Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 210


Chapter 210 Means

Faced with the siege of the crowd, Zhao Kuxin looked indifferent, his eyes were empty, and he seemed to be wandering in the sky , the fleshy body responds spontaneously.

When he was young, he was a son of the Imperial Family Zhao Family outstanding.

With the guidance of famous teachers, you can search through the Imperial Family treasure house, and the keel is implanted in the body. The depth is far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Cultivation’s Peak martial skill alone is no less than ten!

Vajra Young Boy Art, which is the peak inheritance of verifiable silver, comes from the hand of the Legendary holy monk Yanfa.

Tiangang step!

The sixty-four days of the ten-zhang land can be made at will, even if they are besieged by the army, they can move around, the movement method is unpredictable.

Come on!

The heart has the fruit of Bodhi Buddha, the outside has the power to subdue demons, and the palm can change and restrain all dharmas.

Jie Mai legs!

This is a leg technique that is extremely yin and evil.

The legs are linked, the stone is broken and the gold is broken, nothing that cannot be broken.

Tie Xiu Gong!

Strength penetrates the body, melts clothes and rags, and becomes Cui Jin’s ability to break jade.


In addition to the fleshy body created by Vajra Young Boy Art, Zhao’s painstaking every move has unparalleled power, causing terrifying lethality.

Even if it is an expert in the middle of the black iron, if you touch it, it will be backwards again and again. If you attack a few tricks, you may even die on the spot.

The people from the Su Family, Xiaolang Island, and Yamen joined forces to fight the cavalry. Facing the seriously wounded Zhao’s painstaking efforts, they could barely trap the enemy, unable to kill the enemy.

But they weren’t in a hurry.

The military,

haven’t really taken action yet.

On a high slope.

Besides Niu Yan in heavy armor, there are two more people, one of them is Yang Shizhen of Jinhuang lineage, the master of Xiaolang Island.

He looked at the battlefield below, and his eyes showed doubts:

“Zhao painstakingly, it seems that you don’t intend to escape?”

“Yes.” Niu Yan nodded, his face revealed Sneer:

“That’s fine, save some hands and feet.”

If a late-stage black iron powerhouse insists on escaping, even if the military has many means, it will very troublesome.

“General.” Yang Shizhen nodded:

“Please also take action.”

“Good to say.” Niu Yan stepped forward:

“Wait, if something changes, please also ask Yang Maizhu to take action, just in case.”

“It should be.”

Yang Shizhen stroked his beard and shook his wrist lightly, about one zhang A small bow about two feet long appeared.

The bow is small and delicate in shape, and looks like a toy in the hands of a child, but the moment it appeared, several people nearby changed color.

It seems that this bow has an invisible deterrent that makes the black iron powerhouse dare not face it.


Niu Yan calmed down, waved his hand, and the flags danced behind him.


The flag was waving, and a group of soldiers appeared around seeing the news. They were dressed in different colors and armor. surrounded.

Under the command of Niu Yan, these soldiers looked messy and disordered, but in fact they were running smoothly, like a whole.

One command.

Like arrows, straight to the battlefield.

All kinds of offensives are coming one after another.

Only the flags are seen, the drums are not heard, no one is making a noise, and hundreds of people are moving in an orderly manner.

Rao was such an expert as Yang Shizhen, and he couldn’t help being secretly shocked.

This kind of ability to coordinate operations, dispatch and command is far beyond what the Xuantian Alliance and the Imperial Court can do. No wonder the military has always been so strong for a long time.


With an order, the silent team, like sleeping ominous beasts, began to open their fangs and pounce on the target.


Dozens of streams of light rushed forward.

Heavy Mysterious Talisman!

Dangerous Earth Technique!

Slow spell!

Burning Heart Charm!

There are also big nets, moved towards Zhao Kuxin Cover.

These kinds of source techniques and foreign objects that can negatively affect people, although the effect is not strong, but superimposed, the power is equally terrifying.

If you hit all the tricks, it’s not impossible to beat a piece of black iron to mortal rank.

