Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 197


Chapter 197 Trouble

“Pa… slap…”

Mengnan stepped on the water, and his body shape Not sinking, after rushing madly into Li Xuhou, he jumped high into a small island, looked back at it, and ran wild again.


The shouting and killing are still the same.

However, the ordinary person needs to use a boat, and the black iron powerhouse does not dare to chase after him, which buys time for him to escape further.


The regular breathing shakes the source power in the body, and also recovers the injury on the body.

The White Elephant Secret Mantra is a Peak secret technique of the Dili people. After it is completed, it can hide vast source power, a little trauma, and even recover in the blink of an eye.

Even if a severed limb is put back in its original position, it can be attached alive.

It’s a Divine Vestige!

However, the injuries on Mengnan’s body are obviously unusual.

There is a fist-sized hole in the abdomen, and it can be seen that the inside is like the internal organs after the fire, and the body is also different and pale.

Death lingers around.

This is an injury caused by several dark iron powerhouses.

But even so, he still has plenty of essence and vitality in his body. As long as he is given a certain amount of time, it is not difficult to recover.

The key is.

The pursuers won’t give him time.


Before there was any sound coming from his ears, the tremors in the air were already perceived first, and his fleeing silhouette subconsciously threw to one side.


An illusory shadow swept across the body and penetrated into the rocks in front of him, causing a violent explosion.


Several li with one arrow, the power can divide the mountains and waters.

There is only one soldier in the rear who can have this arrow technique.

“Sherry that slut!”

Mengnan’s cheeks twitched, her eyes grim:

“Don’t let me find a chance, or I’ll let you not have the will to live and be unable to ask for death!”

In spite of the resentment in his heart, his movements were not slow at all. .


Crossing a mountain, the screams behind him finally became inaudible.

Mengnan jumped ten times or so and landed heavily at the foot of the mountain. He stroked the big tree beside him and breathed slightly, and at the same time took a medicine pill from his body and took it.

“Two quarters of an hour.”

After silently counting the time, he nodded:


cultivation base Advanced black iron is completely different from ordinary rank, and its mobility, explosiveness, and resilience have skyrocketed, just like two kinds of creatures.

In the later stage of Black Iron, it is even more inhuman.

Unless there are powerhouses of the same order, no matter how many people come, it will not be of much use.

Concentrated, he was about to walk, his eyes suddenly shrank, loudly shouted in his mouth, and a huge white elephant appeared instantly.

The white elephant fell down, the trunk fluttered, and the tusks protruded.

The Secret Mantra of the White Elephant – Wanpan Style!

This is the most powerful secret technique of defensive power in the White Elephant Secret Mantra. Once it is cast, such as Hell-Suppressing Divine Elephant, it will remain unshakable for hundreds of millions of years.

The next moment.


A pair of fleshy palms appeared on top of the white elephant’s head. The fleshy palms were glowing with red metallic luster. The air was silently stirred at the place of the slap, and one after another ripples appeared quietly.


One after another crack appeared on the white elephant.

The phantom that could stop heavy artillery strikes ceaselessly, under the palm of this cheat, crumbled silently, revealing the inner silhouette.


Mengnan was shocked and roared in his mouth, clenching his fists and hitting the sky with both hands.

His fists glowed with a faint cold light, the color was different from the flesh, and it seemed to be a glove-like black iron mysterious soldier, colliding with the person who came.


In an instant.

The surrounding ground was as restless as boiling water, and countless rocks and soil cracked and flew out.

In the smoke and dust, the two silhouettes staggered rapidly, accompanied by a groan, Mengnan vomited blood, rolled and flew out.


The silhouette of the person who came flashed, and appeared in front of Mengnan, clenching his fists and punching.


Air shock.

It also reflects Mengnan’s desperate expression.


At this moment, a thin layer of sleeves appeared in front of the fist, and the sleeves vibrated gently, silently attacking fist strength resolve.

The terrifying fist strength can’t break through that thin sleeve.


The person who came face changed and retreated.

“Vajra Young Boy Art!”

“Zhao painstakingly!”

Mengnan shouted:

“You didn’t die back then! “

“I’m very good.”

Zhao stood ten Zhang or so away, with long hands and feet, a dark complexion, dressed in tattered clothes, as if An old farmer.


His palms are rough, and the wrinkles on his skin are full of mud that can’t be washed. The straw sandals under his feet are not known for how long, and he is afraid that he is really an old farmer.

“I can’t think of it…”

Sometimes, a man with white hair appeared beside Mengnan. out of age.

The man looked at Zhao’s painstakingly and shook his head slightly:

“As the son of King Zhengnan, your Excellency with the Imperial Family bloodline is willing to remain anonymous for decades in such a small place.”

“Vajra Young Boy Art…”


As if thinking of something, the man murmured softly, his eyes strange.

The Dalin Dynasty has a long history.

