Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 208


Chapter 208 Keel

The tide is surging back and forth.

The drizzle was pouring down.

Zhao painstakingly dressed in minnows, standing on the reef, the back of a little camel, like a heavy mountain, pressed him to straighten his spine.

“All living beings are suffering!”


Zhuang Hua stood behind him, letting his clothes get soaked in the rain, with a smile on his face. Share sadness:


“I need to give an explanation to the people of the year.” Zhao Ku murmured in his heart, looking into the distance, the hazy fog obscured everything.


He suddenly lifted his breath and said:

“This is the best era, where you can meet all kinds of ethnic groups, Witness the current situation of surging forward with great momentum, and achieve realm that the predecessors never imagined.”

“This is also the worst era.”

The voice sank again :

“Myriad Realms, will eventually perish; all things will eventually wither!”

“No one can escape the final outcome, even the monster of the Zhao Family. , there won’t be any difference.”

Mentioning the word monster, there was a deep hatred in his voice.

Heavenly hate!

Even the real surname of Zhao Family is full of resentment.


Zhuang Hua raised his head.

He had overheard Zhao’s painstakingly talking about Zhao Family’s monster several times, but every time he wanted to ask, he was scolded by the Master.

“You don’t have to think about it.”

Zhao took pains to know what he was thinking, shook his head and said:

“There are some things, but knowing It’s better not to know, if I have a choice, I’d rather be kept in the dark.”

paused, he asked:

“What about Ji Xian and Zhang Bingzhong? Say?”

“Master.” Zhuang Hua took a step forward, his face was excited, he hesitated for a moment, then lowered his head and said:

“They decided to have a game between the two of them. life and death.”


“…after you’re dead.”


Zhao raised his head painstakingly with a sneer on his face:

“How could they let me sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits, I won’t die, they won’t be reconciled, naturally they won’t let me die until I die. Duel.”

“Master.” Zhuang Hua loudly said:

“You leave here, with your strength, as long as you hide, unless there is a silver shot, you will never Was found.”

“Leave?” Zhao hummed bitterly:

“Continue struggling on whilst at death’s door like now?”

“Back then With so many people dead, I shouldn’t have been alive, and now that my life is short, how could I regret the trifling years.”

He waved his hand, interrupting Zhuang Hua’s persuasion.

As early as the moment the Huntian bandits were brought in, he had already understood that no matter what the outcome of this time, he would definitely die.

Since we knew we were going to die, how could we miss this opportunity?

Speaking slowly now:

“Have you found the location?”

Zhuang Hua steel teeth clenched, and Fang slowly nodded for a long time:

“Except for Zhang Bingzhong, the leader of the Huntian bandits, all of them hid near the Xishui River. Among them, Mengnan was seriously injured and white clothed in a coma. Only the giant Bello was fine.”


Zhao took a deep breath, his flesh slowly wriggled, and a layer of dim but immortal golden light appeared.


He nodded heavily, stepped on his feet, and the whole person rushed for more than 100 meters in an instant, and the whistling wind directly tore a crack in the water:

“What happened in the past is now over. The people who were damned can’t leave alive now!”


The extreme speed, even Broke the sound barrier.

A deafening rumbling sound, followed closely from behind.




Quiet room.

Zhou Jia holds a double-edged axe and is practicing the Five Thunder Axe as usual.

With the continuous increase of the training time and the blessing of the characteristics of the soldier, this axe method is getting closer and closer to the Perfection Realm.

Since he started Tianyingxing, he has never been trapped for so long on a weapon, martial arts, and has not been able to achieve Perfection.

And the Five Thunder Axe, because it was transformed from the Purple Thunder Axe, was almost proficient at first.

Proficient, Perfection, one step away, but it took so long.


Muffled thunder and agitation, the voice hovering around one zhang.

about one zhang Outside, it was silent.

Five thunders.

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth.

The golden thunder is fierce, the wooden thunder is hidden, the mine is continuous, the fire is violent, and the earth is heavy.

Five thunders are not only five qualities, but also a cycle of physical properties.

At the time of the drill, Zhou Jia’s characteristics of commanding soldiers naturally made Zhou Jia clear the comprehension of the five thunders, and even understood the truth of the transformation of yin and yang, and mutual generation and mutual restraint.

This feeling is extremely mysterious.

It seems that when practicing the martial skill, the martial arts principle contained in the martial skill itself is naturally absorbed by the characteristics of the soldier, and then passed on to Zhou Jia.

Anyone who practices will make progress!

This kind of progress is beyond the common sense explanation, no matter what your own perception is, you can forcibly stuff it into your head.

And it comes naturally.



The air trembled, and the axe light on the double-edged axe followed.


Almost doubled!

Five Thunder Axe: Perfection!

So far, Zhou Jia’s insights on the five thunders and five thunders are no less than that of Lei Batian, and even more than that.

Lei Batian can kill Guo Wuduan.

The current Zhou Jia can do the same.

