Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Abandoned Children

Water pools, hillsides, and giant trees grow in disorder.

The trees here are ferocious, with few green leaves. From a distance, they look like monsters with baring fangs and brandishing claws. In addition, the eerie red light envelopes the surroundings, full of terrifying aura.

More than 40 people cautiously walked into it, as if they were wrapped in a layer of viscous liquid, and their moving speed seemed to have slowed down a lot.

“Big Brother Han.”

Unable to see the silhouette behind, Zhao Gang lowered his voice:

“What do you think?”

“I don’t believe them.” Half of Fatty Han’s cheeks were bloody, injury has not recovered, and even his voice became hoarse:

“If you do things like that, they won’t let us live. Go!”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

He thought so too.

The four of them were very ruthless, and they would kill at every turn, leaving no room for them.

I’m afraid it’s inevitable!

“What did Situ Lei say?” Wang Shizhong said in a muffled voice:

“He should also be from Earth.”

In his heart, there was always a trace of hope.

“How do you know he’s from Earth? If he can speak Mandarin, he must be his own?” Fatty Han glanced at him and said coldly:

“Also, even if He really came from Earth, and he didn’t even go back himself, so why would he say he can send us back?”

Wang Shizhong was silent, then paused and said with a bitter smile:

“Earth people don’t lie to Earth people.”

“You believe this?” Huang Ying gritted her teeth:

“What’s the use of saying this? Now there are wolves in front and tigers in the back. , do we still have a choice?”

“Yeah.” One person said:

“They simply don’t care what we think in our hearts, maybe they drive us here, already Achieved the goal.”

“As Situ Lei said, if you give it a try, there is still a chance.”

Fatty Han glanced at everyone:

” You all think so?”

According to his idea, it should be to unite everyone and negotiate terms with the group of four, as long as everyone is not afraid of death, and the things here are very important to them.

Then there is a high probability that the foursome will make compromises in order to achieve their goals.

At least temporarily compromise.

How can it be…

How can it be so easy to work together when people are complicated?

He still has some prestige in the original team, but those who have survived to this day are all elites, and few people really believe him.

And the gun is the first bird. If the group negotiates with everyone, how will the others not know, the one who takes the lead will definitely die, and he doesn’t want to die.

That’s it!

With a sigh in his heart, Fatty Han’s eyes are faint:

“The four of them are afraid that we are sure that we dare not resist. In this case, then let’s resign ourselves to fate and take a step by step. .”

“Be careful!”

While speaking, Zhao Gang, who has the most sensitive ears, narrowed his eyes:

“Something is coming.”

Before he finished speaking, a whistle of arrows came.


The arrow emerged from the darkness and penetrated into a man’s chest. Juli directly pushed him off the ground and flew a few meters away.

After landing, he choked on a few mouthfuls of blood, and then he was silent.

“Be careful!”


The crowd scattered, looking for trees to hide.

After this period of fighting, everyone is considered to be experienced, each finds a good position, tightens his body and looks in.

It is normal for the dead.

“Da da… da da…”

The sound of hoofs sounded, getting closer.

Zhou Jia can see a wolf-headed cavalry running by himself through the cracks in the tree branches.

However, unlike the cavalry I encountered before, this cavalry was covered in rotten flesh, his eyes were dark, and it was a corpse with a mutation.

The corpse loses its eyes after mutation, but it is difficult for the living to avoid its ‘perception’.

Hide, it can also ‘see’.

Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered, took a deep breath, and took the initiative to walk out with a shield.

Since a fight is inevitable, it is better to take the initiative to attack. The stronger the strength, the greater the probability of surviving in the face of changes.

“Ho ho…”

‘When I saw the silhouette, the wolf rider said ho ho, the wolf corpse under his crotch suddenly accelerated, the long spear in his hand trembled slightly, and the speed increased The force hits Zhou Jia directly.

The shield is against!


The long spear landed on the shield, was hit by it, and immediately bounced high, and the momentum of the wolf riding forward could not be stagnant.


The two people in ambush nearby burst into flames, one holding a wooden stick and the other holding an iron stick, smashing at the cavalry and the wolf corpse respectively.

The timing was right and they were not weak.

