Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Traps


Fatty Han gritted his teeth and roared:

“We’ve been tampered with.”

Zhou Jia was instantly stunned.

No wonder!

It’s no wonder that they haven’t officially made a move here, the monsters below are already restless, and the eyes of Divine Idol are wild beasts who are hungry.

However, why must Fatty Han be the ones who moved?


As his thoughts turned, an armored wolf-headed monster with a height of nearly 10 feet had already rushed forward, slashing fiercely with a machete in his hand.

Compared to the armored monsters I encountered before, it is taller, stronger, and hardly looks like a breed.

The machete broke through the air, and the shadows fell.


Zhou Jia raised his shield, and his realm’s shield counter easily blocked the incoming attack, but Ju Li still made him take a few steps back.

This power…

Grade 3!

Also at Grade 3, monsters are obviously stronger than people.

He was awe-inspiring. After stabilizing his body, he immediately hid behind the tree next to him. At the same time, he loudly shouted, raised his shield and held an axe in front of him.


Unlike the evenly matched on his side, the situation of others is obviously not that good, and the screams sounded at the moment of contact.



I don’t know how many monsters rushing towards them, setting off billowing smoke and engulfing everyone.



Fatty Han shouted with all his strength, and at the same time cooperated with several people to entangle with several monsters, Fighting and retreating, never reluctant to fight.

There are far more monsters than everyone else.

Fortunately, only a small number of those with strength comparable to or even surpassed Grade 3, plus most of them were mutant corpses, and their movements were relatively rigid, which was barely enough for a while.

However, as time goes by, more and more people will be exhausted and unable to hold on, and they will collapse sooner or later.

This is perfectly clear even for Zhou Jia.

But at this time, everyone is too busy to take care of themselves, how can they have the energy to take care of others?



The long-lost lightning triggered on the shield finally reappeared after many collisions. The giant armored monster Being struck by the electric light could not help but froze.

Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, he took the opportunity to approach, slammed the giant axe in his hand with a low roar, and chopped off the opponent’s head with an axe.


This giant armored monster has given more than 40 points of experience.

After beheading the opponent, Zhou Jia didn’t stop, turning around and running towards the back while the monster hadn’t entangled him for a while.

He’s not stupid, he knows he’ll be dead end if he stays.

There are not a few people who have the same idea as him. A few people hid in the top of the tree when the monster rushed, and at this time they started to run backwards.


The man running in front suddenly fell to the ground.


Before he fell down, he had lost his head!

A black shadow was drawn from the air, as if it smashed Old Wu’s head, and the man’s head was also violently shattered on the spot under the whip shadow.

The silhouette of the whip girl Wu Ying appeared on the hillside, holding a long whip in her hand, looking coldly towards everyone:

“Let me see, who else dares to step back?”

Several people froze for a while, looked at each other and could see the despair in each other’s eyes, and then one of them rushed to the monster without saying a word.

With the beginning, others followed suit.

Zhou Jia’s eyes were red, and he only felt that the anger in his heart had nowhere to release. He could only growl, clenching the axe and shield in both hands, and rushed towards the monster.

It seems that the only way to vent the frustration and anger in the heart.

The shield counter and the axe were staggered in his hands, but he could only struggle for a moment before being suppressed by a group of monsters.

In the face of the whip girl Wu Ying, he has no strength to resist, but in front of the monster, he is not much better.

At this time, you can see the benefits of having a shield.

Even if he was besieged by monsters, with a shield blocking most of his attacks, Zhou Jia still had a chance to break free from the siege.

Compared to everyone else…



In a group of bloodthirsty madness In front of the monster, the team of more than 40 people was rushed to pieces and then lost their lives one by one.

Zhou Jia saw with his own eyes that Wang Shizhong’s body was pierced by a long spear, raised high, and then cut in half by a large knife.

Blood, intestines, and internal organs flowed out of the chest cavity.

The people of Fatty Han’s organization were able to hold on at first, and as the number of casualties increased, they finally collapsed completely.

A corpse fell among the trees.

A roar of sorrow, full of despair.

