Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 214


Chapter 214 Encounter


I don’t know when it got dark.

The sky was overcast, and the wind and rain were about to come.

“I used to read novels, and the protagonist must have a fortuitous encounter when he falls off a cliff. People with Great Destiny who go out and pick up a stick may be Heaven and Earth Supreme Treasure.”

” Unexpectedly, one day I can also encounter such a thing!”

Zhou Jia smiled, annoyed by the interruption of the refining keel not long ago, and also disappeared.

If it wasn’t for Niu Yan being led here, he wouldn’t be able to pick up a Origin Star casually. If he said that, he should thank the other party.


As the Origin Star submerged into the Sea of Consciousness, an endless stream of source power poured out from the Baihui Point above the head, flowing to the limbs and bones, washing away Acupuncture points around the body.

Different from the source power in the keel.

This source power is pure, docile, and free of impurities. It doesn’t take a shred of effort to integrate itself into itself, making it a great cultivator, as if it belongs to itself.


This source power directly overwhelms the discomfort caused by the keel source power.


Zhou Jia relieved, the divine brilliance works in an orderly manner, swallowing and refining the source power in the body, the keel’s source power sinks into the Sanguanqiao acupoint, and it cracks with a sound Ring, three passes have been broken.

The source power continuously brought by Tian Comet, after the cultivation technique broke three levels, the cultivation base continued to skyrocket.

Three levels for the first time!

Three levels are broken!

Three levels of Perfection!


Four levels!


The whole body is full of energy, and the source power is surging, but in the blink of an eye, Zhou Jia’s divine brilliance has never broken the fourth test in less than three levels.

cultivation base , the middle stage of advanced dark iron.

There are a lot of black iron experts in Xiaolang Island, but not many in the middle stage of black iron.

When Heavenly Tiger helped Lei Batian, there were only three in the middle of the black iron, and now there are only two experts from Xue and Yang.


Zhou Jia is already one of them.

Stabilizing the cultivation base, thoughts submerged in the Sea of Consciousness, the newly added Celestial Comet flickered slightly, and everything about this Origin Star quietly came to mind.

Heaven Comet: Enlightenment!

Familiarity, enlightenment.

Consume the energy of the source star to help you understand the cultivation technique, which is different and the consumption is different.

The power of the source star?

As soon as Zhou Jia’s thoughts moved, he saw the stars of Tian Comet emitting rays of light, and then something like a pool of water appeared, and a number came to his mind.

Original Energy: 1873!

The ‘water’ in the pool is the source energy, and 1873 is the amount of source energy.

These sources of energy are the accumulated income of Tianhuixing over the years. As long as the source energy is consumed, it can help people to understand the cultivation technique.

Zhou Jia thought about it, and a boxing technique came to his mind.

Monkey Fist!

This is a boxing technique acquired in the Huo Family Fort, and it is also a normal existence on the mortal level.

Energy: -3.

next moment.

Everything about Monkey Fist appeared in Zhou Jia’s mind. Monkey Fist’s thirty-six-way boxing technique is actually clear in every detail.

I am afraid that the person who created this boxing method must know more about this way of boxing.

Just for a moment.

The perception of monkey boxing is already Great Perfection.

Zhou Jia’s breathing stagnates for a while, and then the three-body step and the 9th layer climbing step come up in his mind.

Energy: -48.

With the rapid consumption of energy, many insights about these two movement methods came to mind one after another, and they were also advanced to Perfection.


Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, and he directly revealed the Five Thunder Axe Technique.

Energy: -664.


Zhou Jia’s face turned pale, and he blurted out subconsciously, but it was obviously too late, everything about the Five Thunder Axe method had already poured into his mind.

Five Thunder Axe: Great Perfection!

Great Perfection Realm’s Five Thunder Axe method turns the control of the thunder into an instinct, and the five thunders are endless, recurring, and have no beginning and no end.


More than double the Perfection Realm.


not increased but decreased!

But Zhou Jia’s expression was not happy.

It’s not just because the consumption is too high, it’s a bit reluctant to give up.

It is also because of the special comprehension technique of Tian Comet, although it can make people instantly understand the wonders of cultivation techniques, it does not mean that they are mastered.

That is to say.

You can understand the truth, but the practical application requires practice.

Even if you practice hard and are limited by your own cultivation base and physique, you may not be able to fully master this cultivation technique.

Tianyingxing: It’s different in the hands of soldiers.

As long as you have cultivation, you will naturally comprehend and master the cultivation technique mysterious, and finally reach the limit.

The characteristics of the two have their overlap, but they are fundamentally completely different. One focuses on perception and the other on practice.

The most important thing is.

