Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 189


Chapter 189 Yunlong

Xiaolang Island.

Above the great hall.

Different from the solemnity and solemnity of the past, today’s great hall is full of noise and voices, and even spread throughout the small peninsula.

In the hall.

The two sides on both sides had no demeanor in the past, scolding each other endlessly.

“Qiu Yingchen, as the son of the former Vice-Gang Leader of the Heavenly Tiger Gang, you actually colluded with the people of the Su Family and planned to harm your own competitors.”

“Despicable, shameless, obscene. !”

“Nonsense.” Qiu Yingchen yelled, denying Sanlian:

“I didn’t, I didn’t do it, don’t spit it out!”

Immediately, Lei Mei glared angrily, his steel teeth clenched, and said angrily:

“It’s Lei Mei, I really didn’t expect that you would actually bribe the people of the Eagle’s Nest and hire a murderer to kill someone. Come on.”

“You’ve always been very aloof, but you look like you!”

“Shut up.” Lei Mei’s pretty face was gloomy:

” The Eagle’s Nest assassinates you, it’s none of my business, you should think about it, you have offended who during this time, don’t throw dirty water indiscriminately.”

“Besides you, who else have I offended?” Qiu Yingchen said in a deep voice:

“Hiring a murderer to kill, how can this and the others be Gang Lord?”

“I said it, it’s none of my business.” Lei Mei frowned frowned:

“It’s you who colluded with the Su Family, framed me, and acted like a villain. If Uncle Qiu knew about it, he would be chilled.”

“What evidence do you have? ?” Qiu Yingchen sneered:

“Empty talk and white teeth slander me.”

“Yu Rong said it herself!”

“She is slander, and Who knows if it’s the double reeds played by you and Na Yurong, haven’t you two always had a good relationship.”


“What are you? I He also said that you bought a murderer to kill, even if it’s true, we two are each other, no one should laugh at anyone else!”

“The surname is Qiu, you are courting death!”

“You dare to do it?”



A muffled sound interrupted the quarrel in the field .

Yang Shizhen’s complexion is ashen. As the master of Jin Huang’s lineage, he rarely has a time when he can’t control his emotions, and now he can’t stand it.


“What a formality!”

Not only Lei Mei and Qiu Yingchen, but the supporters behind them have been giving tit for The Xue and Yang families of tat are also cynical from time to time.

The whole great hall was a mess.


Xue Lietu also rubbed his brows and shook his head:

“You are also a character, how can you become a woman in the street.”

“It’s just unbelievable!”

“Master of the Vein! Xue senior.” Lei Mei stepped forward and cupped his hands:

“The position of Gang Lord should be urgent. It should not be slowed down, otherwise, since Qiu Yingchen and I have our own obsessions, it is better to decide the outcome of the battle and the position of Gang Lord.”

“It will also save many twists and turns!”

“No.” Qiu Yingchen’s complexion slightly changed:

“The leader of a gang should convince people with virtue. If someone is good with martial arts, who will be the Gang Lord, then the Gang Lord will be the leader. Why don’t you leave it to a few elders.”

“humph.” Lei Mei hummed softly:

“Are you afraid?”

“Am I afraid?” Qiu Yingchen looked at it coldly:

“Lei Mei, how long did it take you to become a rank 10? I’ll let you.”

“I’m afraid.” Lei Mei sneered:

“You were beaten by me when you were young, but now that you’re older, you still dare not stand up in front of me. Your surname is Qiu. You’re really disappointing.”

“Enough.” Yang Shizhen He spoke again, suppressing the quarrel between the two:

“We won’t mention the outcome of the battle by force, but the position of Gang Lord really shouldn’t be dragged on, Brother Xue, what do you think?”

“The pulse master’s words make sense.” Xue Lietu nodded, the two looked at each other, as if they had made a decision, and looked back at the arena again.





The lid opens.

A pill-sized medicine pill came into view.

The medicine pill has the color of white jade, with spiritual accumulation inside, like amber that has sealed a stream of water, and the magnificent overflows with a faint fragrance.

Heavenly King Dan!

Heavenly Tiger Helps the best source medicine.

One capsule,

can block the accumulation of ordinary black iron moon over the ascetic practice.

When Lei Batian was here, such medicine pills would hardly fall into Elder’s hands.


Zhou Jia takes one tablet a month, not to mention other benefits.

If Lei Mei succeeded as Gang Lord, then he would be able to start with two pills per month, occupying almost all the Heavenly King Pills in the gang.

Adding other treasures, the salary is comparable to the sum of the three Elders in previous years.

The reason for this is that he is not strong enough.

It’s the potential!

