Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 21

Chapter 21 is approaching

Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Ordinary Grade 3 Internal Strength (411/1000)

Source Star: None

martial skill: Shield Anti-Proficient (3/70), Source Power Entry (17/50)

Compared with Shield Anti-Shield, the strength emission skill named source power is obviously It is more difficult to cultivate, and after the level of the shield counter rises to proficiency, it becomes more and more difficult to increase the experience.

It’s Grade 3’s inner strength, thanks to this fight, it’s already approaching half.

The biggest contribution is the two-headed cavalry, the cavalry monster provides 20 energy, and the wolf horse under its crotch can also provide 10 energy, adding up to 30 energy.

β€œZhou Jia.”

Fatty Han shook off the blood on the tip of the gun, leaned in and whispered:

β€œYou’re already Grade 3, right? “

“…Um.” Zhou Jia hesitated a little, but didn’t hide it:

“Big Brother Han should be in Grade 3 too, right?”

Just now, he was overjoyed when he saw the opponent beheading an armored monster, and his strength was also greatly increased. If there was no accident, he should have become a Grade 3.

“hehe…” Fatty Han grinned, and then sighed again:

“Unfortunately, even Grade 3 is a piece of fish on someone else’s board, if it can become Grade 5 or even Grade 6, I guess it’s about the same.”

But this is just a thought.

According to what Situ Lei said, their group of ‘newcomers’ killing monsters is only so useful in the newcomer stage.

After the ‘newcomer’ stage, it is not so easy to think about upgrading.

Not to mention, even if they really become Grade 5 or even Grade 6, they are definitely not the opponents of the four Stuarts.

As for what is a newcomer?

What the hell is this place?

The quartet never gave them an explanation.


A scream made the resting two men suddenly raised their heads, looked at each other, and hurriedly got up and moved towards the rear of the camp.

The simple wood house stand in great numbers here should be the residence of wolf head monsters.

When the two arrived, they saw a group of people huddled in the corner with a frightened face, one kneeling in the middle and screaming loudly, his left arm dropped to the side, and the blood from the broken arm couldn’t stop flowing.

In front of him stood a man and a woman.

Libing Gao and Ying Wu.

“Old Wu!”

Seeing the man screaming on the ground, Fatty Han face changed, hurried forward:

“You two, this is What’s going on?”

“hmph!” Gao Libing coldly snorted:

“I remember saying before I started, don’t touch the things here, this man actually wants to hide it, Is this not taking my words seriously?”


He hummed softly, and the soundtrack was murderous aura, which made Lao Wu’s complexion greatly changed, and he didn’t want to be beheaded. The severe pain in his arm, he hurriedly knelt down and said:

“It’s not like this, I just took things out from the inside, but I couldn’t hold them in my hands for a while, so I put them in my pocket temporarily.”


Before he finished speaking, he was kicked by Gao Libing:


” What do you mean, I wronged you?”


Old Wu was wounded in the previous fight, and now he has his arm cut off , eating such a heavy foot, the body can’t hold on at all.

Having a big mouth, coughed up a pool of blood.

“Old Wu!”

Fatty Han hurriedly stopped in front of him, moved towards the two and pulled out a humble smile:

“Two This is a misunderstanding!”

“Absolutely a misunderstanding!”

“We are new here, what do we want the things here? Even if you give them, we don’t know what they can do? “

“This is a…”


Before he could finish his sentence, he was fiercely slapped by a whip.

The whip of the whip girl Wu Ying can easily tear through the armor, and this time it even hit Fatty Han’s face directly, almost tearing off half of his face.

“How can you speak here?”

moved towards Fatty Han, who was lying on the ground covering his face and desperately curled up. The whip hit Lao Wu.

“pa !”

The giant force fell on the head, like a watermelon with a pulp, eggs with broken shells, red and white all split up and in pieces.

The headless corpse slowly fell to the ground.

“Everything, take it out and put it here. If I find out that someone is hiding something, he will end up!”

Leng icy voice echoed in the field, Chilling.

Zhou Jia lowered his head, his body tense.

Fatty Han’s body twitched on the ground, half of his face was bloody, and one eye looked towards Lao Wu’s body through his fingers.

Unlike others, he has a very close relationship with Lao Wu.

The two were good friends not only when they were on Earth, but here Lao Wu saved his life and was a real Life and Death Friends!


“ka-cha cha…”

The steel teeth were clenched, almost grinding.

Gao Libing seemed to notice something, and glanced over with a sneer on his face.


The collection of wolf head monsters, in addition to piles of food, there are also some gems.

Red, blue, etc., the purity is not very good in the eyes of Earth people, but it should be very valuable here. The expressions on Wu Ying and the others are full of surprises.


Even they didn’t expect such a big harvest here.

After a short rest, everyone moved forward again. Before the taking advantage of the night came, a group of people had already arrived near the range covered by the red light.

This is a slightly gentle hillside, with a water pool below, shadowy shadows around the water pool, and the trajectory of many living creatures can be vaguely seen.

The crowd is above, hidden in the dark.

“Forty-nine left!”

Aaron the cloak glanced at everyone, and finally looked towards Gao Libing:

“That thing can be a summer helper , you take some people to guard outside, and you are responsible for stopping them, and the three of us will handle the inside.”

“Yes.” >”Then…will the fish and dragon be willing to pay for it?”

“en.” The cloaked man slowly nodded.

Gao Libing understood, got up and walked towards the crowd, and pointed out:

“You, you, and you…”

“Come here!”


He pointed to a total of seven people, of which the overwhelming majority were women, and the only two men were both handsome and not strong.

Chen Hui and Dai Lei are among them.

On the contrary, Huang Ying, who is stronger and looks ordinary, was not selected.

In their eyes, a group of people are like randomly selected goods. As the seven people are selected, the atmosphere in the field also changes.

A dignified meaning filled the air.

“What you have to do is to lead the one-eyed, four-armed monster to this position.” The man in the cloak gestured towards an open space in front of him:

“Complete the task , and I will send you away.”

The crowd looked at each other in blank dismay.

To be honest, Zhou Jia and the others didn’t quite believe what he said.

But even if there is only a glimmer of hope, there will be some people who will not give up, even more how to believe it?

Can they resist?

“Don’t think about being sleazy.” Wu Ying glanced at everyone and said coldly:

“This side is a high slope, that thing is below, and there are dead ends on both sides. You can leave only when you draw out that thing.”

“If not…”


She swung the whip lightly, and the whip shadow passed by There was a rock not far away, and the hard rock shattered on the spot under the whip, like Old Wu’s head.

“You can also try it, is your head hard, or is this rock hard!”

“Don’t worry.” Situ Lei hurriedly stepped forward, slowed down his voice, and had a white face at the right time:

“There must be some danger in this matter, otherwise we don’t have to be so big It takes a lot of work, but if you give it a try, there is still a chance. After all, I don’t expect you to kill that thing.”

“As long as you bring it over, the task will be completed. After that, I will definitely take you out of here.”

Speaking of this, he seriously looked towards everyone:

“If you violate this statement, the sky will be struck by lightning!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved and he raised his head.

Fatty Han and the others also looked surprised, looking towards Situ Lei.


It’s Earth language!

It’s Mandarin!

Zhou Jia took a deep look at Situ Lei and turned his head, looked towards the bottom.

The closer he got here, the more restless the halo of stars in his mind became.

Subtitles flash:

Found Origin Star!

Discover the Origin Star!

Discover the Origin Star!

(End of this chapter)

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