Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 27

Chapter 27 The Fantastic Land

Since the quarrel that night, Chen Hui paid no attention to Cheng Qi, and did not show any closer to Zhou Jia. The expression of strangers do not enter.

A few days in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to Situ Lei’s guidance, these few days have been a rare and stable time for everyone, and they have hardly encountered monsters along the way.

“The Huo Family Fort is in front of you!”

Situ Lei leaned on crutches, raised his head and moved towards the distant mountain col, indicating:

“Relax, in Huo Family It is forbidden for anyone to use force within the castle, as long as you are honest, no one can bully you casually.”


Fatty Han had an indifferent expression on this.

People in this world, physique is amazing.

Situ Lei was so seriously injured that he would have to lie down for a year and a half even if there was a cream of the crop medical environment in Earth.

Now, he can barely walk independently.

The plan of several people is to let one or two people go over to probe a thing or two first.

Others will set off after confirming safety.

However, the plan was interrupted before it was officially implemented. Zhou Jia’s perception told him that they had been targeted.

Maybe it’s because of scruples, the other party has not shown hostility for the time being.


Everyone could only choose to believe in Situ Lei, pretended to be calm and walked out of the hiding place, swaggeringly moved towards Huo Family Fort.

“Is the Huo Family Fort in this col?”

Zhao Gang looked around:

“Although the col is not small, there is only one entrance and exit, it seems It’s not very safe, what should I do if I encounter danger?”

In just half a month, a person’s habits can be greatly changed.

Zhao Gang, who lives in an urban civilized society, has also developed the habit of going to a place and checking the safety of the location first.

“This mountain has a lot of background.” Situ Lei hummed softly and said:

“It is said that the mountains on both sides are from the Feimu world and have the ability to save the undead. I don’t know, but there is often a white-haired wind at night in the Col.”

“White-haired wind?”

“Well, a strange wind.”

Situ Lei continued:

“When the white-haired wind blows, all living creatures will be severely damaged, so over time this place has become a forbidden place for monsters.”

“Then What about the people who live inside?” Zhao Gang frowned.

“People have a place to stay, so they can shelter from the wind and rain.” Situ Lei explained:

“As long as you don’t come out on a white-haired night, you’ll be fine, because no one comes out. , so it is safer at night.”

While speaking, the crowd had come to the mouth of the valley.

Here you can see a group of pedestrians passing by, either out or near, in groups of three or four, although they are sparse, they have gained a lot of popularity.

Pedestrians dress differently, some like medieval Knights, some like ancient Jianghu knights, and some cloaked man Aaron dressed like…

People are also different.

Blonde hair and green eyes are all normal, and there are many with elf ears, hair all over their bodies, and a tail behind their buttocks.

all kinds of strange things are dazzling, as if coming to a fantasy world of bizarre and motley.

“Don’t look around.” Situ Lei said in a low voice:

“Although it is forbidden to use force here, it’s not so safe… Offended people.”


Several people returned to their senses, hurriedly retracted their eyes, and pretended to be in and out of the mountain col.

During the period, I also saw a few white-maned horses, but unfortunately since the death of the whip girl, her horse disappeared, which made Fatty Han sigh many times, and he always wanted to seek revenge on that horse.

The roads in the mountains are twisty, or there are no roads at all. There are more people walking and there are roads, and there are no houses and courtyards on both sides.

“Where do they live?” Zhao Gang still couldn’t hold back his curiosity.

As I walked along, I didn’t see a single house.

“The tree house.” Situ Lei’s expression remained unchanged, and he said calmly:

“There is a giant sycamore tree here. Dig a hole in it to live in.”

“Why not build a house?” Zhao Gang was puzzled.

With the strength of the people here, it is possible to cut down trees and build houses with no difficulty. As for how impossible it is, how can you not know how to build houses even if you can build weapons?

A tree house, how can a real house be convenient?

Situ Lei turned his head and asked instead of answering:

“There is a huge cloud burial forest, suddenly there are no trees in a place, instead there are some grotesquely shaped buildings, would you be curious? ?”

“What do you mean?” Zhao Gang frowned, thinking about it before saying:

“I don’t build a house because I’m afraid of causing danger?”

” en. ”Stuart Lei nodded:

β€œThe Huo Family Fortress has established rules since the day it was established. No houses are allowed in the outer city. If anyone builds a house privately, kill without mercy!”

“The outer city is not allowed to build houses?” Zhao Gang instantly grasped the blind spot in his words:

“In other words, the inner city can build houses?”

” Not bad.” Situ Thunder Dao:

“It would be strange to have no trees in a large area of the forest, but it is not unacceptable if it is only a small area.”

“Heh. “…” Zhao Gang sneered:

“Isn’t this the only way the state officials can set the fire, and the people are not allowed to light the lights?”

“Silence!” Situ Lei’s voice sank:

“Don’t, don’t say such things here, Huo Family…it’s the God of Huo Family Fortress, their rules are the rules of heaven.”

“Also, don’t be like that. There are so many questions, everyone here knows that newcomers are the best to bully.”

Zhao Gang immediately stopped and said nothing.

Zhou Jia silently surveyed his surroundings, his eyes flickering from time to time.

Dangerous world.

The creatures and customs of all kinds of strange things.

If he hadn’t been there, he would have admired the magic of this place.

Alien beasts, humanoids, strange clothes…

Everything is completely different from urban society.

It is surprising to watch, but when you come to such a place, you are always accompanied by danger, and your feelings and pressures are completely different.

The Huo Family Fort is huge!

A lot of people!

I’m afraid it will exceed any county seat in his memory.

The crowds on the outside were sparse, and it gradually became lively after entering, and there was a market-like existence, and various shouts were heard one after another.

“Armor! Armor is on sale!”

“Swords, 300 coins a piece, just pick and choose.”

“Beast cage, sleeves Swords, small traps, and a set of Spirit Stone, I’ve come to buy them all…”

“The processed Top Grade animal meat can increase the source power cultivation base, 30 yuan per pound, go Don’t miss it if you miss it…”

All kinds of things are placed on the booth, and with the shouting of the booth owner, customers are attracted to wait and see and even reach a transaction from time to time.

Source money?


This appears to be the currency of exchange here.


Suddenly, a mystifying voice sounded, and three men in similar clothes appeared in front of everyone.

They looked at everyone, especially the seriously injured Stuart.

“Isn’t this Situ with two swords?” The man at the head was tall and thin, with a two-way beard and sparse hair, and said while stroking his beard:

“What is What’s going on?”

Moustache eyes slightly narrowed, said with a smile:

“Double sword is it possible that it will become single sword in the future, why are your three partners not here today? , where did these people come from?”

“Qin Fen!” Situ Lei’s expression changed slightly when he saw the person coming, and a trace of fear flashed in his eyes:

“Aaron If I have something to do, let me go into the inner city, please let me go.”

Saying that, he is about to step over.

“Don’t worry.” Moustache Qin Fen stretched out his hands, blocking the way, and said slowly:

“You guys with large and small bags should go in and sell them, right? I said why go to the inner city, it’s not like you don’t know how low the purchase price of Qian Family shop is.”

“It’s better to sell it to us, for the sake of acquaintances, the money we give from Black Lotus will definitely make a difference. You are satisfied.”

“Sorry.” Situ Lei’s expression did not change:

“I still have something to do, I will talk about the sale later.”

“en?” Qin Fen’s voice sank:


“don’t give face?”

Everyone was hearing this, and their expressions couldn’t help changing. The atmosphere also became tense.

(End of this chapter)

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