Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 186


Chapter 186 Undercurrent

“I think back then, when I first came to Shicheng, I was stuck in the backyard of the mansion all day. , thanks to a few of you who often come to accompany me, so that I will not be too lonely.”

Three rounds of wine and five flavors of food.

Ouyang Huan’s pretty face flushed, drunkenness appeared in his eyes, and he said with a smile:

“Thinking about it now, it was really interesting at that time.”

The Ouyang Family lived in Shicheng from generation to generation, but she did not, but stayed with her mother in the Inner Sect of Xuantian League, and did not come over until her mother died.

“I’m afraid you don’t know.” Lei Mei chuckled:

“The reason why we were able to go in was because City Lord left a way out, he just pretended not to. I just know.”

“City Lord is indifferent on the surface, but in fact he cares about you very much.”

“More than that.” Qing Ye’s voice was cold:

“I was I don’t want to go, it was my dad who whipped me with a whip.”

“This man.” Ouyang Huan was speechless, and pointed at the other party:

“It’s always like this Disappointing.”

“is it possible that, today is also your father’s call for you to come, so you came?”

Lei Mei made a move on his hand.


Qing Ye looked towards Lei Mei, picked up the wine glass, and his voice was as cold as ever:

“That’s not it.”


Lei Mei pursed her lips, and the two women toasted each other:

“It seems that I’m still more popular than Sister Huan.”

“It was originally.” Yurong pursed her lips and chuckled:

“You were stronger than anyone else when you were young. Those boys bullied us, and you shot every time. Drive them away.”

“Of course the most popular!”

“This is not a good reputation, so I haven’t been able to talk about ideal husband.” Lei Mei shook his head repeatedly , Several women laughed one after another.


Although the laughter is still the same, the mood is completely different.

Nowadays, Lei Mei, who is constantly being harassed by others, is habitually observing words and feelings, and has long lost the leisure and elegance of the past.

She could see that although the girls treated themselves as usual on the surface, there were actually some differences.

Ouyang Huan would occasionally mention the difficulty of being a father and the difficulty of being a City Lord, and then talked about how good it would be if the Heavenly Tiger gang could cooperate.

I’m afraid it will lay a solid foundation for the future relationship between City Lord’s Mansion and the Heavenly Tiger gang.

It’s not obvious, but it makes people think so.

Yurong raised her glass frequently, her expression a little unnatural, as if she was trying to please.

Qing Ye has a clear and transparent temperament, and is the most dusty among several people, and the eyes that look at him also begin to be mixed with some other thoughts.

Not to mention Chen Ying.

A former friend who has long since become a family member.

It’s different!

Everything is different.

Perhaps it was because she was too naive at the beginning and didn’t realize that she was like this, or the difference in status affected and changed herself.

As always.

She will never take her hangover pills in advance when she is with her sisters to make sure she stays calm at all times.


changed too!




The lobby.

Zhou Jia took out a medicine pill and took it, crossed his knees and closed his eyes silently Cultivation.

With the traction of the Shenhuangjue method, the majestic medicinal power inherent in the medicine pill pours into the limbs and bones, integrating and expanding the source power.

The guards in the field have become accustomed to this.

Everyone knows that Elder Zhou is a martial arts idiot, fond of fighting to a crazy degree, no matter how busy he is, as long as he has a little time, he will take advantage of Cultivation.

No wonder,

You have such a cultivation base at such a young age.

But in the eyes of others, such Cultivation is simply self-abuse.

Even Lei Mei sometimes can’t see it, and persuades Zhou Jia to learn to enjoy life. There are too many things in this world to cherish.

Zhou Jia just smiled indifferently.

For him, watching his cultivation base, strength, and martial arts improve a little bit every day is the greatest enjoyment.

I don’t know how long it took.


Zhou Jia opened his eyes, browsed frowned, moved towards a place outside Qihuju, a gloomy look flashed in his eyes, and he waved back at the same time:


“Elder Zhou!”

One hurried over.

Zhou Jia said:

“Tell Miss Mei, you need to drink in moderation, and tomorrow morning you will go out of town to visit the Taoist priest of the Gem Temple, pay attention to the time.”

“This…” The person came complexion stiffened and scolded:

“Elder, Miss Mei upstairs is having a good time drinking with her friends. Isn’t that how we used to be…, can we do it again? Wait?”

“en?” Zhou Jia’s face sank, and he stood up:

“I’ll tell it myself.”

“Elder Zhou! “At this time, a person came from outside the house, cup one fist in the other hand:

“This is just here, why must anxiously leave, Martial Uncle on the island heard that you are here, let me please See you there.”

