Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 206


Chapter 206 The Death of the Previous Civilization

The Last Pill of Heavenly King.

Zhou Jia took it in his palm, looked at it carefully for a moment, and then took the mouth.

The medicine pill entered the stomach, and immediately turned into a billowing heat flow to the limbs and bones. Under the traction of Shenhuang Jue, he moved towards the third test and rushed away.

Long time.


Zhou Jia opened his eyes, slashed with one hand, and the strong wind slammed into the solid unknown metal more than ten meters away. .


The voice echoed.

The metal walls are intact.

As the crystallization of the wisdom of a civilization in Hongzeyu, the materials used here are incredibly hard and almost indestructible.

It can also be seen that this place is by no means an ordinary relic, but a top priority.

“Break the second pass!”

took a deep breath, Zhou Jia’s eyes were excited.

The medicine efficacy of the Origin Quality medicine pill is really amazing. It’s only been over a month, and the cultivation base has already broken two and a half levels, and I can vaguely perceive where the third level is.

It’s no wonder that everyone wants to occupy a high position in the Great Influence.

Not much else.

It’s just the same benefits as the source quality medicine pill, which can save an unknown amount of time in ascetic practice and lay a solid foundation for further development.

Lei Batian’s extraordinary natural talent is true, but if it wasn’t for Heavenly Tiger to help Gang Lord, with the help of a gang, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be able to break through the six levels.

With the medical power of Tianwangdan, it will be of great help before breaking the four levels.

“Sky Eagle!”

The golden eagle with dishevelled hair rushed in:

“The things are sorted, come and see.”


Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up and he stood up.


“The language of the Gongzu is very special, and not many people understand it. It is even rarer to see ancient astronomy, let alone know it.”

“Fortunately I met you, otherwise I wouldn’t know the year of the monkey and the month of the horse to unlock the secrets here.”

Jin Ying’s real name is Xie Liguo, a researcher, and he is extremely obsessed with technology.

Actually, in Zhou Jia’s opinion, the knowledge he learned back then has not kept up with the times. Fortunately, he has excavated a lot of good things from this ruins.

“The thing is here, you look at it first, I’ll study this machine.”

He took out a notebook and handed it over, and he turned to hold something similar to a tablet Come to the machine and jog from time to time.

Zhou Jia took the book and opened it.

“In the third year of the dark calendar, Yaocheng fell into the ruins, and it took several months to clear the nearby ominous beast, laying the foundation for the arrival of the clansman in the future.”

“The seventh year of the dark calendar, technology The hospital appeared somewhere 30,000 miles away. Because of the ominous beast attack, 89 out of 10 researchers were killed. The survivors survived by the original fortifications. After a few months, the information was transmitted to Yaocheng. After losing thousands of elites, they finally died. Saved.”

“In the thirty-sixth year of the dark calendar, the corpse appeared in the Underground City, and 3.17 million clansman were killed. p>

Zhou Jia moved his hands and looked thoughtful.

This booklet seems to be a record of what the workers have experienced. There is no detailed technical description. No wonder Golden Eagle is not interested.

The corpse…

is it possible that is a mutant zombie?

The golden rank has caused the death of more than three million people, and with the technology left by the workers, there must be a defensive offensive.

So, still useless!

Concentrated, he continued to look down.

“In the fifty-first year of the dark calendar, strong winds fell from the sky and swept through several thousands of li. Nearly one million people were killed. Later investigations revealed that there were golden creatures passing by, and the shape of the creatures was unknown.”

“In the 93rd year of the dark calendar, golden creatures got water out of the earth’s crust, and the floods continued for eight years. Every city had to change its architectural form.”


In the booklet, there are eight cases of golden creatures encountered by the workers, or suspected to exist, and each of them is accompanied by a disaster that spreads widely.

At the same time, without exception.

These eight times, the workers never had a kill record, only the statistics of the dead and wounded.

This made Zhou Jia’s heart heavy.

In the Xiaolang Island Library, there was a similar record. At that time, the solution for the Six Clan was to avoid such existences.

I can’t avoid it…

That’s death!

Even a silver powerhouse is no exception.

“In the 163rd year of the dark calendar, the Baiyin powerhouse was born, and it was named Kai.”

“According to the Academy test, Kaihuangshou has six hundred, defensive power and resilience. , body, and brain power are far beyond the black iron.”

“The evolution of all aspects and super species.”

“After that, start the silver hunting ominous beast plan!”

“Target: Capture alive!”

“Hunting targets, snakes, armored bulls, thousand-eyed monsters, soul shadows…”

“Chained lifeform research , basic exploration of source power, collision of opposite particles, space exploration, life continuation plan, the opening of the clone Legion plan…”

Zhou Jia frowned gradually.

He found that the further back the records were in the booklet, the more incomprehensible he became.

But the general meaning is also clear, that is, in order to adapt to the conditions of the market world, the workers combined their previous knowledge to start new research to adapt to the environment of the market world.

