Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 211


Chapter 211 The County Master

Weng Tongshu and Yunsong Shuangpio are definitely not weak.

Even in mid-dark iron, it’s a well-known figure.

Huijian Weng Tongshu sword intent is pure and unique, even in the later stage of Hei Tie, it will not face its front.

Yunsong’s two thieves are proficient in joint strikes, and they even fought against Guo Wuduan. Although they failed to win, they also retreated.

Plus Zhou Jia.

The four of them joined forces, and in just a few breaths, they were defeat them separately and died on the spot, which seemed like a child’s play.

The process in between seems to be simple, but it is actually wonderful.

Zhao took pains to use himself as bait first and exchanged Weng Tongshu’s life with a broken throat sword.

Immediately, he entangled Zhou Jia, and with the help of the differences between several people, Yunsong and the two thieves became greedy and attacked both of them at the same time.

At the critical moment, Zhou Jia was abandoned and rushed towards Yunsong Shuangpi.

In this case.

Zhou Jia had to passively attack Yunsong to share the pressure, and finally eliminated the opponent, leaving only two people alive.

Let’s sow discord!


Let’s do it!

In this short moment, Zhao painstakingly not only showed his extremely strong martial power, but also showed his precise control of the battle situation and people’s hearts.

With very little effort, the dangerous siege situation was resolved.

Let the siege of the four great experts seem like a joke.

“You are the only one.”

Zhao raised his eyebrows slightly, his voice calm:

“Let’s do it!”

This At that time, his blood and blood declined, his source power was deficient, and his fleshy body was weak, but the Nirvana seal and the last-minute break-through also created miracles.

His consciousness was unprecedentedly clear.

Perception, there is a vague sign of detachment.

Even the fleshy body, although it is about to collapse and is extremely weak, is also open, and it is faintly connected with the source power between Heaven and Earth.

Although his life is short, he seems to have stepped into the peak realm.

This allows Zhao’s painstaking potential to be brought into full play.

In that moment.

He knew that the one who threatened him the most was Weng Tongshu, so he took the lead and killed this person in a seemingly dangerous way.

Using the greed of Yunsong and the thieves, they killed them.

As for Zhou Jia…

In his perception, this person is the one who hides the deepest and is the most uncertain, so he will leave it to the end to deal with the power of breaking the game.


Zhou Jia lightly, raised his left hand slightly, a heavy shield appeared in front of him, he was tightly held by him, and the heavy meaning was firmly guarded. one side.


Zhao Kuxin’s eyebrows moved slightly, his first reaction was not that he was surprised, but that he felt a little familiar.

This shield…

Where did it seem to be seen?

Zhou Jia holds a shield in one hand and a sword in the other. He is not in a hurry, but just stimulates the sword intent, locks the opponent in the air, and moves slowly.

In Zhao’s painstaking situation, as long as he keeps the opponent tense, Essence, Qi, and Spirit will be quickly consumed.

It won’t take long, you don’t have to do it yourself, the other party is afraid that there will be no resistance.

Zhao painstakingly also understands this truth.

Immediately taking a deep breath, the flesh trembled all over, and with a light step on his feet, the whole person appeared beside Zhou Jia, throws a punch.

Tiangang step!

Vajra Subduing Devil!

Zhou Jia turned sideways, raised his shield, and exploded with great strength.


The four-phase shield shakes!

The power of rage emerged from his body, and his body was raised. With the blessing of the Dragon-Tiger mysterious embryo, Zhou Jia’s cultivation base instantly reached the sixth level of Shenhuang Jue.

More intangible strength, endless rotation.


The fist and the shield collided, and the visible ripples of naked eye emerged from the contact point, sweeping all directions in an instant, causing the river behind him to shake endlessly.

Zhao’s complexion remained unchanged, and he stepped out in series, and afterimages appeared at the same time.

Every afterimage is a punch.

Or Vajra Subduing Devil, or Arhat praying for birthdays, or subduing dragons and tigers, or Ming Wang asking hearts…

The fists of dark golden cover the whole field in an instant. Time completely covered Zhou Jia’s location, and the figure of the fist was not seen.



The earth shook and roared.

In chaos.

A dark and cold sword qi with a chilling meaning quietly emerged, like a poisonous snake coming out of a hole, showing its fangs, and swooping at the opponent.

Life Seizing Sword!

a sword seals the throat!

The streamer is gone!

Back to Yan!


sword qi burst out.

Slaying Gods and Destroying Buddhas!

Thousands of sword qi swarmed, moved towards the tattered silhouette, bombarded wildly, and cut out countless cracks in the surrounding earth.


The blade pierced into the waist rib and suddenly stopped.

“Caught you!”

Zhao was dying of pain, and Fire of Life was like a candle in the wind. Even a breeze might blow it out, but he died with one hand. Holding the soft sword tightly, Zhou Jia was held in place.

The arm shook, and the left palm was hit horizontally, like a mountain, and the wind howled.

Zhou Jia was stagnant and had no time to dodge. He could only sigh and use his hand to make an axe, wrapped in a dazzling thunder, and greeted him.

