Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 203


Chapter 203 Tentative

Around Jade Mansion, surrounded by a large army.

More than a hundred elite soldiers stood in front of the gate, and the sense of chilling filled the air. Not to mention those watching the excitement, even the courtyard near the Yufu was empty.

Su Family and Yamen have sent people to assist.

This is what Zhou Jia saw when he arrived.

Niu Yan is wearing armor, carrying a long spear and a strange long sword hanging from his waist, straddled on the back of a snow-white riding beast.

Others looked different.


Niu Yan looked towards Zhou Jia, his eyes flickering:

“Wait for the attack, you can’t let go of a Yu Family people, you are responsible for this!”

“Me?” Zhou Jia brows frowned:

“General Niu, Zhou is not good at Lightweight Art, only a brute force can deal with ordinary It’s okay to win the Yu Family.”

The Yu Family is also the Great Clans in the city. Unlike the Qian Family, which has already declined, the Yu Family has a black iron who is in his prime. .


Chen Ying’s face was anxious and said:

“It seems that there is no conclusion about the Yu Family collusion with Zhengqitang. , it should only be done by a few Yu Family members in private.”

“Overwhelming majority Yu Family members, they don’t know about it!”

She has known Yurong and Lei Mei since childhood. .

Although she is not ashamed of what Yurong has done before, she will not forget Yu Family’s well-connected elders and peers because of this.

Years of friendship can be put down if you just say let go.


Niu Yan’s expression changed, and Tong Ling stared at the two of them angrily:

“One shirks and doesn’t want to shoot, the other The sinner explained, why…, you are also related to the Yu Family?”

“Don’t dare.”

Zhou Jia bowed his head:

” I’m just afraid of missing the general’s major event.”

Chen Yingyin clenched her teeth and opened her mouth to speak, but Zhou Jia gently waved her sleeves, and an invisible force shrouded her, stopping her voice.

Lei Yue on the side was even more nervous, pulled out her sleeves and shook his head secretly.


Niu Yan coldly snorted, looked towards Zhou Jia again, his expression changed back and forth.

Although there is no evidence, he suspects that Xue Li’s death is related to Zhou Jia. Of course, no one believes what he said.

Even Master Ji Young shook his head speechlessly.

The aftermath of the thunder that day was definitely not something that a person who had just entered the Dark Iron could do.

“You just rush into the formation and deal with the black iron from Yu Family, and don’t worry about the rest.” Niu Yan waved his hand:


With an order, the people from the yamen were the first to take the lead.

Hong Constable looked gloomy, waved his hand, a row of dozens of archer bend bow and place arrows, moved towards Yufu serial throwing diffuse Heavenly Fire arrows.

The rocket explodes when it encounters objects, and nothing does not burn.

In an instant,

raging flames ignited in the mansion, and there were more screams and screams.

“Elder Zhou.”

Hong Constable turned his head sideways and said in a muffled voice:


He and Yu The relationship between the mansion is also good, and it is a close friend of one of them. Now he is also being forced by the military to attack the Yu mansion.

The expression, naturally, is not much better.

Zhou Jia nods and takes out the axe shield.


The ground shook lightly, and Zhou Jia’s silhouette had already used the strength to dash to several feet, holding a shield, and slammed into the Yufu about one zhang high. on the door.

The four-phase shield shakes!

Air, blasting ripples in front of the shield.

The ground, the gate, the wall…

Everything around was shattered under the impact of the terrifying force, and several silhouettes hidden behind the door also screamed and threw away. fly out.


Zhou Jia grunted and continued to charge forward with his shield in hand.

Invisible strength surrounds his body, making him like an ominous beast that is a battlefield rushing to kill. If the front should be intercepted, all will be smashed one after another.

When the strength is exhausted, the double-edged axe that is ready to attack immediately slashes downward.

The thunder roars!


The thunder blooms and rushes along the ground, and the surrounding several feet are all covered by lightning, and the rushing crowd is also blasted out.

In front of the black iron powerhouse, the mortal warriors have little resistance.

Even if they held a giant shield, a strong crossbow, and even several people joined forces to launch a fierce attack, they didn’t even have the chance to get close to Zhou Jia.

“Evil thief!”


The roar came from the backyard, and one person flew with an eight-chopping knife.

The name of the Eight Chopping Knife is majestic and domineering, but it is actually a combination of two short blades and a certain Blade Technique. The short blade has a thick blade and is suitable for chopping.

Double knives in a chain, the shadows of the knives slashed head-on with the whistling wind.

The whistling of the blade light also made Zhou Jia whistled for a while.

“Yu Heling!”

Zhou Jia took a step back and raised his shield to meet him:

“Good day!”

“Peng !”

The sword and shield collided, Zhou Jia was completely motionless, but the ground beneath his feet rippled like water, and circles of mud shook high.

