Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Master Huo Young

Zhou Jia subconsciously clenched his axe and shield, and his body was tensed. It was obvious that the Huo Family Fort was not as safe as Situ Lei said.

Under the eyes of the public, there were also strong buying and selling.

Situ Lei’s face was ashen.

He breathed slowly and forcibly suppressed his anger:

“Qin, do you want to break the rules of the Huo Family Fort?”

“don’t say this.” Qin Fen raised his eyebrows:

“We are acquaintances anyway, and Aaron is a regular customer of our Black Lotus. Reasonable in every circumstance should also sell face, right?”

“Don’t worry, the price won’t hurt you.”

While speaking, his eyes flickered and he looked back and forth at everyone.

In normal times, he would definitely not be so tough, but now Situ Lei is seriously injured, and there are some strangely dressed people beside him.

According to Aaron’s careful thought, this should not have been the case.


The Aaron quartet is most likely in some kind of trouble, and maybe even everyone but Stuart is dead.

This kind of thing happens a lot in Huo Family Fort.

A seriously injured Situ Lei, carrying so many things, ran into Qin Fen, who had some resentments, and naturally he felt desperate.

As for other people, just by looking at their walking posture, they know that their strength is not good.


He took a step forward and said with a smile:

“Open the thing and let brother give you a slap.”

As he said that, he reached out and grabbed the package that Fatty Han was holding.


Situ Lei raised his voice, stopped him, and shouted loudly:

“The surname is Qin, this is from the Huo Family Fort. Market, you Black Lotus people do business like this?”

“You…” Qin Fen’s complexion changed slightly, but he was not surprised but happy.

In this situation, Situ Lei actually stopped him, and the things in his hands were probably really valuable, otherwise it wouldn’t be like this.

“What did Brother Situ say?” He shook his head repeatedly, and said:

“It’s not that I don’t give money, and even if you go to the inner city to sell, let your brother take a look You can have a good idea of the price.”

β€œYou think so?”

β€œNo trouble.” Situ Lei groaned:

“Let’s go!”

“Don’t interfere!” Qin Fen raised his eyebrows and blocked his way again.

A group of people pushed and shouted, and they were about to bump into each other.


At this moment, shouting loudly sounded from behind, interrupting everyone’s quarrel.

“What are you doing?”

With the sound of hoofs, a group of people approached.

The vendors and pedestrians in the market retreated one after another, leaving an avenue open in the blink of an eye, allowing the group of people to sway forward.

Everyone looked up, and the first thing they saw were two white-maned unicorns.

Compared to the whip girl’s white mane, these two are taller and more handsome, with an inviolable aura that makes people afraid to approach.

There are two people at once, a man and a woman.

The man is handsome and handsome, and the woman is pretty and has beautiful eyes.

Beside the two, a group of sturdy guards followed.

“What’s going on?” The man bowed his head, looking unhappy.

“Master Huo Young.”

Qin Fen’s complexion couldn’t help changing when he saw the person coming, and he bent down and said:

“Little is with Brother Situ was doing business, and we couldn’t agree on the price for a while, and there was a little dispute, and I didn’t want to disturb Young Master.”

“It’s a small mistake, a small one’s mouth.”

said When he was on, he actually stretched out his hand and swiped it towards his face, and it was so powerful that it slapped loudly, causing his cheeks to become red and swollen with a few strokes.

There are even bloodshots at the corners of the mouth.

Facing Qin Fen’s self-mutilation, Master Huo Young just frowned and shouted loudly:

“get lost!”

“Yes, yes, villain This is going, this is going!” Qin Fen heard this overjoyed, and immediately threw himself again, rolling his body in a circle to the distance.

This left Zhou Jia and the others stunned.

Able to bend and stretch, this person is ruthless!

“hehe…” The woman on the horse pursed her lips and chuckled, her eyes curved into crescents:

“This person is interesting.”

“That’s right. A rogue, this kind of person is not worth paying attention to.” Master Huo shook his head with a smile, looking towards Situ Lei:

“What’s going on?”

” Huo Young Master.” Situ Lei’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly one-knee kneels:

“The villain has something, I want to offer Young Master Yu!”

