Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 195


Chapter 195 Earth Star: dao fruit

Nina turns into a phantom and travels through the forest.

Her speed is astonishing, like a plume of smoke flying, no matter whether it is rocks, trees, grass, stems and dead vines, nothing can stop her.

Like an illusory shadow without a body, it swept past.

In just a moment, I saw the sturdy silhouette in front of me.


The spirit body mobilized with all her strength, her speed also increased again, and she drew an arc in the air, and drew her sword and moved towards the silhouette in front of her.

The mouth is a charming smile:

“The owner of the blood vine building, we meet again!”


A soft sword appeared out of thin air, the two swords collided, and the two flew back.

“It’s you again?”

Zhou Jia coldly snorted:

“It seems that I didn’t learn a lesson last time, but I dare to come here this time.”


Nina coldly snorted:

“If it wasn’t for my injury last time, why would I have to run again, but it’s okay, This time I want to see how you escape?”

Said, the sword body stood up.

The sword in her hand is slender and straight, similar to Fei Mu world’s rapier. Most of these swords are not good at slashing, but they are good at sharpening.

With a light prick, the rock can also be pierced.

Not to mention that the cold light sword in her hand is hidden, at first glance it is a very high-quality black iron mysterious soldier, and the skin and flesh are broken even when rubbed.

Nina was in no hurry.

Although she is confident, she is not reckless.

As long as he entangles the opponent and waits until the two older brothers come over, he will be fully confident to take down the opponent, and he will be a little dangerous after all.

She looked at ‘the landlord of the Blood Vine Building’ carefully, and she couldn’t help but praise her.

The sun sets in the west.

A man dressed as a mysterious soldier, Battle Armor, with a bloody ghost face on his head and a blood-red cloak on his back, stands with a sword, and the sunset spreads behind him.

The rays of the sun shrouded him, as if coating him with a layer of magnificent rays of light.

The tall and straight body, the high fighting spirit, the cold evil spirit, and the completely different three are all mixed into one body on the owner of the Blood Vine Building.

Especially the scarlet eyes on the face of Weeping Blood.

Gloomy, chilling, calm…

Like a killing god who came out of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, his body overflowed with murderous intentions, but his eyes were as clear as clear water.

Nina has also seen quite a few shocking and stunning characters, but none of them look like this person.

It is obvious that he is in a sea of blood, but he is not stained at all.

What a pity!

lightly sighed, the silhouette opposite has swept several feet and fled into the distance.

9th layer Steps on the stairs spare no effort, one step is faster than one step, although the agility is not enough, but the explosive power is amazing, and the endurance is long-lasting.

“Want to run away?”

Nina sneered.

The rapier trembled, and the sharp sword qi shot out.


sword qi pierced through trees and rocks, moved towards Zhou Jia’s place to kill, and the thin sword was hidden in it, like a poisonous snake looking for an opportunity.


“Ding Ding!”

The soft sword revolved around the body, and the sword qi crashed and collided with the rapier again. At the same time, he also took advantage of his strength to fly into the air, moving towards flying towards the distance.

In mid-air, he flicked his fingers, and more than ten jade talismans flew out.



A shimmer of electric light shrouded all directions, the water flow appeared out of nowhere, and the water and electricity were mixed together, It also slightly blocked the pursuit of the people who came.

For a realm Martial Artist like them, the low-grade Origin Technique has little lethality.

However, with the characteristics of controlling water and five thunders, Zhou Jia can still do as one pleases even if he has not learned much source art.

formidable power , not even weak.


Nina hummed softly, and she swept past the phantom to intercept, her toes lightly stepped on the dead branches, and her whole body flew forward at a speed that was indistinguishable from naked eyes.

A vertical is tens of meters.

The rapier was pointed out, and the sword qi roared out dozens of meters again. The tip of the sword trembled, and the sword qi locked the silhouette in front of him.



The two collided and fought each other in the air, chasing and escaping.

Zhou Jia couldn’t get rid of the opponent for a while, and his speed was greatly limited.

The two rushed out of the several li again and came to a canyon. As the other party kept testing, the threat of sword qi became bigger and bigger.


