Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 204


Chapter 204 Tentative

black clothed person is obviously prepared, and should have done too much of this kind of business , with the leader’s order, several people jumped first.

Luo Xiuying’s pretty face froze.

Standing in front of the team, she did not retreat, but instead advanced, her body was like lightning, and her palms were like lightning bolts.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Ordinary people put out their palms, most of them with straight five fingers, flat palm surface, or hidden strength, or potential like a grinding disc, and so on.

The Rushing Thunder Palm is different.

Five fingers are clasped inward, palm facing inward, like a big bowl.

In this way, the air can be drawn into the palm of the hand, and when the palm is released, the air is turbulent, making a muffled thunder sound, and it can also increase the palm force.

Even if you can’t kill the enemy, the power is amazing enough.


The palms are out, the air is turbulent, and the thunder is hovering.

The front three black clothed persons subconsciously stopped, and the blades and swords unsheathing came straight.

Blade light and sword shadows are vertical and horizontal, whistling in all directions.

The strength is not weak.

Two Grade 7 and one Grade 6 .

This kind of strength can have a good life in the city, and now he has come to be a roadblock, obviously he is prepared.




Luo Xiuying’s complexion remained unchanged, and the three consecutive Slap out.

With the sound of muffled thunder, she shattered the incoming sword with her bare hands, and even sent the three of them flying out.


The three vomited blood and fell to the ground. Although their lives were not in danger because of the show mercy of the other party, they had lost their resistance.

The field was quiet.

On a high slope.

One person looked back and looked towards Shangluo, who had round eyes and an unbelievable face:

“What’s the matter, how can she be so strong?”

“No… it shouldn’t be.” Shang Luo stammered:

“I tried with Hall Lord Luo some time ago, and the strength is not bad among Grade 7, but… Not so strong!”


Someone coldly snorted:

“Obviously, the other party has left.”

Instantly knocked down two Grade 7s and one Grade 6, still under the joint force of the opponent.

This kind of strength.

In the Grade 8 expert, it is also the most top-notch existence!

Tie Yuan’s martial arts hall is unknown in Shicheng, and Hall Master is a weak woman. No one will pay much attention to it. The cultivation base of Grade 7 is not weak for ordinary people.

But it won’t be in the eyes of the Great Influence.

Grade 8 is different.

You know, Luo Xiuying is a teenager.

Grade 8 was achieved at such an age, and the strength is still so great, the future is boundless, even the Su Family will focus on cultivating.



The black clothed person below was also surprised, and then the man in front tapped his palms, and the soundtrack praised :

“I can’t believe that the little-known Hall Lord Luo has such strength, worthy of the trust of Elder Zhou, really good ability!”

“Friend.” Luo Xiuying followed in her footsteps Wrong, he said lightly:

“We have no grievances in the past, and no grudges in the recent past. Let’s just expose this matter. The little girl’s mind remains the same. What do you think?”

” Well said.” The man on the front raised his voice and shook his head:

“Unfortunately, I’ll order what you have!”



Before he finished speaking, the black clothed person had already swooped in, his ten fingers forming claws, and the sharp claws took a picture in the void, which made Luo Xiuying’s heart skip a beat.

The moment I raise my hands, I can strike out the palms that I couldn’t do in the past no matter what.

Hundreds of rivers converge!

In an instant, the energy of the whole body poured into the palms along the skin and flesh meridians.


The palms and claws collided, and the energy was soaring.

Luo Xiuying groaned, her body staggered backwards, and the black clothed person was also surprised and rolled over to the ground.


“trifling Grade 8…”

“Come again!”

The black clothed person’s cultivation base is already Grade 10, although the foundation is shallow, it has never suffered such a loss in the hands of a Grade 8 Dragon-Tiger.

But seeing the claws in the field, the fierce wind whistled.

Luo Xiuying’s breathing is heavy, and her heart also has a strong fighting spirit. These days, the comprehend Rushing Thunder Palm has turned into a shadow of Dao Dao.

Let’s go!

Hundreds of rivers converge!

The so-called confluence of hundreds of rivers is not a palm technique, but a realm.

A realm of second only to astonish the Thunder Palm Perfection Great Accomplishment. Once understood, every palm can bring out its full strength, there is no stronghold one cannot overcome.

Palm out, thunder roaring.

With the blessing of Tie Yuanshen, a pair of fleshy palms can easily shatter weapons.



The two collided with each other, one cultivation base profound, one exquisite palm technique, one The time is inseparable, and the terrifying confrontation of strength has also caused others to avoid it.


On the high slope, Shangluo gritted his teeth:

“Even if Luo Xiuying hides her cultivation base, she is absolutely impossible so strong, that guy But the tenth grade is still the tenth grade of the Su Family!”

