Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 193


Chapter 193 Discovery of the Origin Star

Forerunners to attack, consume the target’s energy, and wait until the target’s physical strength is exhausted , and then dispatched the elite to launch the final attack.

This is the most common way the military hunts ominous beast.

Sherry didn’t feel anything wrong.


In order to hunt down a silver rank ominous beast, the Scarlet Heaven Army took nearly 100,000 lives as bait, and even killed more than 100 black iron.

This is the ultimate goal.

For the purpose, by fair means or foul.

That’s the way the military does things, and that’s what Shirley believes in until now.

Under her persecution, several Great Influences moved towards the wreck in sequence, and fought with many merfolks who were good at water warfare.

“Be careful of yourselves!”

Zhou Jia instructed everyone and jumped high with a shield.

Spring thunder bursts!

With the dazzling lightning crashing from top to bottom, the broken shipboard all split up and in pieces instantly, and the water below seemed to boil.

Several merfolk corpses floated out slowly.

“pu… ”

Countless water arrows came from all directions, ordinary water arrows were stronger than bullets, and among them were many strange Poisonous Arrows.

He saw with his own eyes that an ordinary Grade 9 was easily penetrated by the Poisonous Arrow, and the wound was pitch black.

Even if it is a black iron powerhouse, it is difficult to ignore if it is accidentally hit by it.

Zhou Jia waved his shield lightly, and a layer of Gang Jin surrounded the surroundings. Water arrows from all over the sky attacked him, but he was blocked by all the Gang Jin.


The water rolled, and a merfolk leader rushed out, accompanied by shouted:

“Human Race, die!”


The other source power of Dark Iron Rank erupted, and the water surface under his feet suddenly became restless. One after another water flow bucked the trend and moved towards Zhou Jia and rolled away.

The water flow may seem small, but it is stronger than pure gold. With a gentle hoop, even Hundred Refinements steel essence can be crushed into molten iron.

even more how.

There are more than 100 water currents, completely blocking the escape route.


In the face of the incoming attack, Zhou Jia narrowed his eyes slightly, and his expression was no longer relaxed and casual.

The Thunder Slash!

As the source power surged, the double-edged axe in his hand turned into thousands of lightning slashes, and the sharp and fast slashes instantly shattered the incoming water.

The thunder continued to surge forward without exhausting its energy.

But seeing one after another on the water, the incomparable lightning flashed vertically and horizontally, and the incoming merfolk commander was also smashed into flesh and blood.


Behind, Shirley’s eyes lit up:

“Zilei Blade Technique is worthy of being the best among the three techniques and six techniques of Xiaolang Island. Slaughter Technique, this child turns a knife into an axe, the formidable power actually increases instead of decreasing.”



Voice Before she fell, her expression was condensed, looking towards the middle of the battlefield.


In the void, there was a roar.

Sound waves exploded in circles of ripples in the air, and the already chaotic water surface exploded into waves, and countless people were blasted out by the force.


The cabin broke open, and a white giant elephant walked on the water.

The giant elephant is more than 30 feet tall, its limbs are as thick as giant pillars, its long trunk flutters, and its hard boat shatters.

The White Elephant Secret Mantra!


The white elephant’s fur is smooth and full of holiness, but every move means the death of one person, and the blood splashing is extremely ferocious.

Zhou Jia’s eyes shrank, his whole body tightened instantly, and his heart was even more alarmed.

He could see that the white elephant was not a real existence, but a virtual appearance formed outside the body by the interweaving of source power and essence.

Although it is an illusion, the strength is real.

The secret technique of spirit is the unique inheritance of the Dili people. It is different from the martial skill of the Dalin Dynasty and pays more attention to the fleshy body and certain characteristics.

Each phantom has its own special features.

The characteristics of the White Elephant Mystery Mantra are giant strength, void stepping, collision, heavy shield…

Under the giant strength, the besieged mortal steps are easily crushed.

The white elephant walks on the water, and its huge body does not appear clumsy at all.

The force of the collision is like being surrounded by countless bombs. If anything touches one, it will trigger a chain reaction and explode on the spot.

Heavy shield defense, it ignores many attacks.


The white elephant rammed all the way, heading straight for Zhou Jia.

It is huge, with thick limbs, raised fangs, and a fluttering long nose.


The roar shook all directions, causing Zhou Jia’s retreating figure to stagnate suddenly.

The next moment.

The black shadow inside the white elephant opened his eyes wide, his fists pushed wildly, and the white elephant trunk swayed along with it, as if an oolong had come out of a hole until it collided.

The air is bursting with ripples.

The four-phase shield shakes!

Zhou Jia’s flesh trembled, Perfection Realm’s four-phase shield shook spare no effort, and the four-headed phantom also appeared on top of the invisible body protection.


The divine brilliance of breaking one level, coupled with the background provided by the Dragon-Tiger mysterious tire, is comparable to breaking three levels, and the violent nature adds two more levels to it.