The other Elders are all over 50 years old and have limited potential. They are more willing to gain other benefits than to increase the cultivation base.

High position and great wealth, American power, is their pursuit.

Only Zhou Jia.

I am willing to give up my many rights in casinos and branches, just to increase the cultivation base’s medicine, and others are also happy to do so.

After taking the medicine pill, I felt the vast source power integrated into my fleshy body, the cultivation base gradually increased, and the second test of Shenhuang Jue became more and more loose.

Zhou Jia’s mind was completely calm.

After a long time.

He opened his eyes, and for a moment in the dark room, he seemed to be shrouded in light.

The void is white!

“Original quality…”

Zhou Jia lowered his head and muttered.

Compared with ordinary precious medicines, spiritual medicines containing the essence are easier to be absorbed and refined by people, and there is almost no drug resistance.

It is very helpful to increase the cultivation base.


This is rare.

However, it is not impossible to imagine.

As long as they pay enough price, even within the military, some people dare to secretly send out spiritual medicine with essentia.

As long as there is a 100% interest, someone will dare to risk the gallows.


Secretly sells the source material. Within each Great Influence, there are already mature industry lines, and such things flow out every day.

Of course, not to individuals.

And this,

requires channels.

A person is definitely not good, but an organization can.

Zhou Jia has several channels through which he can obtain the Origin Quality Medicine, and has been providing him with the medicine continuously.

Heavenly Tiger Needless to say.

The Heavenly Tiger gang, which is backed by the Xuantian Alliance and has a good relationship with the Imperial Court, naturally has a way to buy the source quality medicine from others.

There is even a unique medicine pill, Tianwangdan.

There is also a blood vine building.

Thanks to Shan Muhua’s years of research on poisons, Xuetenglou also has a way to start with spiritual medicine with essentia from other places.

In addition.

And the Eagle’s Nest.

The Eagle’s Nest has accumulated for decades, and naturally there is a way.

On the contrary, it was Xiaolang Island. Although there were such precious medicines, there were so many people from the Xue Yang family on the island.

“Heavenly Tiger Gang, Blood Vine Tower, Eagle’s Nest, as long as the channels are maintained, there is no need to worry about what Shenhuang Art needs before breaking the five levels.”

Zhou Jia silently calculated for a moment. , whispered to himself:

“If everything goes well, within 20 years, you will be able to break through the five barriers. By then, Hongzeyu will be big, and there will be little fear if you don’t see silver.”

“And the Origin Star in the Eagle’s Nest…”


He spit out one mouthful of impure air, and he slowly sat up.

“The main house.”

Sanshui’s voice came from outside the door:

“Miss Mei is here to see you.”

“Please come in.”

Zhou Jia got up, straightened his clothes, and walked towards the living room.


Lei Mei is tall and tall, although the chest is slightly flat, but the temperament is outstanding, but the striking edge of the body, I am afraid that not many men can suppress .

My daughter’s weak temperament is even weaker.

It looks good, but not many people like it.

At least,

not on Zhou Jia’s aesthetic point.

After running around for a few days, Lei Mei had a few more wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, her face seemed to be haggard, and her skin was even more dull.

“Elder Zhou.”

She cupped one fist in the other hand, and the tape apologized:

“Lei Mei didn’t know until now that the Elder was in I’m really ashamed to be humiliated by Su E, because my affairs have affected Elder.”

“It’s okay.” Zhou Jia smiled lightly:

“I also got my revenge.”

“Yes.” Lei Mei nodded with a smile:

“Elder Zhou is admirable for his love and hatred, but unfortunately…”

“I do No!”

She seemed to be thinking of something, and she looked regretful.

“It’s so late, does Miss Mei have something to do with Zhou?” Zhou Jia looked at the sky, the three days were fading, and the red moon showed a line.

It’s getting late.

Although Lei Mei was accompanied by many people every time he went out because of the last incident, but after all, it was only the two of them in the living room at this time, and the reputation was also bad.

“Yes.” Lei Mei returned to his senses and took out an object from his body and handed it over:

“Elder Zhou was humiliated that day, Lei Mei was powerless, and only this thing can repay, Be careful, I hope Elder Zhou will accept it.”


Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows and reached out to take it.

This is a cheat book. There are four big characters on the cover: Yunlong explores the claw, and the handwriting is flamboyant, but by looking at the calligraphy, you can see that the person who writes is extraordinary.

“I don’t hide it from Elder Zhou.” Lei Mei said with a smile:

“Everyone knows that my boxing skills are good, but I don’t know that I also have a Claw Art, and the right should save my life. Use, this is this skill, it has a mysterious origin, and has extraordinary formidable power.”

