Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Situation

“High-quality swords and swords are on sale…”

“Japonica rice, jade mushrooms, grass fruits, pith…, all kinds of grains are discounted !”

“Flesh! Flesh!”

“Armors, forging weapons…”

At the market, people coming, people going, very lively .

Zhou Jia was not wearing any armor today, with his axe and shield still in his body, walking slowly along the market, stopping from time to time to ask about the price.

In this world, source power is a magical existence.

It’s everywhere.

It’s amazing!

If you use the source power technique when speaking, you can roughly understand the meaning of the other party’s words even if they are not in the same language.

β€œHow do you sell pith?” Standing in front of a booth, Zhou Jia asked.

This thing was not there when it came yesterday.

“Fifty money a pound, the pith can continue to nourish the fleshy body. The effect of eating a meal lasts for three days, which is even better than the high-grade meat over there.” The stall owner looked enthusiastic:


“How many pounds?”

“Forget it?” Zhou Jia corner of mouth twitching, shaking his head slightly.

He weighed it just now. This thing is not light. A pound is estimated to be the size of an egg. If he wants to fill his stomach, he is afraid that it will cost two or three pounds.

The price…

It’s prohibitive.

“Come here for a bag of japonica rice.”

“Okay, I’ll give you 20 bucks!”

Japonica rice is 2 bucks a pound, and a 10 pound bag.

The shape is somewhat similar to rice, but with more fiber, rougher, and chewy.

Just two steps away with the bag, Zhou Jia was stopped by a voice.

β€œZhou Jia!”

Fatty Han and Zhao Gang sat on the second floor of the tree house, moved towards the street and waved:

β€œCome up.”

The tree house stands beside the market, and the inside is almost hollowed out. It is a pub business. It has three floors, and the top and bottom are open. Many windows are cut in each layer. .

A flag was inserted at the door with two big characters of Fei Mu world on it.

The Tavern!

Going up to the second floor, Fatty Han greeted Zhou Jia to sit down, pick up the jug and pour a bowl first:

“The wine here is good, the taste is high level, and it can also refresh the mind. If you drink it regularly, it will increase your source power. The key is to be cheap.”

“Ten dollars a pot!”

“Try it!”

Zhou Jia picked up the wine bowl and took a sip. The burning sensation went straight to his throat, and he was about to frown when a stream of heat rushed to his body.

The sluggish spirit suddenly shook.

“Good wine!”

“Haha…” Fatty Han laughed:

“I’d say good wine!”

“The boss of this shop is a spiritual man from the world of Feimu. This race is born with a high affinity for nature and is a genius in various industries, but his personality is too sensitive to be suitable for the battlefield.”

“Not necessarily.” Zhao Gang said on the side:

“Some spirits are born archers. Although they are not strong, their movement method is flexible, more skilled in speed and concealment.”

“I heard of it.” Zhou Jia nods:

“There is a couple of spirits next to my tree house. They are good at painting and often go to the inner city to work for others, but it is a pity that the wages are given Not much.”

“speaking of which.” Fatty Han said with a smile:

“How is your tree house?”

” It’s almost done.” Zhou Jia took another sip, and a blush appeared on his face:

“It will probably be completed in two days, and the rest are details, so don’t worry. What’s your plan?”

The two looked at each other, Fatty Han pondered a little, and said:

“We inquired about it during this time, Huo Family Fort is named after Huo Family For respect, the source money and source stone we use are all released by the Huo Family. I heard that the Huo Family occupies a source mine.”

β€œIn addition to the Huo Family, there is also the Qian Family who does business. , the Kane family that raises all kinds of beasts, and there are also various large and small forces.”

Zhou Jia put down the bowl and listened carefully.

During this time, his mind was mostly spent on excavating tree houses. In his spare time, he just went to the market and asked about the prices of various things.

I don’t know much about Huo Family Fort all influence.

“The sanctuary from Feimu world, although there are not many people, there are many experts, it is the second only to Huo Family’s Great Influence.”

“The rest, There are also the Fish and Dragon Society, Black Lotus, Liuren Hall, etc…”

Fatty Han took a sip of wine and continued:

“Like Situ Lei, the four of them Small organization, more!”

