Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 190


Chapter 190 Caution

“creak ……creak ……”

an ominous beast nearly ten feet tall , pulled the wide carriage, and slowly made it out of the jungle.

The ominous beast face looks sinister, like a combination of a tiger and a leopard, with a single horn on the top of its head.

“That’s it?”

There was a dull voice in the carriage.

The sound is like a musician hitting an unsewn leather drum, which is dull and powerful, causing the window screens of the carriage to fly, and the dust on the ground around.

“en. ”

A dark silhouette appeared beside the carriage at an unknown time, and a pair of cold eyes under the hood landed on the village in the distance.

“Some people in this village are Shadow Guards of Xuetenglou. Their parents, wives and daughters are also there, and they will leave some to live later.”

“Zhuangzi Where are the others?” The voice came from the carriage again:

“Do you know.”

“It doesn’t matter.” The shadow’s voice is indifferent:

“Look Your mood.”


There was a loud laugh in the car, like a wild beast who had been trapped in a cage for a long time, finally able to stretch his muscles and bones, and the door was also blocked. Feet kicked away.

A huge silhouette emerges from it.

The silhouette is about six meters high, and the body is full of hair. It looks like a second layer small building covered with grass stems.

The Bello Giant!

In Hong Zeyu Six Great Races, only this clan has such a terrifying physique that it can even be mentioned on equal terms with ominous beast.


The giant breathed and exhaled, like a hurricane in front of him, moved towards the distant village.



The domesticated beasts in the village seemed to sense something and began to roar one after another, more faintly. candlelight appeared in the darkness.

“It seems that they found it.” The giant grinned:

“It’s a little bit capable, no wonder it can survive for so long under the eyes of Su Family and Xiaolang Island, Hope you don’t let me down.”

Saying this, he strode towards the village.

It’s getting faster and faster.

“ka-cha cha…”


There are obviously many traps around the village.

Wooden arrows as thick as children’s arms, clusters of swords the size of buckets, all kinds of sharp blades coated with poison, giant nets, big pits and many other organs.

The arrows are excited, and the force can pierce the stone.

There are so many, almost like covering the heavens, shielding the sun.

These institutions do not say hunting wild beasts, even if the experts of Grade 8 and Grade 9 break into them, they may not be able to escape.

It is clearly beyond the scope of traps set by ordinary villages.


The giant is not only burly, but also the fleshy body is hard and terrifying. The dark arrow that can pierce through gold and stone falls on the body without hurting the slightest.

On the contrary, his casual wave was a whistling wind, blowing the incoming arrows crookedly.

Stomping on the ground with one foot, the surrounding ground is like Earth Dragon turning over, trembling frantically, and countless hidden weapons are completely ineffective.

And his speed is equally astonishing.

Rising and roaring all the way, Li Xu land didn’t take much breath before forcibly breaking through a dry trap to the village.

The ruins are full of dangers.

In the wild villages, there are all high fences with thorns planted all over the walls, and there are long spears hidden inside, which diagonally point to incoming objects.

Usually speaking, unless you are high and high, if you want to forcibly break in, you need at least several times the force to break through.


With the loud noise, a section of the wall was smashed by the giant.

The wall several feet thick, with countless sharp blades planted on it, was nearly impossible to withstand a single blow in front of him.

Rocks, broken wood, flying in disorder.


The roar resounded in the village.

The giant’s eyes were red, baleful aura appeared all over his body, he clenched his fist with one hand, and slammed into a brick building beside him with the violent wind.

Compared to his size, the towering house looks like a toy in the hands of a child.


The house shattered, a depression appeared in the ground, and blood seeped from the ruins, and all the families inside were spared.

The giant roared loudly, waving his arms in a chain, and buildings collapsed in front of him.

one after another silhouette, screaming and being smashed into flesh and blood by giant force.

He is like a raging ominous beast. Wherever he passes, houses collapse, corpses are everywhere, and nothing can stop him under his fists.

In an instant.

The village screamed, panicked, and wailed.

At the same time, a dark shadow, one after another, which is different from others, also pierced from some rooms, with hatred in its eyes, and rushed towards the raging giant.

“Plap la la…”

In the darkness, the monster insect suddenly flew out of the sky, screaming and rushing towards it.

The monster insect insect palm-size has wings as thin as cicada wings, sharp beaks and sharp teeth, and the sound of the wings vibrating is like a scream of Devil May Cry.

The point is, there are too many of them.

On the ground, one by one hole appears, from which countless monster insects gushed out, like black lines, when the sky merged into a wave and rushed towards the giant.

They pounced on the giants, biting and densely packed.

“fuck off!”

The giant waved his hands and killed many monster insects, but it was difficult to kill them.

“Gu Insect?”

Behind, the black shadow looks at this scene, face doesn’t change:



The giant tore apart, not killing many monster insects, but tearing up his own clothes, and his expression became more and more hideous.

