Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Revenge

“Aaron is right.”

Stuart was covered in injuries, his left leg and left arm were even more twisted and deformed, and he was breathing heavily. He was less angry, his eyes stared at Zhao Gang:

“You people, you should never be able to turn over, turn your face ruthlessly whenever you have the chance, and completely forget that you would have died long ago without us. It’s gone!”

“I was…”

“I shouldn’t be soft-hearted!”


Zhao Gangyi He kicked his foot out, hitting his chest with disdain on his face:

“What? You kill and bully us at will. Are we still deeply grateful to you? It’s so funny!”


“If it weren’t for your usefulness, I would have shot you with an arrow!”

“hmph!” If you agree to bet you must accept to lose, since I’m in your hands, I’ll kill or fight as you please.”

“Okay.” Fatty Han’s face was pale, and his chest was covered in blood. Leaning against a big tree and panting hard, he waved his hand:

“Where is Zhou Jia?”

“He must go to see what’s going on with Gao Libing.” Zhao Gang frowned :

“I didn’t stop.”

“en?” Fatty Han’s face sank, inwardly shouted badly:

“Pack up, let’s hurry up Get out of here.”

Pointing at Situ Lei again:

“Take him, we can go out depends on him.”

“Okay. “Zhao Gang nodded.

For Fatty Han, he is convinced.

Even before their departure today, they had already planned to save their strength as much as possible when attracting monsters, and look for opportunities to escape.

Participating in the program are all people that Fatty Han can trust.

Not many people!

There is no way to do this. After all, if you want to hold off the monster, someone must work hard, and they will have a chance.

The plans are good, but they clearly underestimate the power of the monsters.

A group of people fought and retreated, but in the end they couldn’t hold on, most of them died at the hands of the monster, and only two of them survived.

Fatty Han was also seriously injured.

The reason why Zhao Gang is not seriously injured is because he is an archer and has been guarded by others, so that he can last until the end.

As for Zhou Jia, his ability to survive depends entirely on his own strength, plus a little luck.

Unfortunately, in Fatty Han’s view, it’s too irrational.

Going to Gao Libing at this time is purely courting death, and it may even affect them and be caught up before they can escape.


Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Normal Grade 5 Yijin (689/4000)

Origin Star: Earth Striker (Trait: Violence)

martial skill: Shield Anti-Proficient (8/70), Source Power Beginner (29/50)

After killing the one-eyed monster , his strength did not unexpectedly break through Grade 4, reaching Grade 5 Yijin level, doubled again than before.

It is the same Grade 1 as Gao Libing.

Unexpectedly, killing the whip girl Wu Ying actually gave her energy.

Grade 5 easy tendons, his breath is long and powerful, his muscles are like steel forged by a plumb bob, and his skin is comparable to several layers of thick cowhide.

With bare feet on the ground, thorns and thorns cannot affect him in the slightest.

With a big stride, his feet erupted with great strength, and as the dirt flew, his silhouette had smashed through the branches in front of him and ran several meters away.

Although the movement method is not as agile as the whip girl, it is also ferocious.

In a few moments.

A smell of blood wafted.

The experience of these days tells him that this is the taste of fresh blood.

Flickering in his eyes, Zhou Jia clenched his shield and axe tightly, lowered his speed with a blank face, and moved towards the direction where the smell of blood came from.


Wolf-headed monsters, armored monsters, and wild boar-like monsters…

Dozens of monster corpses lay on the ground, most of which were hit by a knife, torn apart, and a few were severely hit. Beat the flesh.



Gao Libing opened his mouth, there was a little blood in his saliva, and the severe pain in his chest and abdomen made his expression a little bit Twisted, breathing like fire.

Even if it was him, facing the siege of a group of monsters, it was impossible to escape unscathed.

Cloud Burial Forest has never been a place to relax, even in the periphery, there are dangers that can kill Grade 8 experts.

He’s only Grade 5, and he’s not good at melee combat. The key is…

And protect those people!

Turning around, looking towards Chen Hui and the others who were huddled together, Gao Libing’s cheek muscles twitched slightly, and a ruthless look appeared in his eyes.

‘A person can exchange at least two Originium Stones, and he has to endure for the Originium Stones, and I actually want to protect this group of people! ‘


He stretched out his hand and shouted:

“Come here!”

Dai Lei lovable body trembled, He stuttered and said:

“Gao…Mister Gao, did you call me…?”

“I don’t want to call you who!” Gao Libing raised his voice:

“Come here, I don’t seem to have played with you before. I’ll save your lives this time. Come and help me relax as a thank you.”

Saying that, he stretched out his hand belt on the body.

