Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 199


Chapter 199 Kill Streak

The envoy checked all the places where the landlord of the Blood Vine Building appeared, but any suspicious Everyone was tortured one after another, but nothing came of it.


He didn’t have much hope for Zhou Jia’s trip.

I didn’t think about it, but it was a pleasant surprise.


Sure enough, he did not abandon himself.

β€œI’m curious.”

Zhou Jia holds the rod and shakes it lightly to bring out the hooked herring, at a moderate pace retract the rod, moved towards the stern The envoy looked at it:

“How did you find me?”

“God, omnipotent.” The envoy’s voice was solemn:

“Blood As a trifling mortal, the owner of the rattan building disobeyed the Spiritual God and destroyed the fleshy body of the servant of God. He will be cast aside by the Spiritual God, and his guilt will never be undone by death.”

β€œBut God loves the world!”


“If you are willing to support Spiritual God, help me obtain the Divine Idol, and ask the owner of the Blood Vine Building, the past faults can no longer be investigated.”

“It seems that you do not know “Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows, the other party didn’t know what method he used, he knew that he was related to the Blood Vine Building, but obviously he didn’t know his true identity.

Immediately asked:

“As far as I know, the Divine Idol has been destroyed, can it continue to be used again?”

“Divine Inextinguishable Immortal.” The messenger smiled indifferently:

“Shards, too.”

“so that’s how it is.” Zhou Jia understood:

” What if I don’t want to?”

“You made a wrong decision.” The divine envoy looked solemn, the gray robe on his body was windless, and the black smoke spread out from behind him like tentacles Come.


After the tentacles expand to a certain extent, they suddenly roll inwards.

“God loves the world, but he is not merciful to the unbelievers, and he has a means of subduing the believers of Evil God, but I am sure you will realize your error.”

Angel He stretched out his hand far away and shook it suddenly inward.

β€œka ka……”


Several zhang long boats, under the tentacles, instantly all split up and in pieces, even the hard keel couldn’t hold on for a moment.

Where Zhou Jia was, it was even more enveloped by black smoke.

But the tentacle-like smoke stopped when it was three feet away from him, and was blocked by a layer of invisible force.

Even a little closer, it was shaken away.

The four-phase shield shakes!

The divine envoy stepped on a piece of broken wood and stood on it, looking at Zhou Jia standing quietly, subconsciously feeling a little bad in his heart.

As for what’s wrong, I can’t tell.

It just feels that the other party is too calm.

Zhou Jia held the shield in his hand, his face could not be turbulent, the water-repelling qualities were activated, and the water under his feet seemed to be alive and lifted him gently.

Looking at the envoy opposite, he slowly took off the double-edged axe:

“You shouldn’t have come.”

“This paragraph Time, Zhou’s temper is not very good, and if he doesn’t consciously take a heavy hand later, I hope your Excellency Haihan.”

“What a big tone.” The envoy looked gloomy:

“A new trifling black iron…”


Before he could finish his words, Zhou Jia on the opposite side was full of qi and blood like a fire beacon. Substantial qi and blood even broke through the shackles of black smoke.


Threads of electric light emerged from the double-edged axe.

In a flash.

The phone turned into thunder, expanding with a bang, an extremely firm and fierce Power of Thunder, instantly sweeping the surrounding black smoke, baring fangs and brandishing claws rushing in.


The god made his eyes shrink, and a black glow emerged from behind him:

“Eternal darkness!”

Since Light God made his choice, his divine gift has also changed, and the holy light, which once symbolized hope and vitality, has also turned into pitch black.

Darkness falls, Heaven and Earth are dark.

Even the roaring thunder, the imposing manner is quietly weak.

Divine Domain!

This is the spiritual realm that belongs to Spiritual God alone. Within its range, all powers will be weakened, and only Divine Force can be blessed.

“Zhou Jia, this is the power bestowed by Spiritual God. If you are willing to acknowledge allegiance and choose to believe in Spiritual God, you will be blessed one day.”

His wrist trembled slightly, and several source techniques were instantly activated:

“Don’t ask for stubborn!”