“Don’t get excited.” An old man in the field flashed his eyes and said slowly:

“She is really not that strong. , but she has something good on her.”


“Not bad.” The old man nodded:

“The clothes are made of scorpion grass and heavy mysterious bamboo. This treasure clothes doubles her speed and defense, and she has no fear of escaping. Strength, this is the only way to resist tenth grade.”

“But even so, this woman is amazing enough.”

The cultivation base of Grade 8, the battle strength of Grade 9, ten At a few years old, in the Xuantian Alliance Inner Sect, I am afraid that it can also be a black iron seed.

“Climbing grass?” Shangluo’s eyes twitched:

“Isn’t that a rare thing to make into clothes, how many stalks does it take to make…”

“That’s why.” The old man squinted his eyes:

“This woman’s real treasure is not her martial arts innate talent, but other things.”

“Peng !”

While speaking, the situation below finally changed.

Luo Xiuying, who had just advanced to Grade 8, finally had insufficient background. After several head-to-head hits, her strength declined, and she had to find an opportunity to withdraw and fly back.

“Come on!”

The opponent didn’t take the opportunity to chase after him either.



Luo Xiuying turned pale and hurriedly shouted, while blocking the pursuers while directing her team to retreat again and again .

Most of the caravans are ordinary persons. Even if there are a few good players, they are by no means the fierce opponents of this group.

Seeing that the battle situation is about to end, the accident is reborn.



A dozen people suddenly rushed out of the crowd escorting the goods.

They were dressed in coolies and looked no different from the others. This burst out suddenly, but it was like a wild beast showing ferocious fangs.

Grade 7

Grade 8!

The cultivation base is amazing, and the methods are even more appalling.

The targets of these people are black clothed persons who are weaker than them on Grade 1.

They broke out suddenly without a word, sneak attack, killed people, beheaded, cut throat, broken body…, started very ruthless, and instantly corpses everywhere across the field.

After killing the target, these people swarmed in twos and threes, pounced on other people, and harvested a group of lives again by means of numerical superiority and desperate means.



Go out and kill!

In terms of cultivation base and strength, black clothed persons are no worse than them, and there are more people.

But this group is like a skilled killing machine.

As long as the shot is the ultimate move, first sneak attack the weak, and then kill the expert, like a jackal in the mountains, kill the stronger prey in an orderly manner.

When necessary, he even sacrificed his own life to create opportunities for his companions, without the slightest fear of death.

In the blink of an eye.

The black clothed person suffered heavy losses and the situation reversed.

Even the 10th-rank expert was besieged by several people. Under the siege of his opponent, he was in a hurry and was in danger.

“This group of people…, what’s going on?”

On the high slope, several people had chills on their backs, cold sweat on their foreheads, and even their voices were trembling:


“A bunch of madmen!”

They saw it with their own eyes.

One of them saw that he was invincible, but he didn’t do anything to resist.

Others took advantage of the situation and killed the black clothed person.

That’s Grade 9!

Just like that, they were dismembered on the spot, only with a Grade 7 perish!

The group of people who made the move, since the shot was launched, no one uttered a word, their eyes were cold and dead, and they slaughtered their opponents like a machine.

“It’s the Shadow Guard of the Blood Vine Building!”

In the crowd, the old man looked serious:

“Only the Blood Vine Building can cultivate This kind of lunatic, a black iron from the Heavenly Tiger gang, was boiled to death by them like this.”

“Blood Vine Building!”

Everyone has heard this name. No., but the people who have really seen the blood vine tower shot, most likely have died, and very few survived.

So although Shadow Guard’s name is loud, very few people have actually seen it.

“Is Tie Yuan martial arts hall related to the Blood Vine Building? But looking at Hall Lord Luo’s expression, it seems that she doesn’t know anyone is in the team.”

Shangluo’s eyes flashed, Said:

“Or, Zhou Jia is related to the blood vine building?”

“Old Mu.” Someone said:

“It seems that using We won’t intervene.”

“No hurry.” Old Mu was the old man, hearing this and shaking his head gently:

“Look down.”

while speaking.

One more person appears on the battlefield below.

The man had long hair reaching his waist, his face was like white snow, and it was difficult to distinguish male and female. He was also dressed in a long snow-white coat, with only a few patterns on the corners of the clothes, which made it clear that this was a woman’s dress.

“Snow Girl Su Li.”

Shang Luo lowered his body and whispered:

“Unexpectedly, she is here too.”

At the same time.

A chill of freezing four poles spread silently from below, and the terrifying aura made the Shadow Guard of the dried blood vine building look strange.

“Blood Vine Building.”

