Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 3

Chapter 3 foreign world

With the concerted efforts of everyone, one after another corpses were removed from the broken bus, and the wounded were placed aside.

Including the driver, there were seventeen people in the car.

Four of them failed to survive the car accident, three others died in the mouth of the wolf-headed monster, and the rest were also wounded.

There are only five people who can really move.

Among them is Zhou Jia.

Fortunately, there was a returning doctor in the car. He brought some first aid supplies with him, but he managed to help other people stabilize their injuries.


Zhou Jia put the Old Lady Yishu, whose body had turned cold, away, looked at the frightened expression left on the other side, and sighed helplessly.

Old Lady should be a nearby resident. She brought some vegetables and meat and a brand new frying pan with her. It seems that she just bought vegetables from the vegetable market and plans to go back.

Just now, frying pan helped him a lot.

β€œZhou Jia!”

Doctor Qin who had dealt with the wounded straightened up, wiped the sweat from his face, opened the mouth and said:

β€œ This medicine in my hand can only be used for emergency treatment, but it can’t help much, I have to ask the hospital to send an ambulance as soon as possible, otherwise…”

Shaking his head, he continued:

“There is no signal here, so I have to go out to the mountains to find talent.”

“Yes, yes!”

The woman who spoke was named Tao Hong, who was reprimanded by her second aunt not long ago. the one.

As for her second aunt, her legs were caught by the branches during the car accident, and she was already twisted and deformed. She was lying beside her, gasping for breath.

Looking at the second aunt who was tortured by her broken leg, she kept crying.

“Then, who are you looking for?” Zhou Jia asked.

There are so many wounded here, and no one knows if there is such a monster nearby, so someone must be left to take care of it.

“I stay here with Dr. Qin.” A youngster with a short hair said, patted his right leg, and said:

“Anyway, I can’t be in this situation. Go.”

Youngster has an injury on his leg, and nothing else is a big problem, except that he can’t exercise vigorously, and there is no problem with his usual activities.

“en.” Dr. Qin nodded:

“The most important thing now is to call for help. Don’t worry, we have a steel pipe in our hands, so don’t be afraid even if that thing comes over again. ”

The steel pipe he mentioned was unloaded from the bus, three fingers thick, with thorns on the front, and the formidable power was definitely not small when stabbed out.

Although the wolf-headed monster just now looks terrifying, it is still flesh and blood, and two people can handle it with weapons.

As long as you don’t panic, you’ll be fine.

“That’s good!” Zhou Jia” nods.

“Let’s go now

It’s not too late, he, Tao Hong, and a famous The auto mechanic named Su Qiang packed up and set off to find someone.

Su Qiang holds the steel pipe, Zhou Jia holds the frying pan tightly.

The steel pipe was not enough, and he was used to the ‘weapon’ in his hand, so he didn’t replace it at all.

Tao Hong is responsible for carrying the signal receiving equipment found on the bus to check the signal at any time.

The forest is lush, with vines and thorns everywhere.

“Zhou Jia.” Su Qiang asked while sweeping away the vines in front of him with a stick:

“Are you nearby?”

His accent is in the southern Fujian dialect, and the Mandarin is not standard. Zhou Jia thought about it before he understood the meaning. The nodded should be: “My home is in Zhouzhai, not far from this mountain. “

“Oh!” Su Qiang raised his head and looked up, the dense foliage blocked the sky, and only a little sunlight shone through the cracks:

“Here, the forest is very beautiful.” Is it big?”

“Not big.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“There are not many mountains here, and the forest is at most a few miles.”

The locals don’t even have the name of the forest, they all call it the grove.

It is precisely because of this that he and Dr. Qin don’t feel that it is a hassle to go out to find someone, at most it is a matter of time.

“Really?” Su Qiang frowned:

“What do I feel, this forest is very big, we have walked for so long and haven’t seen the way yet.”

