Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 192


Chapter 192 intercepted


Stone City is a major river connecting to the outside world, and there are countless ships passing by every day.

By the time Zhou Jia and the others arrived, there were already many people gathered here, all with excited expressions and a little urgency.

“This is the only way to encircle and suppress the bandits, and all the forces have offered generous rewards.”

Chen Ying explained in a low voice:

“As long as you take action, there will be Rewarding money is a beautiful thing for many people.”

Zhou Jia silently nodded.


The overwhelming majority do not know what kind of existence they are dealing with.

In their opinion, the so-called Jiangyang robbers are stronger robbers.

They often suppress bandits, what terrifying?

even more how

Zhou Jia’s line of sight swept across the crowd, and dozens of people from the military came into view.

Different from the various factions, there was almost no sound from the Scarlet Sky Army team, everyone was wearing armor, like statues standing in place, motionless, and there was a chill in the silence.

The military’s personnel composition also varies.

In addition to the Martial Artists of the Dalin Dynasty, there are also Human Races from Feimu world, a few merfolks, Dili people, and even a few wingmen.

Among them, there are several stars clansman.

The leader of the army this time was not a Martial Artist of Dalin, but a spiritual woman, and her personal weapon was a relatively rare bow and arrow.

The woman is tall and slender, with soft armor, black hair like waterfalls, bright eyes, and a longbow with a strange shape on her back.

The appearance is unremarkable, only the hostility contained in the eyebrows is very impressive.


One of the three mid-dark iron powerhouses around Master Ji Young.

No one has ever seen this woman take action, but generally speaking, the military’s powerhouse grows out of suicide and is far stronger than ordinary black iron.

“Young Lady Chen!”

“Elder Zhou!”

In the middle of the pondering, the two came together and handed over.

One has an inch head and a sharp face, and his name is Liu Zhang.

“The two of you are here.”

Han Dutou said with a smile:

“With Elder Zhou in charge, this time will be foolproof, I hope that gang The bandit happened to take this road, and we can solve it in one fell swoop!”

“speaking of which.”

He looked towards Chen Ying and said:

“Brother Liu Zhang is now on the top of the line. I have already said that he will definitely have a day of success, and it is true.”

“Young Lady Chen can see him, it is his blessing.”


Liu Zhang grinned.

Since he met Luo Xiuying of Tie Yuan martial arts hall, his luck seems to have improved, occupying the land and joining the Heavenly Tiger gang.

He became the confidant of Chen Ying, the daughter of Elder Chen.

But he didn’t even think that the Elder Zhou in the gang turned out to be the elder of Hall Lord Luo. If he hadn’t helped him, he really didn’t know.

“en. โ€

Zhou Jia calmly nodded:

“Any arrangements next?”

“Not yet.” Han Du’s face turned bitter:

“We’re all waiting for the order from that girl Shirley.”

“That’s right!”

Remembering something, he said casually. Asked:

“Elder Han has a residence on Shiting Street?”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia nods:

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s fine.” Han Dutou said:

“Master Ji Young has a woman named Yuanxiang next to her. She asked people to count the residents there. Find who.”

“Not a major event.”


Zhou Jia brows frowned.

He has also seen that Yuanxiang, whose appearance, temperament, and figure are extremely outstanding. Not long ago, because of Su Family’s recommendation, he was admitted to the room by Master Ji Young, and there is no surprising origin.

But after thinking about it, he didn’t have anything to do with the other party, so he shook his head and didn’t look into it any further.


At this time, the military came in large stride and pointed at Han Du’s head:

“The general has an order to block the river! “

“Ah!” Han Dutou’s face changed, saying:

“Brother doesn’t know, this river is one of the stone City Lord streams, and the people in the city eat and drink every day A large part of it depends on it.”

“Blocking the river, I’m afraid…”

“What?” Shan:

“Do you have an opinion?”


Han Du’s head and body stiffened, and immediately scolded nodded:

“No, no, I’ll make arrangements for you, General, please wait a moment.”

“Hurry up!” The person coldly snorted:

“If something goes wrong, I’ll make sure No mercy!”




in the jungle.

