Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 196


Chapter 196 Traits

Nina was dying, fell to the ground struggling and glared at the three, her eyes staring at the last Zhou Jia, if eyes can kill, Zhou Jia has died many times.

Glancing at the three of them, she gritted her teeth and let out a final growl:

“big brother…will avenge me!”



Su Ehearing this lightly.

Immediately flicks with the finger, an ice-cold finger suddenly sunk into Nina’s head, and ice crystals emerged out of thin air to seal the delicate head, and also extinguished the last trace of her vitality.

Then looked towards a few people:

“How to divide things?”

Four people may not be considered killing people like scything flax, but everyone has There will never be less blood, and if I see more will of the people is vicious and the world is cool, I don’t have so many thoughts of having tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex.

Threats, and

not taking seriously.

Xue Xiao’s expression did not change, but his eyes seemed to fall on the object in Zhou Jia’s hands unintentionally:

“The landlord suddenly shot just now, it seems that it was for this kind of thing. It’s of great use to you.”


Zhou Jia smiled indifferently.

Origin Star has submerged into the Sea of Consciousness, but the bones in his hand are still crystallized. He doesn’t know what it is, so he just threw it out gently.

“I saw it wrong, I thought it was something I needed.”


Xue Xiao’s eyes moved slightly, indifferent expression .


A few things are in the center.

Old Zheng, wearing a strange eagle mask, was deliberately excluded by the three because of his excellent Lightweight Art movement method, and each examined the things in the field.

Rapiers, bone crystals, rings, and some miscellaneous items.

Needless to say, the rapier is an extremely sharp black iron mysterious soldier. Even if Zhou Jia is wearing a mysterious weapon, Battle Armor, he would not dare to take his edge lightly.

Thinking about it, this sword can also pose a threat even in the face of the late black iron powerhouse.

I don’t know what the bone crystals are, but Su E and Xue Xiao’s eyes swept over from time to time, which should have another magical effect.

The ring is unremarkable, but it is actually an extremely rare space ring, which is a treasure that can only be refined by the archmage of Fei Mu world who specializes in space origin.

Rare, rare, and valuable.

Fortunately, after the owner died, it was not difficult to untie the above-mentioned Origin Technique imprisonment. There was a half-foot-square space inside, except for a few miscellaneous items in the daughter’s house, which was a thin booklet.

Although the space is not large, it seems to be the most important in terms of value.

“This thing belongs to me.”

Xue Xiao suddenly stretched out his hand, and the first thing he took away was not the space ring, but the bone crystal that he didn’t know what to do with it.

Su E’s eyes twitched, and he seemed a little unwilling, but after thinking about it, he finally suppressed the strangeness in his heart and looked towards the storage ring.

“The ring belongs to me.”

Before he could speak, Old Zheng suddenly interjected, his voice leisurely:

“Do you have any opinions?”


“I have no opinion.” Zhou Jia surrendered:

“Senior can act righteously, I am grateful.”

The space less than half a foot is slightly larger If you can’t put down a little thing, it will naturally not be taken into account by Zhou Jia, who has a universe of space.

Old Zheng glanced at him suspiciously, and murmured in his heart.

He was invited by Zhou Jia, but the one who didn’t want to help was the owner of the blood vine building, is it possible that between his own towering eagle and the owner of the blood vine building.

Is there any special relationship?

Su Egang gritted his teeth and glanced at several people with cold eyes. Seeing that Xue Xiao didn’t mean to speak for him at all, he finally groaned:

“The weapons belong to me.”


Zhou Jia didn’t care.

His goal has been achieved, and he is not interested in other things, and the things recorded in the book on the ground are not a big harvest.

A Peak Sword Art whose rank exceeds Life Seizing Sword!

“Let’s go!”

Old Zheng said:

“The people over there will be here soon, and the people you are looking for didn’t last long. โ€

Before he finished speaking, he had already vacated his entire body, transformed into a Peng bird soaring in the sky, and moved towards the distant mountains and forests.

Blink and

is gone.

Su E and Xue Xiao looked at each other and rolled up the corpse on the ground to leave.

Leave Zhou Jia alone.

At this time, he was completely indifferent to everything that happened, and his consciousness almost sank into the Sea of Consciousness and landed on the brand-new Origin Star.

Earth star: dao fruit!

The way that has been proven can be fruited and enlightened.

The characteristics are simple and clear, that is, turning what you have learned into dao fruit, and if others take it, you can receive the inheritance almost perfectly.

Only nearly, not exactly.

Take, just a proxy.

The dao fruit doesn’t have to be a real thing, as long as the other party doesn’t resist, it’s the same as if the source power is passed into the other party’s body through the air.

As for Zhou Jia himself, he will not lose his perception of turning into dao fruit, but it will be affected in a short period of time and will still recover after a certain period of time.

It can even be repeated as dao fruit .

It is not only Martial Skill and Cultivation Art that can be turned into dao fruit, but also some knowledge and skills.

As the thoughts turned, the huge source power that accompanied the Origin Star was also swallowed up and absorbed by the fleshy body, and the cultivation base skyrocketed.

