Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Ruins

On the slope, corpses piled up into mountains.

Some people and various monsters, along with a torch thrown out, the fire gradually started, and finally became a raging fire sea.

The flames flickered.

Under the reflection, the expressions of everyone changed back and forth.

Subtle cries and consolations are heard from time to time.

It is roughly estimated that there are thousands of people who came to this world that day, and now the only ones who really survive are those who are present.

The low survival rate is outrageous!


Fatty Han sighed softly, his voice was quiet:

“dust returns to dust, earth returns to earth, fellow villagers farewell.”


Behind, Situ Lei, whose body was almost tied into a zongzi, shook his head and sneered as if he had heard something funny.

But no one paid him any attention.


Zhao Gang brought a lot of things and piled them together.

Axes, swords, bows and arrows, iron armor… and some multi-colored stones, all of which were found from corpses.

Of course, the most eye-catching one is a red wooden staff.

The gem at the top of the wooden staff is fist sized, and it has been blooming with red light, illuminating the surroundings.

In addition, there is the soft whip of the whip girl.

As for Aaron’s ‘staff’, the cloaked man’s ‘staff’ has long since shattered, and just like Stuart’s double knives, only a few fragments remain.

“What about these things?” Zhao Gang asked.

“Take everything you can, one person wears a suit of armor, and women don’t choose. In this kind of place, life-saving is the most important thing.” Fatty Han opened his mouth and picked up the red wooden staff at the same time. ,brows frowned:

“This thing…”

The thing that can make the group of four think of it is naturally valuable, but it is too dazzling, and it will attract people if you hold it. Danger.

After all, the red light is so big that it can be seen clearly from a distance from several li.

Since the group of four is bound to win it, it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no other existence, also coveting this strange wooden staff.

“Give it to me!” Seeing the wooden staff in front of him, Situ Lei took a deep breath and said:

“I’ll take you to Huo Family Fort.”

“Give it to me!” p>

Huo Family Fort?

This is a new term.

Several people looked sideways, their eyes looked thoughtful.

“Didn’t you say you were going to take us back?” One of the people in the crowd hurried over, grabbed Situ Lei’s collar with both hands, and shouted loudly:

“Now hurry up. Send us back!”

Not everyone has the same ability to withstand pressure, some people have accepted their fate, and some people will fall into madness in despair.

Situ Lei’s expression remained unchanged, looking at the other party and said in a cold voice: “I only said to send you out of here, but I didn’t say to send you back.”

“Think about it, What did we say in the first place?”

Said, and snorted again:

“As long as you come here, no one can go back!”

“Where is this place?” Zhou Jia asked, asking the question that had been pressing in his heart.

“Where?” Situ Lei’s eyes were empty, looking towards the three-wheeled celestial body in the sky, before he spoke slowly:

“Some people say that this is Netherworld; some people say that this is Netherworld. The place of reincarnation; some people say that this is the place where all things end…”

“But everyone says that all the worlds will fall here one day!”

His voice was distant and echoed in the field:

“Just like the Feimu world where Aaron was located, the Dalin Dynasty in Gao Libing, and the one I remember when I was a child…Earth.”

“Everything goes to the Ruins, so this place is called…”

“The Ruins World!”

No wonder he was so disdainful of Fatty Han’s words just now, because in his opinion Come, as long as those who fall into this world, there will be no so-called reincarnation.

This is the end of the cycle!


In addition to the seven people taken away by Gao Libing, Zhao Gang also found several survivors on the hillside.

All of them were seriously injured and were dying. Fortunately, they still had breath and survived by luck. Among them was Chen Hui’s boyfriend Cheng Qi.

Cheng Qi’s right leg was missing, and only half of his left arm was left. His face was bloody, and he was lying motionless on the ground, his eyes were dead.

Zhou Jia comforted a few words, but couldn’t get a response, so he could only stand up helplessly.

“What do you think?”

Fatty Han approached and said in a muffled voice:

“Do you want to give it to him?”

Regarding Zhou Jia, although he valued it before, he was only a youngster with good strength, but now his attitude is somewhat different.

After all, even if Gao Libing is injured, it is not so easy to kill.