Snow Girl Su Li swept her eyes and said in a low voice:

“I can’t think of it!”

Before she finished speaking, there were more than ten cold glows in front of her, and with lightning speed, she moved towards the Shadow Guard of the Blood Vine Building in the field and shot away.


β€œpu pu!”


Almost half of Shadow Guard fell to the ground.

In the face of the mortal-level Martial Artist, they can also rely on the use of the weak to defeat the strong, but for the black iron, it is of little use.


Su Li flew close to the convoy, and flew two Shadow Guards. With a wave of her hand, one of the boxes of goods shattered, and many spirit plants and medicines shattered. Get out of it.

“Sure enough…”

Her eyes lit up, looking towards Luo Xiuying:

“Although I don’t know who the news is, it’s true, Where did you get so many things?”

“Hall Lord Luo!”

At this moment, a mighty and domineering roar came from above, and the silhouette was like a Electric, swooping down on the Snow Maiden with Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain.

“You guys go, I’ll stop him!”

“Surnamed Su, pick me up from Five Elements!”

The voice didn’t fall, The silhouette has rushed to the snow girl Su Li, Yin Fiend slammed into the face, and the ground in the radius of several feet cracked silently.

“The Five Elements Fist?”

Su Li’s eyes shrank, and she waved her sleeves backwards:

“Righteousness, Mu Kuan!”

“That’s right.” Mu Kuan roared, his palms approaching again:

“The military is bully intolerably, the Imperial Court is weak and incompetent, the Mu family is so innocent, and they have also been extinguish sect by an unwarranted charge. You forced me to this step today.”

β€œreceive my palm!”


Su Li coldly snorted, long He waved his sleeves, and the cold air surged:

“You escaped that day, but I just won it today! There is also Tieyuan martial arts hall, which colluded with Xuevine Tower and Zhengqitang, and couldn’t escape!”

“Don’t think about it!”

Mu Kuan roared and rushed frantically, while urging:

“Hall Lord Luo, hurry up, I’ll stop her!”

In a short period of time, the accident happened several times, Luo Xiuying panicked for a while, looked at the people around her, and waved first:





The mountain wind is howling.

Zhou Jia put on the mask of a sky eagle, dressed in a black cloak, and stood quietly in the air vent, his clothes roaring in the wind.

Under the mask, both eyes flashed with lightning.

The Five Thunder Axe Method moves back and forth in the consciousness, and the electric lights appear one after another around the body, faintly matching it.

Because of the characteristics of the soldier, although the rank of the Five Thunder Axe has reached the top of the black iron, his cultivation progress is still not slow, and he has feelings every day.

It’s just one step away from Perfection.

At that time.

Even Lei Batian is not as good as him in his perception of the thundering thunder.

The Soldier Trait.

Every Cultivation has progress.

Even if the martial arts method has flaws, as long as you keep practicing, you can completely improve it and reach the theoretical strongest realm.

It’s like the Five Thunder Axe.

Even Lei Batian has not cultivated to the highest realm, and he may even doubt whether there is such a high realm, or is it just his own delusion.

But the pawn trait can help Zhou Jia achieve it.

As long as there is enough time.


Old Zheng turned into Fei Peng and fell to the ground:

β€œI heard that you have been in trouble recently?”

en. ”

Zhou Jiaha “Nodding:

“Someone deliberately targeted me.”

“ha…” Old Zheng laughed loudly:

“Ben Lei Axe is famous now, but it’s famous all over the world. Everyone knows that the military has a good thug. Every time he rushes to the front, he bears the brunt of breaking the door and destroying the household.”

Zhou Jia sighed, feeling a little helpless.

Every time there is an action, Niu Yan will let him take the first shot, but he is often scolded, military lackeys and the like, his ears are calluses when he hears it secretly.

“Would you like to join the Eagle’s Nest, regardless of the disturbance outside?” Old Zheng sent an invitation:

“In the Eagle’s Nest, you only need to rest assured Cultivation and watch the outside world rise. Luoluo, don’t you feel at ease?”

“Can Eagle’s Nest have a source of medicine?”


“Is there a magic trick?”

“There are a few, but they can’t be shared.”


Zhou Jia lightly said:

“Old Zheng should lead the way, I rarely have a few days of leisure, just about to see the Eagle’s Nest.”

“You!” Old Zheng shook his head:

“Come on!”

“Remember, enter the Eagle’s Nest and don’t talk to other people.”

And solemnly warn:

“Also, everything in the Eagle’s Nest, don’t Tell outsiders, I hope you don’t let me down.”

“I understand.” Zhou Jia looked indifferent.

He will not forget.

Eagle’s Nest,

But it has a Origin Star.

(End of this chapter)

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