A terrifying source power emerged from his body, and a circle of shocking power reverberated around him.

Red Flame Body!


He roared up to the sky, his fists smashed wildly, the fists turned into endless afterimages, wrapped in the strength before the collapse, moved towards all directions .



“Mid-Dark Iron!” A terrified voice came from the darkness:


“Want to run away?”

The giant roars:

“Leave me!”

Not only is his strength terrifying, but his speed is equally astonishing. His defensive power has almost no weak spot, and he stomped several people to death on the spot.

The giant danced back and forth in the village, smashing houses, crushing one after another silhouette, and the burning flames set off his fierce shape.

Those who want to escape, without exception, are madly hunted down by him.

Occasionally there was a fish that escaped the net, and it disappeared instantly after leaving the village, apparently there was still hunting going on outside.

In a few moments.

“Fight with him!”

Someone roared unwillingly and rushed towards the giant.

Most of the others didn’t make a sound, just took out a medicine pill from their bodies, swallowed them through gritted teeth, and their eyes turned red.


“ka-cha cha…”

After swallowing the Shadow Guard of the medicine pill, the breath all over the body skyrocketed, and the body shape also followed Growing a circle, roaring and rushing towards the giant.

They wielded their weapons, their rationality was exhausted by the medicine, and they even lost their sense of pain, and all of them rushed frantically and unafraid of death for a while.



The giant’s eyes shrank and his fists kept falling. Under the attack of monster insects, it was visible with naked eyes. The speed clears Shadow Guard.

I don’t know how long it took.


The flames burned in the dilapidated village. A giant squatted in a pool of blood, covered in blood, gasping for breath. His eyes were not tired but excited.

“How is it?”

The shadow silently appeared beside the giant.

“Not bad.” The giant said with a smile:

“I can’t believe that there are such people in such a small place. The poison is good. I really can’t hold on for that long.”

“A hard attack is the one who sets the ambush to take advantage.” Sombra was not surprised by this:

“even more how is here. A lair of Shadow Guard in Blood Vine Building, operated for several decades, if they are easily killed by others, they don’t deserve to survive for that long.”


“Your The hegemony has already become established, unless Hei Tie takes action in the late stage, or even if the vigor is exhausted, these people can’t hurt you in the slightest, it’s just a matter of time.”

“Where’s the mouth?” The giant chuckled and raised his head:

“Most of these people are delirious because they are taking medicine. They don’t look like the top of the Blood Vine Building. If Kathy is not here, what can you ask?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Shadow Opening:

“I’m looking for the owner of the blood vine building. As long as he still cares about the blood vine building and doesn’t want his men to be killed by us, there will be a day to come forward sooner or later.”

“As you like.”

The giant said in a muffled voice:

“Where to go next?”

“Go find some merfolk.” Sombra Turn around and move forward.

Behind the two, the corpses piled up into mountains, the old and the young and the weak, and a pair of frightened eyes were stacked in the flames.





Zhou Jia is wearing a dark red cloak, Wearing a sobbing vampire face on his head, his feet on the breeze, a twinkle is several feet, running fast in the forest.

Not long.

He stopped in front of a small stream, turned over like a harrier, and jumped into the water without splashing the slightest splash.

The blessing of the water-defense characteristics makes him feel like he is on the flat ground underwater, and the water does not rippling when he swims, but his body has been shot out of electricity.

Step on the bottom of the water, dive into a culvert, turn a few times down the water, and come to an underwater cave.

There are a few things in the cave.

There are precious medicines,

active crystals, and

more letterheads.

Zhou Jia stepped forward quickly, checked it out habitually, then picked up the precious medicine and counted his income for this month.


Treasure medicine and Originium are both 20% less than last month.

Immediately brows frowned and picked up the letterhead on the side, sure enough, in addition to the usual announcements, there were also some news to convey.


After a little thought, Zhou Jia waved his hand and let out a blood line, then put away the things in front of him, and left through the passage that only he knew.


A few hours later.


Yang Xuan’s silhouette appeared in the forest, looked around, no one was there, but it wasn’t surprising, he cupped one fist in the other hand directly:

“The landlord But here, I’ll see you.”

“This month’s income is much less?”

Zhou Jia’s voice came from afar, but his figure disappeared:

“Have you ever found out, who are the business people of the Bad Blood Vine Building?”

“Go back to the landlord.” According to the information found by the subordinates, those people should be related to the helper Shizhong invited that day, the merfolk named Shui.”

Zhou Jia hid in the treetops, his eyebrows moved slightly under the mask:

“What’s the relationship?”

“It’s not clear yet.” Yang Xuan shook his head:

“But one of them must have a close relationship with that merfolk. If you are embarrassing us, you probably want the landlord to show up.”

“Then, avenge that person!”

“Oh.” Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered:

“So, isn’t the landlord very dangerous?”