“Xue Martial Uncle.” Zhou Jia paused at his feet, pondered for a moment, nodded:

“Alright, lead the way.”


Xue Xiao is in her fifties and well maintained, plus the cultivation base in the middle of the black iron, she looks almost the same as a thirty-year-old woman.

Especially her temper is extremely hot.

It doesn’t look like a weather-beaten old man over fifty.

Seeing Zhou Jia pushing the door and entering, she was just nodded, with a condescending attitude:

“You’re here.”

“Martial Uncle.” Zhou Jia cup one fist in the other hand, and glanced at several people in the field:

“All of them are there.”

Except for the banquet between acquaintances, most of the upper-level people’s Meetings are based on shared meals, and each person has a table, a meal, and a drink in front of them.

Each table is served by a dedicated person.

Here, too.

However, the people who are feasting today are more valuable.

Xue Xiao from Xiaolang Island, Su Ei from Su Family, and Ren Nantian from City Lord’s Mansion are all mid-dark iron experts from Shicheng.

Even the people standing behind them are all great characters who are famous in the city, but now they are only suitable for pouring tea and wine here.

The main character is a white clothed Young Master.

“Zhou Jia.” Xue Xiao stretched out his hand and cited the theme:

“This is Master Ji Xianji Young, see you soon.”


Chi Xiaojun Ji Family?

“Master Ji Young.” Zhou Jia surrendered.

Glancing across the other side, his eyes met, his eyes subconsciously shrank, his flesh tightened, and an astonished feeling grew in his heart.

Dark Iron late stage!

Ji Young Master bearless white face, handsome in appearance, extremely outstanding in temperament, a white clothed body that is not stained with dust, and has the meaning of being out of the dust.

The real age is indistinguishable, but the aura on the body is like a sea, and it is difficult to guess.

Among the people Zhou Jia has met, there are only two people on Xiaolang Island, who are stronger than this person, as expected from the military Ji Family.

Anyone who talks about affairs has such a cultivation base.

Behind him, there are two girls.

Even from Zhou Jia’s perspective, he has to admit that the two women’s appearance, temperament and even figure are far from comparable.

Even Lei Mei and a few girls are one step behind.

Only a woman named Bai Feng who I have met can beat her by a few points.

“Zhou Jia.”

Master Ji Young’s voice has a strong male magnetism, looking down and slowly nodded:

“This paragraph Time, your name is about to make my ears calluse, it’s not bad to have such a cultivation base at such a young age.”

“We met a few days ago.”


He held up his glass and smiled indifferently:

“It’s not bad to be able to kill people in front of General Niu.”

Zhou Jia was stunned.

It turned out that the other party was the mysterious person in the house that day. No wonder he was surrounded by people from all walks of life. This person seemed to be looking for something else when he stayed in Shicheng.

“Master Ji Young is too famous.” Xue Xiao waved his hand:

“Zhou Jia is young and energetic, he doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, as for the cultivation base, it’s just the beginning It’s just black iron, what’s the point?”

These words,

If Zhou Jia said it himself, it can be said to be modest.

But Xue Xiao said that his arrogant attitude was too demeaning. The key is that the relationship between the two is not so good.

Naturally unpleasant.

“Hei Tie, who is around 30 years old, is not bad.” Ren Nantian from City Lord’s Mansion chuckled lightly:

“After all, this place is not as good as Inner Sect, Army Fang, at this age, the old man has not yet reached the tenth grade, let alone certified black iron.”

“Yes.” Su E nodded:

“Zai Ji Young In the Master’s eyes, Zhou Jia’s achievements in black iron at such an age can only be considered good, but in my opinion, it is already an extraordinary natural talent.”

“Not to mention…”

He glanced at Zhou Jia and said with a smile:

“Little Brother Zhou received the personal inheritance of the Lei Gang Lord, and the one-handed purple thunder axe is so amazing that even General Niu is amazed.”

“Fu’er, you have to learn more!”

The last sentence was for a youngster behind him.


Su was nodded and surrendered to Zhou Jia:

“If you have time, I will ask Elder Zhou for advice.”



“It’s easy to say, it’s easy to say.” Zhou Jia is quite familiar with Su An. He used to be a frequent visitor to the casino, and he doesn’t want his strength to have reached the top ten.

“Zhou is just lucky and not worthy of appreciation.”