The owner of the Blood Vine Building, who cannot stimulate violence for a long time, is much weaker than Nina.

Even if violence is provoked, it is almost on par.


Zhou Jia spit out one mouthful of impure air, tapped a stone with his toes, and a huge force exploded under his feet, the stone shattered, and shot behind him And go.

When Nina blocked with his sword, his body folded, and the soft sword flashed out.

Come back!

Back to Yan!

The soft sword stabs dozens of meters, but also makes the opponent have to dodge quickly.



The sword sounded softly, and then turned to a big one.

Countless whistling sword lights appeared in the field, like bursting halos, rippling out layer by layer, and the rocks shattered wherever they passed.

The streamer is gone!


Nina chuckled lightly, her body fluttering back, seemingly thrilling, but every time she avoided the attacking sword light by the slightest margin.


“Too slow!”

“Sword Art is good, but unfortunately, you are too slow, I will let you With only one hand, if you chase and fight, you won’t be able to touch it.”

“That’s right.” Zhou Jia didn’t let him nod:

“But I was going to run into you.”


Nina was stunned for a moment, her expression changed before she spoke, and she turned into several afterimages, moving towards different directions.

Afterimages, it is difficult to distinguish true from false.

Meanwhile, shouting loudly came from behind her:

“demoness die!”


one after another The fingering of the inherent Frost Power broke through the air, and dozens or hundreds of paths roared out at the same time, covering several feet.

Ice Soul Sword Finger!


The rock behind shattered, and Su Ei, who was hidden in it, roared out.

He repeatedly flicked his fingers, blasting his energy, frantically chasing the one after another afterimage inside, and smashing several afterimages on the spot with his fingers.

But one still escaped.

Nina’s complexion was pale, and she had just swept out of the shrouded range of her fingers. Before she could catch her breath, a touch of golden yellow suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.

Gold comes from a stick.

The person holding the stick is a woman.

Xiaolang Island,

Xue Xiao!

The stick in her hand is golden in color, and she doesn’t know what material it is made of. Just by looking at it, you can feel the heavy pressure.

The stick is light, then silhouette calm and composed, hands One Yin One Yang, legs one after the other, just like a grandmaster.

Simple point, a hurricane suddenly swelled in the void, and the rocks beyond several feet exploded.

Move the mountain stick!

The inheritance of the Inner Sect Peak of the Xuantian League is no less than the three skills and six methods of Xiaolang Island.


Through Zhou Jia’s crazy counter-attack, Su E’s Ice Soul Sword Finger, at this time Nina was finally restrained by the movement method and had to confront the club head-on.

“The stabbing sword – Star Crack!”

Countless sword qi erupted in the field, like a hurricane of baring fangs and brandishing claws, roaring out, and the fierce sword qi made a hundred meters The open trunks split silently.

“Mountain-moving stick – Chongxuan!”


With the loud noise, the two of them retreated at the same time.

Nina groaned, and Xue Xiao flushed strangely. The hands holding the golden pulp stick trembled slightly, and her arms went numb.





I don’t know when it will grow.

The mountain wind howled and the water rippled.

The giant Bello and the blonde man, who were running wildly, stopped suddenly, looking towards the silhouette of one inside and outside.

The man had gray hair, a beard that hung down to his chest, and his face was full of wrinkles. Judging by his age, he was probably in his eighties, and he was very old.

And two people, but facial expression grave.

“Xue Lietu!”

“It’s the old man.” This generation’s Xue Family patriarch Xue Lietu treads on the grass stems, swaying slightly in the wind, and gently strokes his beard said with a smile:

“You two are going to pass?”

“Old Guy, you are already half-dead, do you want to mix it up?” Taking a step forward, he said in a muffled voice:

“This is not Xiaolang Island, I think you are impatient!”

“Hey!” Xue Lietu shook his head:

“Sure enough, several decades have not shot, this Xue’s reputation has been almost forgotten, even a few juniors dare to shout in front of me.”

“Auro, He’s stalling for time.” Blonde man said in a solemn voice:

“Don’t talk to him, I’m afraid it’s not good for Nina.”

“Trap?” Giant Luo opened his eyes, his face was anxious, he strode away, moved towards Xue Lietu’s mad rush:

“Old Guy, get out!”

