Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 209


Chapter 209 Surrounding

In addition to the source substance medicine pill, Zhou Jia explained the cultivation techniques, Wealth and power are not of interest, but the keel is the most attractive.

But there is only one keel, but there are four people here.

Yunsong’s twin thieves Wang’s brother’s eyes flickered, and he took a few steps back: “Our brother is two years old, and even if we start with a keel, there is not much potential to tap. The two of you can pick them up if you are interested.”

At this time.

Xue Xiao, Su E and the others have already left, and there are only four of them in the field.

Wang’s brother chose to back down, Weng Tongshu’s eyes flashed, and his head looked towards Zhou Jia:

“I have heard the name of the owner of the blood vine building for a long time, but I have never been able to see it, and I am fortunate to meet today. , the opportunity is rare, and I am about to ask for some tips.”

Said, saber around waist without wind and trembling.

A mysterious sword intent came out, and the fallen leaves in the mountains and forests split silently when they were about one zhang away from him.

Weng Tongshu was clearly standing on the spot, but in the induction of the three, it seemed to be suddenly disappeared, only a sword intent stood.

The sword intent is an unreal existence.

But in perception, it seems to have color.

Darkness, icy cold, chilling…

Just a glance, I feel cold all over my body, my flesh subconsciously tense, and my thoughts seem to be slowing down.

Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed under the face of the Weeping Vampire.

According to his original character, when faced with such a situation, most likely will temporarily avoid it, and make a decision after knowing the opponent’s strength.


He is now the owner of the Blood Vine Building.

The owner of the Bloodvine Tower, who is known for being mysterious, brutal, and seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, might be unsatisfied if he is weak at this time.


Zhou Jia’s voice was hoarse and cold:

“The name of Huijian, the landlord has also heard, since you want to see See, the landlord doesn’t mind giving you a chance.”


The sound of sword cry echoed in the field.

“Boy, no wonder the landlord didn’t remind you that my sword will not be merciful!”

While speaking, a cold, chilling sword intent roared out, Although it is not as condensed as Weng Tongshu’s sword intent, it is more vast.

Several feet in radius, almost all of them are covered by it.

A layer of frost quietly covers the ground.

“You don’t need to keep your hands.” Forced by the sword intent, Weng Tongshu was not surprised but happy, his eyes were bright, and the saber around waist was about to jump out:

“I was about to ask for advice!”

“The two of you.” Wang Song’s eyes flashed, and said:

“It seems inappropriate to make a big deal at this time before we get something, don’t see the goal, we ourselves It has suffered heavy losses.”

“Not bad.”

Wang Yun nodded echoed:

“The so-called peace makes money, you two might as well stop for the time being.”


They are not related to the life and death of the two, but without the help of the two, their brother will inevitably feel guilty when facing Zhao’s pains alone.

The goal is, after all, the late black iron powerhouse.

And he was born in the Imperial Family, with a distinguished status, and the Cultivation Art and Martial Skill he has learned must be extraordinary.

Don’t try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off then.

hearing this, Weng Tongshu’s eyes flashed. Although he killed his wife and children with his own hands, he was not a lunatic who really lost his mind.

Even if you fight against the landlord of the Blood Vine Building, even if you win, you can’t keep yourself safe.

When the time comes, facing Zhao’s painstaking efforts, we must also beware of Yunsong’s double thieves, who have a ferocious temperament and make a living by looting.

Just as he was about to close his hands, Zhou Jia on the opposite side was already a yin and yin whistle.

“It’s okay.”

Zhou Jia’s back cloaked violently, and the soft sword around his waist drew an arc in the air, like a crescent moon, twisting towards Weng Tongshu’s throat.

In his mouth, he even said:

“It’s just a gesture, it’s not that troublesome!”


Weng Tongshu coldly snorted.

He has already made plans to stop, but the other party is overbearing, really thinking that he is weak and easy to bully.


The sound of the sword rang out.

The sword hanging from his waist appeared in his palm at some point, and he moved and stabbed the sword. A bright light illuminated the darkness around him.

One word wisdom sword!

A simple straight stab, without any fancy, but condensing all the complicated Sword Art into one point, and then Myriad Swords Return To One.

This is a sword of wisdom.

The sword came out, like it was nailed to the seven inches of a poisonous snake. The incoming sword light suddenly dimmed, and it seemed that it would be death to attack.


Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up and his mouth was full of admiration, and Sword Art couldn’t help but change.

In an instant.

Countless varnishes of Black Sword qi spread all over one side, up and down, left and right, in all directions, including perception, all covered by the heavenly sword qi.

sword qi is like a poisonous snake.

Through out from all weird angles, the hidden murderous intention also erupted at the same time, and thousands of sword qi rushed forward at once.