The Zhao Family is like God’s help, not down from generation to generation. Even with the Xuantian Alliance and the military, the Imperial Family is still powerful enough.

And what’s puzzling is that Zhao Family often does weird things.

Obviously you can have a high position and great wealth, and enjoy the happiness of your family, but there are some people in the Zhao Family from generation to generation who have little desire, cultivation Young Boy Art.

One of the founders of Xiaolang Island is like this,

Zhao is so painstakingly like this,

even the first silver powerhouse in Hongzeyu is like this!

“So…” the white-haired man said slowly:

“It wasn’t the owner of the Blood Vine Building who led us here, but Your Excellency, or that is the so-called Your Excellency. The owner of the blood vine building?”

“I brought you here, but the owner of the blood vine building doesn’t know it.” Zhao painstakingly had withered hair, his eyes were cold, and he stretched out his hand:

“Hand over the relic, I can let them go.”

“boasted shamelessly!” Mengnan Baixiang’s secret spell was broken and he was seriously injured, so he still couldn’t help but said angrily:

“surnamed Zhao, you were not our boss’s opponent several decades ago, and you still are not, just because you want to hold us?”

The white clothed man’s expression was indifferent.

The reason why he never showed up is to use a few people from Mengnan to draw out the real culprit behind the scenes. This time, he was only surprised by the identity of the other party.

The other party,

obviously should be dead.

It seems that there are still many unsolved mysteries in the past.

“It’s useless for you to ask for that thing.” Zhao’s expression remained the same:

“If you hand it over, you can also save a lot of trouble. It’s not because of this.”

“You don’t understand.” The white clothed man sighed:

“We don’t want to hold those two things if we can. .”


He looked towards Zhao Jixin, his eyes getting colder:

“Your Excellency killed so many of us back then, this time And so provocative, if I don’t kill you, how will this Zhang explain to his brother.”

Before he finished speaking, his silhouette was already disappeared in place.

Flowering clouds fly sleeves!

The long sleeves swayed, like clouds in the sky, soft and erratic, with infinite murderous intention hidden in the magnificent, and gently rolled up to Zhao.

The Devil’s Palm – Vajra’s Devil!

Zhao painstakingly opened his eyes, and his flesh and skin instantly turned golden, a solid, immortal, and pure meaning that came out through his body.

The palm out, swept over the clouds, and went straight to the core of the long sleeves.


The palms meet, and they both step back at the same time.

Zhao groaned bitterly, his figure flashed again and again, and was disappeared almost in the blink of an eye, leaving white-haired man brows tightly knit.


Mengnan leaned closer:

“How is it?”

“Vajra Young Boy Art is indeed It’s amazing, Zhao has worked so hard to be over seventy years old, yet he is still able to lock his energy and his strength is stronger than before.” The white-haired man shook his hands and said slowly:

“But it doesn’t matter. , since he has appeared, there is a way to find him.”


Mengnan bowed his head.

“Let’s go.” The white-haired man stretched out his hand to hold the junior Mengnan, and was about to leave when he suddenly became suspicious and took out a jade token from his body.

Immediately, his face changed greatly:

“Nina is dead.”


Mengnan was shocked.




Pu River Ferry.

When Zhou Jia arrived, he clearly felt that the atmosphere here was not right.

A feeling of oppression permeated the field, and several Great Influence staff were obediently and honestly, no one dared to speak loudly.

The whispering voice floated, but it gave him some understanding.

Mengnan escaped after all.

After expending a lot of manpower and material resources, more than a dozen black iron powerhouses attacked and hunted down for several days, but the result was still incomplete.


It seems that a mysterious person took action and rescued the person.

The anger in Shirley’s heart can only be imagined when she died so attractive, but failed to achieve her goal.

Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged, and he walked to the military camp:


“Zhou Jia.” Yang Yunyi’s eyes changed slightly, frequently darkening Wink:

“You’re here, I heard that you were seriously injured and passed out that day, and you woke up again and you were in a nasty state. It’s good luck.”

“Thanks to Martial Uncle .” Zhou Jia handed over:

“Junior is fine.”


Xue Li put down the scroll in her hand, and at a glance, her tone was cold:

“Zhou Jia, so you still remember this place.”

“Don’t dare.” Zhou Jia said:

“I heard the general summoned, there is an urgent shortage here. Manpower, although Zhou’s injuries are not yet healed, they rushed back in a hurry.”


Shirley slaps the table and stand up, eyes Angrily glares:

“surnamed Zhou, you fled in fear, ignoring the military law; you even shot at my personal soldiers, and even dared to appear in front of me.”

” Someone…”

“Take him down for me!”

“General!” Zhou Jia’s voice sank:

“The number of days in Zhou In the first battle, he entered Heitie’s cultivation base for the first time and resisted Mengnan’s attacks several times. Shall we talk about it?”

“Not bad, not bad.” Yang Yunyi was also nodded again and again, the soundtrack was displeased:

“General Shirley, you misunderstood.”

