Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 213


Chapter 213 Celestial Comet: Enlightenment

The Northern Plains Mysterious Tortoise is an unknown product of which world. It is 100 meters long and weighs tons.

This kind of existence has tough skin and rough flesh, and can resist huge and might cause no damage.

Power is even more terrifying.

According to Zhao’s painstaking remarks, the furious Northern Plains black turtle can even knock down a hill, causing violent tremors in a radius of a hundred miles.

If such creatures come to Shicheng…

Under the raging violence, the people of the city do not know how many people will survive.

The power of silver,

is terrifying and terrifying!

“The root of the keel technology comes from the strange man. The strange man’s body is not restricted by species isolation, and has a unique evolutionary ability.”

“By devouring the advantages of other creatures, it promotes itself It has become more perfect.”

“Don’t underestimate this group. Although there are not many people, there are many powerhouses of the black iron level, and some of them have even more strange methods.”

After all, Zhao Jixin was born in the Imperial Family, and his status is precious, and he has access to far more things than Zhou Jia in Xiaolang Island.

Like a strange man, he has only seen the description on the scroll, but he doesn’t know exactly how.

“Actually, a Spiritual God in Feimu world is also the powerhouse that transformed the fleshy body, and Lich, the undead Knight, etc. are all from it.”

“Unfortunately, because of the practice The other Spiritual Gods were not happy, they were stripped of their priesthood, and in the end they were backlashed by the creatures they created and completely perished.”

Zhao shook his head with pains and regrets.

Zhou Jia suddenly stopped his movements and asked:

“Imperial Court conducts experiments on living people?”

“Experiments?” I don’t understand the deep meaning of these two words, but I know the general meaning, hearing this “Otherwise, my face is calm:

“Not bad.”

How do you think many cultivation techniques are created There is always someone who needs to contact and verify the effect first.”

“Not only us, the Six Clan, the military, and even the Xuantian Alliance will do this, but some are cruel and some are good. Just a few.”

Zhou Jia was silent.

Segregation, bloodline exclusion, cultivation deviation…

Take the keel as an example, all the ups and downs involved in the period, all need to be filled with human life, in order to finally create this law .


Really cruel.

But there seems to be no other way.

“You don’t have to think about it so much.”

Zhao said in a slow voice:

“A death row prisoner committing any imaginable misdeed in prison is suffering from a serious illness. A patient who can be saved by medicine, a Martial Artist who voluntarily sold his fleshy body for Originium.”

“This and the others, there are so many.”

Zhou Jia shook his head, pressing Under the thoughts of ups and downs in the heart, the source power in the body operates according to the secret technique, pulling the keel to float to the left arm.

He finally decided that the keel would fit into his left arm.

Gein holds a shield in his left hand, and with the blessing of a keel, his defensive power can also be greatly increased.

As for why not choose the right hand, it is because the part integrated into the keel will be a little heavy, which may affect the speed of swinging.

If you want to hold a weapon in your right hand, the sooner the better, and it is less likely to be hurt by someone. No matter how strong the defensive power is, it is not very useful.

Same for other parts.


Eerie blood vessels are near the flesh.

Immediately, it quietly dispersed into a blood mist, moving towards the inside of the arm, and a tingling and tingling sensation followed.

It’s like the flesh has been cut open by countless knives, and a certain material is stuffed into the wound.

The sourness…


Rao is Zhou Jia’s fleshy body is strong, willpower is not weak, he can’t help groaning, his forehead is sweating, and his hands are tightly clasped.

And this is just the beginning.

As the keel merged with flesh and blood, a source power as thick as a mountain gushed out, rushing towards the limbs and bones extremely arrogantly.

Rejection, followed.

Although because of the secret technique, it is not fatal, but it still makes Zhou Jia fall into extreme weakness, and his body is paralyzed and weak.

In my ears,

the buzzing.

‘The reaction is so big? ‘

He took a deep breath, relaxed the body’s spontaneous resistance, and ran the secret technique with all his strength, trying to make the keel melt into the left arm at a faster speed.

Time, the passing of minutes and seconds.

