Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 24

Chapter 24 The Star: Violence

Zhou Jia sucked in a breath of cold air.

If he hadn’t been sensible just now and didn’t flee in the same direction with everyone, I’m afraid he would have been sucked into it.

Numerous vines interlace and grow inward.

The one-eyed monster inside was still struggling, and the giant force made the vines sway back and forth, and some were even pulled up, but the vines appeared one after another, seemingly endless.

This is a well-prepared trap!

Using living people as bait and exchanging human life for opportunities is in line with the style of the quartet.


A bunch of red light shot out from the inside of the vines, and when they circled in the air, countless vines withered instantly, revealing the upper body of the one-eyed monster.

The red wooden staff in the hands of the one-eyed monster seems to have the ability to let all active substances wither.

The vines are no exception.

“Ultra Grade Origin Quality!” The scene in front of him made Aaron the cloak’s voice excited.

He took a few steps forward again, reciting something in a low voice, the green light on the wooden staff in his hand became more and more intense, and then moved towards the vines in the field.


The green light came, and the already tired vines seemed to have been hit with stimulants, and they grew wildly again.

However, naked eye can see that the rhizomes under the vines have begun to discolor and wither, and it seems that the growth spurt is also taking a toll on it.

The vines that skyrocketed again entangled the one-eyed monster, especially the arm holding the wooden staff, which was tightly wrapped by countless vines.

“Situ Lei!”

“Come on!”

Zhou Jia suddenly felt a chill in his heart, his body subconsciously tensed, and in the next instant, he froze. Saw an unforgettable scene.

blade light!

The dazzling blade light rose from the ground.

In just a split second, the one-eyed monster appeared in front of the one-eyed monster.

Situ Lei stood in the air with two swords in hand, his eyes were fixed, and his energy burst out, as if countless fierce cold winds swept the surrounding.


Double knives cross, like heaven falls and earth rends, blade light rolling in.

A knife?

Ten knives?

Or a hundred dollars?

Countless blade lights gathered together and swept across the void.


The two sturdy arms clasped by the man on the right side of the one-eyed monster flew out of the body under the blade light, and even the wooden staff in his hand fell to the side.

A huge crack emerged from the monster’s neck, sliding down his chest and abdomen.

The string of objects hanging around his neck also fell to the ground.


The monster was in pain, roared up to the sky, waved its left arm suddenly, the mighty power hidden in its body burst out, and countless vines were pulled out of the ground by it. .

In an instant, the dust was flying, covering one side.



The so-called single force subduing ten sessions.

Situ Lei’s Blade Technique is amazing, but under the monster’s tremendous force, the blade light will also collapse, and the figure is a little embarrassed and rushed out of the dust.

The knife just now doesn’t seem to be able to be cast casually.


The whip girl Wu Ying loudly shouted, waving the long whip and whipping the air again and again, moved towards the one-eyed monster and rushed.

The cloaked man Aaron also stepped forward. His image is similar to the legendary magician, and his movement method and speed are not weaker than that of the whip girl.

The wooden stick in his hand was swung, and only afterimages could be seen. The strong wind swept across the land about one zhang, obviously with great strength.

With weird ‘magic’ from time to time, one person can resist most of the one-eyed monster’s attacks.

Obviously, of the three, he is the strongest and the most bizarre.

Compared with them, the fight between Zhou Jia and the others was like a chicken pecking at each other.

Compared to three people, the one-eyed monster’s situation is not good.

It was first covered with vines, devoured flesh and blood, and then chopped off both arms and lost its wooden staff. The huge body looked several times smaller than before.

Under the siege of the three people, they were in a hurry and at stake.


Zhou Jia shouted suddenly, moved towards the one-eyed monster with one hand, the shield hit the monster’s thigh, as if it had hit a wall city wall.

The one-eyed monster was fine, but Zhou Jia felt stuffy in his chest and darkened eyes.



Zhou Jia, who suddenly rushed into the battlefield, made the three of them stunned for a moment, and then it was a little funny.

What is this for?

Behave well and beg for mercy later?

How funny!

The one-eyed monster just moved his body, and Zhou Jia was knocked out, and his body kept rolling on the ground, barely out of the ring.

Covered in dirt, he hurried away from the battlefield, and when he stopped, he stretched out his palm, and an unremarkable stone appeared in his palm.

His eyes were full of ecstasy.

The source star!


The starlight in my mind is booming.

The stone in the palm of the hand was slightly trembled, and a starlight that was indistinguishable from the naked eye appeared quietly. When it turned around, it moved towards Zhou Jia’s forehead.


The silent roar reverberated in my mind, and a brand new star also appeared in my mind.

At the same time, an invisible force poured out from between the eyebrows, rushing towards the limbs, bone marrow and internal organs, and flowed through the body in an instant.