He is huge. , one step is several feet, the speed is not slow at all, and in the blink of an eye, he has rushed to the front, and a punch with huge force slammed out.

The terrifying power and extreme speed made the air in front of his fist like the surface of the water, swaying layer by layer of ripples.

The ripples were gentle, but wherever they passed, rocks exploded, giant trees fell, and the whistling sound of a stormy sea came a moment later.

Xue Lietu, with white hair and flying beard, raised one hand lightly in the face of the incoming punch.

Gold Jade works!

Break the sky!


Where the two of them were, the ground suddenly dented, a circular pit with a diameter of more than ten meters appeared on the spot, and countless trees were swept away by the giant force.


Giant Bello groaned, while Xue Lietu was only pale.


On the ground, countless dust gathered rapidly, instantly turning into a dragon that was more than ten meters long, roaring and rushing towards Xue Lietu .

Innumerable plants and trees grew wildly, and the vines seemed to come alive, moving towards him.

The blonde man stood at the back, raised one hand slightly, the wind whistled around him, and the wind blade of one after another as thin as cicada wing was revealed on the spot.


With a gentle wave, thousands of wind blades have already swept out.

Giant Bello even roared in the sky.

“Old Guy, go to hell!”

“Go to hell!”


Dark Iron late powerhouse’s Fighting is like an ominous beast from ancient times, and the mountains and forests in front of them are like playthings.

Xue Lietu’s eyes narrowed, his flesh trembled wildly, the source power of several decades’ retreat stimulated his skin, and the Gold Jade power of the Great Accomplishment was also urged to the extreme.


A layer of jade-like luster emerged from him.

The halo circulates, and the whole person is like a jade sculpture, punching and kicking, and the simple moves contain unparalleled power.




The mountain wind is howling.

The passage through the mouth of the canyon became more and more rapid, and even the fist-sized rocks were swayed by the strong wind.

The four stood within the valley, and the three surrounded one.

“so that’s how it is.”

Nina’s complexion was a little pale, but her breath did not show any strangeness. She glanced at the three of them with cold eyes, and finally stopped on Zhou Jia’s body:

“This is your plan, join forces with others, and want to keep me?”

“If your Excellency is willing to obediently surrender, I believe that the two of you don’t mind staying alive.” Zhou Jia held a soft sword and said calmly:

“If the girl insists on resisting, don’t blame me for waiting ruthlessly!”


Xue Xiao coldly snorted:

“The owner of the Blood Vine Building, this cooperation is just for a reason. When the matter is resolved, you are still wanted by our Xiaolang Island.”

“Elder Xue’s words can It’s really chilling.” Zhou Jia shook his head gently:

“People say the birds are over, the bow is put away, we haven’t started yet, your Excellency is thinking about revenge afterwards, is it too much? Be in a hurry.”

“Okay.” Su E said:

“I want to take people down and talk about it.”

“It’s just you?” Nina sneered:

“It’s worthy too!”


Before she finished speaking, her silhouette was already disappeared in place.

“Want to run away?”

Su E’s eyes narrowed, and he stepped on the rocks and flew upwards, and at the same time flicked his fingers, the aura of freezing all things instantly covered one side.

Ice Soul Sword Finger – Frozen Thousand Miles!

The sword fingers of spare no effort, the strength of cold force, can freeze and shatter iron essence, thousands of energy rush, and also limit the opponent’s movement speed.

Zhou Jia followed closely from behind, performed the 9th layer climbing step, and finally, under certain conditions, the movement method surpassed Nina.


In terms of speed and agility, the 9th layer climbing steps are far less than Nina, but the speciality of Lightweight Art allows him to jump higher.

Take nine steps and go straight for dozens of meters.

In mid-air, it suddenly turned backwards, whistling sword light like rain, covering the opponent.

Life Seizing Sword – slaying gods and destroying Buddhas!

sword light whistled, compressing the range that Nina could move.


Xue Xiao slammed the stick, and the mountainside stone shattered, she danced the stick, Gold Jade power covered her body, moved towards Nina direct attack.

Among the three, only her body protection strength can withstand Nina’s sword qi.