He moved his hand for a while, his eyes showed a smile, and then he had time to put away the double-edged axe, moved towards the window, and opened a secret letter.


The content of the letter made Zhou Jia’s eyebrows rise and his face pondered.

In a few moments.

A black shadow came out of the house, followed the dark corner, jumped out of the courtyard, moved towards a place outside the city as stated on the letterhead.

Outside the hospital.

Several military stalkers glanced at random, but did not notice that something was wrong.

Others in the army did not agree with what Niu Yan did, and even thought he was too suspicious. How could Zhou Jia kill General Shirley?

at first.

The person in charge of the stalking still carefully probed, and since then they have never found anything wrong.



The silhouette broke through the night, and the strong wind made the leaves tremble.

As the shadow passed by at high speed, the branches swayed gently, but in the blink of an eye, the shadow disappeared from sight.


Zhou Jia is dressed in a mysterious Battle Armor, with a cloak behind his back, and a bloodthirsty ghost with a sinister aura on his face, standing on a rock.

“You’re here.”

Xue Xiao held a stick in both hands, moved towards him nodded and gestured:

“I didn’t expect that there would be a time for us to cooperate. “

“Do you have anything to do with me?” Zhou Jia pressed his throat, his voice cold:

“There are so many talents in Xiaolang Island, and there is still a place to use the blood vine building, but It’s really strange.”

“humph.” Xue Xiao hummed softly and said:

“There will be people coming over later.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows:

“Who else is there?”

“You’ll know when the time comes.” Xue Xiao didn’t want to say more, leaning against the tree trunk with a stick, seemingly leisurely, In fact, never relax the body.

“Haha…” Zhou Jia cloaked and sat down on the rock:

“It’s okay to wait.”

He was really worried. Curious, what could have happened, so that the people of Xiaolang Island could send a message to the Blood Vine Building and invite them to help.

Not long.

The howling of the wind came from a distance, getting closer.

The sound was still a few miles away at first, but when it sounded again, it was already approaching 100 meters, showing an amazing movement speed.


The three silhouettes are almost the same.

“Elder Xue.” One of them was black clothed and masked, moved towards Xue Xiao and gestured:

“These two are Yunsong Shuangxia, Wen Xun came to help. “

Yunsong Shuangxia?

Zhou Jia looked around and saw that the two people behind the black clothed person looked alike, they should be blood biological brothers.

Both of them are tall and thin, dressed in strong clothes, with long knives hanging from their waists, with a very ruthless air between their eyebrows, and they are also moving towards him.

“The Two Pirates of Yunsong!”

“The Landlord of the Blood Vine Building!”

Although the two sides do not know each other, they have known each other for a long time.

The thief of Yunsong is a thief who has been entrenched in Shicheng for many years. Unlike the Eagle’s Nest, which has many assassination missions, the thief of Yunsong is the thief of Genuine.

Live by killing and looting.

And the black clothed person who brought the person over, although hiding his face and hiding his identity, still gave Zhou Jia a familiar feeling.

The black iron expert Lu Gong of the yamen!

Sure enough.

Yunsong has been in trouble for many years, and he has never been killed by all influence. He is still alive and well. There must be other reasons.

Secretly colluded with the yamen.

If you can kill them like this, there are ghosts.

“Several, you are all here!”

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded in the distance, and with the breeze blowing, Su E of Su Family fluttered down from a height. .

He glanced at everyone, stretched out his hand and led a person behind him, saying:

“I’ll introduce to you, this is brother Weng Tongshu from Heavenly Sea Pavilion. It’s amazing.”

Wang Song, one of the two thieves of Yunsong, raised his eyebrows and said:

“Hui Jianweng, the one who made Sword Art , Weng Tongshu who killed his wife and children?”

Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed.

Heavenly Sea Pavilion is not far from Xiaolang Island. It is also one of the thirty-six meridians of the outer sect of the Xuantian League. Naturally, he has heard of the Peak expert there.

Huijian is one of Heavenly Sea Pavilion’s true traditions, similar to the Three Powers and Six Laws of Xiaolang Island.

This Sword Art focuses on perception. If perception is enough, it can be used proficiently at one time. If perception is not enough, cultivation can never be introduced in a lifetime.

The formidable power is even more amazing.

Weng Tongshu is a person from Heavenly Sea Pavilion, his perception can’t be considered poor, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to pass the sword of wisdom, but he has a very strong heart for martial.

In order to make the sword cultivator of wisdom to the higher realm, he actually killed his wife and children with his own hands, in order to cut off his lust and attack the supreme sword dao.

He succeeded.

But he was also expelled from the Heavenly Sea Pavilion, and even made a Kill Order.

However, Weng Tongshu, who is in the middle of the black iron and Sword Art, will not be easily caught, and has been wandering in the vicinity all these years.

In order to hone his martial skills, he often challenges all kinds of experts, and his shot is life.

The reputation is getting louder and louder.