Grade 5!

Among all the people present, only he and Zhao Gang are Grade 3, and there is not even a Grade 4. Zhou Jia is definitely a unique and unmatched existence.

In this kind of place, Zhou Jia is the Sea Calming Divine Needle in everyone’s mind.

β€œWhat do you think of Big Brother Han?”

Zhou Jia has no experience with this:

β€œGive this to Situ Lei, will he recover from his injury? And then retaliate against us?”

This has to be guarded against.

“His injury didn’t recover so well, and his hands and feet must have been crippled.” Fatty Han shook his head at first, but was not so sure. After all, what would happen in such a ghost place would not be surprising:

“Stuart promised to keep the wooden staff until we are safe, and then give it to him.”

“Of course, during this period, we will also Keep him safe.”

“Then this red light…” Zhou Jia pointed at the wooden staff.

“It’s easy to handle.” Fatty Han picked up a cloak, wrapped the wooden staff inside, and the red glow in the sky was instantly disappeared.

The cloak comes from Aaron the cloaked man.

Since they came for this thing, how could they be unprepared?

“This thing is called Ultra Grade Originium by them. It is said that it should not appear on the one-eyed monster. It was born by coincidence of world fusion.”

Fatty Han continued:

“Stuart said, we can’t use this thing, and he can’t actually use it, so he can only go to Huo Family Fort and sell it to others for a good price.”

“Or… …”

“Change a permanent house in the inner city? I don’t feel like I’m lying.”

No one knows the specific situation of the Huo Family Fort in Stuart’s mouth.

But according to him, Huo Family Fort is the only safe place in the thousands of miles nearby, so no matter what, everyone should try one or two.

“If you don’t have any opinion, we will promise him temporarily and take a step by step, how about it?” Fatty Han finally said:

“As long as the things are in our hands, he will Don’t dare to turn his face, even more how he was hurt so badly.”


Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

“Big Brother Han, Brother Zhou.”

While speaking, Zhao Gang ran over, his expression a little hurried:

“The fog is gone!”



The fog has really cleared up!

According to Situ Lei, the existence of the mist is a kind of protection for the newcomers who have just entered the Ruins Realm from the invasion of the external monsters.

And the fog dissipates, marking the disappearance of the newcomer’s safe period.

The monster outside can also come in.

More than monsters!

The fusion of a New World fragment will have many benefits, similar to the existence of a group of four, and will also come here to explore.

At the same time.

It will still be beneficial for everyone to kill the monster, but the benefits will be relatively small, and it is impossible to see the rapid growth of the strength of the newcomer.

This also means that they are more dangerous.


Two meniscuses hang high in the sky, shedding soft moonlight.

Zhou Jia, who was on duty in rotation, stood by the tree and looked towards the distance. His eyes were a little empty, full of confusion about his future life.


“You are sick!”

The familiar voice brought him back to his senses.

This is Hui Chen.

“I’m sick?” Cheng Qi’s voice sounded, full of anger:

“My girlfriend’s body has not even been touched by me, but let others touch it first. Now, do I have to endure it all the time?”

“Chen Hui, I want you today!”

“Go away!” Chen Hui yelled angrily:

“Cheng, you dare to touch me, don’t blame me for being impolite, don’t think I’ll let you go if you lose your legs.”

“Yes, I One leg is missing, and one hand is broken, do you fucking look down on me and don’t want to touch me?”

“Cheng, you don’t talk about your conscience, you have already That’s it, I haven’t disliked you at all in the past two days!”

“I didn’t dislike you, just didn’t let me touch it? I’m not worthy of you now, am I? You’re on a high branch now, it’s amazing Ah! You are so fucking pure, others can’t touch your boyfriend? You thought you were clean!”

“Ah! You talk nonsense, and I’ll kill you!”

“Come on! Come on! Beat me to death and you’ll throw me in your arms. Have you been feeling uncomfortable when I’m alive, but you’ve been waiting for me to die sooner?”

“Cheng Qi, Huihui.” Dai Lei’s voice sounded:

“Stop arguing, you two!”

The noise made Zhou Jia frown and shake his head. He shook his head, ignoring it.

(End of this chapter)

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