“Overall, Huo Family Fort is a place where fish and dragons are mixed in together, but if you want to live a good life, it is more convenient to join a certain faction. It’s also safer.”

“There is no background…”

“Sometimes you don’t even know how to die!”

He shook his head slightly, Feeling.

Huo Family Fort is not safe, and people are often missing, especially in the Western Region, which is more chaotic.

There is no monster here.

The one who started…

It is most likely to be a human!

The rule against fighting is probably only on the surface. The Huo Family is not very interested in managing the outer city where there is no oil and water.

“It’s so complicated.” Zhou Jia is actually a very simple person. Hearing this, he couldn’t help frowning. He reached out and rubbed the temple and said:

“Which one does Big Brother Han plan to join? Power?”

“The Fish and Dragon Society.” Zhao Gang said:

“We heard that a group of Earth people came here more than ten years ago, although most of them are dead Yes, but there are still survivors, besides Stuart Lei, there is also a deacon in the Ichthyosaur.”

“The past few days, we are going to try him.”

” en. “Fatty Han nods:

“If you can join the Ichthyosaur Society, there is no need to find a tree house. What are your plans, or come together?”

Looking at Zhou Jia, he had hope in his eyes.

Having a Grade 5 ‘expert’ joins in, he’s more sure, even if the Grade 5 has a lot of water.

“I…” Zhou Jia pondered:

“I plan to settle down first, which force it shouldn’t be joining in a short time.”

“That’s it.” Fatty Han slowly nodded, and asked again:

“Did you go to the inner city to find Stuart?”

As for Stuart, because of Ultra Grade The ownership of the source material, where is the Huo Family Fortress, whether they want to die or something, they threaten and negotiate with each other, and the relationship is very bad.

Now that I know the value of lean meat, I don’t like it even more.

On the contrary, because of Professor Song, Zhou Jia has a certain connection with him.

“en.” hearing this, Zhou Jia was shocked, and said:

“I want to learn Origin Art, ask him about it, as long as you learn Origin Art, you can You can upgrade your rank without killing the monster.”

“It doesn’t seem easy.” Zhao Gang was stunned:

“It costs a lot to learn the source art, and even if you learn the source It’s hard to go up to Grade 5, so it’s better to learn the martial skill, which can increase your strength in a short time.”

β€œAs long as you join the Fish and Dragon Club, you can learn the martial skill, free of charge, and In the future, I will also have the opportunity to learn Yuanshu.”

“Really?” Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed:

“I’ll think about it.”

“No. Anxious.” Fatty Han patted his shoulders:

“We just have such an idea, whether it will be successful or not, we will talk about it. If it does, we will introduce you when the time comes.”

“Okay.” Zhou Jia smiled and held up the wine bowl:

“I wish you two all your dreams.”




Back to the tree house with the smell of alcohol, Dai Lei first subconsciously frowned, then greeted her with a smile:


“How did you drink today?”

“Meet Big Brother Han and Zhao Gang.” Zhou Jia put down the rice bag and looked towards the door, where the footprints were obvious:

“Has anyone been here?”

“en.” Dai Lei nodded:

“The neighbor sent a painting, saying that we should decorate the new house, and , Situ Lei asked someone for a message, saying that you believed what you inquired about.”

“Really?” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up.


In an hour.

After paying the entry fee of fifty yuan, Zhou Jia endured the pain and entered the inner city.

According to Situ Lei’s instructions in advance, he circled the inner city streets a few times, and finally stopped at the back door of a shop.



The outer sect opened, and a big man with a face full of flesh looked over coldly, his tone Bad:

“Who are you looking for?”

“Is Master He there?” Zhou Jia took a deep breath and said:

“I was two days ago. The one Situ Lei mentioned came to learn Origin Art.”

“It’s you!” /p>

“I brought it.” Zhou Jia touched the bag at his waist, and his heart twitched again.

“It was agreed in advance that the Sixty Origin Stones only teach beginners. Don’t think about apprenticeship. If you can’t learn it in seven days, don’t care.” The big man said coldly.

β€œI understand.” Zhou Jia nodded.

“en.” The big man opened the door:

“I’ll take you to see the master.”

(end of this chapter)

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