The market world does not necessarily adapt to the previous technology.

This has been proved in Star City. General physical machinery can be used normally, but complex electronic equipment will be useless due to the lack of key places.

Not just technology, but also martial arts.

After reaching a certain realm, the martial skill of the Dalin Dynasty, the origin technique of the Feimu world, and the spirit technique of the Dili tribe have all undergone certain improvements to adapt to the ruins world.

But the experiment of the workers, to a liberal arts student, is like a Heavenly Book.

Just looking at the name makes my head big.


“Three hundred and seventy-three years of the dark calendar, the study of the golden lifeform begins.”

Zhou Jia’s face is straight, his face is thin It seems:

“The general characteristics of golden lifeform: broken body regeneration, extraordinary hearing, super distance vision, space flight, not afraid of high temperature Extreme Cold…”

“Unique characteristics: Undying and Inextinguishable (representing life spirit cultivator Luogui), gravity manipulation (representing life spirit tortoise dragon), fleshy body energy (representing life extermination)…”

“It is difficult to kill!”


“It’s hard to communicate!”

“It’s hard to understand…”

“In the same year, I was warned by the mysterious force Yaochi, don’t cross the border!”

“Yaochi?” Zhou Jia continued to look down with doubts in his eyes.

“It is not a chaotic creature, and it is impossible to prove gold. This is the rule established by an unknown existence in the ruins world, otherwise it will be Heavenly Retribution, and the whole family will perish.”

“Research Institute discussion , the golden lifeform plan of this clan was delayed and turned to be carried out secretly.”

Zhou Jia looked thoughtful, it seems that this organization named Yaochi has a great influence, and even the research of the workers is not enough. Suspended for advice.

“In the 411th year of the dark calendar, the outer space program failed, the exploration of source power was blocked, and the research on superalloys was limited. It seems that there is an invisible force that secretly hinders the development of science and technology.”


“At the same time, an inexplicable psychotoxin began to appear among the researchers. One high-ranking researcher died one after another, and began to spread downward.”

“Disasters are everywhere!”

“The survival of the workers is at stake.”

“The 413th year of the dark calendar.”

“The golden lifeform plan of the family is open! The workers continue to The plan is open! The construction of the Transmission Gate donated by mysterious organization Yaochi has begun!…”

“The nine armies of the alliance carry material bombs, millions of troops, and hundreds of special weapons to surround and kill the seriously injured golden corpse birds. , the entire army was wiped out.”

“The plan failed!”

“Silver Peak, the dark emperor of life, devoured the ancient Leimu.”


“Silver Peak, the living spirit willow god, uses mysterious cultivation technique to break the limit.”





Zhou Jia was frightened by the series of failures, and seemed to be brought into the tension of the workers at that time. in the atmosphere.

“Qihuang Yin-Yang Mirror Irradiation Plan.”


Zhou Jia took a breath and hurriedly turned to the next page. Just a chill.

This page has only four large characters.

“Heavenly Retribution is here!”

And then nothing more.


seems to represent the despair of a group.

“senior.” Zhou Jia’s face was solemn, and he looked up towards Jin Ying:

“Only these?”

“Only this.” Jin Ying shrugged:

“Obviously, the workers failed. Maybe that Emperor Kai did become a golden-class existence, but it also led to the extinction of the entire ethnic group.”


“Maybe there are survivors.”

“What is Heavenly Retribution?” Zhou Jia said.

“I don’t know.” Jin Ying stopped his movements, his expression was dull, and he slowly shook his head for a long time:

“The news I found, the demise of the workers seems to be related to a It’s about planting sad flowers, the pattern of that flower is on the back of the booklet.”

Zhou Jia flipped through the booklet, brows frowned:

“Isn’t this grass?”

“Yeah.” Jin Ying scratched his head:

“Maybe I made a mistake, according to records, the worrisome flower is not a grass, but a kind of flower that can bear flower buds, and the flower buds are quite large. .”

“This matter…” Zhou Jia’s heart skipped a beat:

“Do the six clans know?”

“You must know something. .” Jin Ying said:

“I also heard that the one from the Zhao Family wants to go further, but don’t worry, you should know how difficult it is to prove gold by looking at the records of the workers.”

“It can’t be done.”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

It’s no secret that the most powerhouse of the six clans wants to get gold.

But from the records of the workers, it is impossible to obtain gold by virtue of the strength of oneself alone, without the support of the family.

And that one,

apparently not supported.

Not only did it not get support, but from the reactions of all parties, it was even a big enemy. Even the imperial city had been threatened by the military, and the supplies must also be restricted.

“Forget it!”

Shaking his head, he put down the booklet:

“This is too far for us.”

“That’s right.” Golden Eagle nodded:

“Nowadays, how can this thing be serious.” .

“Any clues?” Zhou Jia said.

“A little.”