Under Zhou Jia’s body, sweat gathered and flowed, and the breath on his body was also changing.

Strong and weak at the same time.

This is an extremely peculiar state. It is powerful because with the keel entering the body, there is also a source power inside the fleshy body.

His cultivation base has grown stronger over time.

Second pass, Great Accomplishment, Perfection…

But different from the source power brought by the source star, the source power pouring in from the keel is arrogant and overbearing and must be secret The technique can be digested only after practice.

This caused his cultivation base to increase but his strength to decrease sharply.

Add rejection and it’s even harder.




Various noises from outside the cave Come, let Zhou Jia frowned, raise his head slightly.

I don’t know when.

A group of people rushed into the blood vine building station, and the people who came were obviously not weak, and they were able to break through the heavy defenses and come to the vicinity.


A scream rang out.

There are people coming, and there are people from the blood vine building, and the distance is getting closer and closer to the flash.

Zhou Jia turned his head to the side, looked thoughtful looked towards Zhao Kuxin.

“Don’t look at me.”

Zhao shook his head painstakingly:

“I’m not my person, and Zhengqitang doesn’t have that great ability.”

Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed, he spit out one mouthful of impure air, his wrist flicked, and the soft sword wrapped around his waist was straight and straight, sword intent pointed finger towards the hole.

Although he is weak, it is still not a big problem to solve a few black irons.


With the passage of time, his cultivation base and strength will gradually recover, and depending on the situation, he may be able to directly break the third test of Shenhuang Jue.


A strong wind rushed into the cave, and the strong wind carried dust, fallen leaves, and gravel, obscuring the view, and the grandiose swept everything.


The sword sounded and groaned.

Zhou Jia stepped forward with his sword, the pitch-black, chilling sword qi roared out, attacking the core of the energy in the middle, and collided with something.


The metal collision sounded.

Zhou Jia complexion slightly changed, Sword Art changed immediately, dozens of strange sword lights appeared, swept past people at an astonishing speed.

“ding ding dong dong  …”

The sound of the collision was like rain beating against a banana tree, which continued. The approaching person was blocked by sword qi, and Zhou Jia also staggered back. Just stopped.

“Su E!”

“The owner of the Blood Vine Building.”

Su E glanced at the audience and smiled gloomily:

“We met again, Your Excellency is still thinking of saving this righteous sinner, is it possible that forgot our deal?”

“I dare not forget.” Zhou Jia narrowed his eyes, his body Retreat:

“I’ll leave it to you now.”

“No need.” Su E twisted his neck, his eyes wide with murderous intention:

” What we want is corpses, the main thing in the county is the murderer, the landlord will do good deeds to the end, you might as well sacrifice your life to fulfill me.”

He relied on his mid-dark iron cultivation base, and he broke through and intercepted, and entered the cave first. , this is the scene in front of you.

As soon as the thought changes, there is a choice.

Judging from the situation of the fight just now, the situation of the owner of the Blood Vine Building is obviously not right, he is weak, and he is afraid of being seriously injured.


Wouldn’t it be better to work it out together?


With a decision, Su E did not hesitate, flicked his hands, and flicked his fingers. .

Ice Soul Sword Finger!

Fasting with ten fingers, more than a hundred sword fingers shrouded in energy in an instant.

Zhou Jia squinted his eyes, and the Life Seizing Sword trembled wildly, and the sword qi was like a ring to face the incoming attack.



The cold air surged, the surrounding rocks also formed frost, and Zhao Kuxin on the ground was even more shiver coldly, Eyebrows and hair congealed into frost.

Zhou Jia took a step and groaned.

The cultivation base he can play now is only about one level, so it is inevitable that it is a bit difficult.

“Sure enough.”

Su E’s eyes were provocative:

“You are injured!”

And the injury is not light!


shouted in a low voice, he flicked his fingers again, his sword fingers converged, like Icicles condensed and formed, stabbing with enormous force.


The Icicle slammed into a layer of dynamism, rippling with anti-shock force, and then shattered.

The four-phase shield shakes!