“Your god, only give you this kind of power?” Zhou Jia held an axe Shield, glanced at the dim surroundings, shook his head lightly:

“This is…”

“It’s so disappointing!”

Low roar In the middle, his body swayed, his flesh trembled, his body instantly soared to more than two meters, and the terrifying force directly collapsed and hit the source.



Five thunders!

In Sea of Consciousness, three Origin Stars twinkle in unison.

“Purple Thunder Axe!”


In the eternal darkness, there was a sudden light.

The dazzling thunder ripped apart the dark domain that shrouded one side, crossed a meandering curve in the sky, and slammed into the envoy’s location with lightning speed.

“It’s impossible!”

The angel looked horrified.

He was originally a black iron powerhouse. After believing in Spiritual God, he was blessed. The cultivation base has reached the middle stage of black iron, and God gave spell.

On the same level, they are hardly rivals.

Not to mention tearing up the Divine Domain!

Unless it’s…

Dark Iron late!

The god made his eyes wide open and shouted at the sky:

“God bless!”


The terrifying source power was born out of thin air, and it was blessed on him. Along with the ten fingers, the terrifying source technique of one after another was also activated one after another.

“Winter Thunderbolt!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes are full of lightning, and the blessing of the five thunders allows him to control thunder almost as one pleases.


is lightning.

In the past, the purple thunder axe method, which had amazing power in the past, was multiplied by the blessing of five thunders, and any axe could cut the power of the later black iron.

The axe fell,

dozens of meters of water, divided into two with a bang.

Compared with the shocking thunder axe light, the silhouette below is so small, and the offensive is easily crushed by the thunder.





Yuanxiang stands on the top of the tree, Not far away, Lei Yue and the others were fled, battered and exhausted by a few ominous beasts, and he couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Forget it, I won’t play with you.”

Shaking her head, she floated towards the river as an illusory shadow:

“I don’t know. What happened to the envoy?”


A muffled sound made her look up suddenly, puzzled on her face.


“Unexpectedly, in the face of the divine envoy, that Zhou Jia has the ability to resist. It seems that he is indeed an extraordinary natural talent, but it is a pity that the power of God is not trifling. A mortal man can resist.”

Whispering, she sped up.

The body is as light as a fallen leaf, and its speed is as fast as a sharp arrow, rushing along the water.

In the blink of an eye, I came to a restless water area, the water surface was full of broken pieces of wood from boats, and fishes jumped up and down from time to time.

In the middle,

The two silhouettes stand opposite each other.


Yuan Xiang’s eyes lit up and she greeted loudly, next moment suddenly realized something was wrong.

The complexion greatly changed!

The god made his body stiff, turned his head tremblingly, his neck was pinched by Zhou Jia with one hand, the blue veins on his face burst out, and his eyes were red.

In the past, the majestic and dignified messenger of the Father’s Divine Transformation is now like a lamb to be slaughtered, with horror and despair in his eyes.


He was completely broken, struggling to yell at Yuanxiang:


“There’s another one?” Zhou Jia turned his head sideways, slowly increasing the strength in his hand, and the layers of protective Profound Light on the divine envoy’s body shattered one after another:

“Can you escape?”



Broken neck.

Zhou Jia released his hand and was about to turn around when his eyebrows suddenly raised.


The corpse of the angel suddenly shattered from the inside, and a strong smoke swept the surrounding several feet, and the terrifying corrosive force consumed everything inside.


Zhou Jia groaned, his body bowed slightly, and his shield stood in front of him:

β€œFour-phase shield shakes!”




β€œHow could it be?”

β€œHow could it be possible!”

“That’s the messenger of the gods, the messengers of the gods in the ruins world, which means that the gods have Supreme authority and have the guidance of gods, how could he die?”

“That person is obviously just a beginner in black iron. , doesn’t it mean that he is not in the late stage of Hei Tie, and is not the opponent of the divine envoy?”

In her previous impressions, ‘God’ was omnipotent, and even with his angels and servants, he also had boundless power.


In front of her eyes, the divine envoy was crushed to death by that person.

This is undoubtedly a huge blow to her.

