Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Skilled

The forest is lush, and there are huge trees surrounded by several people.

The camp is surrounded by a circle of giant trees, and many dead vines are intertwined to form a simple camp wall. The trees are covered with wooden boards, and the patrolling wolf head monster can be vaguely seen.

They have iron bows in their hands, quivers on their backs, and hide behind forest leaves.

Once you spot an enemy, you can attack from above.

There are fist-sized gaps all over the camp gate about one zhang. Naturally, it is impossible to stop birds, rabbits, snakes and mice, but it is impossible for people to get in.

Through the gap, you can still see the shadow of the monster coming and going.


I’m afraid there can be dozens!

Many of them were armored and even cavalry.

The strength of an armored monster is stronger than that of a Grade 1 cowhide. If the cavalry charges at an accelerated rate, I am afraid that a Grade 3 will be able to withstand it.

This situation made Fatty Han’s heart sink, and he had no choice but to move towards the four people in front of him and whispered:

“Several, if we force our way, even if If you can win, you will suffer heavy losses.โ€


“I’ll do it.” Situ Lei sighed softly, opened the mouth and said:

“There are not many people who can use it, so it would be good to lose less, etc. There is still great use.”

“en.” Aaron the cloak slowly nodded:


The language of these people It is very unique, obviously each has an accent, and it is not Mandarin, but everyone can understand the meaning.

This is far beyond Zhou Jia’s knowledge.

With permission, Situ Lei stepped forward.

He walked out of the dark without covering up, and before he got close to the camp, he was spotted by the patrol archers above, who immediately issued a long whistle warning.


The sound of howling continued in the camp, one after another, all the monsters knew that there were visitors.


In the gaps in the leaves above, arrows protruded from them. With the tremor of the bowstring, the illusory shadows went towards the Situ Lei cover.

The wolf-headed monster has great strength, even a cub is comparable to an adult man, and the archer is a well-known figure.

The arrow is powerful.

A flash, shot from all directions.

So many arrows fell, just watching from a distance, Zhou Jia tightened his body subconsciously, even if it was him, even if he had a shield, he couldn’t stop them all.

Situ Lei raised his head and put his hands on the handle of the knife, his expression indifferent.


blade light suddenly appeared.

“ding ding dong dong…”

More than ten arrows seemed to be hit by the blade light at the same time, and flew out in all directions.

Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed.

This is…

A shield counter?

With the same technique, Situ Lei uses a long and narrow blade as a shield, but he can fly more than a dozen arrows at the same time, which is not only fast but also extremely accurate.

It’s simply unimaginable.

After a blow, Situ Lei squatted slightly.


The ground shook lightly with force under his feet.

The body exploded with force, like a shell out of the chamber, with strong winds, and appeared in front of the camp gate in an instant.

Then he crossed his knives in his hands and slashed forward.


The cross blade light expands from the front of the chest, tearing apart the gate in front of it with a bang, and even knocking out the two monsters behind the gate.

Dazhai gate, a big hole for several people to enter and exit suddenly appeared.

“Okay…that’s amazing!”

Chen Hui was stunned, and the other people also had different expressions.

Although I knew that the group of four was very strong, I never thought that they would be so strong. Situ Lei alone was so terrifying.

How strong should Aaron the cloak be?

Grade 7?

Grade 8?


Gao Li curled one’s lip, his arm slammed, a few cold lights flashed, and the archers above the camp screamed and fell down one after another.

Zhao Gang narrowed his eyes, subconsciously clenching the bow and arrow in his hand.

This kind of speed…

This kind of power…

It’s much stronger than using your own bow, and it’s more flexible!


After finishing the archer, Gao Libing looked coldly towards the crowd:

“The door is also open and the archer has come down, it’s up to you guys On!”

“Yes.” Fatty Han should be, mentioning the long spear in his hand, motioning others to follow:

“We’re on!”



A group of people shouted, filed out of the jungle, and rushed into the camp.


Zhou Jia, with a shield and a giant axe in hand, followed Fatty Han into the camp, and a wolf-headed monster roared towards him.


His shield slanted, and giant axe slashed out.


The shield blocked the attack, the axe blade slid across the neck of the wolf head monster, a slight sense of difficulty flashed, and the head rolled to the ground, blood on the neck Crazy spray.

cultivation base: common grade Grade 3 inner strength (242/1000)

Ordinary wolf head monster, can provide five to eight points of energy.