Even Zhou Jia, under the siege of a group of monsters, was in danger many times, and the prolonged use of shield and axe made his arms become sore and weak, and his breathing was heavy.

Gradually, his vision began to become blurry, his throat was like a fire when he was breathing, and he was kicked to the ground several times.

The struggle is almost entirely instinctive.


With a sigh in his heart, Zhou Jia staggered back, the middle door opened wide, and watched several monsters approaching, but he was unable to resist.


At this moment, a dark shadow crossed my eyes.


“peng~ peng~!”

Several monster heads exploded out of thin air.

A silhouette passed by with the sound of hunting wind, and a long whip flew around. Wherever it passed, there was almost no enemy of a single monster.

But in the blink of an eye, the monster group was killed.

Whip Girl!

Seeing that everyone was about to die, and the most important monster never came, she finally chose to shoot and rescued Zhou Jia.

With the desperate efforts of more than 40 people, the monster in the field had suffered heavy losses, and with this, the one-eyed monster finally moved.


It raised its arms up to the sky, its huge vertical eyes opened its mouth wide relative to the unremarkable, and it roared up to the sky, with a sound like a train whistle.

After roaring, it wrapped its arms around a tree trunk beside it again, moved towards the whip girl, and threw it fiercely.

Both feet on the ground at the same time, followed closely from behind and dashed forward.


The earth trembled.

The trunk of the tree was no accident.

The one-eyed monster is tall and fat, and his speed is not slow. He takes a few meters with a big step, and in the blink of an eye, he rushes to the front of the whip girl.

Its four arms dance wildly, bringing hu hu strong wind, dust flying everywhere it passes, and the giant tree will be broken on the spot if it hits it.

From a distance, it looks like a bulldozer on a rampage.

The whip girl’s movement method is flexible, she dodges back and forth under the monster’s attack, swings her whip to counterattack from time to time, but she can’t even cut the opponent’s skin, but it makes the one-eyed monster more and more annoyed.


With a loud roar, the ruby at the top of the wooden staff in monster’s hand suddenly shot a red light.

The red light is like a beam of laser light, and the places it passes through, whether it is trees or grass, are all withered and decayed.

The whip girl’s face changed, and she seemed to be very afraid of her. When dodging the beam, she was accidentally touched by monster’s waving arm, groaned in her mouth, and fell several meters away.

She was quick to react, rolled over and ran away.

When she was on the run, she chose only places with people to delay time.

Other people naturally don’t have her ability. Facing the one-eyed monster, they are all slapped to death or turned into flesh with one foot.


“Flee back!”

I don’t know who shouted, and the few people left came back to their senses, subconsciously moved towards Run towards the hillside behind.

Zhou Jia took a deep breath, glanced around, and also followed the crowd back, but the direction was slightly deviated from the predetermined position.

For a while, the man was fleeing in front, the monster was entangled in the back, the whip girl, and finally the monster with one eye and four arms.

The whip girl and the one-eyed monster were obviously faster than those in front, but in the blink of an eye, they were already behind and merged into the crowd.

The one-eyed monster roared loudly, waving his arms, killing one or two people from time to time.

Unconsciously, a group of people came to an open space.

“Wu Ying!”

On the hillside, Situ Lei shouted.

“I know.”

Wu Ying responded with a long roar, and at the same time swung the whip in his hand, wrapped around a big tree not far away, and pulled the whole person to the side. .


Aaron, the cloaked man who had been staying behind, took a step forward, mutter incantations in his mouth, moved towards the ground in front of him and slammed the wooden staff in his hand.


The ground trembled slightly.

A strange green light emerged from the wooden staff, dashed along the ground towards the crowd, and exploded in the open area.


The ground of two or three hundred square meters was rippling, and countless black vines covered with thorns rose from the ground at an astonishing speed. Wrap everyone in the field, strange.



The spikes on the vines easily penetrate the armor, fur, and pierce the body like a living creature. Devour the flesh inside.


In just an instant, a large living person was swallowed by the vines into a dead bone.

The monster persisted for a longer time, but it also died one after another. The vines that devoured the flesh grew faster and faster, drowning the one-eyed monster in the blink of an eye.

(End of this chapter)

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