Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 215


Chapter 215 Final Battle

Innate expert, transformation wizard, and black iron powerhouse can all be motivated by their own spirit strength Power of Heaven and Earth, turned into various magical means.

Fighting fire, controlling water, and holding lightning.

Call the wind and summon the rain if you are prepared in advance.

But controlling Power of Heaven and Earth is not easy, even for Dark Iron experts, it requires concentration and spellcasting.

The mages of Fei Mu world are already well-known figures who control Heaven and Earth source power. In the overwhelming majority situation, they also need to use staff and source symbols.

Only silver powerhouse.

Only can you follow your thoughts and movements, regardless of foreign objects.

Zhou Jia is not silver, but he can faintly reveal the characteristics of mind movement, which is inconceivable to others.

The two in the field are different.

Ji Xian is the Ji Family Young Master, and Zhang Bingzhong was the Imperial Family’s inner guard leader.

This happens.

It shows that Zhou Jia has an extremely remarkable Peak inheritance, a method that surpasses the three skills and six methods of Xiaolang Island.


He has it all!

No, you can’t do that.


The sky thunder surged, roared, and poured down from the sky like a waterfall.

Lightning and thundering.

Light on and off.

In a flash and a dark, three silhouettes have collided.

Beacon fires!

The scarlet sword in Ji Xian’s palm made an illusory shadow in the air.

Each flame represents a blooming sword light.

Within tens of meters, almost all of them are wrapped by it.

Tiangang Crosshands!

Zhang Bingzhong’s appearance is like a giant, Thousand Hands Tathagata doesn’t show kindness, only fierce appearance.

Tiangang Cross Hand is the secret method of Imperial Court Imperial Family, which combines Great 36 Constellations hand Absolute Art and Holy Cross Sword into one, and its power is terrifying.

Thousands of hands are intertwined, and fists are heavily shadowed.

In an instant.

The surrounding air was rippling like the surface of the water, and even more undercurrents were surging, and the terrifying energy frantically consumed everything inside.

Five Thunder Axe!

Compared to the other two, Zhou Jia occupies the smallest space, but has the most striking figure, as dazzling as a group of lightning.

In the center of the sword light and palm shadow, a touch of thunder stands firmly.

With the sudden appearance of lightning, countless arcs of thunder and lightning expanded disorderly, like cobwebs intertwined, swept away in all directions.


“Boom rumble…”

The three people staggered, collided, moved rapidly, their energy whizzed, and in the blink of an eye, He had already run out and crashed into a mountain.

In front of the three of them, the hard rock was like soft tofu, and when it was hit by it lightly, it turned into powder and danced in the sky.

The sky is full of dark clouds.


It seems that night falls, and there are no fingers around, only when the thunder blooms in the sky, you can vaguely see the silhouette below.





Thunder roars.

Zhao Nanxu stood on the top floor of the restaurant, with hands behind ones back and a sad face.

Only a little worried, showing beautiful eyes.

“噼… ka…”

The electric light swept through the void, reflecting a convoy on the long street below.


The flag of the team is hunting in the wind, and the huge thunder characters are particularly eye-catching.

Lei Family.

Zhao Nanxu looked thoughtful, looking at the situation of the team, Lei Mei, who was about to take over as Heavenly Tiger’s Gang Lord, should be sitting in the carriage.

“The princess be careful.”

The old woman behind her ears trembled slightly and took a step forward:

“There is movement around.”

“Really?” Zhao Nanxu’s expression remained unchanged, his eyes moved towards the darkness.

next moment.

One after another shadow moved from the dark, silently rushing towards the convoy. The blades in their palms were obviously also specially treated so that they would not reflect light.

They flew cautiously, covered by night and heavy rain, until a dark shadow approached, and no one noticed that something was wrong.

“Enemy attack!”


The roar was loud, accompanied by the sound of sharp blades slicing across the skin.

The thunder was on and off, one after another silhouette fell to the ground, the head rolled from the neck, the blood mixed with the rain.


“Stop them!”

“Who are you?”

The carriage curtain in the middle was caught Opening it, a pair of cold and chilling eyes seemed to pierce the darkness, making Zhao Nanxu’s heart move.

“Lei Mei?”

