Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Settlement

The harvest of everyone, armor, weapons, gems, etc…, a total of 240 Origin Stones were exchanged from Neil Steward.

According to Situ Lei, the price was fair.

Funny to say.

Among the most valuable things, most of them came from the three of Aaron.

Especially the cloak and whip.

On the contrary, the weapons and armors they thought were valuable and expensive were not sold for much.

The so-called Originium is the real stone.

A thumb-sized, diamond-shaped crystal, carefully polished, turned out to be a grey stone.

More than 200 Originium stones, a heavy bag.

Fatty Han first divided nearly half, and then looked towards the crowd:

“The reason why we survived this time, Zhou Jia is the biggest reason, so he accounts for most of the proceeds, Do you have any opinion?”

“I have no opinion.” Zhao Gang said directly.

The others looked at each other in blank dismay, nodded one after another.

Even the two of them have no objection, and the others are almost sold by Gao Libing as goods, so naturally they have no objection.

“To make up one hundred Originium Stones.” Fatty Han put the divided Originium Stones into a bag and handed it to Zhou Jia:

“Others always have to divide Don’t be too little to live your life.”

Zhou Jia shook his head and reached out to take it.

“Me and Zhao Gang are thirty each, and there are more than ten others each.” Fatty Han separated Originium again and looked towards the crowd:

“Don’t think too few of you. , one source stone can be exchanged for a thousand source money, save some money, and live here for a long time.”


Everyone should be, one after another Step forward and take a part of yourself.

Dai Lei helped Cheng Qi take it away, sat down in the corner, looked towards the heavy cloth bag in Zhou Jia’s hand from time to time, her eyes looked thoughtful.

“The wind is blowing!”

Someone speaks.

Everyone heard the sound and looked out, but when they heard the sound of ‘wu wu’, strands of white ribbons appeared in the mountains.

White hair wind?

“Close the door!” Fatty Han said in a voice, and hurriedly closed the door of the tree house.

Through the gap, you can see more and more white ribbons appearing outside with the wind rushing, gradually forming a wave.

The waves are up and down, like a giant bird flapping its wings.

According to Stuart.

This kind of wind has the ability to consume all things, even the heavy armor forged by iron essence, if it is blown by it for a long time, it will rot.

Only the trees in the mountains were not affected for some reason.

Outside the tree house, the wind was howling.

In the tree house, everyone with huge ups and downs fell into a deep sleep one after another. Only Fatty Han and Zhou Jia were on duty.

Gradually, everyone quieted down.


Day 2.

Not far from the original tree house, Zhou Jia found another giant plane tree.

This tree is no smaller than the previous one. The east side was cut open and two meters were dug inward, but for some reason it didn’t continue.



Zhou Jia picked up his axe and slashed inward along the progress of his predecessors.

The sycamore tree has a hard trunk, but with the power of Grade 5, it can still cut out a bunch of broken wood and transport it out like a hot knife through butter.

I don’t know when, Dai Lei appeared behind her, she changed into a close-fitting clothes that she got from nowhere, hugged her chest and looked at the tree:

“You want to come out and live? ”

β€œen.” Zhou Jia sweated on the tip of his nose, swinging his axe while nodding:

β€œIt’s not convenient for so many people to live together.”

“Indeed.” Dai Lei nodded, seeing Zhou Jia look over, she naturally stretched her muscles and bones, showing her beautiful figure:

“There are so many people, both male and female, that there is no way to do it It’s okay to squeeze it down, it’s definitely not enough to stay for a long time.”

β€œYes.” Zhou Jia made a move on his hand:

β€œI think so too.”

“It’s a pity.” Dai Lei’s beautiful eyes flashed, looking at Zhou Jia, meaning:

“I’m too weak to build a tree house by myself.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Zhou Jia looked back with a serious face:

“I’m not bad at all, I’ll open one for you when I build my own tree house, Big Brother Han and the others. I should also find another place, when the time comes it will be much looser.”

“…Yes” Dai Lei corner of the mouth twitched, turned her eyes, said:

“Zhou Jia, if you live in a tree house alone, no one will watch you at night for fear of being unsafe. How about if I come to help you keep vigil?”

“This…” Zhou Jia hesitated for a moment:

“Not so good?”

It’s not every night in the mountain that there is a white-haired wind, and occasionally there will be monsters when there is no wind, and there may be more than monsters.

People are equally at risk.

Security issues should also be guaranteed.

Zhou Jia’s plan is to buy some traps and traps from the market, but this must be done after the tree house is excavated.

Until then, it would have been nice to have someone to help with the vigil.

But a male and a female together alone doesn’t seem to sound good either.

He has a girlfriend.

“I’ll keep you vigil, and you can help me build a tree house. It’s just right.” Dai Lei didn’t realize it, and when she saw Zhou Jia complexion changed, she couldn’t help but smile:

” You’re not afraid of me, are you?”

“It’s not.” Zhou Jia shook his head.

“Actually…” Dai Lei sighed softly and said:

“I don’t want to continue living there, the monkey… recently pestering me more and more Ruthless, I said I don’t like him.”

“You can keep your guard up and stay away from him.”

The monkey’s name is Sun Chengliu, and he looks good, too. One of the seven people picked up by Gao Libing had always had ideas for Dai Lei.

I heard that he dropped out of school early and made a living by his looks and accosted ladies in bars.

For this point, Sun Chengliu is not ashamed, but proud, and often talks about his experience to others on the road.

This kind of thing, men may envy when they hear it.


most likely won’t like it.

“Okay then.” Zhou Jia thought about it, and nodded responded:

“I will open a tree house for you as soon as possible.”

” It doesn’t matter.” Dai Lei swept her long hair from the corner of her eyes and said with a smile:

“Don’t worry about it.”

She didn’t like Zhou Jia at all. .

His appearance is average, his temperament is a little dull, and his figure is okay. At first glance, he knows that he is not the kind of person who can be chic and romantic.

But this time is different from the past. Now this place is not an urban society, far away from the life of the past. What she needs most now is safety.

Zhou Jia is a Grade 5 Yijin, the strongest among the crowd.

As for character…

Honesty and honesty used to be a disadvantage, but in this place, it is the biggest advantage. As long as you can take him down, you will have support .

As for whether it can be won?

Dai Lei has never thought about this. A shy boy can escape his battle-tested Five Fingers Mountain?

laughed, she stepped closer, her eyes fell on Zhou Jia’s face, and she couldn’t help being stunned.

This person doesn’t look very good, but his eyes are quite good-looking.



Is it because of the literature major?



Ignoring Dai Lei, Zhou Jia held his breath and kept swinging his axe while trying to run the strength emission skill , to increase the source power experience.

His movements were meticulous and oblivious.

“Zhou Jia.” Dai Lei’s face was slightly red, she quietly looked away, and asked curiously:

“Why do I feel that you are particularly energetic today?”

“Really?” Zhou Jia kept moving:

“Maybe there is hope in my heart?”

“Looking forward?” Dai Lei blushed even more, no Knowing what to think, his voice trembled slightly:

“What are you looking forward to?”

Isn’t it because you want to live with yourself?

“Since people came here more than ten years ago, there will definitely be more in the future, and maybe they can go back.” Zhou Jia wiped the sweat from his face, his eyes lit up:

“As long as you live, there is hope, it’s not just hope.”

“…” Dai Lei was startled and embarrassed:

“Said also.”

(End of this chapter)

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