Yu Heling walked with the knife, and the knife and knife were in series. In an instant, only the blade light was seen in the field, but the silhouette was not seen.

The blade light is invincible, and it stretches or so vertically and horizontally, and it also makes the invisible layer of strength in the inner layer shrink continuously until it is compressed to a foot in front of Zhou Jia.


In the muffled sound, a thunder axe light broke the blade glow in the sky and slammed into the person who came.


An angry thunder roared, and the axe slashed a rockery, and the rock shattered immediately, and countless fist-sized stones shot like sharp arrows.

The hard walls were also knocked out full of holes.

Yu Heling’s eyes shrank, her body shape changed back and forth, and the Eight Chopping Blades slashed quickly.

The strengths and weaknesses of the two are extremely obvious.

Zhou Jia’s defensive power is amazing, and his explosive power is even more terrifying.

But it moves slowly, and every burst needs to be charged, so it is easy to be seen.

Yu Heling is the exact opposite. Although she is twenty or thirty years older, her background seems to be worse than Zhou Jia.

Only the movement method is amazing, and the speed of the knife is amazing.

Although it was difficult to win Zhou Jia for a while, he was able to rely on his own speed and experience to trap his opponent in about one zhang.

Outside the hospital.

Hong Constable glanced at the field and whispered:

“After all, Elder Zhou is still younger, inexperienced, and not good at Lightweight Art. Although the axe is amazing, if Continue to entangle, after the source power is exhausted, I am afraid that it is not Yu Heling’s opponent.”

Several other people slowly nodded.

This is also as it should be by rights.

Zhou Jia seems to be just thirty years old.

It is already an extraordinary natural talent to have the cultivation base of the Black Iron realm. It is even more amazing to cultivate the axe to such a realm, but it is difficult to have other achievements.

After all, it is too young and not enough time, it is impossible to take up Lightweight Art, not to mention the fighting experience.

Anyone present is probably more experienced than him.


Niu Yan groaned, his legs exerted strength, and the whole person jumped high, the strange sword unsheathed at his waist in mid-air, and a smear of blood light across the Void.


The Blood Sword swept across, and the bodies of the Yu Family guards in the row below exploded instantly, and countless blood water sank into the sword as if being pulled.

The white bone sword of Mori also had a tinge of blood red.


Niu Yan growled lowly, and after landing, he swung his sword, and the sword qi flew out, the silhouettes in front exploded one after another, and the sky was filled with flesh and blood.

The power of the strange sword is terrifying.

Whether it is Grade 7 , Grade 8 , or even Grade 9 or 10, they are all unable to withstand a single blow, and when they touch that sword qi, the whole person explodes.

“quickly retreat!”


For a time, not only the Yu Family, but also the yamen and Su Family guards were complexions Greatly changed, hastily retreated, avoided far away.

There were a few people just now, because they were too close to Yu Family, they were swept by sword qi and died on the spot.

Niu Yan didn’t care, dashed with his sword, slashed his sword qi, slaughtered all the living things he had passed, and rushed to the backyard in the blink of an eye.


His eyes were wide open, and his sword qi roared down, and he fell without distinction between the enemy and the enemy.

“General Bull!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed, his body squatted down suddenly, his shield was raised slightly, the four-phase shield shook with all his strength, and the invisible strength emerged layer by layer.



Zhou Jia’s body traverses several feet, his wrists tremble slightly, and he glares at Niu Yan:

“What are you doing?”

“Kill the enemy.” Niu Yan’s eyes are cold:

“Useless things, haven’t solved the opponent for so long, what extraordinary natural talent, It has a deep foundation, and it turned out to be merely this.”

“Hmm…” Zhou Jia tightened his hands, then slowly relaxed, the nodded should be:

“What General Niu said is. “

The other party wants to provoke you?

Would you like to take the opportunity to do it?

Zhou Jia is not afraid, but there is no need to be angry about it. After all, it would be too stupid to jump in knowing the other party’s plan.


He moved his gaze and landed on the strange sword in Niu Yan’s hand.

The power of this sword is terrifying, and the sword qi is provoked. Even with the protection of the four-phase shield shock, the blood in his body couldn’t help surging.

Fortunately, the Dragon-Tiger mysterious tire exerted force in time to suppress the abnormality.

Yu Heling was not so lucky. He couldn’t even avoid it during the confrontation, but was slashed by sword qi, and his blood and energy were out of control on the spot.

Then was hanged by a sword.

Blood and blood all over his body, he was also swallowed by that strange sword.

A black iron powerhouse, who has been practicing Blade Technique for decades, is so unable to withstand a single blow.

What kind of sword is this?


Niu Yan snorted coldly:

“Go to the next house!”

