Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 2

Chapter 2 The wolf head monster

Black hair like steel needles, a pair of long and narrow eyes with cold light and full of wildness are hidden in them, and fangs in the wide mouth Convex, extraordinarily hideous.

Between the dog’s teeth, a trace of saliva slowly dripped.

The wolf head moves freely.


This is not a headgear!

The monster of wolf head human body straightens his body, it has a height of one meter five or six, and is covered with a simple animal skin, which covers the indecent place but cannot hide the strong muscles visible in the naked eye .

Just standing there, there is a pure sense of power assaults the senses.

It stood in front of the rift and looked around the whole carriage, with a ‘ho ho’ sound in its mouth, its throat rolling rapidly, its long tongue trembling with excitement, and its eyes full of greed.


It’s all fresh food!

next moment.


The wolf-headed monster dashed forward and pounced on an old man next to him.

It opened its mouth wide, and its sharp teeth bit the old man’s throat. It was just a tear, which made the flesh crack, the neck twisted, and the head drooped to the side.

The old man is already dying, unable to move even a little bit. Now he is dead and can’t die again. The script can twitch a few times, and then he is completely dead.

The monster rolled its throat and looked excited, as if no one was eating its flesh and blood, and the chewing sound of crunching flesh made everyone in the field have one’s hair stand on end.


How scary is the scene in front of you?

The screams pierced the tranquility. Some people flinched and retreated.

The scene was chaotic.

“Driver, driver!”

In panic, someone shouted subconsciously, and when he turned around and looked over, his heart froze.

The driver’s position was already covered by branches and dead vines, and only a twisted arm full of blood hangs out, I am afraid that it will not survive.

In the torn carriage, the branches and withered vines pierced from the outside are scattered and disorderly, under the infection of blood and minced meat, it looks particularly hideous.

In just a short period of time, nearly half of the dozen people on the bus were dying, and some were even worse.

This is a car accident!


It’s not just car accidents.

“Ho ho…”

The strange cries continued.


A female passenger near the front door screamed and got up from the ground, staggering towards the crack in the front door, regardless of her injuries.

The tightly closed car door was loose due to the unknown collision just now, and a squeeze is enough for one person to get in and out.

She wants to get out of here, away from the man-eating monster.


The wolf-headed monster who was eating the old man’s corpse suddenly turned his head when he heard the movement, cold light flashed in his eyes, he pressed the seat in front of him with both hands, his limbs Pounced on the woman.

It was castrated very quickly, the woman was thrown to the ground just two steps away, the monster bit down, and a stream of blood came out.


Until this time, no one came back to his senses from panic.

A nearby middle-aged man shouted to spread the branches that were pressing on him, snarled and rushed towards the wolf-headed monster, kicking him with a kick.

The man is nearly 1.8 meters tall, and his physique is not strong, but he has an advantage in front of the 1.56-meter wolf-headed monster.

In addition, the monster was eating flesh and blood, and was kicked in the back when he couldn’t dodge.


With a muffled sound, the wolf-headed monster just swayed, but the middle-aged man was in pain, and his legs and feet twitched and staggered back.

But his actions clearly annoyed the wolf head monster.


The monster looked back and shouted, its eyes were cold and sharp, and its sharp fangs were covered with flesh and blood.

The speed of the collision was so fast that it was too late for people to dodge.

This monster has more than one wolf head, and hands and feet are almost the same as wild beast.

The inferior suit of the middle-aged man is almost impossible to resist in front of the sharp claws, and it will bring blood and stubble after a few tears.


Under the pain, the man became bloody, instead of retreating, he moved forward, and opened his hands to hug the wolf-headed monster, moved towards the ground Go away.

At the same time, he shouted:

“Come and help!”


scrambling One person and one monster are at their feet, but the woman who was still angry with her second aunt not long ago was so frightened that she was unable to move even a little bit, stammered in her mouth, and clung to the armrest with both hands.

There are two people in front who want to help, but he is covered in injuries.


At this moment, a strong wind came from behind.

But I saw a tall silhouette striding forward, waving something in his hand and smashing it fiercely into the wolf-headed monster’s head.


With a loud noise, Zhou Jia felt his palms numb and he could barely hold the frying pan in his hand, and his whole body was shocked and took two steps back. .

Looking at the bottom of the pot, there is actually a dent.

What a tough head!

However, this time he finally had an effect. The wolf-headed monster’s eyes were full of flowers, and even the action of tearing the middle-aged man stopped.

Just shaking his head, trying to regain his senses.


The man blushed strangely and shouted excitedly:

“Come on, take this opportunity to kill it, kill it !”

Saying that, he used all his strength to hug the wolf-headed monster tightly, preventing it from breaking free.

Zhou Jia calmed down and stepped forward again.

Although he is a liberal arts student, he has never lacked exercise. He is a head taller than his peers, and his physique is considered strong. He was the main basketball player in the department when he was in college.

Gritting his teeth, this time, aim at the wolf’s eye position fiercely with the frying pan.

He also knew what the copper-headed iron-tailed tofu waist said, but at this time one person and one wolf were hugging each other, and only the wolf head was easier to target.


Those wild eyes burst open in front of him, and the red and white splashes all around, which also made Zhou Jia’s movements paused.

He is just an ordinary person after all, where have you seen such a scene?

Be able to do it, and have gathered up the courage.


The wolf-headed monster was in pain, raised his head and howled.


The man’s face was flushed, the blood vessels around his neck bulged high, desperately holding the wolf-headed monster in his arms, facing Zhou Jia who was standing still Gritting his teeth and growling:

“Quick…do it!”

“Go on!”


Zhou Jia’s eyes Flashing, fiercely nodding:


Before he finished speaking, his body had already swooped over, waving the frying pan in his hand crazily, don’t smash the wolf head with all your might monster.

At this time, his eyes were red, gnashing teeth, and he forgot everything else, just smashed hard.




One, two, three… …

I don’t know how many times I smashed it in total, but the wolf’s head was finally no longer so hard. Half of the wolf’s head was bloody, and its eyes had already been shattered, like a mess of flesh.

The wolf head monster,

is dead!


“Hu Chi… Hu Chi…”

“Dang Chi…”

Zhou Jia hand one Loosen, the whole person was paralyzed and desperately breathing, his pale face was full of sweat, and his right hand was shaking uncontrollably.

It took a long time before forcing a smile to look towards middle-aged man.

“Big…big brother, it’s dead!”

Before his voice fell, Zhou Jia’s expression froze.

Under the desperate struggle of the wolf-headed monster, the internal organs in the chest and abdomen of the middle-aged man have long been hollowed out and shredded by the sharp claw, and now he is dead.

But even so, he still clings to the wolf head monster, gnashing teeth face looks sinister.


Zhou Jia opened his mouth and hesitated.

Car accident!



Everything that happened in this short moment was far beyond his ability to bear, and he no longer felt the corpse beside him.

There is only a kind of daze, echoing in my heart.


A breath that was clearly invisible but could be felt, emerged from the wolf-headed monster’s corpse and submerged into his body before returning to his senses.


What is it?

(End of this chapter)

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