“That’s right.” The old woman’s tape was surprised:

“There is no shortage of Heaven’s Chosen Child in a small stone city, then Zhou Jia has the Foreign Race people bloodline, that’s all, this woman is not bad.”

Zhao Nanxu slowly nodded, looked thoughtful.

“Lei Mei!”

angry roar sounded from below:

“You really thought that what you did was flawless, killing my brother Su Chan that day, you You know, everyone is watching.”

“Yes, Su Nong.” Lei Mei hummed lightly:

“Nonsense, when did I kill Su Chan? !”

“You dare to kill Gang Lord, the successor of the Heavenly Tiger gang, in the street, you Su Family want to help Heavenly Tiger, you really don’t understand the overall situation.”

“Fuck you. Damn it!” Su Nong yelled, waving a pair of mace weighing hundreds of pounds and pounced on him:

“Slut, go to hell!”

“It’s just you?” Lei He sneered, his slender body pierced out of the carriage like a meteor chasing the moon, and he clenched his fists and waved out:

“It’s also worthy!”

The bare-handed fist collided with the heavy mace, with a muffled sound The sound shook all over the place.

Lei Mei’s body fluttered and landed slowly, but Su Nong, who had been poised for a long time and shot furiously, was groaned, vomited blood and went backwards.


His eyes were red, staring at Lei Mei:

“Black Iron!”

” This is impossible!”

“There is nothing impossible.” Lei Mei hummed lightly, and approached the opponent with light and agile steps, his fists fell like heavy mountains:

“Suffer to death! “


The silhouette flew backwards.

“Black iron!” Zhao Nanxu raised his head and looked away.

Since Lei Mei revealed her dark iron cultivation base, there is no suspense in the battle below. After thinking about it, she instructed to the old woman:

“Send a card tomorrow please Let her come over here, so black iron at this age has some potential.”


The old woman should be.

Zhao Nanxu continued to ask:

“Have you ever found out, where did Zhang Bingzhong and Ji Xian duel?”

“No.” The old woman shook her head :

“Zhang Bingzhong definitely doesn’t want to be targeted, Ji Xian just needs to be sure that it’s not a trap, and he will most likely choose a place where no one is there.”

“In addition to this The weather…”

She looked outside and said:

“It is estimated that we will have to wait for the result before we know.”

“The result.” Zhao Nanxu’s beautiful eyes flickered:

“In your opinion, which of them is stronger and who is weaker? Compared with you?”

“The old slave has never seen Ji Obviously, I don’t know much about Zhang Bingzhong’s strength.” The old woman bowed her head and said:

“Both of them are only one step away from the Black Iron Peak, it is difficult to tell who is stronger and who is weaker, even more How expert competition sometimes depends on the right time and place, as long as the gap is not too big, the weak may not be unable to win, and the powerhouse may not be unable to lose.”

“As for the old slave.”

She shook her head lightly:

“If I can’t win within 100 moves, I will definitely lose.”

There is one thing she didn’t say, it is in her opinion Come, maybe Ji Xian will lose, but even if Zhang Bingzhong wins, he will die.

Ji Family’s means, another mystery.


Zhao Nanxu’s beautiful eyes picked slightly.

“The county lord and relax.” The old woman spoke again:

“The so-called wealth and honor have life, life and death are in the sky, what happened in the past may be ended today, whether it is life or death. They are probably all willing to die.”

“I’m just a pity.”

Zhao Nanxu sighed softly:

“It’s all Heaven’s Chosen Child.”

Both Zhang Bingzhong and Ji Xian are outstanding existences. Looking at the huge stone city, there is no one who can compete with them.





The three collided again, finally showing Out of the superior and inferior.

Ji Xian’s face was pale, his feet staggered, he took a few steps backwards, his chest and abdomen rose and fell rapidly, and the sound of heavy breathing was clearly audible.

Zhou Jia’s arms were shaking and his legs were slightly weak.

Only Zhang Bingzhong is not different.

Talk about the background.

He is the leader of the gangster who has lived for several decades and is the most profound.

But he also didn’t dare to be careless.

The corpse!

Heart Ape!

Both hands lightly form seals, Zhang Bingzhong opened his eyes, his aura outside his body did not shrink back, but turned into a height of more than ten feet, but more concentrated.