Zhou Jia missed It’s not easy for him to act forcefully in front of everyone’s eyes, but the doubts in his heart have never dissipated.




a few days later.


One person crossed the courtyard wall and saw Chen Ying and the others blocking their way. :

“I fought with you!”


Chen Ying’s face froze, and the Invisible Sword flashed out, along with others Block the opponent’s escape route.

In a few moments.


With a flash of blood-red sword qi, the escaped person’s body was divided into two, and the blood essence in the body was also swallowed up by the strange sword.

Niu Yan appeared in the field and glanced at several people:

“Useless things, it takes so long to deal with a fugitive.”


He waved his hand:

“Zhou Jia is dealing with the Luo Family, please go and help.”

“Elder Zhou is dealing with the Luo Family alone. Luo Family?” Chen Ying face changed:


By the time they arrived at Luo Family, the once prosperous Luo Family had turned into ruins, Zhou Jia Standing on the spot with an axe and shield in hand.

Seeing a few people running, Zhou Jia slowly nodded:

“You are here.”

“Here…” Chen Ying looked surprised looked towards the surroundings, almost couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Thanks to Elder Yang for coming to help.” Zhou Jia explained:

“Otherwise, I would not have been able to do this.”

“Elder Zhou.” Lei Yue wiped the sweat from his face and said:

“I think that Niu is deliberately targeting you.”

” en. ”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded:

“It doesn’t matter, we work hard, even if he is a member of the military, he can’t do anything to us.”


Chen Ying nodded.

“Dog thief!”

At this time, one silhouette rushed out of the ruins:

“Military lackeys, go to hell!”


Before he finished speaking, an axe light appeared, and the man was also blasted out.

“Let’s go.”

Zhou Jia shook his head, as if he had become accustomed to this, took out a palm of paper from his body and checked the name on it:

“The next place, Xing Martial Hall.”


took another pill of Heavenly King.

I silently feel the growth of the source power in my body.

With the power of a Great Influence, the Heavenly King Pill, which has been refined by countless people’s energy, has strong medicine efficacy, far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

This is especially true for a person who has broken through the second level of the Shenhuang Jue.





The rut turns.

A caravan moves slowly along a secluded path in the mountains.

Luo Xiuying sat cross-legged in the carriage, her eyes slightly narrowed, her arms trembled slightly from time to time, and she waved her palms from time to time, moving towards vacating a few taps.

Awesome Thunder Palm!

Thanks to the help of dao fruit, in a short period of time, she almost had Zhou Jia’s understanding of 80-90% of this palm, and instant cultivation technique Perfection.

Her talent is mediocre.

If you rely on yourself to repair Thunder Palm to Perfection, it will take more than ten years, and this is not the case of other methods of Cultivation.


The palm method works well and has everyone’s demeanor.

Not to mention Grade 8, even if it is Grade 9 powerhouse, she is not afraid of a battle.

Not just Thunder Palm.

The iron body and the three-dimensional Dharma have also been improved.

Especially for the three-element orthodoxy, after the advanced Perfection, the effect was at least three times higher than her previous Cultivation in the same time.

With this background, the future can be expected.


Suddenly, some abnormal noises came from the forest.


Seeming to be aware of something, Luo Xiuying opened her eyes and jumped out of the carriage, moving towards the dark mountain forest ahead:

“My friends, I can’t wait for a businessman to pass by. Fortunately, Elder Zhou of Heavenly Tiger Gang appreciates him and does some business trivial things for him.”

“If you don’t offend me, I hope you will be magnanimous.”

Saying this, he motioned his subordinates to take out a purse:

“It’s not a small thing, it’s not a respect.”

“Zhou Jia?”

In the forest, coldly snorted came:

“Others will be afraid of him, but we are not afraid of it. You and others have colluded with the righteous and committed a serious crime of the military, thinking that you can Can you escape?”

“Collaborate with the Righteous Church?” Luo Xiuying brows frowned, subconsciously feeling bad:

“Why did you say that?”

“We Never know any righteous person!”


Lin Ye swayed, and one after another shadow pierced through it.

“I said yes, you are.” One of them was masked in black turban, pointed finger towards Luo Xiuying and the others:

“Leave the things, I can spare you one. My life.”


Luo Xiuying narrowed her beautiful eyes, and looked back and forth at a black clothed person:

“Head and face, no Showing your true face and colluding with Zhengqitang, I’m afraid it’s Your Excellency?”

“It seems that you won’t shed tears they see their own coffins.” black clothed person coldly snorted, waved his hand:



A high slope in the distance.

The entire group of Zhengqitang is hidden in the dark, moved towards the bottom.

“Brother Shang.”

One of them said:

“Should we go down and help?”

“No hurry.” Shang Luo shook his head gently:

“We will come forward when Hall Lord Luo can’t hold on anymore.”

(End of this chapter)

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