“How could it be.” Deep and unmeasurable, and a few outsiders with overestimate one’s capabilities trifling, how can they be your opponents?”

“No.” Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent:

“The other party is well prepared. Come on, don’t be careless, can you find out their manpower and strength?”

“We know of two people.” Yang Xuandao:

“One of them is a giant Bello, he must be The Royal Family has a culture base in the middle of the black iron, and the hard work is very good, and the other person is mysterious and secretive, and the culture base is not bad.”

The Bello family is divided into an ordinary person and a Royal Family.

The difference between the two is also obvious. Ordinary Bello people are huge in size, and the stronger they are, the more they look like, but they are more demented and stupid.

The Royal Family is the opposite.

Bello Royal Family’s body size is not much different from that of normal people, all of them are talented and intelligent, and their strength is almost black iron when they are adults.


Yang Xuan said again:

“Our Shadow Guard station has been destroyed by them, and only a few people went out that day. The mission was spared, and the innocent people in the station were slaughtered.”


“The Bello giants are stained with our sage, and theirs can be traced Location, landlord, when are we going to do it?”

“Do it.” Zhou Jia coldly snorted:

“Why do we do it?”

“Ah!” Yang Xuan was stunned, and the tape was puzzled:

“They killed our people.”

“I know.” Zhou Jia said:

“Then Giant Bello is already in the middle stage of Dark Iron, and the other person’s cultivation base is likely to be only strong but not weak, and it is very likely that he is a late-stage Dark Iron powerhouse, how could such an expert leave a weak spot when slaughtering mortal warriors.”

“The sages on their bodies, I’m afraid they are deliberately leading us over, so that we can catch them all!”


“It must be a target for this landlord. How can I be fooled?”

“This…” Yang Xuan hesitated, and he was inevitably muttering in his heart, the landlord was not afraid, and then asked in a low voice:

“Then we don’t care about the landlord in the opinion of the landlord?”

“This landlord is different from the previous landlord.” Zhou Jia said:

“I have no intention of taking you to fight. Fighting and killing, doing business, earning Originium crystals, exchanging Origin Quality medicines, and living a good life is the serious thing.”

“For the time being, leave them alone.”

” Yes.” Yang Xuan felt unwilling, but he had no choice but to do it.

“That’s right.”

He remembered something again and said:

“Lord, you mentioned earlier that after the death of Lao Wu and Shi Zhong, The Blood Vine Building lacks experts, and I can’t handle so many things by myself.”

“So I want to find someone to join, and my subordinates have a way.”

“Oh .” Zhou Jia’s voice remained unchanged:

“Let’s hear it.”

“Yes.” Yang Xuan opened his mouth:

“Recently, a foreign black iron came to Shicheng. This man loves money like his life. He was wanted by the Imperial Court for stealing treasures. His cultivation base is not weak, and his subordinates may not be able to win him. .”

“This kind of person has a hobby and a weakness. If the landlord can earn income, he should help him more.”

The previous blood vine building had many experts.

On the surface, there are Shan Muhua, Nie Guanwen, Lao Wu, Yang Xuan, Shi Zhonghei, and secretly Yuan Xisheng of Heavenly Tiger Gang, Fei Fairy Maiden Hua, Liao Elder and the others.

Many experts support such a big stall.


In the huge blood vine building, apart from Zhou Jia, there is only a black iron like Yang Xuan, which is indeed rather desolate.

And there are many inconveniences to manage.


Zhou Jia’s tape pondered:

“This person, can you find out the origin?”

“Clearly .” Yang Xuan nodded:

“His inheritance comes from the Xuantian Alliance Tianhe lineage, but it is not an Outer Sect Disciple. >

“Apart from greed for money, there are no other flaws.”


Zhou Jia coldly snorted:

“At this time, suddenly I’m afraid that such a person is not a spy planted by those people!”


Yang Xuan blinked:

“It shouldn’t be ‘t be.”

“What if?” Zhou Jia’s voice tape was vigilant:

“Be careful sailing the ship for ten thousand years, in case this person is the giant Nabello. What if the spy specially placed here leads me to show up, what should I do?”

“If he takes advantage of our trust and leads me into their trap, and then makes a sudden attack, I will be completely unprepared. .”

“What should I do then?”

“Be cautious and don’t take risks!”

“…” Yang Xuan raised his head, his face was speechless :

“Then what the landlord means, don’t want him yet?”

“Observe for now.” Zhou Jia said:

“When the time is right, we will talk about it. Do you want it?”

“Okay!” Yang Xuan nodded, said:

“There is one more small matter.”


“The merfolk doing business with us has also found the threat of the giant Bello during this time, and the source quality medicine may not be available in a short time.”


Zhou Jia’s eyes shrank, and the branch under his feet broke:


“bully intolerably!”

“It’s tolerable It’s unbearable!”

(End of this chapter)

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