Zhou Jia held the shield in one hand and sighed helplessly:

“There is no way.”

shook his head , He put away the soft sword in his hand, and shook his wrist lightly again, and a double-edged axe weighing several hundred kilograms appeared in his palm.

A wisp of electric light emerged from the axe blade.

A violent, fierce and fierce meaning emerged from Zhou Jia, an invisible air wave swept the surroundings, and the lightning became more and more prosperous.

Let’s go!

A silent roar echoes in the void.

The thunder is endless, and it starts again and again. Ling Ran’s intention was just pointing finger towards Xiang Su Ei, which made him pale and worried.

And the expression is even more stunned.

Having an axe in one hand and a shield in the other, this image is unique in Shicheng.

And that lightning.

“Thunder Axe…”

“Zhou Jia?”

“This…how is this possible!”

“I will I know!” At this time, another silhouette rushed into the cave. After seeing the situation in the field, he was stunned for a moment and then ecstatic: “Zhou Jia, it turns out that the owner of the blood vine building is also you, you have always been In hiding the strength of the cultivation base, it was you who killed Shirley!”

“I knew it!”

“It was you!”

Niu Yan Excited, trembling all over.

From the very beginning, he felt that there was something wrong with Zhou Jia, and suspected that Xue Li’s death was related to it, but there was no evidence, nor the support of others, and was misunderstood.

A lot of people even veiled that he was too suspicious.

Sometimes, even he himself has reflected on whether he really thinks too much.


An inexplicable ecstasy filled his heart.

“I guessed right!”

Niu Yan’s eyes widened:

“You killed Shirley, surnamed Zhou, you hid it Deep enough, Zhou Jia’s name and identity, I’m afraid it is also used to hide people’s eyes and ears?”

“yes and how.”

“No, so what.”

“Not bad.” Su E squinted his eyes:

“Whether it is or not, you will surely die today!”

freeze the world!

The sword finger was upright, and an extreme chill emerged. The huge cave seemed to fall into a cold winter in an instant, and the surface of the rock was covered with frost.

A wisp of invisible murderous intention entangled Zhou Jia even more.


Zhou Jia lightly sighed, his flesh trembled slightly, and strands of electric light emerged from his body, dissipating the attacking energy, and at the same time the axe blade swayed.



It was like Spiritual God above Nine Heavens waving his sword, thunder tore the void, lightning staggered and collided in the air, and appeared in front of Su E.

“Good boy!”

Su E’s eyes twitched, and a warning sign suddenly appeared in his heart. He didn’t have time to think about it. ice.

Ice Soul Palm!


The ice crystals shattered, and strands of electric light gushed out from it.

Zhou Jia’s complexion remained unchanged, the source power in his body surged, and Heavenly Jade thunder transformed into five thunders.


A far more violent and ferocious thunder axe light emerged than before, like a rush of furious thunder, swallowing the ice crystals in front and rushing towards the person who came.


Su vomited blood and went backwards crazily.

Behind him, Niu Yan’s complexion sank, and his long spear shook, as if an oolong had come out of a hole and collided with the incoming thunder.


The thunder exploded, and the three of them flew back.

Zhou Jia’s body swayed. Although his cultivation base and strength had not recovered, his fleshy body resistance was still there, but he recovered after a while.

Five Thunder Axe!

The thunder surging, the five thunders reciprocating, the cycle is endless, the lightning is getting more and more prosperous, and even pouring out of the hole, wrapping the two of them.

Thousands of Crazy Thunder Anger slashes, under the sharp and fast slashes, Su E, who was already injured, only held on for a few breaths.

It screamed and was torn apart by the double-edged axe.

The thunder broke out.

The scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Niu Yan’s cultivation base is stronger than Su E’s, plus his strength is intact, he was spared, but his arms were numb and he went backwards.

“How could…”

“The injury on your body!”

He was horrified, the other party’s breath was weak, and he was still so terrifying?

“If there is an injury, it’s no problem to deal with the miscellaneous fish. It’s your fault that you take the initiative to court death.” Zhou Jia coldly snorted, stepped forward, and the axe light immediately flourished, making it difficult to distinguish silhouettes .


