Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 188


Chapter 188 Rescue

Lei Mei was confused and felt like he was on the surging sea, his body undulating Uncertain, when thoughts are muddled and clear, muddleheaded.


She struggled to open her eyes, but she felt her eyelids were as powerful as a thousand fingers, her vision was blurred, and she could only see an illusory shadow swaying back and forth.

Although she couldn’t see her face clearly, her familiarity over the years made her subconsciously speak:


illusory shadow a pause.

Yurong turned around with a complicated expression, and muttered in a low voice:

“Don’t blame me, I was forced too.”

Lei Mei gasped. , trying to keep his consciousness awake, he moved his fingers tremblingly and touched something on his waist.

“It’s useless.”

Yurong bowed her head:

“You forgot, I taught you how to hide things on your body. .”

“Chen Ying has fallen asleep after drinking too much, and the guards are not here. Your personal maid is very relieved to know that I am with you.”

“Why?” Lei Mei closed his eyes, despair and sadness quietly rose in the mind, and tears fell silently from the corners of his eyes.

“…” Yurong bit her lip, and even oozing blood.

“Who is it?”

Lei Mei gasped for breath, only to feel the heat all over her body, subconsciously about to tear off her clothes, and many other thoughts came to her mind.

She growled in a low voice, unwillingly.

“Su An.” Yurong whispered:

“Sister Meier, we are women, and sometimes we have to admit that we are not as convenient as men. “

“As for Su An…”

“I know that you feel that he is an ignorant and incompetent libertine, but in fact, he can endure for many years, by no means a generalist. .”

“Shut up!”

Lei Mei growled, struggling to wave his arms, trying to grab the vague silhouette:

“Shut up!”

“Okay, I’ll shut up.” Yurong sighed lightly:

“You rest first, I’ll go out and have a look, Sister Meier, if you can’t resist, try Just accept it.”

“It’s just like…the original me.”

She bowed her head not to look at Lei Mei, walked out of the room slowly, closed the door, her eyes were red, desperately trying to After taking a few breaths, he suppressed the restlessness in his heart.

In a few moments.

“Why haven’t you come yet?”

The maid of the communication didn’t come, let Yurong brows frowned, looked at the room, she clenches the teeth, and walked towards the layman.


Su Family has two Peak inheritances, one is Xuan Bing Jin and the other is Zhen Yuan Gong.

The former is fierce, while the latter focuses on accumulation. When it comes to rank, it is even comparable to Xiaolang Island’s Three Powers and Six Techniques.

What Su Fu cultivated was Zhen Yuan Gong.

This cultivation technique is considered to be the most widely inherited superior method of the Chixiao Army. It has the ability to suppress other forces, especially zombies and other things.

More body tempering.

Cultivation technique is successful, fleshy body thousand hammers, hundred refinements, no less than ominous beast of the same order.

And this time.


With a cracking sound, Su An’s arm was forcibly discounted by Zhou Jia.

Horrible to see at a glance.


Su An roared, kicking and kicking.


Zhou Jia kicked the same way. The fleshy body created by Dragon-Tiger’s mysterious tire directly kicked Su Fu several feet, and even hit a wall. .

The leg bone was broken on the spot.

“Don’t be surprised, Brother Su.”

As he started, he said slowly:

“I didn’t expect, Brother Su’s strength is unexpectedly high. So strong, I couldn’t hold back for a while, but I want to come here with the background of the Su Family, and it will be no problem to heal.”


Su angrily shouted:


“surnamed Zhou, I’m going to kill you!”


Before he could finish his sentence, Zhou Jia slapped him and slapped him to the ground , and even flew out with a few guards who wanted to come and help.

“It’s amazing!”

Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent, and he patted his hands lightly:

“I received my palm so hard, it was unscathed, admiration, admiration.”

Lei Yue’s complexion turned pale, and he looked at Su An, whose cheeks were bulging high on one side.

Zhou Jia obviously didn’t intend to stop there, and came to the front with a dodging, startling Thunder Palm’s outrageous strike.


The air vibrates and the silhouette flies upside down.


Su An vomited blood, his body plowed a long ravine on the ground, and the sternum was broken.


He struggled to get up, his eyes were fixed on Zhou Jia, and he gritted his teeth and roared:

“Sooner or later, I will I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you!”

Su was not stupid, and naturally he could see that the other party was venting his anger on himself, and every shot was not fatal, but made him tortured.

Pain, grief, and unwillingness turned into raging anger in his heart, burning wildly.


Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows and smiled:

“Do you think you still have a chance?”

“ You don’t dare to kill me.” Hearing this, Su An’s heart skipped a beat, his complexion suddenly changed, and he slowly backed away with his body covered in blood:

“I am a member of the Su Family, and the Su Family is under the influence of Chi Xiao. The order of the army sits in Shicheng, you kill me, Su Family and Master Ji Young will not let you go.”


