Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 201


Chapter 201 Food

Walked through the front yard and stopped at the window of the study.

Zhou Jia hands behind ones back, looking at the children in the house with scrolls in their hands, shaking their heads and reciting articles from the window, and his mood is quietly relaxed.

This scene reminded him naturally of his childhood.

At that time, he was also so obedient and pure.



Luo Xiuying patted her hands and stopped the children in the house from reading:

“Take a break and wait for the Martial Practice Stage in the backyard, Today, let’s check the basic footwork we learned yesterday, if you don’t learn it well, you will be punished!”


A group of children responded in unison, and then swarmed Going out, hehe haha makes trouble.

Luo Xiuying shook her head, put away the scroll, and raised her head only to find Zhou Jia outside the window, with a smile on her face:

“Uncle Zhou!”


Zhou Jia nods:

“It seems that you teacher you did good.”

“hehe…” Luo Xiuying smiled and scratched her head.

She is still a girl under twenty years old after all. Although she has been a teacher and has a majesty in front of children, her inner childishness has not disappeared.

“I’m free too, find myself something to do.”

Putting down the things in her hand, she patted the dust on her sleeves and approached:

“There are two students who have a good innate talent. Not only are they literate and read faster than others, but they are also good at practicing martial arts. They are good young people.”

He said, pointing to the crowd:

“It’s just the two of them.”


Zhou Jia slowly nodded:

“You plan to officially accept them as disciples ?”

“I have this idea.” Luo Xiuying nodded, led Zhou Jia to the guest room, and warmly poured tea and water:

“I can’t lose the Tie Yuan faction in me, Although the cultivation technique has been passed on to many people, there is always someone to be the successor of Sect.”

Said, shaking his head and chuckling.

Nowadays, because of the Xuantian Alliance, the people of the Dalin Dynasty don’t care much about the so-called Sect inheritance.

After all, even the cultivation technique can be casually cultivated.

Nothing else to say.

Even Luo Xiuying herself taught many people the cultivation technique of the Tieyuan School, but only retained the core heritage of the secret medicine.

Accepting disciples has also become less solemn.

“You can decide for yourself.”

Zhou Jia took the tea and sat down with a calm expression:

“Here, is there a caller recently? People from Shang Luo often come here?”

“That’s right.”

Luo Xiuying nodded, with a solemn look on her face:

“Uncle Zhou, but this person has What’s wrong?”

“Are you familiar with each other?” Zhou Jia didn’t answer the question.

“It’s not… I’m not too familiar.” Luo Xiuying hesitated for a while, and said:

“Uncle Zhou should also know that there has been some chaos in the city recently, and these two streets are nearby. A small gang called the Caotou Gang appeared.”

β€œIt makes a living by collecting protection fees from various households.”

β€œAt that time, the Caotou Gang came to the door and picked it up. quarrels and stir up trouble, it was the Shangluo people who helped me solve it, and I owe them a favor.”

“en.” Zhou Jia nods:

“That person may be Righteous people, don’t have any contact with them in the future, otherwise, I’m afraid you will cause trouble.”

“If anything happens, just let me know.”


Luo Xiuying bowed her head in yes.

Looking up, he saw Zhou Jia brows frowned, looked thoughtful.

“Uncle Zhou, what’s the matter?”


Zhou Jia raised his hand, the window sash opened, and he moved towards the front yard. Looking at the old man who was cleaning the fallen leaves, his eyes flickered slightly:

“Who is he?”

“You mean Uncle Ku.” Luo Xiuying said:

“There was an accident at Aunt Qin’s house last month and there was one less servant in the hospital, so Aunt Qin introduced Uncle Ku, a farmer from a village outside the city.”

“Uncle Ku usually doesn’t talk much, but I’m serious about doing things…”

Before she could finish her words, she saw Zhou Jia suddenly burst into flames, and a fierce breath came out of her body, biting murderous intention to make Luo Xiuying subconsciously tighten her body.


The silhouette flashes, swooping down on the front yard bitter uncle.

Before the person arrives, the energy is already whistling towards the face, and the slightest energy is like a steel wire, hooping towards the other party.

Kubo’s clothes are tattered, his eyes are cloudy, his face is wrinkled, and there is dirt in the wrinkles that has not been cleaned for many years.

Bulky palms and tattered shoes, just like an old farmer in the field.

Facing the attacking Zhou Jia, Uncle Ku looked panic-stricken and staggered back. Before he could dodge the slightest bit, he was hit by a palm.


He screamed and rolled into the fallen leaves, trembling all over.


Zhou Jia frowned.

“Uncle Zhou!”

Xu Xiuying hurriedly jumped to the front:

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s okay…” Zhou Jia shook his head slowly:

“When I was talking about Zhengqitang just now, his movements suddenly stopped and he looked towards the room where we were talking.”

“I originally I thought…, it seems that I’m wrong.”

He suddenly burst out just now, murderous intention is fierce, if the other party really has a cultivation base, the source power in the body will definitely have a spontaneous response.

But it didn’t.

Unless the other party is convinced that he will not really attack and suppress the source power, but at the risk of death, there will be no such stupid people.

