Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 205


Chapter 205 Mysterious Machines in the Eagle’s Nest

Cloud Mist Mountain.

this mountain is vast and towering into the sky.

It gets its name because it is covered with thick clouds and mist all the year round.

Unlike other places, Cloud Mist Mountain’s fog is dead, windy, stagnant, and unchanged throughout the year.

It’s like a natural maze.

When you enter, you can’t see your fingers, and your ears are unpleasant. Once you’re deep in it, even a black iron expert will bode ill rather than well.

“Cloud Mist Mountain is a good place.”

Boss Zheng fluttered his sleeves and fell to the foot of the mountain, saying:

“The fog here is unusual, even if It was the army who came, and they were dizzy after entering. The Eagle’s Nest can continue to this day, thanks to this treasure land.”

Seeing Zhou Jia’s nod, he laughed, waved his long sleeves, changed his fingers, one after Another source power penetrated into the mist in front of him in an orderly manner.

As the source power enters, the fog in front of it swayes and rolls.

Not long.

There is an extra channel for several people to enter side by side, the dense fog is completely excluded, and the road is full of moss.

It can be seen that very few people take this road.

“Just in case, only a few trusted people know how to dispel the mist, so the mountain road is uncared for and looks a bit desolate.”

Old Zheng gestured:


Zhou Jia followed:

“If you don’t know how to dispel the fog, wouldn’t it be difficult for people from the eagle’s nest to come out?”

“What are you doing out?” Old Zheng shook his head:

“Staying inside, eating and drinking, won’t be disturbed or bullied, is it better than outside? Know how many times.”

Said, lightly sighed.

“Once, we thought about letting go of the mist-repelling technique, until it was passed on to someone who shouldn’t have passed it on, and as a result, the Eagle’s Nest was almost destroyed!”

“From then on In the future, unless you have gone through numerous tests, you will not be allowed to inherit the fog repelling technique.”

“You can rest assured.”

He paused for a while, saying:

“Ordinary Dispelling mist is useless to the mist here, only the mist-dispelling technique on our hands can dispel the mist here.”

Zhou Jia nodded, without asking any further.

This matter obviously involves the secret of the Eagle’s Nest. He is just an outsider. He was lucky enough to enter the Eagle’s Nest for a look.

The two moved on.

Old Zheng stroked his beard and chanted in his mouth:

“In Taiyuan of Jin Dynasty, the people of Wuling fished for business. …, the fisherman is very different, and he moves forward again, wanting to exhaust the forest.

When the forest runs out of water, there is a mountain, and the mountain has a small mouth, as if there is light.

Then The boat is housed, and the entrance is from the mouth…. The land is flat and spacious, and the houses are like fertile fields, beautiful ponds, and mulberry bamboos. There is traffic in Qian and Mo, and chickens and dogs hear each other. Among them, the exchanges and crops, and the clothes of men and women are all like outsiders.

The yellow hair is hanging down, and I am happy.”

A story about the Peach Blossom Spring seems to have brought Zhou Jia to the school.

The two climbed up and looked down, the clouds and mists dissipated in front of them, and a valley came into view, within the valley, the flowers were splendid, and the pedestrians were like weaving.

It really is, the houses are like fertile fields, beautiful ponds, and mulberry bamboos.

“Peach Blossom Spring…”

Zhou Jia’s eyes were dazed and he murmured.

It has been several years since I stepped into the market.

During this period, he never had a time to really relax, and he felt a heavy boulder on it all the time.

Leaving him breathless and tense at all times.

Until now, now.

The pressure in his heart suddenly disappeared, a kind of relaxation from the inside out, which made him feel at ease, and his eyes were even more dazed.

“There are constant disputes and exploitation and oppression in the outside world.” Old Zheng stroked his beard and sighed with emotion:

“Although the Eagle’s Nest is not a hidden land of peace and prosperity, it is barely To be able to get a corner of peace, for many people, it is already a pure land.”

“Let’s go!”

Zhou Jia slowly returned to his senses and followed the other side into the within the valley.

“Old Zheng!”



within the valley People are working in the fields, see When I arrived at Old Zheng, I greeted him warmly, with different names, but it was obvious that he was very respected here.

And the eyes looking towards Zhou Jia are curious with awe.

Sky Eagle!

One of the Thirteen Eagles.

Everyone is an Eagle’s Nest Peak expert, and is also an existence who is authorized to leave the Eagle’s Nest.

Old Zheng waved his hand to greet everyone, and he actually knew everyone he met along the way, even the names of children.

“The Eagle’s Nest is not big, and the population barely exceeds 10,000.”

Seeing Zhou Jia’s puzzled eyes, he explained with a smile:

“Here we can say It was developed by our Old Guys step by step, several decades, and everyone here naturally knows it.”

“Come on!”