If Weng Tongshu’s Sword Art is to simplify the complex and return to the Natural State, it is a symbol of wisdom and access.

Zhou Jia’s Life Seizing Sword is a Slaughter Technique that is complicated to the extreme, fast and vicious to the extreme, and only for killing people.

The sword is out.

Not only Weng Tongshu’s face sank, but even the Yunsong Shuang Thieves, who were far away, felt a chill in his heart.

Really strong!

They have always wondered if the current owner of the Blood Vine Building has changed, but there is no evidence.

This kind of Sword Art, even if the two of them join forces, there is no certainty that they will win.


Wrapped in sword qi, Weng Tongshu groaned.

The wrist is softly trembled, and the sword in the palm is dazzling sharply.

sword light like the vast sun in the sky, where it shone, the incoming lacquer Black Sword was instantly disappeared, and the sword light swept wildly, causing Zhou Jia to fly and dodge.

“Ding ding…Dangdang…”

The two swords collided.

One person’s Sword Art is extraordinary, seemingly unremarkable, every sword points directly at the opponent’s weak spot, the sword comes out, and the sword qi is scattered like flying snow.

The other person’s sword qi is fierce, cold and chilling, with extreme speed and complex moves, with a simple wave, he shoots thousands of sword qi.

On Sword Art realm.

The two went to extremes, but depending on the situation, Weng Tongshu killed his wife and son, and Wu’s so-called supreme sword intent was no better than the owner of the blood vine building.


From beginning to end, being suppressed by the other party.


The two swords collided, and an incomparable force poured out from it. out.

Just as he was about to approach again, the eye sockets under the Weeping Ghost’s face shrank, and his body suddenly retreated.

Weng Tongshu, who was shrouded in sword qi, bowed slightly, lowered his eyes, held the hilt of the sword with one hand, and shrank his breath into a state of chaos.

The sword intent is compressed to the extreme.

And then exploded.


The sound of the sword rang out.

A sharp sword light suddenly appeared, as if the full moon in the sky fell to the earth, and the dim sword light spread out, covering all directions.

As the slaying Life Seizing Sword sword qi dissipated, the sword light appeared in front of Zhou Jia like a cannonball.


The two swords collided, and one silhouette seemed to have no weight. It fell lightly and flew a hundred meters away before landing on a treetop.

With a single sword,

slashed the landlord of the blood vine building a hundred meters away.

“Good Sword Art!”

Zhou Jia exclaimed:

“What Sword Art is this?”

“Wu Xin Yi Sword!” Weng Tongshu said in a muffled voice:

“The landlord’s Sword Art is also good, I didn’t expect Lightweight Art to be so good.”

“Haha…” Zhou Jia laughed:

“Brother Weng is very polite, Lightweight Art suffered a lot in the next year, so I have to use some strength in this area, otherwise I am afraid that I will not be able to escape your sword.”

He is taking the sap of the sky grass every day, and the current Lightweight Art movement method is much stronger than before.

Of course.

Can’t compare to Old Zheng.

“The two of you.” Wang Yun took a step forward and blocked the two who collided with sword intent:

“The sword art of both of them is extremely good, my brother The two admire them, but now is not the time for infighting, shouldn’t we rush over?”

Zhou Jia and Weng Tongshu looked at each other.


Zhou Jia smiled and put away the soft sword:


Weng Tongshu narrowed his eyes and slowly nodded.

Compared with Zhou Jia’s happiness, he felt a little unwilling in his heart. After all, this fight seems to be on a par, but the situation has always been under the opponent’s control.

It seems that he is not the enemy!

He still has a few ultimate moves that he has yet to use.




“Military Dao Killing Fist!”

Six meters tall The remaining Bello giants, like terrifying creatures from the wild, waved their fists, and the air burst.

The Jie Jijia from the Tiangong family doubled his strength and speed, and his explosive power was quadrupled astonishingly.

Even the late black iron experts dare not take his punches hard.

The martial arts killing boxing is a well-known inheritance of the Disha army. The boxing technique is fierce, there is no stronghold one cannot overcome, and it is the Peak Slaughter Technique of the world.



Within tens of meters, the earth is surging like water, countless rocks crumble and fly up, smoke and dust fills the air, and the inner Everything is indistinguishable.

Wait until the mountain wind blows and the smoke dissipates.

A silhouette stands on the spot.

The burly giant with a height of more than six meters collapsed to the ground, with blood flowing under his body, and a large hole was cut through his back together with his armor.

In the cave, what should have been live and beating internal organs, is now all minced meat.

The grey-white haired Zhao took pains to stand beside the corpse, corner of the mouth flow blood, and kept coughing lightly.

Every time he coughs, there is blood foam, some broken internal organs, and a pair of turbid eyes, which are also covered with bloodshots, which looks particularly hideous.