Shenhuang Jue second test,





โ€œGreen paste! Green paste!โ€

โ€œRouge, gouache , hairpins…”

“All kinds of small toys are on sale, one piece of Wuyuan money, just pick and choose, don’t miss it when you pass by, friends.”

On the street, the noise is still there, and the pedestrians are bustling.

Zhou Jia put on a black cloak, his ears were full of noise, his nose was full of the scent of rouge, and he stepped into a restaurant with a huge shield hanging from his waist and an axe.

The wine shop is quiet in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

Two big men stood guard in front of the door and stopped the miscellaneous customers who wanted to enter. There was only one table of guests. The host woman was shouting herself, and the others were accompanying.

Seeing Zhou Jia stepping into the restaurant, several people stood up one after another.

โ€œBrother Zhou!โ€

โ€œElder Zhou!โ€

โ€œYou are here.โ€

โ€œen.โ€Zhou Jia Nodding, looking towards Lei Mei, who was still stunned, he asked casually:

“What’s wrong?”

“Brother Zhou still doesn’t know?” Chen Ying revealed a bitter smile :

“Not long ago, Elder Xue on the island came back with the body of the Huntian bandit and handed it over to Qiu Yingchen. The position of Gang Lord has been set.”

“Me Miss…”

“Unable to succeed.”

Said, shaking his head slowly.

The other people’s expressions also darkened. Since they stood on Lei Mei’s side, their future and destiny have been firmly locked with each other.

If Lei Mei fails, they will also be suppressed and lose their future.

“Really?” Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged, he pulled over a chair and sat down, beckoning to let the waiter waiting in the distance continue to serve the wine:

“It’s okay, this is the case. I think it’s weird. Killing the gangsters is not necessarily a good thing, Miss Mei is relieved for now.”


Lei Mei held his hands His wine bowl slammed down on the table, his eyes were red, and his teeth were gnashing:

“It’s all because of the owner of the Blood Vine Building.”

“It was him who secretly informed Qiu Yingchen, I joined forces with Elder Xue and the others to kill the Huntian bandits, otherwise why would I be defeated?”

“And Qiu!”

She raised her head, her face pale Ferocious:

“Heavenly Tiger Gang and the Blood Vine Building are at odds with each other. He actually cooperated with the owner of the Blood Vine Building for his own sake, regardless of the humiliation of his father’s generation.”

“This and the Others, why are you the Gang Lord of the Heavenly Tiger gang?”

“Ms. Mei.” Zhou Jia’s voice was calm:

“It’s over, it’s useless to talk more, if Qiu Yingchen is true When you become the Gang Lord of the Heavenly Tiger gang, you should think about what to do next.”

“There are so many people here, all waiting for your arrangement, so depressed and drinking to vent their anger, it will not help you in the slightest. It works.”

Lei Mei paused and looked up.

Chen Ying, Lei Yue and the others all looked apprehensive and looking forward to it.

These people have all been tied to her. The major event is not yet completed. As the coach, she also needs to give these people an explanation.


will fail!

Those who want to become a major event need not only rights, but also corresponding responsibilities.

“Of course.” Zhou Jia continued:

“If there is an accident and Qiu Yingchen can’t do it, then let’s talk about it.”

“Huh… Lei Mei vomited one mouthful of impure air, suppressed the restlessness in his heart, and slowly nodded:

“I am too depressed about the lesson of Elder Zhou, don’t worry, even if the surname is Qiu When I become Gang Lord, I will also give you an explanation.”

“Try not to drag you down.”

As for the accident that Zhou Jia said, she did not take seriously .

The matter has come to this point, and even the pulse master has made a decision. Even if she is dissatisfied, what can she do? It can’t change the overall situation at all.

“Sister Mei.” Chen Ying frowned:

“don’t say this, no matter what happens to you, we will follow you.”

” Yes, yes.” Lei Yue’s eyes flickered, obviously he had other thoughts in his heart, but he still attached to nodded, just like everyone else.

Everyone has different expressions, but also as it should be by rights.

Although Lei Mei’s boat hasn’t overturned, it is in tatters and can’t carry people.

As for Zhou Jia…

From the moment he was promoted to Hei Tie, he was no longer a chess piece, but a chess player.

No matter who sits in Heavenly Tiger’s position as Gang Lord, he will not change as the Elder, at best the benefits are not as many as before.

“Miss Mei.”

Liu Zhang is here today, he loudly said:

“Now don’t be discouraged, there are people like us standing there Behind you, even if the surnamed Qiu becomes the Gang Lord, he will not dare to impudent.”

“If he dares to do something to you, we will turn our face!”

“When the time comes a Let’s break up, at worst You take us out to stand on our own, forgive that Qiu Yingchen doesn’t have the guts!”

“You play the house as a child.” Chen Ying rolled the eyes:

“It’s not that simple. With the people from Xiaolang Island, the Heavenly Tiger gang can’t be chaotic, and it can’t be chaotic. After all, it’s not a small force.”

Small forces can naturally do this. .

Heavenly Tiger can’t help.

It exists, in large part, because Xiaolang Island needs a force to represent its authority in Shicheng.


