Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 200


Chapter 200 Gang Lord

One emperor and one courtier.

Since Xiaolang Island made the decision that Qiu Yingchen would take over the role of Heavenly Tiger helping Gang Lord, the undercurrents hidden in the ceiling were quiet.


All kinds of swaying hearts also have a home.

In just a few days, the former Lei House changed its owner, all the Lei Family members were kicked out, and the backyard became an office space.

I didn’t let the Lei Family people live on the streets, but it was still in the face of helping the middle-aged and elderly to persuade them.


‘Thunder House’ great hall.

The lights are still bright.


Qiu Yingchen sat on the throne and moved towards the people on both sides to raise their glasses:

“Someone Qiu is young and ignorant. If there is something you don’t understand, I would like to ask you to give me more advice, and I will ask you more in the future!”

Said, toasted and drank.

Then raise the empty cup to show:

“You are welcome.”

“Gang Lord is very kind.”

“I’ll wait. It’s all for the Heavenly Tiger gang.”


The crowd hustled and toasted.

The three Elders sat left and right, looked at each other, and slowly nodded.

In their opinion, Qiu Yingchen may not be the best choice, but as long as his own interests are not damaged, whoever he chooses is the same.

“It’s a pity.”

Qiu Yingchen put down his glass and sighed softly:

“Elder Zhou can’t come because of something, otherwise all the elders in the gang can gather together. A class.”

“It’s okay.” Elder Chen stroked his beard and chuckled:

“Something happened outside the city, which made it difficult for Elder Zhou to escape for a while, but he was also a person who knew the current affairs. I know how to choose.”

“I have always admired Elder Zhou.” Qiu Yingchen’s mouth twitched slightly, and said:

“To be promoted to black iron at such an age, given time, the achievements are limitless, Heavenly Tiger gang, there are many things to rely on.”


“Gang Lord is right.”

No one can Denying Zhou Jia’s innate talent, even they are well aware that Zhou Jia is the second Lei Batian given enough time.

Even if Qiu Yingchen became Gang Lord, he would never show his dislike of Zhou Jia in his heart.


Suppressing the restlessness in his heart, he raised his glass again:


” bang!”

A muffled sound interrupted his words, frowned:

“What’s going on?”

“Someone forcibly broke into the station! โ€

In an instant, someone responded, and everyone in the field was complexion greatly changed.

“What a daring!”

“Who is it?”

As the core resident of the Heavenly Tiger Gang, Lei Fu runs several in the hands of Lei Batian decades , is by no means a simple house.

Various fortifications covering every corner.

This is a complete war fortress.

In order to prevent outsiders from sneaking in, there are no less than ten kinds of detection methods, such as source surgery, medicine, ominous beast and so on.

More powerful crossbows, artillery, source symbols…

Even if the black iron powerhouse comes, it can blast the slag.

โ€œwho is the newcomer?โ€

โ€œDare to trespass the Heavenly Tiger Gang station, courting death!โ€


A thunderous roar.

Walls, rockeries, and the ground are lacquered black holes, countless arrows, auras, and giant nets, moving towards the black shadows.


Amid the loud noise, the shadows all split up and in pieces, scattered into pieces all over the sky.

Before the guards in the hospital could breathe a sigh of relief, the falling debris contacted the ground, and a roaring flame erupted immediately, sweeping all directions.

In an instant,

The front yard of Lei Mansion was caught in the fire sea, and some people couldn’t dodge and were wrapped in flames.

The flames burned almost everything and spread rapidly, but in the blink of an eye, the people wrapped in the flames turned into a pile of coke.


The screams continued.

In the chaos, two silhouettes broke open and intercepted, and went straight to the great hall.


โ€œnewcomer stop!โ€

Elder Chen appeared in front of the great hall, stamped his feet, and the source power rushed out , which is connected to the Originium laid under the ground.

In an instant.

The aura in his body skyrocketed several times.


The black iron powerhouse is called Innate expert in Dalin Dynasty. The so-called Innate can use Power of Heaven and Earth to increase its own power.

There are similar existences everywhere in Leifu, so that the Power of Heaven and Earth that the elders can use is far beyond their own cultivation base and realm.

In this Thunder House.

Even Xue and Yang on Xiaolang Island, with the surnames Expert, are far less powerful than the Elders of the Heavenly Tiger gang.

Invisible Sword!

Different from Chen Ying.

Elder Chen’s Invisible Sword is not only invisible and invisible, but even the whistling sound of the sword qi cannot be heard, as if there is nothing in the void.

But the infinite murderous intention has spread and covered all directions.

“fuck off!”

A black shadow rushed forward, facing the Invisible Sword Qi in front, lightly pinching the seal art with both hands, the source power in the body roared with the essence Qi. out.

“Thousand-handed Buddha!”

“open for me!”

A phantasmagoria larger than the secret mantra of the white elephant in southern Mongolia appeared out of thin air , like a thousand-handed Buddha, slamming his arms forward.