Chasing and killing day and night, fighting for their lives with strong enemies.

At this time, Rao has a solid foundation in Imperial Family, and he is approaching the limit of fleshy body collapse.


A group of cavalry appeared outside Li Xukai and rushed forward.

The wild beast of the cavalry, like a rhino in a stone helmet, weighs thousands of pounds, and its running speed is comparable to a rushing train.

The leading general didn’t say a word, just sat on the animal’s spine and raised the long spear.

The cavalry behind the general also raised their spears, and in an instant the long spear was like a forest, with an icy chill, and quietly rushed out of the distance.

Until Zhao painstakingly!

Different from the long spear in the hands of Jianghu people, the spear feet in their hands are as thick as an adult’s arm, and the length is almost 30 feet long.

With such a length, and with cavalry companions on the left and right, there is simply no way to wield it, let alone use the exquisite Spear Art.


Literally, but in the blink of an eye.

The general’s pupils clearly reflect Zhao’s exhausted silhouette.

shouting loudly, the giant beast under the crotch suddenly accelerated, and the weight of thousands of pounds at such a speed is enough to knock down a high-rise building.

The general flicked his wrist, man and beast united, and a huge force erupted, holding the long spear in his hand moved towards Zhao Kuxin, and stabbed suddenly.


This stab directly breaks through the sound barrier.

The air before the long spear had ripples visible to naked eyes, and circles of air surged out, and the bright spear tip pierced straight out.


Zhao exhaled bitterly, his chest and abdomen suddenly sunken, and his body slightly retreated.

It can’t retreat three inches, but it avoids the strongest point of the long spear formidable power.

“Let go!”

With a loud roar, infinite power erupted.

The fierce beast rushing forward suddenly roared. It was actually a human and a beast. It was picked up by Zhao painstakingly.

Zhao painstakingly buckled the long spear and slapped the tip of the spear with a big hand.


The long spear trembled lightly, and then plunged into the ground in front of it, like a standing wooden stake, stopping before the rushing cavalry from behind.


Countless cavalry swarmed, and the gun barrels were crushed in an instant.


Ahead, ten people shouted in unison, and ten long spears stabbed from all angles.

The tip of the spear trembled, and the air rippled like the surface of the water. Before the strength arrived, the howling wind was already hanging, and the grass flew behind Zhao Kuxin.


A fist appears before the long spear.

The dark golden fist, with the power there is no stronghold one cannot overcome, is just a fierce and hard punch, which shatters the incoming long spear.

People turn their backs on beasts!

But how could the onslaught of the army be so simple?

After ten shots, there were ten shots, with almost no gap, and the rear was even more long spear like a forest, rushing in row after row, until it crushed people.



Zhao took pains to stand firmly on the spot, punching out a series of fists, like a reef facing the tide, and the incoming The waves shattered again and again.

“Vajra Young Boy Art!”

On the high slope, Niu Yan and the others stand quietly, facial expression grave.

Especially the people in Shicheng, all of them are terrified:

“This person’s very tough fleshy body can resist the charge of the fish scale army by the strength of oneself. He is seriously injured.”

“Don’t worry.” Niu Yan remained unmoved:

“He won’t last long.”

As he watched Come on, Zhao Jixin’s strength is really good, and his toughness is even more amazing, but it can’t be regarded as make a fuss about nothing.

I don’t know how many black iron ominous beasts they have besieged by the Scarlet Heaven Army, and many of them are more difficult to deal with than Zhao’s painstaking efforts, not to mention the scenes of hunting and killing Baiyin ominous beasts several times.

At that time…

But it was filled with thousands, thousands of lives, even him and the others, they were all to die for.

Where is this going?

As expected, in the face of the army’s charge, Zhao’s painstaking efforts gradually became unsupported, and he had to use the movement method to wander among the crowd.

One of the things that makes people more difficult than ominous beast is that people are sensible, know how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and even if they detect something wrong, they will flee in advance.

This is the case now.

In the face of Zhao’s painstaking efforts to use the movement method, the cavalry was unable to flexibly change direction, and for a while it appeared chaotic.

“Brother Su!”

Niu Yan sideways:

“A few of you can take action.”


Several people should be, several silhouettes swooped on the high slope, all of them are mid-level black iron players, and they joined forces to rush towards the seriously injured Zhao Jixin.

“Suffer to death!”

Xue Xiao took three steps and made two steps, the golden stick was nowhere to be seen, and the collapse of the mountain broke the heavy sound wave and enveloped the opponent.



A fist appeared in the shadow of the stick.

The dark golden punch is far less eye-catching than the golden stick, but when the two collide, the stick shadow in the sky immediately dissipates, and Xue Xiao is also blasted out.

But this time.

Others have jumped in too.

(End of this chapter)

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