Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 202


Chapter 202 Righteousness

Uncle Ku led the mule cart to the temporary residence in the city, and it was a little laborious beside the trough Tie the reins, trembling to the backyard.


He spit out one mouthful of impure air, and the flinch and anxiety on his face disappeared in an instant.

The shoulders shook, and there was a crackle, and his figure had not changed, but he had a heavy imposing manner on his body.

“Zhou Jia, interesting little fellow.”

Kubo murmured.

If I hadn’t been practicing Vajra Young Boy Art for decades, I would have control over my fleshy body, source power, and energy, and respond in time, disguised as an ordinary person at the moment when the other party pulled back my strength, I would be afraid today. The stuffing has been exposed.

It is obvious that he is in the front yard and the other party is in the back yard. The doors and windows are closed, and he should not be able to see anything.


Zhou Jia noticed something was wrong when he only showed a slight difference, and he was almost exposed at that moment, but he managed to control it in time.

This also makes Zhao painstakingly understand once again, don’t be careless at any time.

The ruins are vast and all ethnic groups stand in great numbers.

No one knows whether other ethnic groups have any special abilities.

Before he stepped to a grinding wheel, he lightly buckled the stone with one hand, and the grinding wheel weighing several thousand kilograms was easily lifted, revealing a dark hole below.

Dodging and jumping into the cave, the grinding wheel fell back to its original place steadily without making any sound.

The passage twists and turns underground until it reaches a spacious darkroom, where several people are already waiting, and they all get up when they see it.


“Bitter old!”

“Senior Zhao…”

The light in the dark room is turbid, so I can’t see clearly How many people look.

But it can be seen that they have different shapes and dresses. Some are dressed in fancy clothes, obviously from a wealthy family;

There are men and women, and so on.

If anyone in the know is here, they will definitely be surprised, because the people who appear here are all high-level members of the Righteous Hall.

All of them are wanted criminals by the yamen!

“en. ”

Zhao painstakingly moved towards everyone nodded, and sat down in the main seat:

“How is the situation outside the city?”



“senior.” One of them handed over and said:

“Huntian bandits seem to have made a decision to hide their faces during this period of time, and no one knows where they are hiding, I’m afraid they have already I escaped.”

“No.” A short and stocky man said:

“Saint Buddha Relic misses, Zhang Bingzhong will never leave, he must be planning something .”

“Zhuang Hua is right.” Zhao painstakingly nodded.

He knew who Zhang Bingzhong was instructed to do, and without that person’s words, the Huntian bandits would never have given up on Saint Buddha Relic, and instead asked:

“What is the situation of the military? , was Xue Li killed by the Huntian bandits?”

“The military has been looking for the whereabouts of the Huntian bandits, and has never stopped.” The man named Zhuang Hua replied:


“As for Shirley’s death…”

“From what we have heard so far, a huge Power of Thunder erupted there, and then the warship was completely shattered.”

“Shirley and the others were also killed on the spot.”

“Power of Thunder.” Zhao looked thoughtful:

“The source of the ambush in advance , talisman technique?”

“We think so too.” Zhuang Hua nodded:

“If it is artificial, that person’s strength must be in the late stage of black iron, but at present all influence There is no such expert who is good at thunder technique.”


“If Lei Batian is still alive, maybe he can do it, but most likely he can’t. “

Lei Batian is dead, there is no doubt about this, the two existing black iron late stagers on Xiaolang Island, the major skills are not Zilei Blade Technique.

Do this since Impossible.

It is the greatest possibility to ambush the source technique and talisman technique of huge might in advance.

“Whether it’s true or not, this account will most likely go to the Huntian bandits, and the Ji Family and the Huntian bandits’ previous grudges are already irreconcilable.” Zhao painstakingly nodded, turned and said :

“The thing Zhuang Hua mentioned to me should be true.”

“Really?” Zhuang Hua’s eyes lit up:

“That Tie Yuan martial arts hall, is there really a way to mass-produce spirit plants?”

“en.” Zhao painstakingly nodded:

“Although energy production, but the year is not high, For low-grade Martial Artists, there is still some use, but for high-grade Martial Artists, it is not very useful.”

“Enough.” Zhuang Hua rubbed his hands together with excitement on his face:

“There is no shortage of low-quality Martial Artists in this world.”

He knows better than his own master, how amazing it is to be able to provide the precious medicines needed for low-quality Martial Artists in large quantities ‘s trade.