“Oh!” Huo Young Master’s expression remained unchanged, as if he had become accustomed to this kind of thing:


“Ultra Grade Originium!” Stuart opened his mouth and motioned to Fatty Han:

“Give it to Master Young.”

“Ultra Grade?” At this time, Master Huo finally showed a moving expression on his face, and the guards around him even more A little restless.

When Situ Lei urged Fatty Han to unfasten his cloak and take out the red wooden staff inside, the red light appeared, attracting all the people in the market.

“It really is Ultra Grade!”

Master Huo’s eyes were wild and his voice was excited:

“Okay, okay, with this This thing, I… Someone in the Huo Family is expected to break the tenth-grade limit, do you really want to give me this thing?”

“Of course.” Situ Lei lowered his head:

” The so-called gift of a sword to a beautiful woman, this thing cannot be used in the hands of a villain, it is better to present Buddha with borrowed flowers and give it to Master Young.”

“Heh…” Master Huo Young stretched out his hand and took the wooden staff , inserted it into the cloth pocket hanging from the horse’s body, and covered the red light blooming on it:

“You are very smart, it is a scourge to keep this thing, but I don’t want you for nothing. If you have anything, please tell me what you want.”

“Don’t be foolish, just say it!”

He glanced at Stuart, and his tone gradually returned to calm. It is very clear in my heart.

Free gift, naturally impossible.

“Yes.” Situ Lei’s face was slightly red, and he lowered his head and said in a muffled voice:

“Little man… wants to get a permanent residence in the inner city.”

“No problem!” Master Young Huo was not surprised by this, nodded, and pointed to an old man dressed in British style beside him:

“Neil, keep Long Qi some time ago I’ll give him the house.”

“Yes.” The blond Neil should be, pressing his heart with one hand and bowing slightly, much like the western steward played on TV.

“Also…” Master Huo Young glanced at the large and small bags on the dry people, and said:

“The things on them are also evaluated and accepted, and given away. Go to Qian Family’s shop and treat it as a gift from me to Yun’er.”

“Training the sword.” The woman on horseback with a pretty face slightly red, said in a low voice:

“It’s unnecessary.”

“It should be.” Master Huo looked sideways, with a look of pity:

“I promised to take you out for a walk today. When it comes to this kind of thing, it’s definitely not going to happen, the thing should be an apology, just accept it.”

“You and I don’t need to see outsiders.”


The woman seemed to be unable to bear the scorching eyes of the other party, blushing and lowering her head.


After Master Young left, Steward Neil took everyone to a nearby tree house.

Stuart Lei, Fatty Han, Zhou Jia walked in with their belongings, and the others were blocked from the door and could only wait for news.


Neil took out a piece of paper and handed it to Stuart with a Faint smile:

“Good luck, this is the deed .”

“many thanks.” Situ Lei couldn’t hide his excitement, he hurriedly took the vellum, and after reading the text on it, his expression couldn’t help changing:

“This… …Did he take it wrong?”

If he heard correctly, Master Huo said that he would give Long Qi’s house to him, and he knew that there were two people entering the yard.

And this deed, just an ordinary house, has shrunk by more than half.

“Long Qi’s house has been given to Mrs. Wang of the Fish and Dragon Society by default. This is a trivial matter, so I didn’t bother Master Young.” Neil’s voice was indifferent:

“As compensation, I can give you another thirty Originium Stones. Of course, you can also go to Master Young and tell me. I will never stop me.”

“This…” Situ Lei’s mouth twitched. Suppressing the suffocation in his heart, he said dryly:

“You don’t have to bother Master Huo, I’m very satisfied.”

What can I do if I’m not satisfied?

It’s just too… stingy with only thirty Origin Stones?

“That’s good.” Neil nodded, and said with a blank face:

“Bring something, I’ll estimate the price.”

“Yes. Well, Master Young Huo has made a yard for Miss Qian in the inner city these days, but there are just a few maids missing, I will pick two from outside later.”

“This is their blessing.” Situ Lei nodded again and again.

(End of this chapter)

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