Five Thunder Axe!


The thunder shone, and a silhouette flew upside down for dozens of meters, landing heavily.


Zhao painstakingly vomited blood, and all the energy in his body leaked out from the wound. indefinite.

“It’s you!”

“How is that possible?”

“Senior, I’m sorry.” Zhou Jia flew close, grabbed with one hand and completely lost resistance The power of Zhao painstakingly rolled up the things on the ground and swept away.

Not long after the two left, several silhouettes flew in. One of them circled the ruins and said in a muffled voice:

“Weng Tongshu, Yun Songshuang” The thief died, but one of Yunsong’s two thieves died in the hands of the owner of the blood vine building, and Zhao Kuxin was taken away.”

Immediately, he stood in front of a pool of blood mixed with visceral fragments, His face was relieved:

“Zhao worked hard and vomited blood, and he was dead!”

They were very aware of Zhao’s painstaking situation. If this breath dissipates, it will definitely not survive.

“It seems that the unequal distribution of spoils caused infighting.” Niu Yan coldly snorted:

“The one who killed Zhao painstakingly in the end was the owner of the Blood Vine Building.”

“It doesn’t matter who killed it.” Yang Shizhen said lightly:

“Go back, the county master will be here soon.”


Niu Yan put away the long spear, moved towards the distance, and a rare worry appeared in his eyes:

“Young Master, it’s about to start.”




โ€œcough cough…โ€

Zhao leaned against the rock with all his heart, coughing desperately, but the cough came out It is the blood foam that makes people jump, and even the broken internal organs.

Inside the cave,

it was pitch black.

I can’t see my fingers.

“Da Da… Da Da…”

Accompanied by the sound of footsteps, a dark silhouette strode to the vicinity.

โ€œUncle Ku.โ€

Zhou Jia looked at each other and said slowly:

โ€œWe meet again.โ€

โ€œ Unexpectedly.” Zhao’s breath was weak, his voice was hoarse, his godless eyes looked towards the hazy silhouette in the dark, he shook his head and said: “Heavenly Tiger, who has just risen to fame, helped Elder Zhou Jia, and it turned out to be the blood of famous. The owner of the vine building.”


He paused slightly and said:

“It should be the current owner of the blood vine building.”

He smiled wryly and was speechless. Who would have thought that the owner of the owned Blood Vine Building would be Zhou Jia, who had just entered Hei Tie?

How could the opponent’s strength be so great when he entered the black iron at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty?

is it possible that.

Everything about Zhou Jia is a disguise?

โ€œyes and how, not yes and how?โ€ Zhou Jia sat cross-legged:

โ€œThese are meaningless to your Excellency, as the Imperial Family of the Dalin Dynasty Younger generation, don’t condescend to be a coolie.”

“Not bad.” Zhao’s painstaking voice sank:

“I’m dying, so who is it? Why not?”

Compared with the identity of the owner of the Blood Vine Building, he is actually more surprised by Zhou Jia’s strength, and the Zi Lei Blade Technique that the student surpasses the master.

Even if Lei Batian were alive, he wouldn’t be as good as him.


Equally, none of this made any sense to him as of now.

“Hall Lord Luo of Tieyuan martial arts hall, I think he is also yours, no wonder there is a wonderful way to trigger spirit plant.” Zhao sighed bitterly:

“Zhuanghua They chose the wrong target.”

Zhou Jia remained silent.

Luo Xiuying’s Spiritual Rain Technique was passed down by him, and he is the only one who has learned the Sanbao high grade Supreme Baogao Spiritual Rain Technique, so naturally he will not give up.


Although Luo Xiuying learned Spirit Rain, her formidable power is far inferior to Zhou Jia.

To really promote the spirit plant to a hundred years, he still needs to do it himself, which should have the bonus of water-repelling characteristics.

took a deep breath to keep his consciousness barely awake, Zhao painstakingly said again:

“Do you want a keel?”

“Not bad.” Zhou Jia’s voice was indifferent:

“Senior’s life is not long, you might as well leave it to me. If there is any unfinished wish, if it is not troublesome, Zhou will not mind helping you to complete it.”

He has already I searched the other’s body, but I didn’t know where the keel was.

Playing with corpses is not his forte either.

It would be best if the other party could take the initiative to hand it over.


Zhao’s pained eyes flashed, and suddenly said:

“I can give you a keel, and there are ways to help you grow your cultivation base , or even if I die, you will never get the keel!”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows:

“What do you want?”

“What I want is very simple.” Zhao took pains to breathe quickly, and his face was full of excitement:

“I only have one request, and that is to keep me alive as much as possible, at least for three days.”


โ€œen?โ€ Zhou Jia brows frowned:


This request from the other party was beyond his expectation. In such a situation, it would be torture to live an extra day.

And, it’s pointless.

“I want to know what happened to the others?” Zhao said with a trembling voice:

“Ji Xian and Zhang Bingzhong will duel on these two days. Die behind them and witness their end.”


