Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 191


Chapter 191

Meng Meng morning.

A halo circulated in the jungle, and when the halo converged, the West Asians from the Femu world, one old and one young, were revealed on the spot.

West Asians are mostly tall and tall.

These two people are no exception.

The old man is wearing a gray robe cloak, holding a cane of dead wood, his blue eyes twinkling with dim light, examining the top of a big tree:

“He came.”


“God’s messenger.”

The woman is about twenty-eight years old, tall and graceful, with a high nose and big eyes full of exotic style, hearing this with a hoarse voice:

“Isn’t it that once you get the aura of the god pendant, you can never get rid of it? Why did that person kill Goddess, but he couldn’t find it.”

“It can’t be removed, but it can be covered up.” The old man Bowing his head, he walked out towards Shicheng along the breath he felt, explaining in his mouth:

“Goddess’s curse before his death is still there, which means that the man can’t be removed either, he just hides it in some way. Get up.”

“Fortunately, he always has moments of negligence.”

“Yes.” The woman bowed her head:

“In the end, everything dies, everything dies. All will perish, only my Lord is eternal!”

“Let’s go.” The old man lightly tapped the wooden staff, and the silhouette silently swept forward across several feet:

“Find the Divine Idol, you are the next Goddess.”

The woman raised her head, her eyes were complicated, surprised, and a little restless, but then she was completely suppressed by the fanaticism of God.

Goddess is not for anyone who wants to be, there are special physique requirements.

is selected,

means Supreme glory.

But at the same time, the selected person will accept the parasitism of the servants around God, and their consciousness will gradually assimilate with it, until they completely become God’s spokesperson in this world.

In order to prevent this process from going smoothly, every Goddess will have an envoy by his side.


The status of Goddess is inferior to that of angels.

When Goddess truly merges with the servant of God, his thoughts can reach the sky, and then Goddess will be higher than the angel and become the leader.

Following the remaining breath, the two entered the stone city.

β€œSir Divine Envoy.”

The woman asked:

β€œWhat if that person destroys Divine Idol?”

“God, Eternal Inextinguishable, so is the divinity.” The divine envoy glanced at her with an indifferent expression:

“Even if it is a servant of the gods, being killed and entrusting the fleshy body will only return to the Divine The Kingdom is also immortal, and the Divine Idol is shattered.”

“You, you shouldn’t have this question.”

Speaking, the tape reprimanded.

Every believer should not question the existence of God. All existences related to God belong to Supreme.

Even death is an arrangement of God.


means dishonesty.

The woman’s face is straight:


“Hmm…” The old man paused at his feet with regret in his eyes:

“The breath is gone.”

“Sir Divine Envoy doesn’t need to blame himself, that person is the owner of the Blood Vine Building. Heavenly Tiger has helped several decades to search for his true identity, but he has not been able to find his true identity.” The woman persuaded:

“We have a clue, and we will find it one day.”

And again:

“Everything is the will of God.”

“en.” The old man nodded, his face softened a little:

“The owner of the blood vine building disappeared around, check who lives around here, maybe you can find what God left for us. Clues.”

“Yes.” The woman responded:

“I will let the yamen cooperate with the investigation.”

“en.” The old man paused with a cane, He asked casually:

“How is the situation on your side, can the one from Ji Family become a believer?”

“Ji Xian.” The woman frowned and shook her head. :

“This person is too obsessed with his own strength and lacks reverence for Spiritual God. I have said several times casually, and he is very impatient.”

“Everyone is stupid. .” The old man’s expression did not change:

“It’s okay, when the day of God’s coming, they will know the infinite power of my lord, and you can stay by his side for the time being, so that you can do things conveniently.”


“Beauty is also God’s will.”


The woman bowed her head.




A steel claw was attached to the chain, held by Zhou Jia and his wrist flicked slightly , the chain stretched straight, and the steel claws flashed out.


“pu ε‘²ε‘²…”

The sound of breaking through the air and spinning around.

The field was full of claws and strong winds.

Cloud Dragon Claws!

This skill is as Lei Mei said, the sword moves with side stroke and is extremely extreme. It can be said that he has tried every means to pursue the ultimate speed and lethality.

Power is indeed not weak.

But alas.

There is no potential to tap, even if the cultivation reaches the Great Accomplishment, it ends there.

In addition, it is only Method of Killing, which has no body protection ability, and a little carelessness will damage the fleshy body, which is more than worth the loss for those who are ambitious.

Of course.

The pure lethality is comparable to the Purple Thunder Blade Technique.

Just this, it has proved that Yunlong’s claw is extraordinary.