With a loud roar, Zhou Jia, who had just dealt with his opponent, was surrounded by two armored monsters.

They one after the other and attack at the same time.

The iron sword and giant axe danced wildly in the hands of the monster. Even if Zhou Jia was already a Grade 3 strong, facing this attack, he couldn’t get up and dodge.

Grade 3 is also a Mortal Grade. Once hit by a weapon, it will still die.

Fortunately, he was fast enough and his strength was stronger, he found the right time to slam his shield into the air, and took the opportunity to swing his axe and move towards another armored monster.



The strength emission skill taught by Situ Lei made him explosive.

Three axes, chopped to death.

When the other end came back to his senses, it didn’t last long before falling under the axe.

Once upon a time, facing an armored monster with a wounded eye and no weapons in his hand, he had to work hard to win by luck.


Besieged by two sides, it can be easily solved.

cultivation base: mortal grade 3 inner strength (273/1000)

armored monster, one head can provide fifteen to twenty energy.

Withdrew his thoughts, roared in his ears, surrounded by people and monsters fighting each other, everyone seemed to have red eyes and lost their minds.


With one mouthful of impure air, Zhou Jia tightened the shield in his hand, roared suddenly, shrank behind the shield, moved towards a pile of The monster dashed past.


Grade 3 is strong enough to crush overwhelming majority monsters, and they rampage with shields all the way, and they are smashed and scattered by this group of monsters.

As his strength approached, he stopped at one foot, and chopped out the giant axe in his hand.

The source power skill is triggered just right, and the power is doubled.

“puff puff puff!”

In an instant, the monster’s blood and stumps flew away.

cultivation base: mortal grade Grade 3 inner strength (286/1000)


Fatty Han’s eyes lit up and couldn’t help being loudly roared , the long spear spins and stabs, and the red tassel flower pu chi pierces the throat of a monster.

Zhao Gang was in the back, his eyes narrowed, and he kept bending bow and place arrow.

โ€œshua~ shua~ shua~ !โ€

The arrows, like bullets, pierced through the monsters one after another.

Zhou Jia raised his head when he heard the sound, and was about to open his mouth to respond. He suddenly raised his shield in his hand, and at the same time pushed his side to the side, and shrank behind him like a conditioned reflex.


The giant force came.

But the strange thing is that the force of the attack is far greater than what he encountered before, but he himself feels that it is easier to resist.

There was even time to swing an axe to force the sudden appearance of the cavalry back.

With a move in my heart, a light curtain appeared in my mind.

Sure enough.

Proficient with shield counter (1/70)

This skill has changed from entry to proficient.

Sure enough!

Only real battles can increase your martial skill proficiency the fastest.

It’s just a little progress, from beginners to proficient, the shield feels like an arm in the hand, and you can block attacks casually.

Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, and he waved his shield again in the face of the cavalry who came again.

The shield is against!


The cavalry froze.

Go on!

Swing the axe!


Although the cavalry tried desperately to dodge, the wolf rider under Naiheโ€™s crotch failed to respond in time and was decapitated by the oncoming axe.

Raise your shield!

Swing the axe!

Raise your shield!

Swing the axe!

Change positions and continue to raise shields and swing axes.

The cavalry monster, who could put Fatty Han and the others in danger, was beheaded on the spot after failing to last a few rounds in his hands.


Zhou Jia, who was surrounded by a group of monsters, could also face doesn’t change. He kept shifting and raising his shield and swinging his axe. His naked eyes could be seen beheading monsters.

Gradually, he had no distractions, and he didn’t even make waves, just kept raising his shield and wielding his axe.

The strength of Grade 3 allows him to not worry about his body losing balance under the impact of the monster. The shield can easily resist attacks from several directions, and it also makes him look good when dealing with incoming attacks. Easy to do.

Raising a shield and swinging an axe is almost instinctive.

Except cavalry.

There are few enemies in one!


Outside the camp.

The foursome come together.

They don’t care about the battle situation in the camp, as long as there are not too many deaths, it will be enough after waiting.

“Three days at most!”

Aaron the Cloak looked towards the thin mist in the distance:

“When the time comes it will be fully integrated here, Everyone can come in, and then things will not be available to us.”

“Don’t worry.” The whip girl licked the corner of her mouth:

“We happened to appear in a world fragment. When they merged, it seemed that God was destined, and that thing would belong to us.”

“Not bad.”

Gao Libing and Situ Lei were nodded one after another, and their eyes were full of enthusiasm.

(End of this chapter)

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