He clenched his teeth and looked angry:

“I am not willing to!”

Zhou Jia fell into silence, looking thoughtful on his face.

“Besides the keel, I have several Peak martial arts heritages on me.” Seeing that Zhou Jia had not responded, Zhao painstakingly continued:

“Help me find out about them. , I will also hand over the inheritance to you.”

“There are several martial arts among them, which are the only true inheritance of the Imperial Family, and the formidable power is so powerful that even the Xuantian Alliance and the military do not have it. “


Zhou Jia finally nodded:

“I promise you, but now we have to change the place first.”

Originally planned to kill and discard the corpse, of course, it can be anywhere. Now that he wants to continue his life, Zhao must be careful with the current situation.





The rut against the bluestone The paved ground stopped at the yamen gate.

City Lord Ouyang Ran, dressed in court clothes, led the large and small officials and heads of all influences in the city, moved towards the unremarkable carriage in front of him, and bowed solemnly.

“My minister Ouyang Ran, pay respects to the Princess of Yujing!”

“Pay respects to the Lord of the Princess!”

Everyone saluted and drank The sound resounded across the street.


The car curtain opened, and a beautiful woman with Yan Ruyu stepped out, with a pair of willow leaf eyebrows on her beautiful cheeks. With shackles, his eyes are like a pool of clear water, his almond-like eyes are sharp, his cherry lips are slightly pursed, and he scans the audience back and forth.

She is the daughter of the Crown Prince of the Dalin Dynasty, Zhao Nanxu, the county master of Yujing.

“The county master.”

Ouyang Ran took a step forward and bowed his head:

“I don’t know you have entered the city ahead of schedule, excuse me for not going out to meet you, those people outside the city are really trash, they didn’t report the county master’s itinerary in time.”

“I don’t blame them.”

Zhao Nanxu’s expression was indifferent. Gently waved:

“I’m coming here ahead of time. Where are the military personnel?”

“The last general, Niu Yan.” Niu Yan took a step forward and said in a muffled voice:

“pay respects to the princess!”

He glanced at Zhao Nanxu, paused on an old woman behind him, shrank his eyes, and lowered his head subconsciously.

Dark Iron late stage!

Compared to Zhao Nanxu, the old woman really made him vigilant.

The Crown Prince has many sons and daughters, but among the three merely a trifling who got the title, Zhao Nanxu is even more titled Yujing, which can be described as a deep favor.

She came to Shicheng this time, and there would be no one to protect her.

“Niu Yan.”

Zhao Nanxu didn’t know what he was thinking, and asked himself:

“Where is the sinner Zhao painstakingly?”

“Niu Yan.”


“Zhao painstakingly.” Niu Yan’s heart moved slightly, and then neither too fast nor too slow said:

“Back to the county master, that person was surrounded and killed by me, but how powerful he is, He broke through the siege, but was later besieged and killed by the robbers of Jiangyang.”

“Already died at the hands of the owner of the Blood Vine Building.”


There was silence in the field.

Zhao Nanxu’s beautiful eyes trembled, her fingers clenched tightly, and an invisible pressure came out from her body, even Ouyang Ran and Niu Yan felt their hearts sink.

The complexion slightly changed at the moment.

This county owner seems very unusual!


“Not bad!” Niu Yan took a deep breath:

“Although the body has not been found, it must have died. “

“The owner of the Blood Vine Building…” Zhao Nanxu glanced at everyone, and people from Xiaolang Island, Su Family, City Lord’s Mansion, and the military were all present today.

She gritted her silver teeth and sneered:

“Very good, very good!”

“Someone dares to kill even the Imperial Family younger generation. You really have a lot of ability. The art under the rule of the City Lord really needs to be commended to the Imperial Court.”

“Next This minister is incompetent!” Ouyang Ran’s face changed, and hurriedly one-knee kneels:

“Please punish the county master.”

Since the fall of the Dalin Dynasty to the ruins, many rules have changed , Among them, the ceremony of kneeling has long since disappeared, and kneeling on one knee is already a great gift.


Imperial power is not easy to exercise in today’s era.

But its influence is also limited.

Lin Nanxu obviously understood this, she gritted her silver teeth and waved her hand lightly:

“Get up!”


Ouyang Ran got up slowly, his face still worried.

“living, then must see the person, dead, then must see the corpse.” Lin Nanxu said:

“I want to see Er… Zhao’s painstaking corpse! “

“The county master.” Niu Yan frowned and said:

“I’m afraid this is not easy, Zhao Kuxin has a keel in his body, and that person takes away the body, it is very likely…”

“Enough!” Lin Nanxu interrupted his voice with a wave of his hand, and took out an object from his body:

“People from the Imperial Family cannot be humiliated after death. Since the matter is handled by Master Ki Young, then it is up to Your Excellency to find out the person.”

Said, and threw the thing out of his hand.

“Holding it, you can find Zhao’s painstaking efforts, whether alive or dead.”


Niu Yan was helpless, took it and lowered his head should be.

(End of this chapter)

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