Lei Mei has been cultivated to Dragon Transformation Peak, and he dares to shout at Qiu Yingchen, who has been in the tenth grade for several years at the beginning of the tenth grade. This is the strength of this skill.

Zhou Jia has the characteristics of being a soldier, Zilei Blade Technique Great Perfection, Martial Arts Realm has reached Grandmaster Realm.

Re-cultivation Yunlong probe claw, naturally twice the results for half the effort.

In a few days,

you’re getting started.

This is also because Yunlong’s claw detection is relatively simple. Cultivation once of the Purple Thunder Blade Technique is enough to cultivate Yunlong’s claw five times.

Besides the practice, his free hand is still flipping through the papers.

Doing two things at the same time without any hesitation.

On the contrary, looking at the face recorded in the paper, it became more and more solemn.

β€œElder Zhou.”

β€œCome in!”

Zhou Jia put away the steel claws and looked up.

The door opened, and Chen Ying walked in with a few people:

“Elder Zhou, Miss Mei ordered us to follow you, Senior Yang ordered us to leave as soon as possible, Catch the robber from Jiangyang.”

Zhou Jia glanced at several people, all of whom were familiar faces.

Shadow Guard leader Pei Ge, Jiuru Elder’s side Lin Nanhen, Lei Yue, etc…

These people are the second only to the black iron powerhouse in the gang, no matter what. Whether it is strength or background, it belongs to the younger generation of Peak.

“The thief of Jiangyang.”

After pondering for a moment, Zhou Jia waved the others to go out and wait, leaving Chen Ying alone, and handed over the slip in his hand:

“This is something I found from the Xiaolang Island Library.”



Chen Ying Ying yes, took the case and glanced at it, her brows could not help wrinkling:


“It seems to be different from what Master Ji Young said.”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia rested his chin in his hand, looking thoughtful:

“More than 30 years ago, a group of strongmen broke into the Xuantian League escort cargo ship on the ferry, causing three A late black iron expert lost his life.”

“The Imperial Court general who was with him escaped the catastrophe, but he was still beheaded for his guilt. Inner Sect black iron of the Xuantian Alliance, several people were beaten into the Beast Valley. “

“Even the Crown Prince at that time was put into the cold palace because of this, and the Chixiao Army patrolled around the ferry for more than a year, causing an unknown number of killings.”

“Trifling Ten Wanyuanjing, why did it come to this?”

The library houses the Imperial Court and Xuantian League’s manuscripts and files over the years.

Since he plans to start, Zhou Jia will not be unprepared, and with the help of Li Qiye, he will collect things related to it over the years one after another.


Regarding the looting more than 30 years ago, whether it is official or other channels, the descriptions are fuzzy, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false.

One hundred thousand source crystals are indeed a lot.

But by no means would it make such a big noise.


The stolen 100,000 source crystals can only be placed on the table.

apart from this, there should be other more important things, and even decades later, the Ji Family of Chi Xiaojun has not let go of the investigation.

This time, it is the power of Shicheng to arrest the so-called ‘Jiangyang thief’.

“What should I do then?”

Chen Ying’s face turned pale:

“Does Miss Mei know?”

” Maybe I know, maybe I don’t.” Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent:

“This doesn’t change anything, I just want you to understand that this matter is not simple, and the opponent is not the so-called ‘Jiangyang thief’.”

“I understand.” Chen Ying took a deep breath:

“We will be careful.”

“en.” Zhou Jia nods:

“en.” p>

“Don’t be too nervous. Judging from the news of the year, that group of bandits also suffered heavy losses, and very few survived.”

“This time there are also City Lord’s Mansion and Su Family. , Xiaolang Island is involved, as long as you don’t rush too far, it will be fine.”

“That’s right.”

He opened his mouth and asked:

“What’s Miss Mei’s plan?”

“Check.” Chen Ying said:

“We caught a few Shadow Guards in the Bloodvine Building, maybe from their mouths If you can know something, continue to investigate with this clue.”

“In addition, Qiu Yingchen plans to cooperate with the Blood Vine Building.”

Speaking of this, she looked contemptuous.

The Heavenly Tiger Gang and the Blood Vine Building have been enemies for decades, and even the death of Gang Lord may have nothing to do with it. The surnamed Qiu actually intends to cooperate?

This is also the shortcoming of Lei Mei.

Qiu Yingchen can cooperate with Xuetenglou, she is Lei Batian’s daughter, but it is impossible to compromise.

β€œI see.”

Zhou Jia got up:

β€œEat first.”


Tofu brain still tastes old.