Thousands of hands danced wildly, and the air was rippling.


The Invisible Sword’s aura collapsed, the great hall all split up and in pieces, and a few silhouettes near the door were even more blasted with energy fly out.

Even with the blessing of Power of Heaven and Earth, Elder Chen couldn’t help vomiting blood and staggering backwards.

“Qianshou Xiuluo!”

Others’ complexion greatly changed:

“It’s Zhang Bingzhong, the leader of the Huntian Bandit!”

Zhang Bingzhong is The Imperial Court warrior was born, and he was loyal to the Imperial Family from generation to generation, until this generation betrayed the Imperial Court for some reason, and called himself a bandit.

It’s even more troublesome, and wanted by all influence.

And strength.

It is undoubtedly the late stage of the black iron.

And in the later stages of Dark Iron, it is also a powerhouse.

He actually forcibly broke into the Heavenly Tiger gang in the center of Stone City?

What a brave man!

“Tangle him!”

Elder Chen vomited blood and roared in a muffled voice:

“Xue and Yang, the two elders of Xiaolangdao, will soon It won’t be long before the people from the Su Family and the Yamen, and Master Ji Young is here…”


Before he finished speaking, a huge Buddha statue appeared The roof of the great hall has been smashed, and it has fallen heavily on the ground.

โ€œwhiz whiz whiz!โ€


Dozens of rockets that could kill the black iron came, causing ripples on the surface of the Buddha statue , the inner silhouette’s complexion did not change at all.

“Cross-Breaking Fist!”

Elder Zheng took a step forward, with the help of Power of Heaven and Earth, throws a punch more than ten meters apart, and the terrifying fist strength lifted the ground on the spot. .

Wu Bozhong held his hands lightly, like Tai Chi, and a twisting force also fell on the Buddha statue.

โ€œka-cha cha โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€

Zhang Bingzhongโ€™s forward pace finally stopped. After many attacks, Zhang Bingzhongโ€™s emptiness also showed instability, and it was faintly collapsed.

The formidable power of the Dili clan is powerful, capable and unstoppable, but its shortcomings are also obvious.

That is, once the spirit is broken, the backlash will be seriously injured.

And even the cultivation realm goes backwards.


At this time, a blond man also broke in, with his staff gently escaping, and countless thorns dashed out.

The power of the thorn can’t be considered how strong, but it broke the process of the two elders borrowing Power of Heaven and Earth.

Before the strength came, the tables, chairs and benches had already collapsed first. Qiu Yingchen, who was facing the front, turned pale, but was caught by the strength and couldn’t move.

“surnamed Zhang’s, this is not the place for you to be wild!”


In the roar, Xue Xiao, who was resting not far away , Yang Yunyi has also arrived, and they all rushed forward.

Both of them are well-known figures in the mid-dark iron, waiting for work, spare no effort, plus a lot of the Heavenly Tiger gang’s offensive.

Forcing the person to take a few steps back.

Flowering clouds fly sleeves!

Thousands of hands!

Zhang Bingzhong’s face condensed, his aura fluttered with thousands of hands, one after another flying sleeves and lightning flashed out, like a spider’s long arms spewing spider silk wildly.

The flying sleeves are soft, but have a strong inner strength.

Anything that touches it will trigger the inner strength and explode on the spot.


Countless flying sleeves danced wildly, and Zhang Bingzhong rushed forward in the blink of an eye, and came to Qiu Yingchen in the blink of an eye.


In the roar, thousands of hands smashed wildly.


A startling news spread throughout the city.

The Gang Lord, who had just been appointed by the Heavenly Tiger Gang, was beaten to death by Zhang Bingzhong, the leader of the Heavenly Tigers, who broke into the gang’s station in front of everyone’s eyes.

Afterwards, Ji Family Young Master made a move to force the bandits back, but they failed to keep anyone.

The whole city was shocked!




It has been a few days since Zhou Jia returned to the city.

The Thunder House.

It is still Leifu.

The sun was rising, and a woman fell to her knees in front of the door with her hair scattered.

As Zhou Jia passed by, he subconsciously glanced down and couldn’t see the woman’s face, but felt a little familiar.

The damaged great hall has not been repaired, and the office can only be moved to the side hall.

Lei Mei sat up on his head, haggard between his brows. From the last time he met, his expression was less lonely and unwilling, and more aggressive.

“How do you do things?” She raised her eyebrows and scolded the person below:

“Get out!”

“Yes, yes.” The person below knelt down He fell to the ground, kowtowed again and again, and hurriedly backed out.

One emperor and one courtier!

The city head changes the king’s flag!

No one would have imagined that in just one day, Heavenly Tiger’s position as Gang Lord would change hands again and fall into the hands of Lei Mei, who had been indifferent to him.

And after seeing social snobbery, the new Gang Lord also changed his temperament.

“Elder Zhou!”

Seeing Zhou Jia entering, Lei Mei’s expression softened slightly, and a kindness appeared in his eyes:

“You’re back.”