Yunsong Shuang Thieves, Huijian Weng Tongshu, and the owner of the Blood Vine Building, all four of them are good players in the middle of the black iron.

I was invited by people from Xiaolang Island, Su Family, and Yamen. Why?

Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered and his thoughts turned sharply.

“The people from the Eagle’s Nest didn’t come.” Su E shook his head and said:

“At present, there are only four.”

“Brother Su .” Weng Tongshu’s voice was indifferent:

“Since we have arrived at the place and everyone has already arrived, what can we say?”

Depending on the situation, he didn’t know what was going on.


Xue Xiao lightly coughed, stood upright with a stick, and said:

“I don’t want to hide from you, I have invited a few of you today. I have something important to do.”

She glanced at the audience and saw that no one said a word. All of you have already heard about the incident, and the chaos of the gangsters and Zhengqitang has made the city restless.”


Su Ei interfaced, cup one fist in the The other hand cupped his hands and said:

“I’m waiting for you to come here because I want you to help solve one person. After this is done, Xiaolang Island, the military, and the yamen will all thank you!”

There was silence in the field.

These three forces, to deal with one person, still need help?

“Brother Su.” Wang Yun was full of surprise:

“Are you kidding me?”

“The people you can’t solve, can I just wait? Can you solve it?”

Said, shaking his head again and again.

“Brother Wang, this person has a different identity.” Yamen Hei Tie Lu Gong muttered:

“He can’t die in our hands, otherwise there will be big trouble, but He must die, otherwise…the same trouble.”

“Interesting.” Weng Tongshu smiled strangely:

“Who is that person?”

“Zhengqi Hall Hall Master, Zhao painstakingly!” Xue Xiao said.

The field was quiet.

“Zhao painstakingly?” Zhou Jia said slowly:

“Please forgive me for being ignored and inexperienced, I have never heard of this person’s name.”

Yunsong Shuangpio and Weng Tongshu also looked puzzled. Obviously, like Zhou Jia, they had never heard of the name, let alone its origin.

“He surnamed Zhao.” Xue Xiao opened his mouth and pointed up:

“That Zhao.”

“…” Wang Song’s eyes Flashing, hesitantly said:

“Imperial Family?”

“Not bad.” Xue Xiao nodded.

“Heh…” Weng Tongshu sneered and turned to leave:


“Brother Weng stay.” Urgently said:

“Although Zhao painstakingly surnamed Zhao, he is indeed the Imperial Family younger generation, but he is a sinner and was removed from the Imperial Family many years ago.”

“I’m afraid Your Excellency won’t believe this.” Zhou Jia sneered and stood up, also showing his intentions:

“If you are a sinner other than your name, why should you care?”

” The landlord.” Xue Xiao said:

“This person is indeed a sinner, we will never deceive this, but his identity is different, and there are still some ties in the Imperial Family.”

“If we attack, we will definitely be retaliated against, but if you attack, those people will never say anything more.”

“That’s right.” Lu Gong nodded:

“This, I can swear, and the remuneration we give will definitely satisfy you.”

Several people looked at each other, Weng Tongshu slowly stopped, turned around and looked towards Su E:

“What kind of cultivation base does he have?”

“Later Black Iron.”


Wang Song slapped the tree trunk beside him with a slap, and his face was cold:

“Everyone seems to think highly of us, a late-stage Hei Tie from the Imperial Family, I’m afraid not younger The two weak people on Lang Island!”

“We will take action and force him to be seriously injured.” Xue Xiao said:

“Then you will take action to kill people, two All parties are satisfied.”

“Benefits!” Weng Tongshu’s voice was cold:

“What benefits?”

“Original medicine pill, Peak cultivation technique, splashing Heavenly wealth, as well as status, as long as you want everything.” Su Ye said:

“It’s easy to talk about this.”

“Not bad.” Xue Xiao nodded:


“In addition, the keel on Zhao Jixin’s body is also a rare Supreme Treasure.”

“The keel?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly:

“The legendary something?”

“Have you heard of it?” Xue Xiao looked surprised:

“This is a secret, even Xiaolang Island doesn’t know much about it. , the landlord is very knowledgeable.”

“I also heard it occasionally.” Zhou Jia’s voice did not change, he could know this thing, and he also read it from the Xiaolang Island Library:

“I don’t know exactly what the keel is. I’m about to ask for advice.”

“It’s easy to say.” Xue Xiao calmed down and said:

“Imperial Family has a secret technique that can win silver. Essence, a creature of equal order, blends with flesh and blood, thereby enhancing the innate talent and strength of the Imperial Family children.”

“This thing is the keel.”

“If you can get the keel, It can prove the black iron, even if the black iron is achieved, the integration of the keel can greatly increase the speed of one’s cultivation.”

“After all, that is the existence of silver and other creatures.”

paused, she added:

“The people who can implant the keel in the body are all the more excellent bloodline children of the Imperial Family Zhao Family. Zhao Jixin is such a person.”

(end of this chapter)

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