Zhou Jia stirred chopped green onion and red oil, and spoke at a moderate pace:

β€œOld Zheng, you should have arranged for the Heavenly Tiger gang too, right?”

“Of course, I left it a long time ago.” Zheng Changtu tore off a small piece of fritters, chewed it slowly in his mouth, and said slowly:

“You still know that person.”

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows, but didn’t ask any further questions.

“Can you help me find out who Ji Family is looking for?”


Zheng Changtu made a dignified gesture with his hands. Meaning:

“You have to be careful, those people are real outlaws, and their strength is extremely good, it is best not to provoke them.”

“What?” Zhou Jia Side head:

“Old Zheng has dealt with them?”

“en.” Zheng Changtu nodded:

“You are too young, although your strength is good , but the knowledge is lacking after all, in addition to the martial skill, there are many weird methods in this world.”

“Some, you can’t guard against it!”

“To be honest. “

He sighed and said:

“The vein master on the island, let you arrest people, it is too high for you, unless the two of them personally shot.” ”


Zheng Changtu knew about the Heavenly Tiger gang in other ways.

“That’s it!”

Seemingly seeing Zhou Jia’s self-confidence and disapproving, Zheng Changtu shook his head and stood up helplessly:

“You’ll understand when you actually see them.”

“How to survive is what you should worry about.”




“I found it!”

“Blood Vine Building took the initiative to send news, including clues of two Jiangyang thieves.”



With an order, hundreds of people rushed along the stream and rushed into the distance.

Master Ji Young stood at a high place, guarding three people behind him, looking towards a gorge in the distance, and the swarming crowd.

“Young Master.”

Niu Yan, wearing heavy armor, said in a muffled voice:

“Wait a minute?”

“Just relying on these people, I’m afraid I won’t be able to win.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Ji Xian’s expression was indifferent:

“Try their fineness first, the gangsters were all over the place back then. Each of the six clans is a Peak powerhouse, and I don’t know how many points are left.”

β€œHoly Buddha Relic, the treasure scroll of the Dao.”

He narrowed his eyes slightly:


“How can such things fall into the hands of bandits?”


Niu Yan should be, bowing his head respectfully.


β€œYoung Master.”

Wu Bozhong narrowed his eyes and looked at the silent valley ahead, said solemnly:

“Something is wrong, be careful.”

“What are you afraid of?”

Qiu Yingchen sneered:

“There are so many people, heavy crossbow, heavy Arrow, with Master Ji Young and the others sitting behind him, even if he is an expert in the later stages of Hei Tie, he will not be able to escape.”

β€œGo!” swarmed.



In the valley, the giant sat cross-legged with a grim smile on his face:

“We haven’t been out in the mountains for several decades. It seems that our reputation has been almost forgotten. Even this kind of fish dares to come here.”

“Do it.”

The dark shadow’s voice is indifferent:

“It seems that the owner of the blood vine building will not come, go to the next place.”

“en. ”

Giant nodded , The big hand moved towards the side of the mountain wall suddenly waved, the rock shattered, and a huge set of mighty armor was revealed on the spot.

“Jaicanth armor!”

“It’s been more than thirty years, and today I can finally put it on again.”

The giant reached out and stroked the armor, his eyes widening Obsessed:

“The craftsmanship of Tiangongmen is really amazing.”


He clenched his fist lightly, and the armor had no The wind trembled, disintegrating automatically like a living thing, covering the giant and wrapping him in it.

In an instant.

A huge steel giant, revealed on the spot.

β€œRoar! ”

The giant roared towards the sky, a terrifying power that was not inferior to the late stage of black iron, emerging from itself, and the roar caused countless rocks to roll down.

half a day later.

Zhou Jia received a summons, facial expression grave.

This battle is just the first test for each other.

But the Heavenly Tiger Gang still killed and injured more than 100 people, including There are many high-quality Martial Artists with Grade 7 or above, and even Wu Bozhong was seriously injured.

In the end, it was Niu Yan and Xue Xiao who joined forces, plus hundreds of people to help, so that Na Bello was reluctantly allowed. The giant retreated.

And the other one didn’t even shoot.


Master Young and the others didn’t even shoot.

In the late stage of Hei Tie!

What kind of Jiangyang thief has such terrifying strength?

“Quick! ”

One person appeared in front of the crowd and reprimanded loudly:

β€œLet’s go quickly, get to the south bank of the Puhe River before sunset, and wait for orders.” ”

The clothes on this person are the uniform of the Chixiao Army. Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, but they had no choice but to obey orders and rush over.

(End of this chapter)

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