Several silhouettes are fleeing wildly, their faces are terrified, their expressions are panicked, and it seems that there is a very terrifying existence behind them.

“You can’t escape!”

A feminine, soothing voice floated, accompanied by a sharp sword qi, a dashing silhouette suddenly had a crack on the cheek.

The slit extends from the eyebrows down, dividing the body evenly into two.

The extreme speed made it impossible for the two halves to notice that something was wrong, and continued to dash forward several feet before falling headfirst to the ground.


Someone roared, bent over and rushed towards the unknown being.

The rest of the people are scattered, trying to rely on the crowd to disperse each other’s pursuit and escape.


The laughter is like a ghost, and it doesnโ€™t discriminate between men and women.

A streak of Invisible Sword Qi suddenly appeared in the air, and a deep sword mark that was ten zhang or so long was cut on the ground.

Two people on the same line were crossed by sword qi, body protection treasure armor, Body Refinement hard work, and in front of them they were unable to withstand a single blow.

In an instant,

All dead!


The ghost-like silhouette flickered back and forth, and several people who tried to escape were caught up by it one after another. Their desperate resistance was useless, and they were massacred.


The last person was pierced by sword qi and stumbled to the ground, his eyes staring at the neither male nor female silhouette that appeared in front of him:

“Landlord, I won’t let you go!”

“I hope so.” Silhouette sighed, swiped casually, sword qi passed the last person’s throat, shook his head helplessly:


“But it’s a pity that your landlord is a coward. He killed so many people in the Blood Vine Building, but he has never shown up?”

“Go on…”

“The Blood Vine Building, I’m afraid it will cease to exist!”

The voice has not disappeared, but the silhouette has been disappeared.


Yang Xuan’s silhouette appeared in the vicinity, checked the corpse on the ground, looked around cautiously, and retreated silently.

“Another expert is here.”

“Looking at the scene, it’s considered to be in the middle of the black iron.”

“If the landlord doesn’t show up again, the Shadow Guard will I’m about to be killed, how can I do business in the future?”

Shaking his head, he couldn’t imagine it.

The opponent is too strong, and the landlord may not be able to solve it if he comes forward.





arm-thick chains , across the 100-meter river, several chains were nailed to the ground, which also blocked the forward ships.

Not long.

Many boats have completely blocked the river.

Cargo ships, fishing boats, and all kinds of people who lost one’s head out of fear were all driven aside.


Someone bowed their hands with a bitter face:

โ€œThe things that the villain gave were the seasonal fruits, fresh fish, Ice crystals, these things can’t be stored for a long time, they need to be delivered to the library as soon as possible.”


The echoes sounded repeatedly:

“Our things are too, the master is waiting for them to be used urgently. After today and tomorrow, the time will be missed. Can you be magnanimous?”

“Me too!”

“The same .”


There were so many noises that Han Du just wanted to cover his ears.



He raised his hands, but loudly said:

“This is from the general. Command, I’m just here to do things, it’s useless for you to tell me, I advise you to wait obediently and honestly.”

“Maybe after a while, it will be released.”

“How long will that take?”

“We’ve been waiting for two hours, and it’s getting dark!”

“Yes, yes!”

“Otherwise, ask someone over there?”

There was silence in the field.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay and could see the fear in each other’s eyes.

It is well known that people in the military are not easy to deal with, but the head of the yamen, Han Dutou, is familiar with all the merchants and boat dealers.

“I’m going!”

One man gritted his teeth, believing that he was in a hurry, dragged two boatmen who were in an emergency, moved towards the military location.

In a few moments.


Several corpses were placed in front of the crowd, with a terrified expression fixed on their faces. .

“Who else has an opinion?”

Shirley in soft armor stepped on the blood on the ground and moved towards the crowd step by step, with a magnetic hoarse sound From:

โ€œStand up!โ€

Everyone shiver coldly, no one dared to say a word.


Shirley glanced coldly, and hummed disdainfully:

โ€œStay obediently and honestly, and will let you go when you can let go. , if I hear someone chirp chirp twitter twitter again…”


She stomped on one foot, and the ground around ten zhang or so seemed like Earth Dragon turned over, and countless people were overturned to the ground, including Han Dutou on the side.

