Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Objectives

It was over an hour after I walked out of the tree house.

Several people have different expressions.

British style steward Neil said a few words, then picked out two women from the crowd and motioned them to follow him into the inner city.

Chen Hui is one of them.

The other is an eighteen-nineteen-year-old college student with a pure face, a face full of collagen, and a normal appearance.

“Don’t worry.” Seeing the worried expressions on the two women’s faces, Situ Lei said in a muffled voice:

“No one has a chance to live in the inner city, Master Huo is in the courtyard Even if you don’t enter Huo’s house, some people will rush to do it.”

“It’s your luck.”

This should be true.

Thinking of him as Situ Lei’s dignified Grade 6 ‘expert’, his hope for more than ten years is to have his own house in the inner city of Huo Family Castle.

Although the two women were used as maids after entering, they lived in the inner city and were almost completely isolated from the dangers outside.

This opportunity is really rare.

Facing Chen Hui’s gaze, Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

“It’s a good thing.” Fatty Han also said:

“You go first, it’s not that you can’t get together again in the future, we will find another way to settle down, and then we will find you later. You.”

Since you have come to such a place, you must consider your future life.

Of course, they are also from Earth, and they get along with each other day and night these days. Whether it is to take into account the old relationship or the convenience, everyone will definitely keep in touch.

As for resistance…

A few people really don’t have this ability!

“That’s it!” Neil said in a voice:

“Ding Nuyuan, please take someone there.”

“en. “One person should be, step forward.

The person who came was burly, more than two meters tall, carrying a giant sword and wearing thick leather armor, giving people an invisible oppression before they approached.

Zhou Jia’s breathing was stagnant, and his expressions all were somewhat scattered.

“Let me go!”

Ding Huyuan frowned and glanced at Zhou Jia, seeing that the other party’s gaze had been on the giant sword behind him, his face sank.

“Sorry, sorry.” Fatty Han hurriedly stretched out his hand to pull Zhou Jia and bowed to apologize:

“My friend is too strong, my friend is a little scared, sorry, sorry.”

Zhou Jia also came back to his senses, suppressed the restlessness in his heart, and lowered his head to make way.

In my mind, the stars that symbolize the apocalypse are blooming with their own halos at this time, and the subtitles are constantly reminding:

Discover the source star!

Discover the Origin Star!

Discover the Origin Star!

In the giant sword on Ding Huyuan’s back, there is actually a Origin Star?

This is what really makes Zhou Jia absent.

Chen Hui left and took the female college student named Lu Rong. As for why they were chosen, Neil also gave an explanation in the treehouse.

The two of them are in good shape and have not lost their bodies.

The key is to have little background and not get into trouble, which is also very important.

“Neal is in charge.” Looking at Ding Nursing Home’s back, Zhou Jia asked in a low voice:

“What is the name of this Nursing Home?”

“You mean Ding Nuyuan?” Neil raised his eyebrows, took off his black hat from his waist and put it on his head, said with a smile:

“giant sword Dingmen, the person who came out of the church. “

“He’s not something you can provoke.” Situ Lei warned aside:

“Ding Huyuan is a Grade 8 Dragon-Tiger expert with martial arts, even in The entire Huo Family Fortress can also be counted.”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia lowered his head and covered his eyes:

“I’m just curious.”


Huo Family Fort is divided into inner city and outer city.

The outer city is divided into the Eastern Region and the Western Region.

Among them, the eastern district is prosperous, and the people living there are relatively wealthy and stronger, and there are even outer houses specially reserved for inner city people.

The Western Region is barren and poor.

The two districts are separated by a winding market, like a city wall between the inner and outer cities, separated by a few steps, like two worlds.

“The good thing is that sometimes there are vacant houses here.” Even though he was not satisfied with the inner city house, Situ Lei was still full of spring breeze:

“Cloud Burial Forest is everywhere. Dangerous, people are often missing in the Western Region, and all the treehouses of some predecessors will be empty.”

“The ready-made treehouse can save a lot of trouble, at least not to worry about the white-haired wind tonight. “

“Aren’t you afraid of your own troubles?” Fatty Han said:

“At that time, Qin Fen didn’t go far, he saw you hand over that Ultra Grade source with his own eyes. I’m afraid I won’t let you go easily.”

“So what?” Situ Lei sneered:

“Everyone on the street knows that I am from Huo Young. Master got a house in his hands, robbing me of the house deed is slapping Master Huo Young in the face.”

“Who would dare to do this in Huo Family Fort?”

“Said Yes.” Fatty Han nodded slowly.

Slowly, he has begun to adapt to this world.

“It’s here!”

In front of a big tree that can only be surrounded by twenty or thirty people, Situ Lei stopped and fumbled for a moment to lift a bark.

The bark is a door.

Inside, is a humble residence.

“This tree house was found by Gao Libing… some time ago. The former owner died, and there are some things left in it. You can stay here temporarily.”

In the empty tree house, Situ Lei said:

“You are lucky, this place has not been occupied.”

This kind of giant plane tree is somewhat like the plane tree in Zhou Jia’s memory , but larger and thicker, with a canopy cover of hundreds of flats.

There are many similar trees nearby.

“Thank you.” Fatty Han walked into the tree house, resting on his body:

“speaking of which, your companions all died because of us, why did you Do you want to help us?”

“Why?” Situ Lei was stunned for a long time, and then sighed softly with a lonely face:

“After all, we come from the same place, although that I was still young, but my mother thought about Earth until she died.”

“Help you…”

“It’s one of her wishes.”

“When did you come?” Zhou Jia asked.

“According to Earth’s time, it should have been more than ten years.” Situ Lei shook his head:

“It’s been too long, I’ve almost forgotten what happened back then.”

“Ten years ago?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly and said:

“Do you know a professor named Song Changchang?”

“You said What?” Situ Lei was stunned for a moment, then excited, looking towards Zhou Jia anxiously:

“You know my grandfather?”

“Professor Song is your grandfather? “Zhou Jia was also startled, and then shook his head:

“I found a diary of Professor Song in the forest. I am also from the Department of Literature, so I have heard of Professor Song’s name.”


“That diary has been destroyed, I’m sorry.”

After the palace disappeared mysteriously, the old diary accelerated to weathering, and it didn’t take long to be useless , he could only reluctantly give up.

“Really?” Situ Lei whispered, and said after a long time:

“Maybe, this is what my mother said about fate.”

Look again Everyone, there is also a little intimacy in their eyes.


A distant and unfamiliar name.

Once, he only appeared in mother’s story, in his own dream.


With a long sigh in his heart, Situ Lei waved his hand:

“Everything has been given to you, and there is a ready-made place to live. I can’t help the rest now, so I will leave.”

paused, he said again:

“If you go to the inner city, you can find me.”

Watching Situ Lei away, everyone fell silent again, In an unfamiliar place, without the crisis of life and death, it makes people not knowing what to do even more.

“pa pa! ”

Fatty Han tapped both palms to make everyone return to their senses:

“Since someone came here more than ten years ago, it means that in the future There will still be people coming, and we may not have no chance to go back to Earth.”


“Share something.”

Zhou Jia eyes widened. Bright, the fog in my heart suddenly emptied.


There will be people from Earth coming over, so I might not be able to go back.


It’s about making sure you stay alive!

In this dangerous world, live well!

(End of this chapter)

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