Now he said:

“Today I can meet Master Ji Young, the blessing of three lifetimes , but I still have things to do there…”

“What’s the rush.” Xue Xiao frowned:

“I know you’re walking around with that girl, hum. , a daughter’s family, do you really think that you can hold down Heavenly Tiger to help tens of thousands of people?”

“Sit down, it’s a rare chance to get to know Master Ji Young, so don’t rush back.”

Yang Family supports Lei Mei.


disliked Lei Batian in her early years, and because of Qiu Bowei’s relationship, she was more optimistic about Qiu Yingchen, and she didn’t want Zhou Jia to help Lei Mei all the time.


Zhou Jia said calmly:

“Xue Martial Uncle is also a woman, but she has an extraordinary bearing and is far better than a man. I don’t think there is such a man. Dare to be arrogant and despotic in front of you, right?”

“Haha…” Master Ji Young laughed, seemed to find it quite interesting, and then waved his hand:

“Don’t be in a hurry to go back. For a while, add another table!”


Immediately, someone responded and placed tables, stools, wine and vegetables in the position where Xue Xiao started.

Zhou Jia had no choice but to sit down.

“Bang dang…”

Opposite, Su An was pouring wine from himself, and suddenly, the wine glass fell to the ground, which also made Su E’s face unhappy:

“It’s frizzy and frizzy, what does it look like.”

Then he waved his sleeves:

“You go out, you don’t need to wait here, see your picture I’m not happy that my face is pale.”

“Second Uncle.” Su angrily bowed his head, and shrugged:

“The Junior is leaving.”

“get lost!”

Su E waved his sleeves.

Zhou Jia sat opposite, watching Su Angry cowering leave, his eyes looked thoughtful, and then fell on Xue Xiao’s body.

Open your mouth to speak and want to resign.

“Speaking of which, Zhou Little Brother is very good at axe and superb at shield, but it’s really difficult for me, such as warriors, to keep the weapons in my body at all times.”

Su E said at the right time, Interrupted his movements:

“So, you can’t relax your fists and kicks.”

“May we learn a thing or two?”

A few others in the field Everyone’s eyes lit up.





the more you drink.

The sky is getting darker,

also getting darker.

Ouyang Huan is usually carefree, but he is the one with the worst alcohol intake among the others. That is, his eyes are full of flowers, and his mouth is full of laughter.


“Continue Hah!”

“We can continue, but you really won’t succeed.” Qing Ye shook his head speechlessly, clapped , called a few maids to come over:

“What did your lady say, do you want to go back to the manor or rest here?”

“Miss said you want to have a drink.” The maid looked at The drunk Ouyang Huan looked worried:

“If it’s too late, I won’t go back.”

Lei Mei looked at the sky outside and shook his head secretly:

“Forget it, feed her some hangover soup first, take a break in the side room, pass City Lord’s Mansion when I go back, and drop her off on the way.”

“Alright. “

Several women nodded.


The maid should be yes, she stepped forward to help Ouyang Huan, who was almost unconscious, and sent him to the side room to rest.

“Ms. Mei.”

Chen Ying, who smelled of alcohol, came up from the downstairs and whispered:

“Elder Zhou was caught by Xiaolang Island’s senior called over, he hasn’t come back yet, but leave a message so that you can take care of your safety.”

“He’s not here.” Lei Mei didn’t pay attention to what Zhou Jia left, his eyes lit up:

“That’s really good, I can finally relax.”

In the past few days, although Zhou Jia is with you, you don’t need to worry about safety issues, but being watched all the time, she Feel restrained too.

Like now.

When drinking a drink, you must pay attention to the time, lest the other party urge you to have a hard time enjoying yourself.

“You are already a Gang Lord, are you afraid that your subordinates will fail?” Yu Rong shook her head and filled her glass with a smile:

“Alright. If you don’t get drunk today, how can you easily leave the scene.”

“Don’t worry, I have reserved a room here, even if you can’t drink, you can still have a good night’s sleep.”

“It’s okay!” The medicinal power of hangover medicine seems to be no match for good wine. Lei Mei is already feeling drunk, and even more faintly excited:


“No drunk, no return!”


The side yard.

Su An and a few people sat down in the courtyard and waited quietly.

Not long.


The courtyard door was pushed open, and a woman walked in cautiously:

“Young Master Su.”

“en.” Su Annodded:

“What did your lady say?”

“Miss said you should wait a moment, and I will let you go when there is news. ” The woman dressed as a maid, bowed her head timidly and said:

“It won’t be long.”

hearing this, Su An smiled, even though he often lingered among the flowers , Thinking of what’s to come, can’t help but feel hot.


“I’ll wait.”

(End of this chapter)

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