Golden Eagle mused:

“But it still needs time to verify.”


“Sky Eagle!”

At this time, a shout came from outside:

“Someone is looking for you outside!”

Zhou Jia regained his senses and couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

Unconsciously, he had been in the Eagle’s Nest for nearly half a month, immersed in deciphering the copywriting, and for a while he forgot the time.




Niu Yan sat on the ridge, looking down, his voice was low:

“Where did you go during this time?”

“Return to the general.” Zhou Jia’s face was calm:

“Before, Zhou Jia was injured when he was besieging the rebel bandits. , I have been retreating and resting, and I haven’t gone anywhere until yesterday.”

“Really.” Niu Yan indifferent expression:

“Someone said that you colluded with Zhengqitang , Blood Vine Building.”

“Who?” Zhou Jia raised his head with a solemn expression:

“General, this is nonsense, Zhou is the Outer Sect of the Xuantian Alliance. Disciple and Heavenly Tiger help Elder, the future is promising, why bother and cut off the future.”


Niu Yan hummed softly between his nose:

“It seems that you don’t know yet that Hall Lord Luo of Tieyuan martial arts hall was discovered by Su Family because of his collusion with Zhengqitang. Now he is being hunted and killed. I don’t know where to hide.”

” en?” Zhou Jia squinted his eyes:

“Luo Xiuying, I’m afraid the general has misunderstood, I, Junior, have something to do with Zhengqitang.”

“So, you admit her Is it your Junior?” Niu Yan raised the corners of his mouth:

“Then find the person, go to the righteous and kill the relatives, and let me see your attitude, otherwise I will doubt your true thoughts.”


Said and waved gently:


With an order, the army was dispatched, leaving Zhou Jia with a contemplative expression on his face, and then he walked after a while. , moved towards pounced somewhere outside the city.


It was raining and the road was muddy.

The humid weather is an excellent breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, and overnight, many mushrooms will emerge and spread their flowers.

“Pa screech!”

A big foot stepped on a soft mushroom.

More footprints appeared, accompanied by the sound of rapid breathing and the sound of hunting the wind.


disturbed the calm in the mountains.



“Don’t let them escape!”

A crowd in costumes The warriors shuttled through the mountains and forests, chasing and killing people who were suspected of being righteous.

“Ah! I’m fighting with you!”

Seeing that one can’t escape, one of them roars and turns around, and at the same time tells the others:

“Go away! , I’ll stop them!”

“It’s just you?” The chaser face revealed disdain:

“stray dog, dare to be brave!”

” Surnamed Huang’s, our Sun Family has never treated you badly, but you framed me and waited, even if I became a ghost, I wouldn’t let you go!”

In the roar, the two bumped into each other.


The chasing soldier coldly snorted:

“If you don’t collude with upright people, how can I be framed? If you don’t want people to know, don’t do it unless you are.”


“I don’t know that he is a righteous person at all, just say a few words and you will …”


The blade light flashed and the sound stopped abruptly.

For this scene, others have become commonplace.


This kind of thing is normal, even the Yu Family with the black iron in the town can be killed because of their unwarranted reputation, why not others?

It’s just weird, you don’t have a way to clear the relationship, or you can’t get enough Originium to make people be magnanimous.

Zhou Jia stood on the top of the tree, with a sturdy figure and an axe and shield of hundreds of pounds, so heavy, but the slender branches never drooped.

Sweeping under his eyes, his body swayed slightly and dashed forward.


In the mountains.

A secluded courtyard.

Luo Xiuying’s pretty face was chilled, her body was tightly bound by the rope, her silver teeth were clenched and angrily glared at one person:

“Shang, it’s a shame that I trust you so much, and you actually harmed me. Me?”

“And you!”

“Zhao Yu, Wang Hua, that’s how you treat your friends?”

“Hall Lord Luo. “Shangluo frowned and said:

“We just regard you as a friend, so we don’t want you to continue on the evil road. Open your eyes and see what the military has done over the years.”


“They forcibly conscript soldiers, impose severe punishments and impose taxes, and frame the blame at will, and fish the common people. These exist, but anyone with some bloody nature should not give in!”

“You are just! You have the ability! “Luo Xiuying clenched her teeth, her delicate body trembled:

“I just want to be a stable and stable martial arts hall Hall Master, can’t I do it, I have never sinned against you, why are you hurting? Me?”

“We are not trying to harm you, but to help you.” Zhao Yu said in a muffled voice:

“Help you see the reality clearly!”

“When the nest is upset no egg is left intact, and why does Hall Lord Luo deceive himself, you dare to say that you have nothing to do with the Blood Vine Building?”

“No!” Luo Xiuying’s eyes widened.

“Brother Zhao!”

At this time, a person rushed from the front yard in a hurry:

“Not good, the Sun Family members were chased by the military. Soldiers, who are fleeing this way, we are afraid that we have already exposed.”

(End of this chapter)

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