Break the five levels!

The middle stage of black iron.


The invisible force shattered, and Zhou Jia’s figure also retreated crazily.

The huge figure of the white elephant was only slightly stagnant, the body leaned back, and then the trunk of the elephant swelled, moving towards Zhou Jia’s fiercely.


With a simple pump, the sound barrier is broken, causing the air to roll.

Zhou Jia groaned, and the double-edged axe slashed.

Winter Thunderbolt!

A flash of lightning appeared out of thin air and slammed on the elephant trunk. While cutting a crack, Zhou Jia was also swept away by fiercely.


At the same time, several black irons also rushed up and entangled the white elephant.




Night fell.

The fight,


There is no heart-piercing roar or deafening roar, but the silent fight in the field is more dangerous than ever.

Huntian bandit Mengnan should have a very high status in merfolk, but in just a few days, he has attracted a large number of supporters.

Among them,

There are even merfolk commanders and black iron powerhouses.

The merfolk can give birth, and there are more clans than the other five clans. They are especially good at water warfare and have the ultimate worship of the powerhouse in the clan.

This also led to the fighting so far, and the situation is unclear.

Zhou Jia’s face was pale, his hands trembled from time to time, and there were even beads of sweat on his forehead, showing how hard this fight was for him.

His condition is already good.

After all, violence is only used in times of crisis, and the trump card’s five thunder axe method is useless, and the Xuanbing Battle Armor is not worn on the body.

Others are worse off.

In the chaotic battlefield, no one can take care of it.

Pei Ge’s legs were broken at the knees, and Lei Yue’s right eye was injured.

Chen Ying’s sternum was broken, and her unremarkable figure was almost smashed. If she hadn’t been pulled, she would have died on the spot.

It was Liu Zhang, who was lucky. Not only did he not suffer any injuries, but he also killed several high-ranking players with sneak attack, and the source power in his body increased a lot.

“Zhou Jia!”

Sherry drank lowly:

“Next batch of you guys!”

“General.” Zhou Jia face changed:

“We just returned, everyone is injured, it’s Su Family’s turn…”

“You want to disobey?”

Shirley’s complexion turned cold, the longbow in her hand was softly trembled, she didn’t pull the bowstring, but she felt like she was being stared at by arrows.

The tone is even colder:

“Let’s go, there’s so much nonsense!”

Zhou Jia’s face sank, looking towards the other party’s side .

Su Ei and Su Shenqi of Su Family have already rushed over. These two are experts in the middle stage of the black iron, but they haven’t made a single shot yet.

And the ordinary person has long since died!


Gritting his teeth, he slowly nodded.



With the roar, the Heavenly Tiger Gang rushed into the battlefield.

At this time.

I don’t know how many people are full of remorse, why do they have to go through this muddy water?

But under the staring eyes of the military behind him, he had to charge forward.

After a fight,

Everyone has also summed up a lot of experience. They will not charge aimlessly, but form a small battle group in groups of three or four. A little nibble on merfolk.

Compared with all influence, the number of merfolk is somewhat insufficient.


Zhou Jia swung his shield, and the defensive power of the four-phase shield shock made the attack below the middle stage of Hei Tie almost no threat to him.

Seek out a double-edged axe.

The lightning roared, and the merfolks were killed one after another.

“He is Zhou Jia?”

Su Shenqi’s eyes flashed, slowly nodded:

“It’s really good.”

“The bloodline on this child should be a bit special. When he first entered the black iron, the background is already extraordinary. In addition, Lei Batian’s teaching.” Su E squinted his eyes, his eyes were grim:

“Ordinary In the middle stage of Hei Tie, he may not be his opponent.”

A few days ago, the desperate Su An bit his tongue and committed suicide.

The Heavenly Tigers were in turn, and he helped.

“There are so many special people in bloodline.” Su Shenqi didn’t care:

“But this and the others are in Early-Stage because bloodline has some advantages over others. , when they stay later, the bloodline restricts their development.”

“Just like the Dili tribe, the white clothed Dili gave birth to so many black iron powerhouses, but the silver that appeared was not as good as our Dalin Dynasty.”

Among the six clans, the background of the Dalin Dynasty is almost the worst.

Number, not as good as merfolk.

Foundation, heritage, not as good as other races.

However, the number of silver powerhouses is the largest among the six clans, and even the strongest silver, who is expected to be gold, was born with the Dalin Dynasty.

This shows that bloodline is not a key factor in determining the strength limit.

At least,

Gold and below.

“en. ”

Su E slowly nodded, his eyes looked towards the middle of the battlefield, with a grinning face:

“He’s finished!”


Mengnan was wearing a black robe, sitting cross-legged on the water.

The running water held his body up.

Not only did he not sink, he didn’t even soak his clothes, as if an invisible barrier appeared between him and the running water.

The shouting and killing sounded again, causing him to open his eyes.