The Five Thunder Axe method is already Perfection, enough to use, and you can use the characteristics of the palm soldier to increase the perception, consuming so much energy is not worth the loss.

“That’s it!”

Zhou Jia shook his head:

“At least the time to advance to the Great Perfection will be much earlier.”

Now with Great Perfection realm insights, when you practice again, you will naturally avoid many detours and can master it faster.

However, after a cursory attempt, I can understand the characteristics of Dharma enlightenment.

Any level of cultivation technique can be comprehended in a few or dozens of points of energy.

The black iron cultivation technique requires hundreds or even thousands of points.

The same cultivation technique, if you have the background, or have been comprehended by cultivation for many years, the consumption of perfection will also be reduced.

The Five Thunder Axe method should be a special case.

Only from Perfection Realm to Great Perfection, just one realm consumes so much energy, the ordinary black iron cultivation technique does not use so much energy at all.

In addition.

The source energy consumption can also be intentionally controlled.

For example.

It is possible to realize a cultivation technique to be proficient in realm, but it needs to be prepared in advance.

The energy will also accumulate on its own along with the ebbing of time.

Currently in his body, he can get two points in three days. Judging from the understanding from the source star, with the increase of Zhou Jia cultivation base, the speed of source energy accumulation will also speed up.


Taking a picture of the relic on the ground, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

Heaven Comet: Enlightenment.

Earth star: dao fruit.

The two Origin Stars are like a pair of partners, one can comprehend the cultivation technique, and the other can turn his own comprehension into dao fruit and pass it on to others.



Looking at the two things in his hand, Zhou Jia inevitably thought of a certain figure from hundreds of years ago, and for a while, thoughts came to his mind.

“Put down the things on your hands!”

At this moment, a cold icy voice sounded.

Accompanying it is a fierce sword qi, the sword qi soars for 100 meters in the air, and its power is not diminished at all, as if it will cut the earth in half.

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly, and his body flew backwards subconsciously.

At the same time.

A strange feeling came to mind.

Comprehend Great Perfection’s three body steps and 9th layer climbing steps, and tell him how to exert his strength and run the movement method in order to dodge faster.

But his own realm made him unable to do this, and his response was relatively slow.

It’s like, the mind does it, but the body can’t keep up.

It’s like a dream I had when I was sleeping with my legs pressed.


sword qi slid across the ground.

A deep crack appeared in the hard rock, a big tree not far away was divided into two, and even the river seemed to be interrupted for a moment.


A surprised voice sounded:

β€œIt’s you!”

The sound fell, and the two figures moved at an astonishing speed Swept from a distance and landed on both sides of the river.

One of them was holding a red long sword, his long hair was messy and his eyes were bloodshot.

It is Ji Xianji Young Master from Ji Family of Chi Xiaojun.

The other person is covered with the spirit of a thousand-handed Buddha. There is a slit in the waist and ribs. His face is pale and his breath is a little confused.

It was Zhang Bingzhong, the leader of the Huntian Bandit.

Zhou Jia didn’t know Zhang Bingzhong, but he heard about the other’s appearance and cultivation technique from Zhao Kui’s mouth, and his eyes narrowed slightly when he saw it.

I immediately surrendered to Ji Xian:

“Master Ji Young.”

“Zhou Jia.”

Ji Xian’s eyes flashed :

“Why are you here?”

“Forget it!”

Shaking his head, no longer paid attention to exists as a trivial ant in his eyes He continued to look towards Zhang Bingzhong, his voice was cold:

“It’s just waiting by the side.”


Zhou Jia nods and looks Unchanged, holding two things back slightly:

“Master Ji Young does his best, and Zhou will sweep the formation for you.”

“It’s up to you.” Zhang Bingzhong finally turned his head to the side. Glancing at him, his attitude was indifferent:

“It’s also worthy!”

The two chose to duel here, and they had deliberately avoided outsiders. Suddenly an intruder appeared, and it was inevitable that He was a little unhappy.

Ji Xian is the enemy.

Ji Family’s red blood work has a total of sixth layer. Although Ji Xian is young, he has already cultivated to the fifth layer.

Even if he was able to take down Ji Xian, he would inevitably be seriously injured. When the time comes, it would be a joke if he was taken advantage of by the younger generation.

This is not necessarily impossible.

Speaking, a murderous intention emerged.

It’s better to deal with this person who came out first while you still have some strength.

As for the Holy Buddha Relic and the Great Dao Treasure Scroll, he, like Ji Xian, doesn’t care, as long as he wins in the end, can things be taken away by others?


At this moment, a flying bird fluttered its wings and landed beside Ji Xian, calling zhi zhi incessantly.