“Really?” >

β€œNo way.” Zhou Jia laughed and pointed forward:

β€œThere is a high slope over there, if I go over there, I should be able to see the road at the foot of the mountain, by the way. See if there is a signal.”

Said, striding forward towards the high slope.

When the car accident happened, he was also injured, but now he doesn’t know why, and he even feels full of strength.

The skin also became tight, like a tenacious cowhide.

Zhou Jia had suspected that these changes had something to do with the breath emerging from the wolf-headed monster, but when he said it, no one would believe it.

So keep it in my heart for now.

Climbing up the high slope, he panted on his knees and looked into the distance.

next moment.

His movements froze in place, not moving for a long time.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Qiang’s puzzled voice came from behind, and then he and Tao Hong supported each other up the high slope, also moved towards the distance.

There was a sudden silence in the field.

The three stood on the spot.

Only the mountain wind whistled.

In the eye.

The mountains are stacked, the jungle is dense, the white mist curls up at the end of the line of sight, and the countless trees and leaves are undulating like waves under the wind blowing, and it is difficult to see the edge at a glance.

There is no winding road, no cars passing by, and there is no city that should be in the distance.

The scariest thing is the sky.

Three stars of different sizes hang in the sky, one red, one dark, and one white scorching sun set against each other, and the scattering should belong to the halo of evening.

Because the biggest one is very similar to the sun, and the forest is too dense, the anomalies in the sky are ignored by them.

This moment.

The three of Zhou Jia only felt that their heads were about to explode, not knowing what to do, the scene in front of them was too unimaginable, even shocking.

“Where’s the road?”

“Why…there are three suns?”

“This is…”


The three of them were terrified and their hearts were chilling.

Suddenly, the entire world has changed drastically, everything in front of me is exactly the same as what I remembered, and the strangeness is scary.

is it possible that…

A car accident sent them to another world?

“Stop it!”

“Don’t let it run away!”

“Monkey, stop it!”

right there At this time, a series of roars came from the jungle in front, and the familiar Mandarin also made Zhou Jia suddenly came back to his senses.


“I’ll go take a look!”

shouting to the two of them, he took a step and jumped down.

The emotional agitation made him forget to save his energy, and not long after he rushed, he saw a group of people rushing towards here, yelling and moving towards.

The first person to meet was a wolf-headed monster.

However, unlike the one I met in the bus, this wolf-headed monster was covered in blood, bruised and bruised.


Seeing Zhou Jia blocking his way, the wolf-headed monster roared angrily and swooped forward with his front paws out.


Zhou Jia’s eyes shrank. The recent encounter made him fear and hate this thing. Seeing it, he couldn’t care less and waved the frying pan in his hand.

He didn’t notice that his swing speed was much faster than before.

Strength, even more.

The heavy frying pan slid through the air, even bringing out the sound of hu hu.


With a muffled sound, the wolf-headed monster’s head drooped, and the already injured neck was directly deformed and twisted under the impact of the huge force.


With a cry of grief, she was smashed to the ground.

An inexplicable aura appeared again, submerging into Zhou Jia’s body.

After the breath submerged in the body, it instantly dispersed to the limbs and bones, and a feeling like eating Shiquan Dabu pills immediately poured into my heart.


Without testing, Zhou Jia already knew that his strength should have increased and his skin became firmer.


The people who were chasing behind were taken aback for a moment, and the two closest to them were even more annoyed:

“Damn it. , it’s just a little bit.”

“Don’t look at it, there’s a small one here, don’t let it run away.” At this time, a loud voice came from behind, and it also made a few people in the field. People stop moving.

Zhou Jia heard the sound and saw that in the crowd, a small wolf-headed monster with a height of about one meter was running around.

This little thing has been injured a long time ago, and it is even more precarious under the beating of a group of people.

“Go to hell!”

Someone yelled, kicked it fiercely, and the sound of skeleton breaking was clearly audible.

Seeing that someone else came forward, ready to deal with this little monster, a white shadow suddenly rushed out from the side, stretched out his hands to stop the little monster:


(End of this chapter)

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