A familiar silhouette made Mengnan’s eyes full of murderous intention, and the source power in his body surged wildly.

“It’s this guy again!”

“courting death!”


source power and blood Gathering outside the body, it instantly turned into a white elephant representing holiness, purity, and mighty power, holding its head high and roaring.


The white elephant stepped on the water with its four hooves, the water was rolling wildly, holding his body and dashing towards the thunder axe light in the distance.


Mengnan growled, the elephant’s head drooping slightly, two ivory like crystal white jade pierced the air, and fiercely pushed it out.


The defense force generated by the four-phase shield shock was easily pierced by the ivory, and the giant force hit the shield.

Lights overflow.

Zhou Jia’s silhouette also retreated wildly.

“Turtle shell!”

Mengnan growled:

“It’s this trick again, I’ll see how long you can last.”

Obviously the opponent is weak and unable to withstand a single blow, but the turtle shell outside is extremely tenacious, and he has escaped several times in front of him.

This time,

He will never let anyone escape!

In the roar, the white elephant stomped on its four hooves, its trunk fluttered wildly, and its ivory was like two sharp blades, moving towards the silhouette below to launch a fierce attack.


With a burst of bombardment, Zhou Jia gradually spread.

I feel helpless.

Although the white elephant outside the opponent’s body is illusory, it is extremely thick. His double-edged axe can only consume a little source power.

It doesn’t hurt the inner body at all.

Mengnan is a late black iron powerhouse, similar to Guo Wuduan, the owner of the water village that day. The source power is deep and much stronger than him.

Even if it is hard consumption, it will kill him.

Unless spare no effort casts the Five Thunder Axe, there may be a 10% chance of winning.

But also,

only 10%.

He is now, not to mention the severely injured Shan Muhua, even if they are intact, they can still win.

But the distance from Lei Batian is still a bit worse.


The elephant trunk slammed on the shield, and the distance oscillated, which also sweetened Zhou Jia’s throat, and the defense couldn’t help but be in chaos.

The grade of the four-phase shield shock is already second only to the Zilei Blade Technique, especially after the advanced Perfection, the defensive power is even more amazing.

But his own strength is too weak, and the gap is difficult to make up after all.


The white elephant roared towards the sky, stomping on its four hooves, plunging into the water against its small silhouette, and the 100-meter river suddenly became restless .


One after another The water column rose into the sky, and countless broken trees flew around.

The surrounding crowds also fled wildly. For a while, apart from the chaos in the middle of the water, there was a strange silence in the field.

“Elder Zhou!”

“Brother Zhou!”

Lei Yue, Chen Ying and the others, the complexity has greatly changed, and their eyes are full of worry.

In a few moments.


One silhouette rushed out from the bottom of the water and landed lightly on a wooden board, panting slightly, and then sat cross-legged on it.

It is southern Mongolia.

And Zhou Jia,

is nowhere to be seen.




Yang Xuan stood on the water’s edge, looking towards the silhouette sitting on a rock not far away from time to time. Doubt flashed.

He always feels it.

The landlord should be injured.

The injury may not be minor.

Touching something on his body, he shook his head slightly.

If the former owner was under his control, he would be unwilling to do so. He might even give it a try and fight either the fish dies or the net splits when he encounters such an opportunity.

Now the landlord has a completely different temper.

It is said to be a subordinate, more like a cooperation.

And thanks to the other party’s blessing, his own son joined the door of Zhou Jia, a rising star in Xiaolang Island, and his future prospects are limitless.


is meaningless.


Opening his eyes and spitting out one mouthful of impure air, Zhou Jia slowly moved his muscles and bones.

Because of his water-repelling qualities, his underwater strength not only did not weaken, but instead increased to a certain extent, which was why he escaped from Mengnan’s men.


He doesn’t plan to go back any time soon.

“The landlord.”

Yang Xuan surrendered at the right time:

“Our Shadow Guard has been almost killed by the other party. This is not the way to go.”

“en. ”

Zhou Jia was already angry, hearing this and squinting his eyes:

“Don’t be arrogant, I really think I’m a sick cat , go and have a look first.”

After this experience, he can be considered to understand that he is not the material of the power in charge of the party, and he does not have the energy and time.

But you can’t be bullied either.


Yang Xuan was overjoyed:

“The Shadow Guard on the Green Island is still fine, I can wait to go to the town, there is an island set up Even if the black iron comes in the later stage, they will still have no return.”

“Let’s go!”

Zhou Jia waved his hand:

“Let’s go and have a look first.”

The two flew and flew straight to Green Island.

Not long.

When there was still a few miles away from the Green Island, Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly, as if ecstasy, excitement, and doubt flashed, and then the speed suddenly increased.


“There are people on the island!”


Yang Xuan was stunned for a moment, then increased the speed .

And Zhou Jia Sea of Consciousness, Apocalypse is also twinkling:

Found the source star!

Discover the Origin Star!

Discovering the source star…

(end of this chapter)

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