β€œIt should be by rights before God descends, and there are those who rebel against God who block it. These are all tests of God, and God will come eventually.”

β€œI You shouldn’t question God.”

Yuanxiang clenched her teeth tightly, muttering in her mouth, and her movement speed was also pushed to the extreme.

She was like a fluffy body, her toes tapped the water surface, and her whole body was like being pulled by an invisible rope, and she swept forward rapidly.

The speed is as fast as entering a black iron powerhouse.


The one who came after was faster.


Behind, there was a sudden loud noise.

An invisible murderous intention quietly emerged, and the distance was getting closer and closer, Yuan Xiang felt a chill in her heart, and she couldn’t help but look desperate, and she had to run away desperately.


An iron-clad warship in front of her made her eyes light up, and there was a hint of hope in her despair.

She could see that it was a warship belonging to the military. Although she didn’t know who it belonged to, the characters on such a ship were not low-level.

Immediately shouted:



“I am the Yuan beside Master Ji Young Fragrance!”

“Yuanxiang?” On the deck of the warship, a few people stuck their heads out, Shirley’s beautiful eyes moved, and after seeing the appearance of the person coming, browses slightly wrinkle:

“It’s really her!”

On the water, two silhouettes one after the other flew by.

“General.” Someone asked for instructions.

“Pick her up.” Shirley said:

“Excuse me, why is she here?”


The soldier should be, with a wave of his hand, the warship broke through the water, moved towards Yuanxiang and greeted him, and two people threw away long ropes.

“General many thanks!”

Yuan Xiang was overjoyed when she saw this, she jumped up with all her strength, grabbed the chain, and jumped up at the moment when the chasing person was about to arrive warship.

“It’s Zhou Jia!”

She hurriedly said after getting on the boat:

“He is related to the Blood Vine Building, the general will take him down!”


While speaking, Zhou Jia also jumped onto the battleship, and he easily avoided several incoming arrows, and swooped at Yuanxiang. .

“The Blood Vine Building?” Xue Li didn’t know what the Blood Vine Building was, but it didn’t affect her decision:

“surnamed Zhou, what do you want to do?”


“General.” Zhou Jia looked sideways, his voice was cold, but his movements did not stop at all, he pushed the two away and swooped at Yuan Xiang:


“General.” p>

“This woman and Evil God believers want to kill me.”

“Kill you?” Shirley coldly snorted:

“Aren’t you living well, He is from Master Ji Young, even if you make a mistake, it is not something you can handle, so stop me now!”

Saying this, he waved his hand:

“Stop him! “


There were very few soldiers on board, but they were all Shirley’s personal soldiers.

“fuck off!”

Zhou Jia growled.

The shield slammed down heavily, and a shocking force spread all over the place, and both the attacking soldiers and the fleeing Yuan Xiang froze in place.


His silhouette flashed, and he came behind Yuanxiang in an instant, tightly holding her throat with one hand.


Xue Li was furious, her eyes were wide open, and the giant bow on her back fell into her palm at an unknown time. :

“I told you to stop, don’t you hear me, you bastard!”

“She’s going to kill me.” Zhou Jia slowly turned to his side, holding the breathless, struggling Yuanxiang looked coldly:

“Zhou will not let her go, the general wants to stop me?”

“I tell you to stop and put people down!” Shirley’s eyes twitched, an arrow was placed on the bow, and she said again:

“You don’t have ears?”


Zhou Jia lightly and slowly nodded:


Saying that, he threw Yuanxiang lightly, but on the way to throw it, He twisted his fingertips hard and cut his head off.

“Pu pass!”

Headless corpses and beautiful heads fell one after another on the ship’s board, blood flowing.


Zhou Jia smiled lightly:

β€œI did what the general ordered.”

β€œβ€¦ …” Shirley’s body trembled, her silver teeth clenched, and she suddenly roared:

“Go to hell!”


The bowstring trembled, extremely With the speed and the distance of only several feet, Zhou Jia had no time to dodge, and the arrow was already approaching.


A shield appeared before the arrow.