Zhou Jia sneered, body flashed, Suddenly appeared outside the hospital.

At the same time, he stretched out his big hand and lifted a trembling slender silhouette in his hand, and looked towards the other party with a cold look:

“Miss Yurong, why are you here?”


“I…” Yurong’s eyes flashed, and she said:

“I heard something moving here, so… just come and have a look, that’s it, that’s it, Elder Zhou, you Please feel free.”

“Where is Miss Mei?” Zhou Jia remain unmoved:

“Take me there.”


Yurong’s face suddenly turned white.

“en!” Zhou Jia’s eyes sank, and he said angrily:

“It seems that something really happened, you guys are so brave, how dare you frame Heavenly Tiger to help the future Gang Lord, when Zhou, the Heavenly Tiger, helped the Elder to be a vegetarian?”

Before he finished speaking, he had already appeared in front of Su An with Yu Rong in his hand, whipped with one leg, and pulled out all the afterimages in the air. , slammed on Su An.



A limp silhouette collapsed to the ground.




Lei Mei was lying on the bed, his consciousness was sometimes blurred and sometimes clear, and the heat on his body was getting more and more Obviously, it gradually burned from the body to deep in one’s heart.

Every inch of my skin seems to be extremely sensitive.

Even the smooth clothes in the past seemed to be torture to her.


gradually appear hazy.

In the mouth,

let out a strange gasp.

The only consciousness reminded her that if she continued, she would fall into the abyss of signed to eternal damnation, but she was powerless to resist.

“Yu Rong…”

“Save me!”


The door was suddenly slammed. The wind pushes away.

Lei Mei’s heart trembled, ready to either the fish dies or the net splits, heard an unexpected and familiar voice.


“Where is the antidote?”

Zhou Jia!

Why is he here?

Lei Mei changed his mind and was ecstatic.

It must have been Yurong who had lost her way and called Zhou Jia to come over. She was indeed her good sister. The love for so many years did not come in vain.

“There is no antidote?”

Lei Yue’s hurried and panicked voice sounded:

“What should I do then?”

” It doesn’t matter.” Zhou Jia stepped forward, looked at the bed subconsciously stretched out his hand to tear his clothes, and said calmly:

“This kind of medicine mostly affects the mind by changing certain substances in the fleshy body. Just seal a part of the fleshy body.”

“When the time passes, or bubble cold water, the medical power can also be dissipated.”

Saying that Some flesh on Dead Lei Mei’s body.

Although this will cause some discomfort, and even seem to be useless for a short time, it will not affect the rationality of the drug.

Of course, there are other ways, but obviously not suitable.

“I can’t think of it.” Lei Yue looked adoring:

“Elder Zhou, you still know medical skills.”

Zhou Jia shook his head.

He doesn’t know any medical skills, but he just read Shan Muhua’s Poison Scripture, which contains detailed records for various poisons.

Among them, this medicine is included.

In a few moments.

Lei Mei with flushed brows sat up slowly from the bed, subconsciously covering his body, nodding to Zhou Jia:

“many thanks Elder Zhou.”

“It should be.” Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent, looking towards Yurong, who was kneeling on the ground and shiver coldly behind him:

“What should I do with this woman?”

“She…” Lei Mei opened his mouth with a complicated expression.

At this point, she naturally understands that there is no Yurong’s lost way to return to her old love, but Zhou Jia sees through the trick.

“If Miss Mei is inconvenient.” Zhou Jia said, his voice cold:

“I can help you.”


Yurong Huarong paled:

“No, don’t!”

She knew very well that if she fell into Zhou Jia’s hands, she would never live It’s possible, but Lei Mei may miss the old relationship.

“…” Lei Mei’s mouth trembled, before slowly shaking his head for a long time:

“I’ll come.”

Zhou Jia frowned.

paused, nodded said:



“Miss Mei knows why Zhou shot Save you?”

“Elder Zhou life-saving grace, Lei Mei is unforgettable.” Lei Mei straightened, stood up and bowed:

“Lei Mei will succeed Gang Lord someday. I will never forget the kindness of Elder Zhou today, just as Elder did not forget his father’s teaching of cultivation techniques.”

“You are wrong.” Zhou Jia lowered his head and looked directly at Lei Mei:

“I saved you not because Lord Lei Gang taught me the cultivation technique, nor because of our relationship, but because you gave me enough.”

“Other People don’t give as much as you, I’m naturally willing to support you as Gang Lord.”

“In this world, only the most reliable relationship of interests!”

Lei Mei lovable body trembled.

She looked up in amazement and looked at Zhou Jia with cold eyes, her thoughts fluctuated, and finally her face revealed a bitter smile, slowly nodded:

“Elder Zhou taught me.”


