Rong, you are still so good-natured.” Ouyang Huan shook his head gently, irritability appeared on his face, and reached out his hand. He rubbed his brows:

“We haven’t been together for a while, Lei Mei is troubled by things, and we can’t help much. It’s good to have a conversation with her.”

Said, looked towards the woman with a cold temperament:

“In the clear night, don’t keep your face sullen and say a few more words.”

“It’s nothing. It’s easy to say.” Qing Ye shook his head:

“Wine, you can drink enough with her.”

“pu chi!”

The two women heard this with a smile , as if the branches were trembling.

Ouyang Huan shook her head again and again:

“If you can really get Lei Mei drunk, that’s a good thing. She should really relax now.”

while speaking, footsteps have come from outside.

The door opens.

Lei Mei and Chen Ying walked in.

“Sister Huan, Yurong, Qing Ye…”

Looking at the three daughters, the majesty on Lei Mei’s face slowly dissipated, and the old daughter’s home attitude reappeared. Nodded with a smile:

“You are all here.”

“Lei Mei.” Ouyang happily walked to her side, reached out and touched her cheek, his eyes filled with unbearable eyes. :

“It’s been a few days since I haven’t seen you. Why is your skin so dry and your eyes bloodshot? You’re afraid that you haven’t had a good time to rest?”


“The location of Gang Lord…”

“Forget it, let’s not talk about these annoying things, sit down and drink, don’t think about those messy trivial things today, and have a good drink! “

“Okay!” Lei Mei nodded heavily.

These days, she has been running around between various forces, working hard, and has been questioned many times, and the blow has never stopped.

Work hard, work hard, and have no leisure time.

The benefit has not been seen.

Sisters who used to be close and intimate, but have broken up with them.

The sadness in my heart is beyond words.

But I can’t talk or talk about it. To be a Gang Lord, how can I have a youngest daughter.

The position of the future Gang Lord is like an invisible shackle, tightly restraining her, reminding her that every move must be measured.

Only in front of these people can you relax a little.

“Have a good drink today!”

She should have reminded Lei Mei to pay attention to her words and deeds, but during this time, the other party’s exhaustion was also in her eyes, and she couldn’t bear it.

After so many busy days, it’s okay to relax.

Yurong smiled lightly, turned around to clean up the seats, drinks and dishes, when the other women didn’t notice, the halo in her eyes dimmed quietly.




Not far from the lake.

The two stood in a booth somewhere, looking down at the passing convoy.

“Heavenly Tiger Gang!”

Su E’s eyes slightly narrowed, sneered:

“It’s really no one to choose, the position of Gang Lord is going to be replaced. If a woman is here, the people on Xiaolang Island are really getting worse and worse.”

“Second Uncle.”

Su An stood behind him, his eyes flashing:

“Second Uncle.”


“It really doesn’t matter?”

“What are you afraid of?” Su E looked back and said:

“Don’t forget, you are a child of the Su Family, even if Occupying her body, could it be that Xiaolang Island can still kill you?”

“At worst, marry someone back.”

“That’s not bad!” Su An rubbed his hands together:

“Lei Mei that girl has a very outstanding appearance and figure, but she has a stronger temperament, but this kind of woman is more interesting to play.”

“It should be That’s it!” Su E smiled:

“Women, men’s playthings, if you want to play, you should play spicy, so you can have fun, even more how is Lei Batian’s daughter!”

Speaking of the three words Lei Batian, his expression was slightly distorted, and a trace of fear flashed subconsciously in his eyes.

But it was pressed down in an instant.

“Are you sure you can take down Lei Mei?”

After calming down, Su E said:

“This girl’s strength is not weak, you are clumsy After so many years, the cultivation base has gone up, but there is a lack of hands-on experience with others.โ€

โ€œYouโ€™re not a match for her.โ€

โ€œSecond Uncle, donโ€™t worry.โ€ Su angrily With a low smile:

“My nephew never likes to fight and kill. If he can solve it in other ways, why bother? Qiu Yingchen arranged for him to take action, and he promises that nothing will happen.”

“It’s Zhou Jia…”

He pursed his lips and said:

“With this person by Lei Mei’s side, I’m afraid I won’t be able to start.”


“Don’t worry about it.” Su E moved his muscles:

“I’ll help you solve it.”

(End of this chapter)


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