“You are good at business.” Zhao took pains to ask more questions:

“Master Hall of Tie Yuan martial arts hall is proficient in a spiritual rain technique, which is more effective than before. He has a much larger spiritual rain technique, and he most likely learned it from Elder Zhou Jia who helped Heavenly Tiger.”

“Even if not, it has something to do with him.”

” Zhou Jia.” Zhuang Hua’s eyes moved slightly, looked thoughtful:

“The new black iron from Xiaolang Island, I heard that this person is vicious and merciless. Although he is young, his strength is not weak. “

“It may be true that the hand is hot.” Zhao said painstakingly:

“The heart is not necessarily cruel.”

If the other party is really vicious and merciless, It will certainly not be just a test, a little doubt will also be turned into a real thunderbolt method.

I’d rather kill a mistake than let it go!

Instead of showing mercy at the last minute.

Zhou Jia,

still too young.

“It doesn’t matter if he is really vicious and merciless.” Someone sneered:

“As long as he is seen by us, he is ours, a trifling Zhou Jia, is it still Zhuang Can’t the big brother be a match for him?”

“It’s fine if we don’t provoke him, if he dares to provoke us, he will look good!”

As Zhao’s painstaking direct disciple, Zhuang Hua His cultivation base has reached the middle stage of black iron, and the method he has built is very good and powerful.

People were also very convinced of him.


Zhuang Hua shook his head and waved his hand:

“I can’t say that.”

“We are upright, so What you do is to speak up for Heaven and Earth, to resist the injustice of the military and the Imperial Court, not the existence of the gangsters.”


“What Zhuang senior said makes sense.”

“Yes, yes.”

Everyone answered in chorus.


Zhuang Hua turned and asked:

“The day Zhang Bingzhong and Ji Xian fought, and you were there, in your opinion , which of them is stronger?”

There was silence in the field, and everyone looked sideways.

“The fight between the two of them seemed to be extremely thrilling that day, but in fact, it was mostly a test. They didn’t use all their strength, and they all kept their hands.” Zhao shook his head painstakingly:

“Zhang Bingzhong once He has been injured, just like me, stopped at the late stage of black iron, and is always one step away from the peak realm.”

“In another ten years, Ji Xian may be stronger than me, but now stronger and weaker , it’s really hard to tell!”

Said, lightly sighed.

He is old, and even if the cultivation technique he cultivates can lock in the essence of his body, there is no way to go any further.


He knew very well that he was dying.




Suddenly, military personnel from outside the city began to return.

The matter of the Huntian Bandit seems to have come to an end, but this does not mean that Shicheng is calm, on the contrary.

Stone City, it got worse.

To capture the Huntian bandits, you still need to go outside the city, and will not involve ordinary people.


The people all over the city are all worried.




The man waved his arms and shouted loudly:

β€œThe Qi Family colluded with Zhengqitang, violated the Imperial Court’s order, and sabotaged the military recruitment plan. The evidence is conclusive. All seventy-six were captured.”

“Go back to the prison first!”

“Yes!” A swarm rushed into the Qi Mansion mansion.

Along with beating, smashing, burning, looting, screaming and mourning, not long after, the Qi Family, covered in blood, battered and exhausted, was escorted out by one after another.

“How many?” The general immediately said.

“Sixty-three.” The yamen in charge of the matter bowed and replied.

“Why so much less?” The general frowned.

“General Haihan, some people are not at home, some people fled ahead of time after hearing the news, such things are inevitable, but the real head of the Qi Family is all here, no one escapes.”



The general on horseback indifferent expression:

“How do I hear that someone deliberately leaked information and released fugitives privately, if such a thing It’s a huge sin to report back.”

“What did you say?”

He looked down with a sneer.

The yamen’s face changed, his eyes flickered, he took off a bulging purse and handed it over, flatteringly said with a smile:

“General Mingcha, even if it is for a villain I don’t dare to do such a U-turn, it’s really just…a negligence.”






The general on the horse’s expression did not change his expression. He took the purse in front of everyone, and gently tossed it in his palm. Hearing the sound of Originium colliding inside, his expression finally slowed down a little:

“You’re sensible.”

p However, he continued:

“There can be no less people, this is the above rule.”

” Regardless of identity, the number must be enough!”