The other party is straightforward and has no emotion at all, but it is the truth, and it is not good for others to do things for you.

And there are benefits…

Even if they are sisters, they can betray!

She looked towards Yurong kneeling on the ground, her eyes gradually became cold, her silver teeth clenched tightly, and she finally sighed helplessly, unable to get over the hurdle in her heart.

At the moment, he asked in a muffled voice:

“Who is it?”

“In today’s matter, who else is there besides Su Fu?”

“…” Yurong Yin clenched her teeth, paused, and said in a muffled voice:

“Qiu Yingchen.”

“It’s him.” Lei Mei’s eyes moved slightly, his heart It was Yi Song, what she was really afraid of was hearing the name she didn’t want to hear from the other party’s mouth.

Today, she can no longer bear the blow.

And Qiu Yingchen also seems to be as it should be by rights.

He waved his hand at the moment, and the soundtrack was lonely:

“You go!”

“Yu Family, you will pay the price for what happened today!”

Yurong’s delicate body trembled slightly, she raised her head to look at Lei Mei, her face was full of tears, then she kowtowed heavily, got up and staggered out.

“The third sister is still kind-hearted, so it’s cheaper for her!”

Lei Yue coldly snorted, spit fiercely at the opponent’s back.




The ruins have long been vacated.

The outer perimeter is guarded strictly to prevent death.

Master Ji Young and the others stood in the center, looking down at the ‘corpse’ on the ground.

“Your Excellency.”

The medical officer examined the ‘corpse’, stood up and surrendered, and moved towards Ren Nantian:

“Young Master Su has broken bones and muscles. Limbs and bones were injured, fleshy body almost became a pile of mud, only the mouth was still hard for some reason.”

“Not dead, but…”

The doctor said nothing. Finished speaking, but the attitude is already clear.


The ground beneath Su E’s feet cracked open and cracked, his hands clenched even more, and his face was hideous.

There are many Heaven and Earth Treasures in the Ruins Realm, healing miracle medicines, and even killing ominous beasts to get source power throughout the body to repair the wounds on the body.

But this,

has limits.

In the case of Su Angry, the source power is just torture throughout the body, with countless broken bones and meat residue mixed together, it is impossible to repair it well.

It may be easier to make another person than this.

I’m not dead,

It’s better to be dead!

How can this make Su E not angry?


Master Ji Young smiled, didn’t seem to care about Su An’s situation at all, and said leisurely:

“I was just caught by someone. Bully, get revenge, this youngster named Zhou Jia has a personality…different from others.”

“I’m going to kill him!” Su Egang clenched his teeth, looking towards the field Xue Xiao:

“Where is surnamed Zhou?”

“hmph!” Although Xue Xiao doesn’t like Zhou Jia, he doesn’t want Lei Mei to be the Gang of Heavenly Tiger Gang. Lord, I don’t plan to let this happen today:

“Your family planned to plot against Lei Mei, and this incident is also retribution.”

“I want to tell you.”

“If you do this, you will kill it directly!”

She doesn’t want the Heavenly Tiger Gang to continue to be in the hands of Lei Family, but Lei Family has no Lei Batian, even if it is a surname It’s okay for Ray to be Gang Lord.

The power is definitely not as good as before.

But if Su Family intervenes, it’s a different matter.

In case the Su Family and the Lei Family get involved, the Heavenly Tiger gang will probably have nothing to do with Xiaolang Island in the future, so in her opinion Zhou Jia has done an excellent job.

A Su Angry…

Trifling Ordinary rank, what is it!

“Indeed.” Ren Nantian also said:

“Su An did a bad job.”

Even Master Ji Young didn’t mean to favor Su Family, he shook his head and said:

“It’s normal for a man to be lecherous, but he’s not lewd, but it doesn’t sound good to talk about it by taking up people’s bodies in such a bad way.”

“Forget it!”

For such a person, he also felt that it was not worth fighting with Xiaolangdao.

“Master Ji Young!” Su E gritted his teeth and said:

“Today’s incident has nothing to do with Su Chen, it is Heavenly Tiger’s handwriting for Qiu Yingchen, even if there is no Su Chen. There will be other people.”

“Su An, it’s just the right time.”


Xue Xiao glared over:

“surnamed Su, don’t talk nonsense, Yingchen is not that kind of person.”

“Knowing people, knowing faces, but not hearts.” Su E said coldly:

“Elder Xue don’t think that he has something to do with the father surnamed Qiu, and he can see through this child. Today’s affairs are his arrangement.”

“Do not believe.”

“ Go ask him!”

Xue Xiao’s face sank.

She is not very sure about this, but at this time, she naturally gritted her teeth and refused to admit it.

(End of this chapter)

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