With the blessing of the secret technique, the Thousand-Armed Buddha seems to have come to life, with glazed eyes glittering, and the Thousand-Armed Buddha waving directly towards Ji Xian.

Tiangang Crosshands!

This combination of boxing, seal, and secret is inherently powerful, but the ordinary person only has double fists, and the power naturally has its limits.

And the spirit of the Thousand-hand Buddha, combined with it, complements each other.

In an instant,

is dozens of violent attacks.

The Yellow Sand Wanli Sword!

Ji Xian’s eyes narrowed, and the crimson sword in his palm slashed the sword qi in the air, and the sword qi passed by, and the fist mark in the air was immediately disappeared.

He has more cards than the other two.

A sword in hand alone is beyond comparison.


Zhou Jia was wrapped in electric light, and the ground under his feet shattered. He suddenly appeared in front of Ji Xian, and the axe light fell at an astonishing speed.

Hundreds of pounds of double-edged axe, like a straw in his hand, wielded fast, vertical and horizontal.

With a slight wiggle of his wrist, he wrapped both of them together.

The axe blade breaks through the air, and the Power of Thunder is restrained.



The violent and terrifying Power of Thunder will only crash at the moment of collision Explosion, tearing apart everything that comes.

The three seem to be fighting each other in chaos, but Ji Xian is obviously under the most pressure.

The other two faintly discernable join forces.


His condition is precarious.

“Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move!”

Zhang Bingzhong’s facial expression grave, his hands pinched, leading Zhou Jia’s Power of Thunder to blast Ji Xian, he also followed closely from behind to approach.


A surge of energy.

Ji Xian vomited blood and went backwards.

Zhang Bingzhong’s eyes moved slightly, just as he was about to pursue his victory, he saw dozens of axe lights hiding the sky and covering the earth.

The axe light seems to be disordered, but in fact it contains the wonderful transformation of Five Elements, the thunder rushes, at first only about one zhang, and it covers all directions in the blink of an eye.



The axe and the axe collided, and the two retreated at the same time.


Suddenly, a long howl of ten thousand ghosts crying appeared in the ears of the two of them, and everything between Heaven and Earth in their perception suddenly turned blood red.

A murderous intention that penetrated into the bone marrow made their hearts beat wildly.

I don’t know when.

Ji Xian’s left hand had an extra blood-red long sword. The long sword was just a slight wave, and the trees within 100 meters in front of him all retreated.


Even Zhang Bingzhong’s external aura showed a crack.

Zhou Jia facial expression grave, his body shrank suddenly, his left shield slammed forward, Perfection Realm’s four-phase shield shook to guard against death.


The mad surging energy outside was easily torn apart by the sword qi.


A sharp crack appeared on the shield.


Zhou Jia trembled slightly.

No damage!

His eyes twitched and his heart was relaxed.

The keel!

The keel given by Zhao painstakingly made his left hand twice as powerful as his right hand, and the defensive power was greatly increased.

This scene.

Not only did it surprise him, it also made the other two eyes shrink.

“Join us!”

Zhang Bingzhong shouted:

“Deal with him first!”


The spirit was broken and should have been hit hard.

But with the Medicine Master’s secret spell, the injury on his body was instantly suppressed, and even his flesh showed a crystal clear and near-transparent jade-like luster.

In a short period of time, the strength does not decrease but increases.

Growling in his mouth, he rushed towards Zhou Jia.

Ji Xian’s eyes flickered, then lightly snorted, the Blood Sword with only half of it in his palm stabbed.


The violent rumbling sound shook the torrential rain into the air into a huge water polo.

Zhou Jia stepped on the ground with both feet and plowed two deep ravines on the stone ground. White smoke was blowing from his body, and he was panting desperately.


The two of them narrowed their eyes.


Zhou Jia raised his head, his expression gradually changed to hideous:

“It seems,”

“still I’m stronger!”


In the roar, the double-edged axe in his palm exploded with lightning, and the dazzling thunder almost smashed the nearby land, Shining transparent.



Five Thunder Axe!

It is clear that the cultivation base has only broken the fourth level, but with all kinds of blessings, the background that he burst out is comparable to breaking the eighth level of Shenhuang Jue.

And Perfection Realm’s Five Thunder Axe is more than others.