Zhao worked hard in the military and was one of the people responsible for escorting supplies back then. Naturally, he knew the military’s methods.

As the light in the sky fell, his eyes finally returned to his senses.

“Vajra is immortal!”

Pinching the seal art with his hands, his eyes were filled with fire, his palms suddenly raised to the sky, and an invisible force slammed into the aura.


Many source spells and spirit talismans exploded when they were several feet away from him, and a multi-colored halo bloomed in the sky.



Hundreds of arrows followed closely from behind, passing the aura, shooting downward.


The arrows were also blessed with the source technique and talisman technique, and there was a burst of bombardment.

“Come on!”

The soldiers rushed forward.

They held blades, spears, swords, and halberds, and they swept across the forks. Hundreds of people were like one person, and the terrifying energy shook the blades, and they fell staggered.

A group of soldiers, like one after another arc-shaped blade light, madly suppress the silhouette inside.


Yang Shizhen sighed with emotion:

“Hundreds of people are running smoothly, the source power is the same, only digital black iron can do it At this level, the military… is really amazing.”

“The vein master is too famous.” Niu Yan raised his head, indifferently said:

“This is only a few hundred people, if you When you see the scene of tens of thousands of elite soldiers fighting at the same time, you will understand what the army of emerge victorious in every battle is!”

At this time, one person said in surprise:

“What is Zhao painstakingly doing? ?”

Several people bowed their heads.

Seeing Zhao painstakingly surrounded by heavy troops, he gave up the defense directly, punched and kicked, and fought with a group of attacking soldiers one after another.

Vajra Young Boy Art is strong, but can’t ignore everything.

Especially the attack of the black iron powerhouse, but after a few breathing efforts, there were several more wounds on his body, and blood was flowing.

But the same.

He who gave up his defense also burst out with amazing lethality.

Especially the right hand, with its terrifying and enormous power, as long as it touches it, no matter what kind of cultivation base it is, without exception, it will all be killed.



It was only a short while.

Besides Zhao painstakingly, a pile of corpses appeared.

Niu Yan brows frowned, although the Chixiao Army has a large number of soldiers, but they are all other people’s soldiers, and he has trained so many elite soldiers.

If this goes on, although the target will definitely be killed by energy consumption, it will also suffer heavy losses.

“What are Su E and the others doing?”

“Do it!”


The command conveyed, originally intended Several black iron experts who were watching the play had to join in, facing the crazy Zhao painstakingly.


Xue Xiao swung the heavy stick and fell fiercely.

Su E’s face was gloomy and cold, and his ice-soul sword fingers shot wildly.

Lu Gong, Yang Yunyi…

Many experts cooperate with the military to kill the target.



Violent collisions sounded one after another, Su groaned badly, before he had time to react, The arm was torn off.

The pain of the broken arm made him scream.

The club in Xue Xiao’s hand was also broken, and the whole person flew out, not knowing whether he was alive or dead.

A soldier was killed one after another.

And Zhao painstakingly, who has been fighting so far, has become more and more mad.

“He’s getting stronger and stronger.”

Niu Yan stepped forward with a solemn expression:

“This is not right.”

“Not bad.” Yang Shizhen’s eyes narrowed:

“The aura on Zhao Kuxin’s body is a little manic, hmm…”

“He wants to break through!”

“Breakthrough?” Everyone turned their heads.

“Not bad.” Yang Shizhen was nodded, with exclamation on his face:

“He was obviously unwilling to die here, and planned to give his best to use some secret technique to stimulate his essence. Impact the black iron peak realm.”

“If it is successful, the flesh orifice is Perfection, if not, body dies and Dao disappears.”

For Zhao’s painstaking decision, he was very impressed and put it aside. With this determination and perseverance, he is ashamed of being inferior.

“Nirvana Seal!” One person suddenly said:

“Buddhist Nirvana Seal!”


Roaring sound , sounded from the battlefield below.

The blood-covered Zhao painstakingly roared towards the sky, the source power in his body surged wildly, and his flesh even oozes blood.

