Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 212


Chapter 212 Keel

The river is surging.

A lonely boat drifts with the wind.

Zhang Bingzhong’s hands behind ones back stand on the boat, his dark purple gown is hunting in the wind, his deep eyes reflect the distant long spear like a forest.

He murmured in his mouth with a lonely expression:

“My Zhang family has been loyal and good for generations, and I have never betrayed the Imperial Family or Imperial Court. This Zhang is just following orders, but… Such fields.”

“master.” A boy who was running a boat was hearing this:

“What happened back then, why did you take things away? , and did not show up for so many years, and did not explain?”


Zhang Bingzhong fell into silence, then smiled faintly for a long time, as if he had figured out something, said:

“Actually, it’s nothing.”

“It’s just that some people worry that the Holy Buddha Relic and the Great Dao Treasure will fall into the hands of that person, which may bring Calamity Tribulation to the entire Hongzeyu, so Just ordered me to get Dong XZ up.”

After thinking for a while, he added:

“Maybe there are some Imperial Family secrets involved, but I don’t know it. “

“So you led someone to attack the team of escorting relic?” the boy said.

“Not bad.” Zhang Bingzhong was nodded, with emotion on his face:

“It would be fine if I was alone, but unfortunately those brothers, who should have a great future, fell into this place because of me. Such a situation.”

“This Zhang is ashamed of them!”

“It’s really complicated.” The boy’s face was blank:

“Who is the good guy? Who is the bad guy? Master, are you doing the right thing?”

“haha…” Zhang Bingzhong laughed:

“disciple, in this world, there is never a distinction between good and bad. There is no difference between right and wrong. The so-called good or bad, right or wrong, are just restrictions given by others.”

He turned his head and looked towards the distant river bank, his voice gradually deepened:

“The people of the past are already old. It is time for the events of the past to end!”

“Master.” The boy stood up nervously:

“You Can you beat Ji Xian?”

“Haha…” Zhang Bingzhong laughed:

“disciple, his father died in my hands, what is a junior to be afraid of? ?”

Then he sighed again:

“No matter if you can’t fight, you will fight, you don’t need to wait for me, go directly to Xuantian League after I leave. , there will be someone to take care of you.”


“I’m going too!”

Zhang Bingzhong interrupted him, roared towards the sky, the sound shook all directions:

“Ji Xian, don’t you want to avenge me for killing my father?”

“Then bring something!”



Above the soft collapse, Ji Xian sat cross-legged.

Behind him, the long spear is like a forest, and a chilling meaning pervades.

Hundreds of elite soldiers, completely motionless, show strict military regulations.

Ji Xian has a bearless white face, handsome in appearance and outstanding temperament. He is white clothed and does not stain with dust, and has a meaning of being out of the dust.

Compared with other late-stage black iron powerhouses, Ji Xian is obviously younger, but the breath on his body is like a sea, which is hard to guess.

Zhou Jia had guessed that Ji Xian was inferior to the two on Xiaolang Island.

Perhaps the cultivation base is indeed inferior.

But strength…

Yang Shizhen is by no means his opponent!

And although he is young, he has a calm temperament. Even in the face of the upcoming Life and Death Battle, his expression remains unchanged and he is calm.

“Ji Xian, don’t you want to avenge me for killing your father?”

“Come on!”

A long whistle spread from afar Come.


Ji Xian opened his eyes, and before the others could say anything to dissuade him, he had already rolled up the holy Buddha Relic by his side and floated a hundred meters away.

The speed is so fast that even Old Zheng of the Eagle’s Nest will be amazed when he sees it.


The silhouette flickers and flies.

Not long.

The two appeared on both sides of a river bank, each standing north and south.

The army has long been dumped somewhere.

“Zhang Bingzhong!”

“Ji Xian!”

The two looked at each other with fighting spirit and murderous intention in their eyes.

“Did you bring anything?”

“Where is yours?”

The two raised their hands at the same time, and the holy Buddha Relic and the Daobao were together. It flew out, collided in the air, and landed on the side of the river bank.

The two are almost the same.

Looking at each other, murderous intention emerges.

“The Yellow Sand Wanli Sword!”

“Thousand Hands Tathagata!”


The invisible energy , tremors in all directions, the river water is interrupted, one after another the undercurrent explodes one after another, and the water rushes into the sky.

In chaos.

The two silhouettes also fiercely collided.