Not even Zhou Jia’s Xuanbing Battle Armor!

“Mountain-moving stick—collapse the mountain!”

When the stick was pointed in front of it, the air exploded, and the terrifying shock force caused everything in the front of several feet to crack silently.

Although Xue Xiao is a woman, the cultivation techniques she learns are all fierce and domineering.


Nina screams, her rapier dances wildly.

Countless savage energy swept away frantically, fighting with the three of them.



It’s getting to the extreme!

It was obvious that three people surrounded and killed one person, and each person was not necessarily weaker than the opponent, but Zhou Jia and the three did not dare to be careless.


Under the extreme speed of the opponent, it is sometimes like them who are besieged.




A sword mark appeared on Zhou Jia’s body , Xue Xiao also groaned back, and even Su E, who was attacking from a distance, shrank his eyes.

“Don’t back away, surround her!”

“She can’t hold it anymore!”

“Don’t let her escape!”


Life Seizing Sword——The wind is blowing!

Frozen World!

Mountain-moving sticks – Pingshan!

Three people spare no effort, and have no left behind.


The dazzling sword light erupted in Nina’s hands, countless sword qi rushing wildly, one layer is stronger than the other, and a sword is heavier than a sword. .

Sacred thorn sword technique – sky light!


The four silhouettes fell in unison.

One mouth vomited blood, and his body flickered and swept into the distance, screaming in his mouth:

“Wait, I won’t let you go, blood vine The owner of the building, I remember you, Nina, if I don’t kill you, I swear I won’t be a human being!”

Three siege, spare no effort, even in the late stage of Black Iron, you can fight.

As a result, in dealing with the same level, I deliberately ambush, choose the place where the movement method is difficult to develop, and still fail to leave people.

It’s not that they are not strong enough.


Your opponent is too fast!

Fast unimaginable, there is no way to make too many responses, the number of people seems to have no meaning to the other party.


At this moment, an old voice sounded:

“You have no chance.”


When Nina mentioned her voice, she saw a silhouette pierced below, like a flying bird, entangled with the ghost-like silhouette.

The bird flaps its wings, and when the movement method is changed in the air, the afterimage remains, and the real body disappears.

The speed is as fast as Nina.

Feipeng movement method!

A thousand miles around, the first light movement method door!


Xue Xiao’s eyes flashed:

“The mysterious person in the Eagle’s Nest?”

“It’s him !” Su E also complexion slightly changed:

“The landlord is so good, he even invited him here.”

In Shicheng, the best Lightweight Art is not a few The powerhouse in the later period of the black iron, but someone in the eagle’s nest, is well known to the world.

But the Eagle’s Nest is extremely mysterious, even less visible than the Blood Vine Building, and almost no one knows their identities.

Even if you want to ask for help,

I don’t know where to start.

“Don’t dare.” Zhou Jia cupped his hands:

“The two bandits who are regarded as enemies can come here. The Eagle’s Nest and my Blood Vine Building have never had bad relations. It should be by rights.”

“Stop talking, don’t let it escape!”

Said, and charged with his sword.

Nina screamed, movement method spare no effort, 10% in the air in an instant, and the rapier in her hand stabbed frantically, and the sword qi went straight to the opponent.

Old Zheng’s body is like a flying peng, his arms are softly trembled, appearing on the opponent’s side like a teleportation, and his whole body can be turned into a weapon attack.

The speed of both of them is astonishingly fast.

Like two entangled oolongs, they shuttled and flickered in the forest. Wherever they passed, trees fell and rocks cracked.




With a loud noise, the two of them simultaneously Retreat.


The three of Zhou Jia arrived at the right time and rushed towards Nina, who was exhausted. The fairer sex means.


Soon after.

Zhou Jia held a jade token in his hand, trembling all over, looking at the dying woman in the field, it took a long time to vomit one mouthful of impure air.


The jade token shattered and appeared to be a bone crystal inside.

With the familiar starlight shining, a streamer submerged into Sea of Consciousness, and another source star was added to Sea of Consciousness.

An inexplicable insight came to mind.

Earth star: dao fruit!

The way that has been proven can be fruited and enlightened.

(End of this chapter)

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