Or at the moment when you withdraw your strength, you can change the source power in your body at the same time, and even let your skin relax.

But this possibility is almost impossible.

Not even Zhou Jia himself could do that.

“Your Excellency, please spare your life.” Uncle Ku was terrified, lying on the ground and kept shrinking back:

“I don’t know anything, I don’t know!”

“Uncle Zhou.” Xu Xiuying whispered:

“It may be a misunderstanding.”

“en.” Zhou Jia looked thoughtful, and took out two pieces from his body. Origin Stone handed it over:

“Sorry, old man, I’m the one who blamed you, be careful and don’t look outside.”

Looking at the Origin Stone in front of him, Uncle Ku’s eyes lit up, and a trace of greed appeared on his face, but looking at the two of them, he still waved his hands:

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“I can’t have it!”


The performance of the other party made Zhou Jia frown again:

‘Could it be that I really think too much? ‘

After thinking about it, he put the source stone next to the other hand:

“cup one fist in the other hand, the old man is frightened today, go back to rest first, it’s Zhou It’s someone’s fault.”

“Uncle Ku.”

Luo Xiuying also said:

“You accept it, go back to rest today and wait for the injury on your body. I’ll come back after I’ve raised it up.”

“I’m fine, I’m fine.”

Uncle Ku propped up his body and reassured that the source stone belonged to him, so he hurriedly picked it up and put it in his arms , clutching his clothes and leaving in a hurry.

“Uncle Zhou…”

“Maybe it’s because my mood is too tight these days, and I’m a little sensitive.”

Zhou Jia shook his head and returned to the guest room again. .

“Can your cultivation base grow recently?”

“Thanks to Uncle Zhou.” Luo Xiuying looked happy:

“The cultivation base has been Grade 7 Work together for the Great Accomplishment, but unfortunately the progress of the three-element Fa-rectification is slow, and I don’t know when I will be able to advance to Grade 8.”

Said, lightly sighed.

What she said was not polite.

For some reason, she has a lot of spiritual medicine refined by Zhou Jia in her hand, which can only be advanced by leaps and bounds in just a few years.

“Just right.”

Zhou Jia flipped his hand, and a bright red fruit appeared in his palm:

“I happened to get a Spirit Fruit, It is said that it has the ability to increase perception, and the cultivation technique will deepen your perception, you can try it.”


Luo Xiuying looked at the fruit in his palm, hesitantly said :

“Uncle Zhou, this seems to be persimmon fruit. It’s a very cheap kind. Maybe I haven’t seen the great character in the city, but it’s common in the wild.”

“Really? .” Zhou Jia indifferent expression:

“You can try it.”

Luo Xiuying pursed her lips.

If she didn’t believe Zhou Jia, she would probably think that the fruit was mixed with poison, and the other party came to kill a witness to silence them.

Gently nod

at the moment, picked up the fruit and wiped it on the body, and put it in the mouth.


Teeth clenched and juice splashed.

The sour taste with a little sweetness floods the taste buds.

The taste is not delicious, and even often causes gastrointestinal discomfort, which is why it is not circulated in the market, it is indeed a persimmon fruit.

Luo Xiuying nodded, confirming that the taste is correct, when she was about to say something, her expression suddenly froze and her face was blank.

Innumerable insights that came from nowhere, suddenly emerged from my mind.

Iron body!

Three-element rectification!

Awesome Thunder Palm!


Many of the cultivation techniques that I have learned, and the places that I have been puzzled by in the past, and even the places I have never thought of, naturally come to my mind.


The source power in the body is like a tidal wave, rushing endlessly.

Luo Xiuying’s eyes narrowed, her arms softly trembled, her whole body suddenly straightened, her neck swayed slightly, and her whole body worked in an orderly manner.

A certain point that had trapped her for a long time burst open.

Grade 8!


The source power aura on the body skyrocketed.

dao fruit!

Zhou Jia stared at this scene, his eyes flickering back and forth.

He transformed Tieyuan School’s Legacy Cultivation Art into dao fruit and incorporated it into persimmon fruit. After Luo Xiuying took it, the effect was astonishing.

With his cultivation realm, his understanding of the three-element Dharma is naturally not bad.

However, dao fruit just makes people feel more enlightened, and will not increase the cultivation base.

The improvement of the cultivation base should be the source power originally hidden in the body. Because it doesn’t know how to cultivate, it is only stored in the flesh.

Now, with Perfection, the source power has been developed, and the original obstacles have been broken through.

Cultivation base will naturally be promoted to Grade 8.

I don’t know how long it took before Luo Xiuying’s confused eyes gradually emerged, and an uncontrollable excitement made her burst into tears.

“Uncle Zhou…”

Her voice was choked, and her body was on the verge of collapse.

“It’s your good luck.” Zhou Jia smiled lightly:

“It seems to work well.”

“It’s really amazing, it’s just… incredible! Luo Xiuying raised her hand tremblingly, feeling the source power flowing in her body:

“I can feel that my understanding of cultivation technique is probably stronger than my father’s, it only takes a certain amount of time. Get used to it.”