Zhou Jia’s complexity greatly changed:

“Be careful!”

The staggering wolf rider has stabilized his body, long spear With one stroke, one person was sent flying, and then the other person was knocked down with the wolf.

As for the offensive that falls on the body, it is of little use.

The man who was pumped was only Grade 1, and when he was hit by the long spear, his whole body was twisted and deformed.

“This thing is stronger than ordinary wolf riders!” Zhou Jia shouted lowly, at the same time shrinking his body behind the shield, he rammed into the wolf rider with force.

As the muscles wriggled in an orderly manner, a power hidden in the body burst out quietly, pouring into the arm in an instant, blessing on the shield.

source power!

The wolf corpse that just bit off the head of the man on the ground turned his head and slammed into it.


The wolf ride and the wooden shield collided.

Zhou Jia couldn’t help groaned, his eyes darkened and he took a few steps backwards. The wolf riding was also uncomfortable, and even the man and the wolf were thrown to the ground.


Huang Ying flew over, slashed with a single knife, and cut off the wolf rider’s head in one fell swoop.

The wolf corpse was still struggling, but was stabbed in the head by Fatty Han who came over.


Several people looked at each other and their expressions were condensed.

It’s just a wolf ride, they have dispatched almost the strongest three people, and they don’t know how many monsters there are.


Suddenly, there is a black above.

Fatty Han’s heart beat wildly, and he suddenly retreated.

The next moment.


A huge black shadow fell from the sky and hit Huang Ying’s position, a depression was smashed into the hard ground.

The shadow is a tree trunk that two people embrace.

Huang Ying was disappeared in situ, with only some muddy flesh and blood oozing from below.


Grade 2 tiger bone, if you don’t pay attention in this kind of place, you will die!


With the thunderous roar, the surrounding trees and branches trembled sharply, and the black image below one after another was stimulated, roaring and rushing towards the crowd.

The mutated wolf ride!

A armored monster with a height of nearly ten feet!

A humanoid monster with black hair all over its body and the shape of a wild boar!


Through a dry monster, you can see a huge silhouette standing behind.

The silhouette is more than six meters high, like a second-layer building. The fat muscles on the body show terrifying power, and the huge vertical eye on the big head is particularly eye-catching.

Beside it, there are some big tree trunks.

At this moment, the monster stretched out his four sturdy arms, hugged one of the trees with both hands, suddenly exerted his strength, and threw it towards the crowd several dozen meters away.

“Hurry up!”


The earth trembled, and two more people were smashed into flesh before they could dodge.

Fatty Han climbed up from the ground with a muddy face and looked towards the one-eyed monster, a red wooden stick in its hand attracted his attention.

At the top of the stick, there is a fist sized red gem.

The red light that enveloped the surroundings seems to have come out of the gem, which should be what the foursome wanted.

Zhou Jia also saw the one-eyed monster.

But unlike the others, his eyes didn’t stop at the stick.

On the thick neck of the one-eyed monster, some skulls, stones and some shell-like things were connected with ropes.

One of the unremarkable stones made his eyes shrink.

The stars in his mind told him that that thing was…

Original Star!


It’s too late to say it.

While everyone was in shock, the monster below had already rushed over.

The group of monsters is like a wave, and everyone is like a fishing boat spinning in it.

There is no organization, and no one stands in the way, everyone fights on their own.

The few people in the front, before they even had time to struggle, were torn to shreds by a dry monster in the screams.


On the hillside.


The whip girl swept the audience, coldly snorted, full of disdain:

“A bunch of useless things.”


“It doesn’t matter.” Aaron the cloak said slowly:

“They were originally used for consumption, and they really did it…”

“It’s up to us. .”

“Boss, there’s no need to kill to the last one.” Situ Lei looked sideways and whispered:

“People who have entered the rank are also wanted. , if they survive…”

“hehe…” Aaron rubbed his cane, his voice erratic:

“Several decades of experience taught me that in a low position Those who are accustomed to be submissive, but as long as they have the power one day, they will retaliate with death.”

“Because if this is not the case, their enemies will sooner or later return in a swirl of dust, Kill them.”

“That’s common sense!”

(end of chapter)

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