In the cave, Zhao Kuxin was covered with ointment all over his body. In the case of gauze, it looks like a mummy.

Zhou Jia took the last medicine and finally relieved.

Zhao’s painstakingly wounded body can be described as Divine Immortal, but fortunately, his foundation is so solid that he can barely hold his breath.

But it only lasts two or three days of lifespan at most.

“It’s time to work.”

Lying on the stone, Zhao’s voice was hoarse.

He had no good place all over his body, his limbs were broken, and his throat was also slashed by Weng Tongshu’s sword, which hurt his throat.

I have tried my best to be able to speak.

“I also have requests from others.” Zhou Jia laughed:

“senior, can you hand over the keel?”


Zhao took pains to be silent for a moment, then said slowly:

“Do you know what a keel is?”

“Imperial Family Zhao Family has a unique secret technique, which captures silver creatures. The source is integrated into the body, nourishing the potential of the fleshy body, which is called the keel.” Zhou Jia said:

“Does the senior want to test me?”

“There are not many who know the keel.” Zhao Painfully blinded in one of both eyes, the only remaining eye glanced at where Zhou Jia was, and continued:

“What you said is generally true, but it’s not that easy.”

” Oh!” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly:

“hope to hear the details.”

“According to our verification, although the appearances of the six Hongzeyu clans are similar, there are some insides. They are different, let alone other anomalies.” Zhao said bitterly:

“Different ethnic groups are fundamentally incompatible, just like there is no way to get married and have children.”

Zhou Jia understood, this should be apartheid.

“It is common sense that bloodlines of other races cannot be integrated into themselves. The body shape and appearance are similar, and so is the ominous beast.”

Zhao painstakingly continued:


“If you want to integrate with it, it will naturally be more troublesome.”

“Fortunately, there is source power!”

Zhou Jia nominates.

Source power is a magical existence, which enables different ethnic groups to understand each other’s words and enables each other to cultivate different cultivation techniques.


Under certain circumstances, break apart the restrictions of racial segregation.

“Actually, the source power in each person’s body is slightly different according to the differences in their physique and cultivation techniques.” Zhao Kuxin seems to have not said so many words for a long time, and he is full of enthusiasm:

“And the difference in source power will also lead to the difference in the keel.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia calmed down:

“How do you say?”


“It’s not that the keel is created first and then integrated into the fleshy body, but a person is created first, and a suitable keel is created according to the physique of the person.” Zhao said painstakingly:

“Strike It is not easy to kill Baiyin ominous beast, and it is even more difficult to choose an ominous beast that meets the unique physique.”


” Even in the Imperial Family, not many people have keels.”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

These should be secrets inside the Imperial Family, it is extremely difficult for outsiders to know, and they will not be recorded in the library.

However, there are many Imperial Family Zhao Family bloodlines. Since it is impossible for everyone to get the keel, Zhao painstakingly can start the keel, and his identity is probably very unusual.

After thinking about it, he asked:

“But, there should be more and more keels passed on to future generations, right?”

” Theoretically, this is the case.” Zhao smiled bitterly:

“But not in practice.”

“Let’s not say that the keel method was created for a total of only a hundred years, by my time, There are only seven people in the Great Imperial Family who have been inoculated with keels, and there are not many more now.”

“In addition.”

He said with a solemn voice:

“Even if they are of the same clan, there are actually differences between people. Even blood relatives are the same, and sometimes they cannot be integrated into it.”

“This is… a problem with bloodline.”

β€œIt is not uncommon for bloodline to be of different genus. Instead of being beneficial, it will lead to rejection and even death of the recipient after implantation.”

Bloodline ?

It should be blood type!

Zhou Jia brows frowned.

He is not the same blood type as Zhao Kuxin, but the race is definitely different:

β€œsenior means, I can’t accept keel?”

β€œ No.”

Zhao shook his head bitterly:

“There is another way to continue the keel with the secret technique, but this way the keel will disappear completely after a certain number of years.”


“This is also the method used by the Imperial Family Zhao Family, so I said, the keel will not be more and more. However, although the keel will disappear, most of the utility is still there, you don’t have to worry about that.”

“so that’s how it is.” Zhou Jia relaxed:

“Also ask senior to teach the Fa.”

I don’t know about this, Xue Xiao and the others If you know it or not, it’s fine. If you know it, it is really sinister.