Although the others did not speak, their expressions were not natural. Even the members of the Su Family felt that Shirley was overthinking things.

Zhou Jia’s performance that day was obvious to all.

Everyone has played against Mengnan and knows how dangerous it is to face such a late black iron powerhouse.

Zhou Jia, however, held a shield alone and resisted several times in front of that person, and finally was blasted into the bottom of the water.

All this is called cowardice, but it is really hard to convince the public.


Xue Li’s face was grim, after glancing at everyone, she looked directly at Zhou Jia and said:

“Then you beat me Personal soldiers, do you have something to say? The messengers are the face of the military, and if you hit them, you don’t respect the order!”


“I don’t.” Zhou Jia brows frowned:

“The general’s personal soldiers, are you injured? Is it serious?”


A photo of Shirley Broken the case in front of him, he said angrily:

“surnamed Zhou, don’t put on a pretense in front of me, you dare to beat someone, don’t you dare admit it?”

“I don’t know what I did. , why should I admit it?” Zhou Jia’s expression was indifferent:

“Besides, if I beat them, why would I come here, wouldn’t I be asking for trouble?”

“Impudent! “

Shirley was furious:

“They said it, and you fought!”

“General, don’t believe their side words.” Zhou Jia He shook his head and said:

“I was with Miss Mei, Chen Ying, Lei Yue and the others at the time. They can testify that I have never hit anyone.”

“You You are in the same group with them, can you believe what they say?”

“The general’s personal soldiers seem to be in the same group, can you believe what they say?”

Zhou Jia sneered. .

In short, no matter what the other party said, he killed himself and never beat anyone, and turned his negation into three consecutive rotations.

I didn’t do it!

I don’t!

They spit out blood!

It was quiet in the field.

The crowd looked at each other in blank dismay with odd expressions.

This kind of thing, if one party insists that it has not done it, there is really no way to prove it, and everyone has also been bullied by those few personal soldiers.

In the bottom of my heart, I’m afraid I’m still on Zhou Jia’s side.

No one spoke up for a while.

Xue Li was trembling with anger. She had never seen such a skinless and shameless person.


“Very good!”

She choked out her sword and pointed at Zhou Jia angrily:

“Surnamed Zhou, you think I can’t punish you if you don’t have any evidence. As the general, you will die even if I let you die!”

“What do you want to do?”

Zhou Jia’s face sank, shouted:

“Zhou is desperate for your business, regardless of life and death, the general actually chose to listen to the villain’s slander and kill me? “

“There are so many of us, just working together, we really can’t be bullied!”

“General Shirley.”

“You do things like this , who can take it?”

As soon as these words fell, everyone in the field changed color.

The dissatisfaction with the military over the past few days has also quietly emerged from the bottom of my heart, one by one, all faces are strange, and the crowd moved towards the military looks at it.

Sherry’s heart sank.

Not good.

She has seen this situation a lot, and this is a precursor to howling and rebelling.

However, in the military, there are many experts who are in charge. Even if someone is dissatisfied and dares to rebel, they can be suppressed by backhand, and it will not cause much disturbance.

Not here.

She doesn’t have many people, and more relies on other forces.

Just in case…

“Go fuck you!”

Sherry roars:

“go die for me! ”

How could she have ever suffered such humiliation, let alone a threat, she swung her sword out with a roar.

Shirley’s arrow skills are outstanding, but she won’t forget the danger of being close to her.

The sharp sword slashed in the air.


Zhou Jia’s giant shield, the anti-shock force of the four-phase shield immediately shattered and attacked the sword light, with a movement of the wrist, the double-edged axe was also lifted in the hands.

Eyes open, thunder in full bloom.

“What are you doing?”


“You two, stop quickly!”

There was chaos in the field, and everyone rushed They swarmed up and separated the two of them.

β€œZhou Jia, don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive.”

β€œGeneral, Zhou Jia is ignorant, calm down, calm down!”

β€œ …”

Xue Li trembled in anger, but when she met Zhou Jia’s eyes, her beautiful eyes couldn’t help shrinking.

Too close.

Although the opponent is Black Iron Early-Stage, he may not have the advantage. If surnamed Zhou is desperate, the consequences may not be…


She coldly snorted, shaking away the people around her:

“Got it, let surnamed Zhou go out to inspect and find Mengnan!”





“God’s messenger.”

Yuan Xiang fluttered down from a height, bowing and bowing:

“Zhou Jia was sent to inspect because he just offended General Shirley, and there are not many people around him. I can lead them away.”

“en. ”

Envoy nodded:


“Envoy.” Yuan Xiang said:

“It is said that Zhou Jia is not weak, you have to be careful .”

“Don’t worry.” The envoy smiled indifferently, and said indifferently:

“If I meet the owner of the blood vine building, I may not have much confidence, a trifling newcomer Black Iron, how strong can it be?”

(End of this chapter)

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