Lei Mei slowly waved his hand:

“I know what to do, you go back first.”

“Elder Zhou!”


“This time, you may need to work harder.”

“It’s okay.”

“Hey!” Lei Mei sighed softly:

“I’m really useless, Elder Zhou just escaped the disaster, it should be a big happy event, but I made a mess, it’s damn! “

“But if you don’t die, you will have good luck.”

“Elder Zhou escaped from the hands of the gangsters, and he will have good news in the future.”


“Hope it.” Zhou Jia shook his head and moved towards looking outside the restaurant:

“Someone is coming.”

He tone barely fell, and there were three of them The big man who pushed open the door rushed in front of several people with anger on his face.

“Zhou Jia!”

The man who spoke was fat, with a shrill voice. He was a soldier following Xue Li’s side. She glanced coldly at the crowd and looked at Zhou Jia. Dao:

“You’re not dead, why didn’t you go to Puhe Ferry?”

“Zhou was injured.” Zhou Jia frowned:

“The day was in Hedi wakes up from a coma, and is already in several dozen li downstream, and when he recovers from his injuries and rushes back, it is now.”

“Excuse!” The fat female soldier stepped forward, angry Dao:

“Did you know that because of you, Mengnan, the Huantian bandit, escaped?”

“Gu… girl.” Zhou Jia was speechless and said:


“You look down on Zhou too much, you are not the opponent of the Huantian bandit at all, and he was seriously injured and coma at that day.”

“This can’t be considered. Be timid.”

“Impudent!” The fat female soldier opened his eyes:

“Are you questioning me?”

“One deserter It doesn’t matter, but if everyone runs away like you, how can you win?”

“The general has an order to get you back quickly, if you can’t find anyone, you don’t have to…”



Before she could finish her sentence, Zhou Jia slapped her away.

Hundreds of pounds of weight flew straight out, knocking down a row of desks, hitting the wall before landing heavily, cheeks bulging high.

“It’s really a face for you.”

Zhou Jia moved his wrists and stood up from his seat with a gloomy face:

“A trifling soldier, also Dare to speak like this in front of me, is it really that Zhou can be bullied?”

“What are you doing?”

The remaining two personal soldiers face changed:

“Sister Xu, are you okay?”


The fat female soldier got up from the ground and roared again and again, with disbelief in her voice:

“You dare to hit me?”

“You dare to hit me!”

She is a normal person.

But it is Shirley’s most trusted personal soldier, representing the military, the military that Hong Zeyu Six Great Races rely on.

Even the Imperial Court and the Xuantian League of the Dalin Dynasty had to look at the face of the Chixiao Army.

It wasn’t her face that was hit,

It was General Shirley’s face!

Ji Family’s face!

Even the black irons on Xiaolang Island need to give her some face, a trifling new black iron, dare to do it.

“Give it to me!”

The fat female soldier roared and pointed with a big hand:

“What are you doing, put it on me!”

The remaining two personal soldiers instantly returned to their senses, pulled out their swords and pressed towards Zhou Jia, even shouted:

“Kneel down!”

” kneel down for me!”

“Huh…” Zhou Jia chuckled lightly, the body flashed appeared beside the two soldiers, and the two of them flew out with a slight spread of their arms.

Then he stepped forward and appeared in front of the fat female soldier.

Under the stunned expression on the other’s face, he slapped her to the ground and kicked her out, kicking the person directly out the door.

The inner strength exploded, and the fat female personal soldiers immediately torn skin and gaping flesh, which was terrible.

“Ah! ”

The mournful scream sounded.

In the blink of an eye, three menacing personal soldiers rolled into the street.

The three supported each other Standing up, the fat female soldier even gritted his teeth and roared:

“surnamed Zhou, you are dead, dead! “

“Elder Zhou.” “Lei Mei looked worried, got up and stood up:

“It’s just a few servants, it’s not necessary. “

“It’s okay. Zhou Jia stretched out his hand and stopped her:

“It is precisely because of a few servants that there is no need to give them a good face. A certain black iron is not worth mentioning. “




“The Angel. “

Yuan Xiangxing entered an incense shop, moved towards the divine envoy who was kneeling on the ground and bowed, and said:

“You want me to check, there is news.” “

“Oh! “God raised his head:

“How? “

“No one knows the true identity of the owner of the Blood Vine Building, but he has appeared several times recently, and there are several similar people nearby, and they are very suspicious. “Yuanxiang took out a piece of paper with his name on it, and said:

” There are four people in total, one of whom is a black iron powerhouse. “

“Dark iron?” “The divine envoy’s eyes changed slightly:

“Who? “

“Zhou Jia of Xiaolang Island is also the Elder of Heavenly Tiger Gang. “Yuanxiang said:

“This person has just advanced to the black iron, but the extraordinary natural talent and thunder technique are outstanding. It is said that the strength is relatively outstanding in the black iron Early-Stage. โ€

โ€œen. โ€

Godโ€™s envoy looked thoughtful:

โ€œThese people, one after another temptation, as for Zhou Jia, I will take a special trip trip. “

“Yes! “

Yuanxiang should be.

(End of this chapter)

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