“Just, you can fully grasp it.”

“Well…” Zhou Jia squinted:

“You mean, feel It is perception, but it cannot be directly grasped?”

“Yes.” Luo Xiuying’s face as it should be by rights:

“Although I have a deep understanding of cultivation technique, But the body can’t completely keep up with the perception, and it takes a while to get used to it.”

This is something I never thought about before.

Zhou Jia silently nodded.

“It’s a pity.”

Luo Xiuying sighed again:

“It would be great if I could increase my understanding of the Spirit Rain Technique.”

“That Origin Technique is a bit special.” Zhou Jia shook his head gently:

“Are you ready for this time?”



Luo Xiuying looked straight:

“Uncle Zhou, don’t worry, even if I lose my life, it won’t happen!”

Today’s kindness, to her Words are like re-creation.

Although I don’t know why the persimmon fruit has this effect, it must be Zhou Jia’s hands and feet, equivalent to saving her several decades of insight.

several decades.

It’s not just time, it’s youth, and the future.

Don’t say Grade 8.

From now on, Luo Xiuying is confident even if she achieves Grade 9, 10th, and even black iron.

even more how.

Since she learned the Spirit Rain technique the year before, she has never been short of high-level medicines, which has allowed her cultivation base to grow at a speed visible to naked eyes.


All are given by the other party.

Zhou Jia waved his hand lightly, thinking of another thing in his mind.

The quality of dao fruit can transform the perception of the required cultivation technique into dao fruit, but it does not include the spiritual rain technique from Yushui innate talent.


The source stars are not compatible with each other.




Su Residence.

For every conscription, military personnel will be stationed.

For convenience, Su Residence has built a courtyard specially to entertain people from the military. The courtyard is even bigger than Su Residence.


Ji Xian was admitted to this hospital.

The lobby.

The mages of Fei Mu world sat cross-legged, each with an object suspended in front of them, and in the center was the relic borrowed from Xiaolang Island.

A faint halo surrounds Holy Buddha Relic, as if he is searching for something.

I don’t know how long it took.

One of them opened his eyes and looked nervous.

“How is it?”

Ji Xianduan sat up and asked in a muffled voice:

“May I find the location of the Great Dao Treasure Scroll?”

“Go back to Young Master.” The Master trembled and hurriedly returned a salute, saying:

“It is said that when the Holy Buddha Relic was found, he was hiding in a jade token, then The jade token should have the ability to shield the breath.”

“The Holy Buddha Relic has it, and the Daobao Scroll should also have it.”

“What do you mean?” Ji Xian’s face sank:

“Can’t find it?”

“No.” The mage turned pale, and the soundtrack trembled:

“I can find it, but it will take time.”

“Can’t find it?”

“No.” p>

“Time.” Ji Xian slowly sat up straight:

“How long?”

“This…” The Master’s eyes flickered, hesitatingly said:

“Short for a few months, slow… for a few years.”


The chair under Ji Xian shattered with a bang, and the hard chair under his feet shattered. The floor also turned into dust, he stood up slowly, and looked directly at him with cold eyes:

“You say it again!”

“Young Master, spare your life!”

The mage trembled, knelt down and kowtowed:

“I have tried my best, even if I take back the Scarlet Sky Army and let archmage take action, the time will not be much faster, unless it is the Legendary mage. .”

The Legendary of Feimu world is the silver powerhouse.


Ji Xian sneered, holding one hand empty, just as he was about to make a move, his eyebrows suddenly raised, and he raised his head across the ridge, looking towards the distance.

The non-thought method was running, and a streamer of several li flying across the sky was already locked by the thought force and pulled into the hall.


A letterhead arrow plunged deep into the ground.

β€œYoung Master!”

β€œBe careful!”

The surrounding soldiers all changed color and swarmed in swarms. letterhead on top.

The contents inside made his eyes wide with surprise.

β€œYoung Master?”


Ji Xian raised his hand, and the letter fell in front of him, unfolding out of thin air.


He raised his eyebrows slightly:


“Zhang Bingzhong didn’t run away, but made an offer In my first battle, I used the Holy Buddha Relic and the Daobao Scroll as a bargaining chip.”

“If you say that…”

He looked towards several mages in the field , his eyes gradually turned cold:

“You guys, isn’t it useless?”

“Young Master!”



An invisible force fell, and several mages were crushed into flesh on the spot.

“Niu Yan!”


Ji Xian took a deep breath, suddenly snorted, and a piece of white bone appeared in his arm. , the bones are slowly pulled out from the flesh.

In the blink of an eye, the bones turned into swords, placed in front of them.

“Take them and kill people!”

Ji Xian sounded tired and said slowly:

“Wait until the bone sword is soaked with blood, and then come again. See me.”


Niu Yan should be, respectfully took over the bone sword, and his heart could not help shivering.

Bone Killing Sword!

Forged from his own bones, after being soaked in blood, the power is extremely terrifying, and it is also the killing move of Ji Xianji Young Master.


It just so happens that Shicheng is searching for the people in Zhengqitang.

Some are easy to kill.

(End of this chapter)

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