“Elder Zhou!”


Zhou Jia exists> , explaining:

“General Shirley was unfortunately killed, the skeleton doesn’t, and the warship was swept away by the current. , Zhou was ordered to search the four directions to find the murderer, but he had no clues, so he came back a little late.”

“Miss Mei Haihan.”

“What is this.” Lei Mei smiled lightly:

“Elder Zhou is back, and the gang has a backbone. My heart is much more secure, and I will rely on Elder a lot in the future.”

“You’re welcome.” Zhou Jia surrendered:

“Miss Mei can instruct if she has something to do. As long as it is within Zhou’s responsibility, it is her responsibility.”


I don’t know what to think, Lei Mei was lightly sighed, with a lonely face:

“During this period of time, I have seen the world’s scorching cold and changing people’s hearts. Only Elder Zhou can convince me.”


When she became a Gang Lord candidate, some people praised, some supported, some were hostile, and she was alone among the various forces.

At that time,

Although she was often distressed, she was also arrogant.

After all, even the trip is surrounded by dozens of people, and a word can determine the future of hundreds of people, and the power is in hand.

Only Zhou Jia’s attitude remained the same, even when she was in trouble and in distress several times, she took action in time, turned peril into safety, and helped her overcome the ups and downs.

It doesn’t work for that.

When she was down.

I thought I could be a confidant and switch to others, but the senior I thought I could rely on has become indifferent, and those who once supported me are even more shunned.

social snobbery, hard to tell.

And only Zhou Jia.

In good times, never leave, in bad times, never give up.

Although the attitude is indifferent, the words must be praised, and it is difficult for people to get close, but just and honorable is more comfortable than what some people do.

Thinking turned, Lei Mei looked at Zhou Jia again.

Although his appearance is plain, he has a dignified appearance, his eyes are hidden in the dive light, and it is unfathomable. The burly figure naturally gives a feeling of peace of mind.

If the father still exists.

I am afraid that I have already been with him…

Now that I think about it, it is not impossible.

“Miss Mei.” Zhou Jia looked sideways:

“What’s the matter with you?”

“No, it’s fine.” Lei Mei said with a pretty face Hong, hurriedly shook his head, reached out his hand and slapped his cheek lightly:

“I’m fine, the weather is very hot today!”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia nods:

“The sun is really bright today.”

“That’s right.” Lei Mei’s heart skipped a beat, and he changed the subject:

“Is that person still kneeling outside?”

“Kneeling…” Zhou Jia’s thoughts turned, and said:

“Is that person outside the door, still there, I don’t know who that person is? Why long kneeling cannot rise?”

“It’s Yu Rong.” Lei Mei’s face was cold:

“Yu Family was exposed and mixed with the righteous people, the Yamen wanted to blame Yu Family, she thought I would Help her speak.”


She said with a light voice.

On that day, Yurong poisoned her wine, and after letting her go, Lei Mei had done her best.

Nowadays, through the ups and downs of his identity, Lei Mei is completely clear comprehension, no longer has the soft heart, and does not intend to pay attention to it.

“Let her kneel.”

sneered, said:

“Even if I die in front of the Lei House gate, I won’t shoot. โ€

โ€œen. โ€

Zhou Jia looked thoughtful:

โ€œWhen I came, I heard that the identity of the mysterious Hall Master in Zhengqitang was exposed, Was the criminal caught by the Imperial Court? Searching the city?”

“Yes.” Lei Mei nodded:

“That person seems to have something to do with the Huntian bandits, but they are not a gang. They seem to be enemies, but they are also the enemies of Master Ji Young.”

” The relationship between this is too complicated, and I am not very clear.”

Speaking, shaking his head again and again.

“There is one more thing.”

Thinking of one incident, her face became straight:

“Someone replied, Tie Yuan martial arts hall seems to have something to do with Zheng Qi Tang , I remember that Hall Master is a junior of Elder Zhou.”

“I don’t know…”

“I’ll take a look.”

Zhou Jia brows frowned.




Tie Yuan martial arts hall.

A few years have passed, and the greenness on Luo Xiuying’s face has dissipated, and the round face of Luo Xiuying’s pink clothes and skirts is a little soft, which makes people feel close.

The martial arts hall does not teach complex martial arts, but only teaches the basics of martial arts, and also reads and literacy.

The recipients are all children under the age of ten, both male and female, most of them are children of neighbors, and the repairs are only enough for daily needs.

This keeps other martial arts halls from seeing this as a competitor.

Although Luo Xiuying is young, her cultivation base is not weak. The cultivation base of Grade 7 combined force is not bad if it is placed in the martial arts hall.

In addition, Zhou Jia sometimes comes over, and with this background, no one will be boring.


In the courtyard, a servant dressed as an old farmer held a broom and gathered the fallen leaves together.

The sound of reading aloud came from the backyard.

Zhou Jia stepped inside and saw such a scene.

(End of this chapter)

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