Without having to read the hints in the subtitles in his head, Zhou Jia could also feel that his power was growing rapidly.

The vastness of this aura far exceeds the harvest of killing monsters.

It is ten times, a hundred times more than killing armored monsters…

More than that!


Grade 3, bang open in one fell swoop.

Grade 4, exchange blood!

And this is still not the limit.

I don’t know how long it took, the violent changes in the body slowly calmed down, and the words that appeared on the light curtain in my mind also changed.

Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Ordinary Grade 4 Exchange Blood (1756/2000)

Origin Star: Earth Star (Trait: Violence)

martial skill : Shield Reverse Proficiency (8/70), Source Power Beginner (29/50)

Depending on the situation, the cultivation base has changed from Grade 3 to less than half of the inner strength. It has become a Grade 4 exchange, and the progress is more than three-quarters.

Getting started with source power seems to have added a lot of experience.

The most important…

is the source star.

The second star that pops up in my mind should be the earth star, but what does the trait in the column behind it mean?


As soon as the thought moved, a clear comprehension came to mind.

‘Violence can stimulate the potential of the fleshy body, bursting with great power far beyond normal conditions, and there will be a certain degree of weakness after use. ‘

The introduction is a bit succinct, even vaguely specific.

But Zhou Jia is perfectly clear.


Under the attack of the three people as fast as a shower, the one-eyed monster was hit hard again in advance. attack.

Although it has tough skin and rough flesh, after all, it has injuries, how can it last?

But in the blink of an eye, wounds were added to the body again.

“It’s going to die soon!” Whip Girl’s eyes lit up and the soundtrack was excited:

“After waiting for so long, I finally found an opportunity to get Ultra Grade Origin Quality. We also have a foothold in the Huo Family Fort.”

“Be careful.” Stuart was more cautious:

“Don’t be careless.”

“Heh…” The whip girl chuckled, as if she didn’t care much. After all, the one-eyed monster was already seriously injured, so how could she resist.

She didn’t fully expand her smile, and her expression suddenly froze.



A silent tremor emerged from the field.

The one-eyed monster opened his mouth wide, his one-eyed shrank, his muscles trembled at an astonishing speed, and wisps of white smoke emerged from his body.


The roar was high and piercing through the clouds.


On the original basis, the strength has increased sharply.

An arm swept across suddenly, leaving an afterimage in the air at such a fast speed.

Situ Lei’s heart was beating wildly, his two knives spinning like wheels subconsciously guarded in front of him, the long knives and his arms collided, and the blade light instantly all split up and in pieces.

The sharp blade of the finished product was actually smashed by the fist.


The whip girl screamed, and before she regained her senses, she saw the dark curtain coming. The invisible pressure made her almost unable to move, and she could only fight with the whip.


Two tattered silhouettes were thrown out one after another.


The one-eyed monster roared towards the sky, after blasting Situ Lei and Whip Girl one after another, he jumped high and swooped at Aaron the cloaked man.


Earthquakes trembled, gusts of wind raged, and smoke and dust rose.

When the dust cleared, a thin halo could be seen covering Aaron the cloaked man, blocking the one-eyed monster’s attack.

But under the crazy strikes of monster’s arms, that halo is already in jeopardy.

In the halo, Aaron’s cloak had been blown away by the strong wind, revealing pale and bloodless cheeks, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Seeing that the halo was about to shatter, Aaron’s eye sockets throbbed and he suddenly raised his head to roar.



As the staff shattered, a dazzling dizziness emerged from it, instantly illuminating the entire hillside.

In the halo, the silhouette of the one-eyed monster is also like a clay figurine in flames, the surroundings begin to dissolve, and the huge body is flying high.


The ground shook, and the one-eyed monster, covered in bruises, landed just not far from Zhou Jia.

Aaron’s body was swaying in the distance, his cloak was full of cracks, and the flesh and blood inside could be seen, and his eyes were fixed on Zhou Jia:


“Kill it!”

Zhou Jia raised his head, raised his axe suddenly, and rushed towards the one-eyed monster.

Aaron grinned.


An arrow shot from a distance, straight into his throat.



Arrows shot one after another, piercing into the heart, belly, forehead, eyes… …

Zhao Gang roared and ran out from a distance, bent bow and place arrow while running wildly, venting all the arrows in the quiver behind him on Aaron the cloaked man.



Zhou Jia chopped off the head of the one-eyed monster without stopping at all, moved towards lying not far away The whip girl who was struggling on the ground rushed over, cold light in her eyes.


One axe, cut off the head.


Smash the chest with an axe.


Severe legs with an axe.

He gritted his teeth, his face was cold, but he kept swinging his axe until the corpse on the ground was chopped into a pile of minced meat.

(End of this chapter)

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