A terrifying force erupted, pushing Zhou Jia to retreat several feet, and then the arrow exploded, slamming off the ship’s board, and the billowing flames burned.


In the chaos, one silhouette rushed out, the axe flashed:

β€œGo to hell!”

β€œ Stop him!”

Xue Li shrank her eyes and shouted up to the sky, at the same time bend bow and place arrow, pointing directly at the person who came.

Comparatively speaking, she is not good at melee combat, but she is not weak at all.

next moment.

Rolling lightning emerges in the sky, and the giant thunders come out in sequence, unscrupulously blooming with power, hurricane axe light sweeping all directions, in the sky, nothing exists except for the heavenly thunder and axe light.

Five Thunder Axe!

Five thunder bangs!

The five thunders are intertwined, endless, endless, without beginning and end, countless thunders gather, grow stronger and bigger, until they overwhelm the warship below.

The iron armored warship of dozens of meters, all split up and in pieces under the violent thunder axe light, the huge explosion rumbling sound came out several li.

River flow, bursting with a bang.

With such power, even if Lei Batian is reborn, I am afraid I will sigh.

Shirley was surrounded by this, only to feel that the thunder around her was full of light, and it was getting stronger and stronger.



The axe light slashed into the bottom of the water, and the water flow up to 100 meters went straight to the sky.

Even she was like this, and the others were even more helpless. Before the attack was close to the silhouette above, she was swept back by a heavenly thunder.


The screams came to an abrupt end.




Xiaolang Island.

Yang Shizhen held the Relic in her hand, watched it carefully, and slowly nodded it for a long time:

“It is indeed the Relic left by Master Yanfa, the details are exactly the same as in the rumors, this thing is to do It can’t be fake.”

“Relic is back, a great achievement.” Xue Lietu nodded, looked towards Xue Xiao:

“This time you did good.”

“It should be.” Xue Xiao’s face was overjoyed, and he asked curiously:

“However, when did the holy Buddha Relic disappear, and where is the other one?”

“The Holy Buddha Relic is originally one.” Yang Shizhen explained:

“The other Relic is not formed, just some…bone slag, and later generations use these bone slag to mix the fur of the silver ominous beast Another thing is made.”

“Daobao scroll!”

“so that’s how it is.” Xue Xiao understood:

“Daobao” The treasure scroll was also stolen? What’s on it? Magic secret technique? Why has the alliance never said such things?”

“Not bad.” Xue Lietu stroked his beard:

“At that time, these two distinct things were stolen at the same time, and they were very involved, so they were kept secret. As for the things on the treasure scroll of the Great Dao, it was not a secret.”

“It is what Master Yanfa has learned for his life. In general, this thing may be a guide for Baiyin powerhouse, but it is useless to me like Heavenly Book. And this thing, there must be a replica in the league, and it is impossible to only print it on the Daobao scroll.”

“Huntian bandits are very capable, they can steal these two distinct things at the same time.” Xue Xiao slowly nodded, and his expression became solemn.

“Impossible is a gangster.” Yang Shizhen shook his head:

“The Treasure Scroll of the Great Dao and the Relic of the Holy Buddha are placed in the Xuantian League Station and the Imperial Court Imperial Family respectively, and rotate for several years. , trifling Huntian bandits…”

“But the fact is that they did steal at the same time.” Xue Lietu said:

“And the things are indeed in the hands of Huntian bandits. “

“Yes!” Yang Shizhen frowned, puzzled.

“But.” Xue Xiao still couldn’t understand:

“Why did they steal these two distinct things? According to senior, although these two distinct things are precious, it doesn’t seem to matter. How useful.”


At this time, someone entered the temple to report:

“Master Ji Young said he wanted to borrow relic for a few days.”

“That’s why the Huntian bandits want to steal two things.” Yang Shizhen did not answer, but instead looked towards Xue Xiao, explaining:

“The two are the same person, The breaths are connected, and if you get one, you can sense where the other is with the secret technique, so you must start with the two.”

“As for Ji Family…”

“Master Ji Young’s father, who was in charge of escort at the time, died at the hands of the Huntian bandits.”

(End of this chapter)

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