“You’re in a hurry.” Zhao sighed bitterly:


He closed his eyes, his almost flat right hand trembled slightly , along with the blood mist emerging from the arm, when the sky merged into a strange blood line.

“This is the keel.”

Forcing out the keel, Zhao Kuxin’s breath weakened again, and there was a strong tiredness in his eyes:

“This item comes from the Northern Plains Black Tortoise. This turtle is strong as an ox, with firm skin and rough flesh, which is in line with the cultivation technique I practiced. Refining can not only greatly improve the defensive power of the fleshy body, but also double the strength of the fusion part. .”

“You have to figure out where to fit in. Once refining, you can’t change it.” Peak Xuanbing has the ability that there is no stronghold one cannot overcome.

Even if Zhang Bingzhong inspires courage, he can make a fist and meet force with force.

Zhou Jia looked at the bloodshot carefully. This thing turned out to be a keel. It turned out to be integrated into the flesh and blood of the arm. No wonder he couldn’t find it.

A blood vessel looked closely at first, and there was an unknown liquid flowing inside.

It only has a slender section, but it gives a heavy texture.

β€œsecret technique?”

β€œYou remember…”

After a moment.

Zhou Jia did not rush into the body, but took out one thing after another, photographed the strange blood line, and tested it with medicine first.

Although Zhao painstakingly looks like this, lying is almost meaningless.

But his words cannot be easily believed.

Zhou Jia was relieved when he confirmed that even if there was no benefit, according to the secret technique, it would not hurt himself.

“You should be careful.”

Zhao smiled bitterly, with a soundtrack of emotion:

“Be careful.”

” senior.” Zhou Jia held his breath, and finally asked:

“But what else should I explain?”


Zhao painstakingly After thinking about it, he said:

“When refining the keel, it will cause the fleshy body to become extremely weak for a certain period of time. You’d better find a safe place.”

” en?”

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

I didn’t mention it earlier.




On the water, bamboo rafts galloped through the water.

There is a person standing on each bamboo raft. They operate the cultivation technique, and the source power pours out from their feet, pushing the bamboo raft to move forward at an amazing speed.

On one of the bamboo rafts, Niu Yan and Su E stood side by side.

Su Ei’s injuries have not yet recovered, and his face is a little pale, so he raised his eyes and said:

“Hidden so far!”

“humph. ”

Niu Yan coldly snorted:

“It seems that the owner of the blood vine building does not intend to receive the final reward.”

“He is very Smart and careful, otherwise he wouldn’t have survived for so long under Lei Batian’s pursuit.” Su E nodded:

“If I go to collect the reward, I’m afraid I’ll fall into our trap, and besides, it’s just a deposit , enough for him to be happy.”

“even more how, and the keel.”

Speaking of the keel, even him, it is inevitable that the soundtrack will envy him.

Niu Yan sneered.

He knew that the keel was a good thing, but he never believed that the Imperial Court Imperial Family would be unguarded and want to take it away, I’m afraid it’s not that easy.

Similar things, Ji Family also have, but no one can take away from Ji Family children.

“How far is it.” Su Ei returned to his senses.


Niu Yan bowed his head, looking towards the compass in his palm.

The compass is somewhat similar to a product of the Dili tribe, with many complex patterns on it, and a drop of fresh blood inside.

The pointer rotates around the blood, fingerprinting the direction.

“Over there!”

He raised his head and pointed:

“It should be soon.”



Dozens of silhouettes abandoned the bamboo rafts and jumped to a low hilltop full of jungles.

“On the mountain.”

Niu Yan waved:


A group of people should be, silently facing Jump up.

Running out of the distance, the person at the front suddenly swayed, and fell to the ground in the surprised eyes of the others.

“Be careful!”

“It’s a poisonous miasma!!”

Until this time, everyone discovered that the moist earth air floating in the jungle was somewhat unexpected. It’s laced with poison.



When losing one’s head out of fear, I don’t know who stepped on the mechanism, not far away The ground suddenly opened, and a wooden plank full of crossbows appeared in front of everyone.

In an instant.

A thousand arrows are fired, covering one side.


“Be careful!”

A scream rang out.


Niu Yan growled:

“Put on armor, black iron, come forward, others are on guard, charge me!”

“General, be careful.” Su E looked vigilant:

“This may be a stronghold of the Blood Vine Building.”

“I know.”

Niu Yan’s cheeks twitched and he waved his hand:


(End of this chapter)

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