There was chaos just now, and the seven people were also affected. Although she was not injured, Dai Lei’s clothes were accidentally cut.

The white and tender skin inside was exposed, which caused Gao Libing to be angry and wanted to vent on the spot.


Dai Lei’s face turned pale, and her delicate body trembled and moved.


Chen Hui subconsciously stretched out her hand to grab Dai Lei’s wrist, and saw Gao Libing staring at her coldly, her delicate body trembling.

“What?” Gao Libing coldly snorted:

“You want to accompany you too? Although it’s not so valuable if you say it’s broken, but I don’t mind the two of you coming together. “

“Hurry up!”

The two women’s bodies were tight, and their hearts were almost full of despair.

“If you want to come, come here quickly, what are you talking about?” A voice came from the forest, everyone looked sideways, and saw Zhou Jia striding out.

He walked fast, walking close.

“You…” Gao Libing was taken aback:

“Why did you come here?”

“Oh.” Zhou Jia said:


“Mr. Aaron asked me to come here. I’ll see if I need help. Mister Gao wants those two women, and I’ll bring them here.”

After speaking, he planned to wipe himself And passed.

“Aaron?” Gao Libing frowned, puzzled:


Before he finished speaking, his eyes suddenly darkened, breathing Then stagnate.


Zhou Jia gritted his teeth, turned around suddenly, and swung his shield. The shield was like a door, and it slammed through Gao Libing’s body.

He wanted to use an axe, but it was inconvenient, and it was easy to arouse the opponent’s vigilance.

Gao Libing opened his eyes and immediately became furious:

“How dare!”

In the roar, he raised his hand and pressed it towards the shield, and at the same time To touch the flying knife around the waist, it is necessary to make this person who cannot tell good from bad look good.

The palm and shield collided, and Gao Libing’s complexion suddenly changed greatly.

How come?



With the sound of ka-cha coming from Gao Libing’s wrist, his entire arm was instantly twisted and deformed , the body was knocked out.

He was already injured, and he never thought that Zhou Jia was also a Grade 5. He was not strong enough in his palm, and he suffered a big loss immediately.

Almost in danger of being signed to eternal damnation.


With a single strike, Zhou Jia was in a position to smash, and his body stepped on the ground and dashed forward, the giant axe in his hand moved towards Gao Libing, who was flying upside down. .

The power of Grade 5 is gathered on the blade of the axe.

Seeing that the giant axe was about to fall, Gao Libing finally came to his senses at the moment of life and death. He roared wildly in the air, and the only remaining arm was slashing at the axe with the blade.

“ding ding dong dong ……”

In an instant, he slashed several times and finally missed the axe blade, but his body also fell heavily and was strode by Zhou Jia catch up.


The shield slammed into the wind again.

“Good boy!” Gao Li clenched his teeth, jumped up at the crucial moment, the source power in his body was running, and he held the knife against the wooden shield:

“Grade 5! “

He stared at Zhou Jia through the shield, gritted his teeth and growled:

“You actually became a Grade 5, but you thought you were a Grade 5 and could kill you.” Even if I lose one hand, I can crush you!”

Both are Grade 5, and the gap can be as different as heaven and earth.

He possesses Origin Technique and secret skills, and can even compete with Grade 6 under certain circumstances, but he almost fell into the hands of a ‘newcomer’ today.

With anger rising in his heart, Gao Libing exerted his strength again.

“You talk too much!” Zhou Jia gritted his teeth, and the stars suddenly lit up in his mind.



In an instant, a vast force burst out from the depths of his bone marrow, the crevices of his muscles, and the blood of his internal organs, rushing towards his limbs and bones.

This power is far greater than Grade 5.

And even…

Crushing Grade 6!


Zhou Jia roared towards the sky, his body suddenly exerted force.

The terrifying giant force instantly crushed Gao Libing’s counterattack, and Yu Li pushed him towards the back jungle and crashed into the trees.



A tree that was hugged by two people was knocked down by him.

Gorley vomited blood, his body trembled, and the flesh and blood tempered by source power in this brief moment swayed like a rag doll.

Zhou Jia kept roaring, raising his shield with one hand and continuing to dash, like a wild giant beast pushing silhouettes and knocking down big trees in a row.

As his strength approached, he violently threw the shield in his hand, the axe in both hands, his chest expanded, and he slashed at Gao Libing’s forehead with a roar.


The axe blade slashed into the top of the head, smashed the skull, cut into the neck, and finally penetrated into the chest and abdomen, and only stopped the castration at the position of the heart.

Zhou Jia’s eyes were red, his arms trembled slightly, and he stared at Gao Libing, whose two halves of his head were swaying to the left and right, before he spit out one mouthful of impure air.

(End of this chapter)

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