The pain,

he couldn’t feel it.

Only the increasingly loose orifice points are becoming clearer and more obvious.

It seems that the last layer of obstacles to the mutual harmony between the flesh and the world is becoming thinner and thinner from the beginning. It only takes a little effort to break through.

The effect of the Nirvana seal makes him more injured, and the more obvious the explosion of source power in his body.

There are even more military killing techniques.

It can temporarily plunder the source power of others for its own use.

“Not enough!”

“Not enough!”

He roared, bucking the trend and rushing towards the opponent, leaving wounds on his body, adding punches and kicks, and killing The opponent, greedily swallows the traces of source power.

He even took the initiative to make his injury worse, making the limit closer.

A moment.


Cracks appeared, and the dawn seemed to be near.


At this moment, a stream of light crossed the sky and entered Zhao’s heart.


The violent explosion directly shattered the fragile balance. In the chaos, a silhouette covered in blood stumbled towards the gap left by the army encirclement. .

On the high slope,

Yang Shizhen slowly put away her bow.

“He’s dead!”

Being interrupted during the breakthrough, severely wounded, and backlashed, even Divine Immortal couldn’t save him.




“As expected of the Zhao Family.”

The mountain forest near the water In the middle of the game, Wang Song muttered:

“If his strength is intact, I will wait for the past, but it will be dead in vain.”

“The late stage of Hei Tie.” Weng Tongshu narrowed his eyes , his eyes are fanatical:

“He’s here!”

Zhou Jia stands on the top of the tree, remaining unmoved.

Zhao’s painstaking strength is extremely terrifying, far more powerful than Mengnan, Guo Wuduan and his like.

Even the two on Xiaolang Island are the same.

Although he is conceited, he has to admit that he is far from an opponent.


The current Zhao is painstakingly wounded, and his breath is extremely weak.



Being interrupted by life during the breakthrough, Zhao’s pains not only hurt his fleshy body, but also his mind. Influence, chaos in my mind.

Everything in his eyes seems to have become hazy.

It’s just instinct to run Lightweight Art, moved towards the distance.


The water is flowing.

The familiar sound of water flowed him into a trance, and the fishermen and coolie life that he used to cover up for many years seemed to have become a part of his life.

It would be nice to die here.


Not now!


He raised his hand to say hello, then stopped.


The cold light on the back flickered, and a machete smashed into the air. The extreme speed made the blade go through, and the air it touched rippled like water. .

The position of the handle of the machete is connected to a slender chain, so that the person holding the chain can control the machete from behind.

Kowloon Scimitar!

The unique Blade Technique of Yunsong and Wang Yun.

Zhao painstakingly turned to his side, turned his head, and raised his arms to throw a fist.


A pair of flesh fists collided with the black iron mysterious soldier, a bloodstain appeared on the front of the fist, and the machete fell to the ground like an eggplant.


Wang Yun, who was hiding behind the tree, groaned. .

I am an expert in the middle stage of the black iron, how could the other party still have such strength?

“Be careful!”

“This guy is a little evil!”

“I know.” Weng Tongshu’s movement method should be the strongest of the four , a dodge, just before the river bank.

He held a sword and pointed directly at Zhao’s painstaking efforts:

“Your Excellency obediently surrender!”

Zhou Jia and Yunsong Shuang Thieves also appeared, respectively. Column two sides, together with Weng Tongshu, form a triangle to surround the target.

“It’s really… Huluo and Pingyang were bullied by dogs.”

Zhao’s hands were drooping, his clothes were shattered, and there were dozens of wounds showing bones all over his body, and his breath was extremely weak. .

He was like an old farmer from Final Struggle, his eyes swept over the four people indifferently:

“Think of me, this Zhao people, today will fall into the hands of a few rats, those Don’t people have the guts to kill me?”



“surnamed Zhao’s.” Wang The loose weapon is a saber-handled saber, both of his hands holding the knife, pointed finger towards the other party:

“Hand over the keel on your body, we can give you a treat!”

” Keel.” Zhao’s eyes moved slightly, then face revealed disdain with a sneer:

“You are also worthy?”