“This…” The yamen brows frowned, and then the complexion turned cold:

“Small understand.”

Turn He turned around, summoned a person, and whispered:

“Go to the Wangfu Temple in the south of the city. There are some beggar and homeless people there. Arrest them to make up the number.”

” Sir.” The subordinate bowed his head and whispered:

“What if… there are not enough people? This time it is not just the Qi Family.”

“Not enough people?” Eyebrows, moved towards the nearby onlookers, their eyes were very ruthless, and they waved their hands to wipe their necks:

“Shicheng, how could there be a shortage of people?”

The subordinates watched their words and expressions, and their hearts could not help but feel cold.




“After looking for three streets, a restaurant finally opened.”

Lei Yue sighed, cleaned the chairs and stools diligently, greeted the child to serve wine and food, glanced at the scattered passers-by outside, and couldn’t help shaking his head:

“This is so troublesome, when did it happen? Is it a head? Why hasn’t it been too normal?”

Compared with the prosperity of the past, today’s Shicheng can be described as extremely deserted.

Not only are there few pedestrians, but even people walking on the street are apprehensive, trotting forward, as if they are afraid of encountering something.

“In troubled times, there is no pure land.” Zhou Jia calmly expressed, Shi Shiran sat down:

“We just need to do our own thing. Let them go to trouble, it’s good to be alone in this world.”

“Elder is generous!” Lei Yue cupped his hands in admiration:

“I admire Elder you. One point, no matter what the chaos is outside, you can face doesn’t change and sit firmly on the Diaoyutai.”

“The store!”

“Two pots of ear rice wine, fast food. Order.”

“Good.” The kid shouted and brought drinks:

“Guest, wait a moment, the dishes will arrive soon, you always drink first, these two dishes of side dishes It’s a gift from a small shop for the two of you, please accept it with a smile.”

“It does work.” Lei Yue scolded and waved his hand:



“I heard that this shop’s ear rice wine is made by itself. It is the only one in the city. It has a mellow taste and strong stamina. Elder can taste it.” Lei Yue introduced with a smile:

“Don’t worry, this store has a Su Family background, so no one will bother you.”

“en.” Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

“Brother Zhou, Lei Yue.”

At this time, Chen Ying also came up, greeted the two of them, and then handed over a brocade box:

“Miss Mei asked me to hand it over to Brother Zhou.”


Zhou Jia sat up straight, took the brocade box, and opened it.


In the box, sixteen round medicine pills with a strong medicinal fragrance came into view.

Heavenly King Dan!

Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed:

“So many?”

“This is the only remaining Heavenly King Pill in the gang’s library.” Chen Ying sighed, said:

“In the next few months, there shouldn’t be any Tianwang Pill being produced. After all, the supply of Elemental Herbs and the refining of Pill Master will take time.”

“Miss Mei… I have a heart.” Zhou Jia slowly nodded:

“I thanked Miss Mei on my behalf.”

Sixteen Heavenly King Pills are enough for him for several years After a lot of hard work and taking as much as possible, the second test of Shenhuang Jue can almost reach half of the progress.

With the preciousness of this pill, Lei Mei made such a decision, certainly not simple.

“I don’t need to convey these words, right?” Chen Ying smiled and said something to the point:

“Miss Mei is very attentive to Brother Zhou, for the sake of Take out Curry’s medicine pill, and even cast aside all considerations for face with a few elderly people.”

“If you want me to say, I should take it out.” Lei Yue’s eyes lit up:

“When you have power, you should try your best to benefit yourself. Otherwise, when you are no longer in that position, you won’t be able to give anything you want.”

“go!” Chen Ying rolled the eyes:

“Shut your stinky mouth, Miss Mei Gang Lord’s position has been set, there will be no more repetitions, Lei Fu is now strictly guarded, even if the gangsters come back, they will come. No reply.”

“Yes, yes.” Lei Yue also knew that he had said something wrong, and slapped his mouth lightly:

“It’s time to fight, it’s time to fight!”

Zhou Jia took out a medicine pill, swallowed it into his stomach, and silently felt the growth of the source power in his body. After a long time, he spit out a mouthful of impure air.

“The source quality medicine pill is really a good thing.”

“Yeah.” Chen Ying looked envious:

“Unfortunately, this is such a treasure. The medicinal power is too strong for us.”


At this time, someone below shouted:

“General Niu called you Past!”

(End of this chapter)

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