She heard that Zhou Jia was humiliated because of his bad fists and suffered a loss in front of Su E.

Therefore, taking this work as a gift can be regarded as a repayment for the grace of salvation.

Seeing Zhou Jia looked thoughtful, Lei Mei explained:

“This Claw Art is quite mysterious, divided into three layers, Dragon Transformation, Tenglong, Yunlong three realms, The formidable power of the cultivation technique Great Accomplishment is no less than that of the Three Powers and Six Techniques on Xiaolang Island, except that the sword moves with side stroke has great power. > “By the way, if possible, I hope that Elder Zhou will not spread it.”

“So precious?” Zhou Jia complexion slightly changed:

“Miss Mei is very kind, this skill is too great It’s too precious, you should take it back.”

“No.” Lei Mei shook his head:

“No matter how good the cultivation technique is, it depends on who is doing the cultivation. I cultivate this technique. Twenty years, but it’s just enough to repair Dragon Transformation to Peak.”

“I don’t know how far from Yunlong realm.”

“It’s Elder Zhou, you extraordinary natural Talent, martial arts perception is amazing, I think this skill is far more useful in your hands than mine.”

“…” Zhou Jia opened his mouth and sighed helplessly:

“So, many thanks!”

He doesn’t lack methods, but time, and for him, cultivation is not as cost-effective as weapons.

The so-called outstanding perception is only because of the blessing of the characteristics of the soldier.

And palm soldiers, not including fist palms.

This cloud dragon probing claw, I am afraid that it is not a human being.

Seeing Zhou Jia accepting the cultivation technique, Lei Mei’s expression also loosened, as if he had regained his composure, and once again told what happened in today’s great hall one after another.

“The Pulse Master doesn’t agree to the competition?”

Zhou Jia looked puzzled and puzzled:

“Why is this?”

The Yang Family lineage, represented by Yang Shizhen, the master of the veins, supports Lei Mei’s succession as Gang Lord, and this can also calm down the Heavenly Tiger Gang’s civil strife as soon as possible.

It’s a good thing for Yang Family and Xiaolang Island.

“At first, I’m also puzzled about this.” Lei Mei said:

“I asked a few seniors later, but I knew that the matter was related to the Xue and Yang families. “

“Xue and Yang take turns controlling the position of the master of the Jinhuang lineage of the Xuantian Alliance. They have made an agreement that no matter which one is stronger, they cannot overwhelm others.”

“If someone is stronger and who is the master of the pulse, there will be no such long inheritance of Jinhuang lineage.”

Zhou Jia understands.

It seems that Xiaolang Island naturally contradicts the rules of competition.

“Then what happens next? Or according to the original statement, let the elderly in the gang choose their favorite candidates, and then let the pulse master make the final decision?”

“No.” Lei Mei’s face sank, and he said:

“Master Ji Young from the military asked us to cooperate to capture a group of Jiangyang robbers. This time, the master and Patriarch Xue have decided who will catch one of them first, Qiu Yingchen and I. Let someone be the Gang Lord.”

“The thief of Jiangyang?”


Zhou Jia was speechless:

“That’s too much of a child’s play!”

“There’s no way.” Lei Mei’s face was indifferent, and his voice had no mood swings:

“Even when my father was here. , Heavenly Tiger Gang on the surface with the surname Lei, if we really want to encounter a major event, Xiaolang Island will have the final say.”

“What happened to the Jiang Yang robber?” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“There may be clues about them.”

“We know very little about them at present, but the main source says that all forces need to cooperate with Master Ji Young to arrest people. Just like when we were recruiting.” Lei Mei said:

“It is said that this group of Jiangyang robbers stole a piece of escort material from the Chixiao Army thirty years ago, including 100,000 source crystals.”

“All of these Jiangyang robbers are martial arts experts, and some of them are black iron powerhouses. We want to arrest them.”

“Ji Family found them for several decades. , until recently, I found some clues near Shicheng.”

“Where are the clues?”

“Bloodvine Tower!”


Zhou Jia was taken aback.

How is this related to the Blood Vine Building?

is it possible that…

Shan Muhua is also one of those robbers, but it doesn’t make sense!




Watching Lei Mei leave, Zhou Jia stood in front of the courtyard and looked thoughtful, before turning around for a long time .

I picked up the Yunlong Probing Claw on the table, flipped it over, and was about to put it into the Universe Space. I will try cultivation when I have time.

The description inside made his eyes light up.

This cultivation technique ……

It can actually be done with the help of flying claw cultivation.

Foreign object can be used, which is within the range of the soldier’s trait.

And the quality is really high.

(End of this chapter)

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