Weng Tongshu was not good at words, hearing this straight out of the sword, the word Huijian turned into a straight line, and stabbed straight into Zhao’s throat.

The sword light is like a line, and the murderous intention is Ling Ran.

The air also seems to be split in half by this sword.


Yunsong’s pair of thieves glanced at each other, followed closely from behind and rushed towards them.

Although their brothers use different weapons, a chain machete and a large saber, they are good at a combined attack method, one for long-range attack and one for close combat, and the combined force is multiplied.

Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged, his wrists trembled slightly, his soft sword trembled like a poisonous snake, and the cold and chilling sword qi roared out.


In the face of everyone’s offensive, Zhao painstakingly ignored it, his body didn’t dodge, he even moved towards Weng Tongshu and stepped closer.

His this step seems to be in a dead end, but Zhou Jia secretly praised it.

Weng Tongshu’s Sword Art is fierce, decisive, and fierce, but it also means that it is not easy to change after the sword is launched, otherwise not only the power will be greatly reduced, but it will even show a weak spot.

But in the face of Zhao’s painstaking efforts, even if he is seriously injured, he will definitely feel uneasy in his heart, and most likely will temporarily retreat and wait for a good opportunity.

And he backed away.

The offensive of myself and Yunsong’s double thieves will also be in vain, and even the four-person siege will have loopholes.


The sword sounded long, revealing a strong determination and press forward.

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows suddenly.

In an instant, he realized that he had guessed wrong.

Sure enough.

Never underestimate anyone, especially a lunatic who kills his wife and children with his own hands.

In the face of Zhao’s painstaking approach, Weng Tongshu had no intention of retreating, his eyes were dead, and the sword light in his palm suddenly flourished to the extreme.

The light almost blinds the perception of others.


The long sword pierced the throat.


Zhao’s painstaking fist also landed on Weng Tongshu’s face.

In a split second,

The winner and the loser are divided into life and death, which can be described as tragic.

However, the situation of the two is completely different. Weng Tongshu’s head was smashed by a fist and turned into a headless corpse, but Zhao painstakingly did not die.


Not a serious injury!

Weng Tongshu’s sword, after piercing the flesh, was forcibly twisted by the mighty fleshy body tempered by Vajra Young Boy Art, but a long crack was drawn at the throat.

Not fatal.

punched to kill Weng Tongshu, Zhao moved under his feet with pains, ignoring the attack of Yunsong Shuangpi, and rushed towards Zhou Jia.

At the same time, he stretched his five fingers together, clenched his fists with both hands, and an invisible force fell, like a mountain of heavy pressure, making Zhou Jia’s figure stagnate.

Got it!

Sure enough.

As Zhao painstakingly made a choice, Yunsong’s eyes lit up, but instead of attacking Zhao’s painstakingly alone, the blade light changed, covering Zhou Jia as well.

Dead Weng Tongshu, and then kill the landlord of the blood vine building, with the goal of solving it.

That benefit,

is both of them.

Zhou Jia wanted to retreat, but was locked in by Zhao’s painstaking fists, and did not dare to relax in the slightest, and could not even be distracted to resist Yunsong’s double thieves.


In a soft voice, Zhao painstakingly changed his body again, turned around no longer paid attention to Zhou Jia’s sword qi, and let his back be exposed to the other side. Before the long sword, he turned and rushed towards Wang Yun.

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly, and his mouth was lightly snorted. He also gave up the opportunity to kill Zhao’s painstaking efforts, and slashed his sword qi to kill Wang Song, another of Yunsong’s two thieves.


“The landlord don’t!”

Wang’s brother all changed color.

After a few breaths.

Yunsong and the thieves were killed on the spot, and Zhao Kuxin also added another wound.

Zhou Jia stood on the opposite side with his sword in hand, his eyes exclaimed:


“It’s really amazing!”

” Instigating dissension and leveraging strength, even though the four were besieging, your Excellency was able to break it up, and now only one person is left.”


(End of this chapter)

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