He stretched out his hand to quote:

“I’ll take you to see the school.”

“School?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly.

Within the valley, there is a wide place.

Eagle’s Nest built a school here, with five rows of double-storey buildings, blue and white familiar buildings, and the bustling laughter of children.

The playground, the blackboard, the character newspaper…

Some familiar words on the blackboard and the catchy reading sound.

For a time,

Zhou Jia was in a trance.

“The school is divided into five grades.” Old Zheng said:

“There are three courses in literature, science, and martial arts, mainly responsible for literacy, literacy, and martial strength. If you are interested, go to other directions.”

“There are brilliant craftsmen, agency masters, Genesis experts, and even the technological heritage of the previous civilization. You can choose.”

“The only problem is that within the valley there is not much land that can be planted, and there is a big shortage of food every year, so it needs to be purchased from outside.”


He glanced at Zhou Jia and said with a smile:

“Now that the road has been opened, I don’t need to worry about it for the time being.”

“Where do people come from?” Zhou Jia said:

“There seems to be more than just Human Race here?”

In the campus, various ethnic groups are mixed.

merfolk, the spirits, dwarves, orcs of Feimu world, and even a white clothed Dili boy, several burly Belo giants as teachers.

On the contrary, there are very few people with Earth temperament.

This is also as it should be by rights.

Earth has just begun to fall toward the Ruins World, and not many people who fell into this world survived.

“Most of them are the refugees we met.” Old Zheng said:

“Some of them broke into Cloud Mist Mountain by mistake, and some of them escaped and were taken in by the Eagle’s Nest, Most of them will not leave the Eagle’s Nest for the rest of their lives.”

“When the youngsters reach a certain age, if they are willing to leave, we will also let them go.”

“It’s just a secret delivery. Let’s go, they don’t know where they used to live. If they don’t need to, they will cut off contact with the Eagle’s Nest. Some outstanding ones will become our line outside. Their parents and relatives are all here, and they will not betray. .”


“After several decades, there are certain rules here.”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.


At this time, Old Zheng moved towards the distant beckoning:


“Well …”

A white clothed old man in the distance was talking to someone with his head bowed. Hearing the sound, his eyes moved slightly, and he immediately stepped forward:

“To the sky. Eagle?”

“You’ve found another one.”

The white clothed old man named Valla is a white clothed Dili, with a dark iron cultivation base and a tall stature. Thin, nearly two meters tall.

The Dili clan is the race of the six races in Hongzeyu, the second only to the giant Bello.

“Yes.” Old Zheng nods:

“Don’t forget, I’m qualified to choose one alone.”

“It seems that you are very Trust him.” Valla held one hand in front of him, in a gesture similar to Earth Buddhism’s salute:

“Valla of the Tili tribe, one of the founders of the Eagle’s Nest.”

“This guy is a lineage of the Dili people who believe in Ancient God. He belongs to the unpopular category of the Dili people. He was hunted down and ran for his life. Fortunately, he met a few of us.” Old Zheng explained with a smile :

“Don’t look at his height, in fact, Valla is not good at fighting with others. In recent decades, the cultivation base has hardly grown at all.”

“The Eagle’s Nest is busy with business. , there’s no time for Cultivation.” Valla shook his head, looked towards Zhou Jia, half-testing and half-asking:

“I’ll show you around?”

“These years , Brother Zheng is outside the master, and I master the inside. When it comes to being familiar with the Eagle’s Nest, he is far inferior to me.”

“It’s work.”

Zhou Jia surrendered:

“Senior is also one of the Thirteen Eagles?”

“It used to be.” Valla shook his head:

“Now, my position is amazing, just like Brother Zheng , he has also changed a few people in the position of the sky eagle, and now it belongs to you.”

Zhou Jia understood.

So Old Zheng is the first generation of Skyhawk. He said that he can pick people, and he should also give the position of Skyhawk to others.

“In those days of our group, those who died and those who disappeared, there are only three people who are still in the Eagle’s Nest.” Old Zheng sighed:

“things have remained the same, but people have changed!”

“It’s worth it.” Valla’s voice was dull:

“Without the hard work of the past, how can we have the current Eagle’s Nest.”


He straightened up, looked towards the Quartet, students, farmers, and common people, with no worries about food and clothing, with a smile on his face, far stronger than the outside world.

Old Zheng nod.

This is what they are most proud of.

“Two people.”

Zhou Jia raised his hand and moved towards a high point:

“Where is that place?”

But it is a building within the valley, with a simple and mountainous style.

Somewhere above the mountain, something shining with a faint golden light pierced into the white fog above, causing the fog above to stir up, full of fantasy colors.

“There is the core of the Eagle’s Nest.” Valla said:

“It is also a product left by the last civilization. The fog does not disperse here, obscuring the perception, allowing the Eagle’s Nest to be able to The continuation is also because of it.”