Perhaps Zhang Bingzhong and Ji Xian’s methods are as good as the Five Thunder Axe, and their cultivation base is not weak, but their understanding of martial arts is obviously not as good as Zhou Jia’s.


With the passage of time, Zhou Jia’s mastery of the Five Thunder Axe has become more and more proficient, moving towards Great Perfection Realm advanced by leaps and bounds.



heavenly thunder five rolls.

In an instant, lightning rolled on the scene, Dou Da Thunderous Roar slashed out, unscrupulously bloomed with power, and the arrogant axe swept all directions.

In the field, there is nothing to see except the thunder and axe light.

Zhang Bingzhong and Ji Xian looked at each other, obviously they were a pair of mortal enemies.

If they don’t join forces, they will die!

“A thousand hands will be annihilated!”

“Kill the body!”

The two of them stepped at the same time, facing the thunder.



Amidst the heavenly thunder, a thousand-handed giant Buddha appeared from time to time, facing up or beheading. The scarlet Blood Sword that broke everything, swept away the lightning.

But next moment.

The thunder rolled and drowned everything again.

The three of them were dozens of meters away, all covered by thunder, and the lightning was like water, rushing endlessly.


The blood light shatters.


The spirit collapsed.


A zigzag thunder poked out from the dark clouds in the sky, as if Spiritual God swung the Divine Weapon in his palm and chopped down heavenly punishment downwards.


A piece of ground was wiped from the ground.




I don’t know how long it has been.

Muddleheaded Zhao painstakingly awakened.

“Zhou Jia.”

Looking at the pale and weak silhouette beside him, Zhao Ku was excited:

“What’s the result?”


“Who won?”

He was nervous, and the waiting of several decades seemed to be for this moment.


Zhou Jia opened his mouth, and before he had time to speak, a surge of blood surged up his throat, body trembled, and spit out a stream of blood first.

“How are you?”

Until then, Zhao took pains to realize that Zhou Jia’s situation was not right.

“I can’t die.”

Zhou Jia waved his hand and said slowly:

“Both of them died.”

“They’re all dead!” Zhao’s eyes lit up with pains, and his whole body trembled:

“both sides suffer!”

“…Almost.” Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

“Okay, okay!” Zhao’s heart was trembling and he applauded again and again, but the next moment hesitantly said:

“You won’t lie to me, will you?”

“Look I’m a dying person, say good news…”


Zhou Jia waved his hand and a scarlet sword fell to the ground.

Zhao’s eyes narrowed, his breathing almost stagnant. The sword he naturally recognized was Ji Xian’s personal saber, and Ji Xian’s fate here can be imagined.

Ji Xian is dead, there is no need for the other person to lie to him.



Zhao hoarsely screamed, his body trembled wildly, and the ointment on his body rustled.

In a few moments.

The sound stops.

Zhou Jia stared at him, motionless.

“What are you doing looking at me?” Zhao was puzzled.

“Why didn’t you die?”

“I…don’t I still have some time?”

“But what I read in the book, those people After many years of deliberation, they were all revengeful and emotional, and died on the spot.”


Zhao was speechless:

“You Do you want me to die?”

“That’s not the case.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“Senior also promised to write down the Imperial Family secret technique, naturally the later the death, the better. Well, I’m just worried about your situation.”

“It’s work.” Zhao sighed bitterly:

“I’ll tell you the method.”

” Don’t be in a hurry.” Knowing that the other party would not die in a while, Zhou Jia was not in a hurry, but extended the hand, forcing out one after another bloody red line:

“senior do you know what this is? Something?”

“This… bloodline!” Zhao took a hard look, then his expression changed:

“You killed Ji Xian?”

“Sure enough.” Zhou Jia withdrew his arm, brows frowned:

“This thing appeared on my body when the surname Ji died. Although it can be suppressed, it doesn’t seem to be able to get rid of it.”

“It’s amazing if you can suppress it.” Zhao’s eyes flashed bitterly, and said:

“This thing is the curse of the Ji Family, as long as you kill the Ji Family bloodline, the There will be, and it will be tracked by Ji Family people.”

“But you can suppress it, it’s okay for the time being.”

Zhou Jia’s heart sank.

(End of this chapter)

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