“This time…”

Ji Xian brows frowned, with a displeased face.

A good fight, repeatedly interrupted.

Resisting the anger and displeasure in his heart, he raised his hand to capture the flying bird, when suddenly a strong wind hit and headed straight for the flying bird.


Ji Xian swings his sword, smashes the strong wind, looks towards Zhou Jia, browses frowned:

“What are you doing?”

“Young Master battle is imminent, Zhou is afraid that you will be distracted. This bird’s message came at such a bad time, it may be a trap.” Zhou Jia’s face is serious:

“Wan If something disturbs your mind, it may be unfavorable.”

He had seen this flying bird.

Fast speed, unusual agility, and appearance similar to ordinary birds, often subconsciously ignored by people, often used by Niu Yan for emergency communication.

“Hmm…” Ji Xian looked thoughtful:

“It makes sense.”

be that as it may, he still took down the bird communication, As Zhou Jia slowly tightened his body, he casually glanced at the contents above.

Immediately coldly snorted, with the movement of his palm, the letterhead turned to fly ashes.

“What’s the matter with you?”

He glanced at Zhou Jia with doubts in his eyes:

“Why are you so nervous?”

“Really.” Zhou Jia split his mouth:

“Maybe that friend’s eyes are too sharp.”

“Indeed.” Ji Xian looked towards Zhang Bingzhong, A slight smile:

“Your Excellency may have murdered him, but Zhou Jia, you can rest assured that with this Young Master here, no one can touch you here.”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia nods:

“many thanks Mr…”



Before he finished speaking, a red sword light appeared in front of him, the air was divided into two under the whistling sword qi, collided with the shield that was suddenly erected, and aroused the rush of energy.

The four-phase shield shakes!

The sword and shield collided, and the air waves visible to the naked eye swept the four directions.

Zhou Jia holds a shield in one hand, his body is slightly bowed, the ground under his feet all split up and in pieces, the smile on his face gradually disappears, his eyes become indifferent, looking towards Ji Xian in front of him:


β€œWhat does Young Master mean?”

Ji Xian’s face sank.


Zhang Bingzhong raised his eyes:

“The rising star of Xiaolang Island, Elder Zhou Jia of Heavenly Tiger Gang, I also have this name From what I heard, I never imagined that it would be able to resist Ji Xian’s sword.”

He could see clearly.

Ji Xian’s strike just now was poised to strike, and he never held back the slightest bit of strength, although his strength gradually weakened due to the half-weather fight with him.

But it is definitely not something that a person who is new to black iron can resist.


Even in the middle stage of Black Iron, if you don’t take precautions in advance, you may not be able to stop it.

“You killed Shirley?”

Ji Xian ignored Zhang Bingzhong and looked directly at Zhou Jia through the shield with a cold expression:

“Cow” Yan, is also dead in your hands?”


“Zhao Kuxin is also in your hands!”

“Ji Young Master.” Zhou Jia sighed lightly:

“At this time, it doesn’t seem appropriate to talk about these things, that one is still waiting for you, can we talk about the matter between us later?”

“Not bad.” Zhang Bingzhong smiled:

“Master Ji Young, if you want to have a one-on-two, this Zhang has no problem.”

“Zhang Bingzhong.” Ji Xian heard this coldly snorted:

“I’m afraid you don’t know yet, this Zhou Jia has another identity, the owner of the Blood Vine Building, I remember you’ve been looking for him.”


Zhang Bingzhong’s face sank.

Then he slowly turned to the side and looked directly at Zhou Jia with his eyes as deep as the sea:

“It was you who killed Nina?”


Zhou Jia pursed his lips.

Two murderous intentions, if any substance falls on him.

paused, he suddenly let out a long sigh, and put away the holy Buddha Relic and the Daobao scroll in his palm:

“Since both of you have murderous intentions towards Zhou, you might as well solve it together. .”

“I killed people.”

He moved his neck, the breath that had been suppressed for a long time was slowly released, and a terrifying Power of Thunder swept all directions silently. .

The idea was so strong that it even caused Heaven and Earth to change color.


Dark clouds swept across the sky, lightning flashed in the blink of an eye, and torrential rain poured down.

Zhou Jia raised his double-edged axe slightly, the lightning flickered, on and off, which was actually in line with the electric light in the dark clouds in the sky.


Heaven and Earth together!

Zhang Bingzhong and Ji Xian both changed color.

I thought it was an ant that could be run over easily, but I never thought that it had hidden other identities. I thought it was enough to be valued.

I don’t want to.

This man was so powerful that it overwhelmed them.

(End of this chapter)

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