“Would you like to go and see?”

“Can you?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly, he could feel the A source star, in that direction.


Valla nodded:

“It’s not that fragile there.”





The three stopped.

In front of him is a tightly stitched metal gate.

The surface of the gate is smooth and seems to be absolutely level. The simple shape has exceeded the limit of many complex craftsmanship.

“Golden Eagle!”

Vara Shouted:

“Open the door!”


When the sound fell, the door opened a gap, and then silently retreated to both sides, revealing a passage full of unknown metals inside.

The road is twisty and matte is painted on both sides, Zhou Jia probed it lightly, and his eyes changed slightly.

It’s hard!

Although these technologies are currently only manifested in construction, the overall technology has far surpassed Earth.

It’s no wonder that Valla doesn’t mind bringing people over.

In these places, even the black iron expert, it is impossible to cause much damage.

“According to our research over the years, this relic comes from a race more than 800 years ago, and that race mainly developed technology.”

Old Zheng said:

“Their technology can use something comparable to a nuclear bomb as a conventional strategic weapon, and can achieve precise strikes within tens of thousands of miles.”

“But it’s a pity.”

“Or perished!”

“How come?” Zhou Jia complexion slightly changed:

“How did it perish?”

Nuclear bomb!

Even if it is a golden-level existence, it should be destroyed, right?

“I don’t know yet.” Valla interface:

“According to the investigation of Golden Eagle in the past two years, it should be related to a thing called worry flower. And brother Zheng It’s not accurate, there should still be some survivors from that ethnic group.”

“en. ”

Old Zheng nod:

“The From the situation, before the ethnic group was about to go extinct, this race began to prepare for the way back, and also met a mysterious person who offered help.”

“Maybe, there are still living ones.”

“We suspect that the Tiangong clan that Hong Zeyu compares to is related to this clan.”

“Here we are!”

While speaking, the three of them entered a spacious great hall.

great hall is golden throughout.

Covering the rocks with something similar to gold, with infinite might, an open space the size of a football field was excavated inside the mountain.

The core is a huge sphere full of technology.

The diameter of the sphere is more than 30 feet long, and right above it, it is connected to a giant golden pillar.

An old man with messy hair was lying on the huge sphere with a thing in his forehand, studying something.

“Golden Eagle!”


Valla shrugged:

“He’s like that, you’ll get used to it .”

Zhou Jia stepped closer, his eyes fell on the scroll in the old man’s hand, his eyes couldn’t help moving:

“Ancient astronomy?”

“You know? “The old man’s body trembled, suddenly looking towards Zhou Jia:

“You know what’s written on it.”

“There are a few.” It is shaking his head:

“This kind of text is rare. It is said that it is older than the Ruins. Where did the senior find it?”

The ancient astronomy is the text recorded on the source star , the ruins he entered through the Sea of Consciousness, are full of such texts.

“The workers used the script of the Ruins and their own ethnic group to record important major events together with the ancient astronomy. I found it from here.”

The golden eagle is full of faces Excited, ignoring Old Zheng, Valla, and even Zhou Jia’s identity, he pulled him to open the scroll and pointed to a paragraph: “Look, what does this sentence mean?”

“Senior, I know very few words.” Zhou Jia frowned, looked down for a moment, and said:

“It should mean pulling the fog world, what is the fog world? Meaning?”


The golden eagle blushed with excitement and slapped his thigh:

“I knew it, I knew it was like this, the fog world is the fragment of the world when we came, this sentence is It is said that the workers have a way to send people in.”

The workers are the ethnic groups who created the ruins here.

“Send people into the newly emerging world fragments.” Zhou Jia’s heartbeat accelerated, breathing heavily:


“It must be true .”Golden Eagle nodded:

“This machine, according to the description, can sense the newly emerging world fragments nearby, and then send people in or take people inside.”

” Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do it.”

Speaking, scratching his head desperately.

“This machine.” Zhou Jia looked towards the round sphere in front of him, and the Apocalypse in Sea of Consciousness flickered wildly, suggesting that the Origin Star was inside.

At the moment swallowed saliva and said, said:

“Can you open it?”

“No.” Golden Eagle shook his head:

” Even if it is a silver powerhouse, it is impossible to open this thing by brute force.”

Zhou Jia’s heart froze.


Golden Eagle unfolded the scroll in his hand and said:

“If we can understand how to operate this machine, we should be able to open the outer layer. , let’s see what’s inside.”

“You know ancient astronomy, why don’t we decipher it together.”

Speaking, his eyes were bright.

Zhou Jia looked back and looked towards the scroll.


Old Zheng and Valla looked at each other with a helpless expression.

This moment.

They seem to be outsiders.

(End of this chapter)

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