In the loud noise, one silhouette was blasted a hundred meters away, knocking down a tree, and then struggling to get up and flee into the distance .

But looking at his limping figure, it was obvious that he was seriously injured.


Yang Xuan jumped to the vicinity, his eyes hesitant:


He naturally I know that the current owner of the Blood Vine Building is not the original one, and I also know that Zhou Jia, the recent martial arts star of the Heavenly Tiger gang.

But he couldn’t think of it anyway.

These two people,

are actually the same person.


No wonder his son entered Xiaolang Island and was found immediately. Isn’t this a lamb in a tiger’s den, but it seems that his son worshipped Zhou Jia as division?

For a while,

Yang Xuan’s head was muddy, and he didn’t know what to do.

“Deal with the others.”

Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged, and he threw two pieces of black iron mysterious soldiers:

“Don’t leave your mouth alive.”

“Yes.” Yang Xuan’s expression turned solemn:

“The landlord.”

No matter what the status of the landlord is, he is living a good life now, and his son worships each other as a teacher, which is considered a kiss. Add pro.

With the opponent’s age, cultivation base, and demonstrated strength, future achievements can be imagined.


Climb up this tall branch too.

Having made a decision in his heart, he hurriedly put away the black iron mysterious soldiers, greeted him, and ordered the remaining Shadow Guards of the Blood Vine Building to pounce on the soldiers.

Zhou Jia swept his body and killed several experts at will. Seeing that the situation was stable, he flew to chase after Niu Yan.

“You can’t escape!”

Niu Yan was seriously injured, coupled with the fact that he is not good at Lightweight Art, facing Zhou Jia, who has the characteristics of listening to the wind, he can’t escape at all. Hand out.

Not long.

Near a body of water.

Zhou Jia fluttered down with the axe and shield in hand.

“General Niu, don’t run away?”

“Huh…” Niu Yan took a deep breath, slowly raised the long spear, for a long time of battle , so that he can be in danger.

But in my heart, despair is inevitable, so I can only threaten:

“If you kill me, you will surely die too.”



Zhou Jia smiled lightly, without intending to be too long-winded with the other party, he stepped down and flew up.

Perfection Realm’s Five Thunder Axe, placed on top of Shenhuang Jue, is enough to reach three levels of cultivation base, thunder blooms, like the vast sun in the sky.

Even though the cultivation base is far from restored, the power is still amazing.

Niu Yan’s eyes were fixed, his face was full of death intent, his long spear trembled, and he rushed into the heavenly thunder.



The lightning exploded and fell on the trees, which immediately ignited a raging fire; Open potholes; fall on the water, blasting water waves.

When the two of them passed, rocks crumbled, trees collapsed, and water flowed wildly. Everything was a mess under the collision of source power.


With a meandering lightning slash from top to bottom, Niu Yan holding a long spear froze, and his breath disappeared.

I don’t know.

Does he regret his repeated attempts at Zhou Jia?

After solving the opponent, Zhou Jia put away his things, without stopping, running the movement method and heading straight into the distance, his face was overwhelmed with emotion, even more excited than when Su E discovered his identity.

In the Sea of Consciousness, the Apocalypse is flickering wildly:

Discover the source star!

Discover the Origin Star!


Following Apocalypse’s guidance, he stopped the movement method on a river bank not long after, looking towards the two things under his feet with a surprised expression.

A fairly familiar relic, a jade tube with a scroll sealed.

The Origin Star,

is within that jade tube.

“It’s that simple?”

He looked odd and hesitant.

“This is also…”

“Isn’t it too easy?”

With so many Origin Stars, almost all of them have ups and downs. You can pick up one when you go shopping outside, which made Zhou Jia a little unbelievable for a while.

After hesitating for a while, he took up the jade tube, looked around, saw that there was no outsider, and then shattered the jade stone outside.

A Origin Star quietly emerged.

Following the pull of Apocalypse, the source star folded in the sky and submerged into the Sea of Consciousness.

Tianhuixing: Enlightenment of the Law

Seeking the root, knowing the Dharma, comprehending the Dao, all methods are accessible.

(End of this chapter)

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