The terrifying power swayed back and forth on the ground.

“Get out of here!”

Zhou Jia narrowed his eyes and thought about it.

Even if he spares no effort or even inspires violence, he may not be able to do so.

Simply on source power is deep in Chengdu.

The other side is comparable to breaking the six-pass Shen Huangjue, no less than Lei Batian.




The military teamed up with the Great Influences to block With all the waterways around Shicheng, I never thought that the bandits had actually chosen this route.

Maybe it’s a trick.

But you can’t help it.

With an order, all influence gathered on both sides of the river, hidden under the woods and behind the reefs, held their breath and looked towards the waterway.

A variety of offensives are ready to go.

Several black irons were also called together individually.

“The target is Mengnan, a merfolk, most likely a powerhouse in the late period of the Black Iron. The cultivation method is the secret spell of the white elephant passed down from the Dili tribe.”

Rare of.

When Shirley talked about the goal this time, it also made several people who heard about it face changed, and there was even a faint fear in her eyes.

Dark Iron late stage!

There are not many people in Dashicheng, and one and a half died a few months ago.

This kind of existence turned out to be their goal!

As for the so-called White Elephant Secret Mantra, even if Zhou Jia often flips through the library, this is the first time he has heard of it, but it must be extremely extraordinary for the military to stand by.

“Wait a while, use the ordinary person to kill his source power, and then you can take action when it’s almost time, and I’ll cover from the back.”

Xue Li’s expression did not change:

“Don’t worry, I don’t know how many ominous beasts I killed in the later stages of Dark Iron, and this time will be no different, and there are experts coming.”

” Just delay for a certain amount of time…”

After a pause, her face sank:

“He’s here!”

Zhou Jia was also at the same time Head sideways, looking towards the waters.

Except for the ripples blown by the breeze, the water surface of the river is not at all different, but some kind of peculiar vibration has entered the eardrum.

Sherry, should have noticed this too.



The calm water surface roars steeply.

A sharp corner of the ship burst out of the water, knocking over several cargo ships, forcibly squeezed into the many ships and sprinted towards the iron cables.

The boat that emerges has a strange appearance, like a cone shuttle with two pointed ends, which is covered with densely packed fish scales.

It doesn’t know how to stir the water, the speed is amazing, the cargo ship touches it, and it is immediately torn apart and turned into a broken wood wreck.

“My ship!”

“My cargo!”

The sad roar came from the ship’s mouth, which was heartbreaking.

“Turtle Scale Shuttle!”

Shelly shrank her eyes, bent bow and place arrow suddenly, aiming at the strange ship from a distance away.

The arched foot in her hand is one person tall, the bowstring is pulled, making a bang, and even the surrounding air seems to be distorted.

The arrows are even more amazing.

The jet-black long arrow with the thickness of the child’s arm, just looking at it, makes people feel cold all over.


The bowstring trembled and the air twitched.


A beam of black light swept across the promised land and slammed into the strange ship with lightning speed, followed by a deafening explosion.

One arrow,

Break the ship!

The whole body of the strange ship was forged with hard steel essence, the hardness was probably more than the tank in Zhou Jia’s impression, but it was pierced by an arrow.

And the explosion covered half of the hull, and the dazzling flames burned wildly.

This prestige of a single arrow is beyond the limit of mid-dark iron.


Xue Li’s face turned pale, obviously this arrow also hurt her vitality, she waved her hand, and her own military pawn urged her to do it.



The Yamen, Su Family, Heavenly Tiger gang bear the brunt, stepping on the boat on the water, moved towards the flaming strange ship pounced.

All kinds of hidden weapons and arrows are shrouded first.


“shua shua!”

On the water surface, many water arrows shot up at the incoming crowd.

The water arrow is made of pure water, but its formidable power is no less than that of a real arrow, and it can even easily penetrate thick iron armor.


All of a sudden, there were screams.

“Be careful!”

“There is a merfolk!”

The crowd roared and noticed the merfolk hidden in the water. The offensive couldn’t help but subconsciously retreated.

“Retreat, kill!”

Shirley waved lightly.

All of a sudden, people’s heads fell to the ground.

(End of this chapter)

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