Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Origin Technique

Enter through the back door and pass a Martial Practice Stage that covers an area of hundreds of square feet.

The huge Martial Practice Stage had only a few people exercising, but all kinds of big and amazing equipment were readily available and seemed to weigh a lot.

“hehe… hum ha…”


The grinding wheel that the two embraced flipped up and down in one’s hand, and aroused after landing heavily. A cloud of smoke.

“Eldest Senior Brother.” The man was wide and heavy, with a beard face, like a black bear, looking up and down Zhou Jia with his eyes:


“No.” The big man said in a muffled voice:

“Practice your martial arts well, don’t ask so much!”


Since it wasn’t the Junior Brother from newcomer, the other party didn’t have any interest in asking.

Zhou Jia silently retracted his eyes and followed the big man onwards.

With his Grade 5 strength, he can barely lift the grinding wheel, but it’s impossible so easy, and he can play with flowers.

Grade 6?

It seems that Situ Lei is right. Although there are not many people here, they are all powerful.

“Master, the man Situ Lei said is here.”

“Come in!”

In the main house, a man was sitting upright Tea’s middle-aged man put down the tea cup and moved towards Zhou Jia, who was stepping in, looking back and forth:

“Come here as soon as you answer, you are in a hurry.”

“I… …Junior has heard the name of Master He for a long time, and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to learn Origin Art from you.” Zhou Jia bowed and handed the token from Situ Lei.

Master He is from the Dalin Dynasty, where the customs are similar to those in ancient China, and he also tried to change the way he speaks.

While speaking, he is also secretly looking at each other.

Master He is wearing an azure gown, hard python boots, shiny and full nails, and a clean beard. He is clearly an image-conscious person.

Clear-looking, tall and thin, not very muscular.

But according to Stuart, this Dragon-Tiger expert of Grade 8 may have been Grade 9 or 10 if he hadn’t been injured in his early years.

“Huh…” For Zhou Jia’s words, Master He indifferent expression:

“Did you bring the money?”

“Bring it!” Zhou Jia He stepped forward and handed the bag with the seventy Originium Stones to the big man beside him:

“There are seventy Originium Stones in total, besides I want to learn the Origin Technique, I also want to learn from Master He. A martial skill to rely on.”

“It’s best to use a weapon.”

This is what was said in advance, ten Originium teach a martial skill, no Pack Society.

“Weapons?” Master He moved his eyes slightly, swept over the shield and axe on Zhou Jia’s body, and shook his head gently:

“The martial skill of shield and axe, the people of the temple The most proficient, there is a door cross sword and shield technique that is quite good, but I don’t have a suitable one here.”

“You have to think about it.”

“…” Zhou Jia He bowed his head and pondered for a while, then heavily nodded:

“It is already a blessing for Junior to be able to teach Martial Arts from Master He, and I dare not pick and choose.”

The sanctuary is from Feimu world , is extremely exclusive, it is not so easy to learn martial arts there, but there is a way in front of you.

What really belongs to you is the best.

Zhou Jia also understands this.

“en.” Master He showed a satisfied smile on his face, waved his hand to signal the big man to take Qian’s subordinate, lightly stroked his beard and said slowly:

“In those days, Situ Lei’s mother worked here , she has an excellent character, and it is also because of her that Situ Lei can learn the kung fu of my Tie Yuan School.”

“Now, it is because of Situ Lei that I have attracted you.”

“It can be considered… a fate!”

When talking about Situ Lei’s mother, his eyes softened a lot, and he continued with a sigh:

“You know the rules. , the kung fu I learned here can only be used by myself, and cannot be passed on to others, not even my own son, otherwise…”


He hummed softly , killing intent burst out.

This killing intent is like substance, giving Zhou Jia the feeling that a terrifying giant beast is sitting in front of him, and he can kill himself with a slight movement.

He was involuntarily sweating.

“Junior understands!”

“That’s good.” Master He nodded and sat firmly.


“cough cough!”

Zhou Jia was wondering when he heard the big man beside him coughing twice and turned his head to look , Seeing that the other party was holding tea, he was immediately stunned.

I hurriedly took the tea from the big man, took two steps forward and bent over to Master He:

“Master He, please drink tea.”

” en. ”

Master He took the tea, lifted the lid and dialed it, even if the ceremony was completed.


“The Ruins Realm is based on source power. If you want to increase source power, in addition to capturing the essence of all things have spirits, it is the method of cultivation source art. .”

Inner Room.

Master He hands behind ones back, looking at a landscape picture hanging on the wall, his voice is solemn:

“My Tieyuan School’s inheritance origin technique is called Sanyuan Zhengfa, After the completion, the source power is powerful and heavy, and there is almost no danger of cultivation deviation.”

“Originally in the Dalin Dynasty, except for the Core Disciple, it was not passed on to the outside world, here…”


Shaking his head, he turned around, looked towards Zhou Jia, expressed congeals, and drank in a low voice:

“Be calm, listen to my formulas, and remember the source in your body. You only have seven days to power the acupoints, so you can seize the opportunity yourself.”

“Yes!” Zhou Jia was shocked and hurriedly responded.


Master He body flashed, appeared beside him, patted his hands lightly, like a group of butterflies flying, and pressed dozens of times on Zhou Jia in an instant.

A stream of heat rises out of thin air from within the body and travels rapidly along the meridian.

“The three elements are heaven, earth, and human beings, the sky above and the earth below, blending with human spirit, refining source power, nourishing oneself…”

one hour back.

Zhou Jia frowned, trying to silently run the source power in his body.

Compared to the strength emission skill of Stuart Lei’s teaching, the ternary method is much more complicated.

However, the two have a common ground. After all, Situ Lei also learned the three-element rectification method, which saved a lot of effort.

Of course.

It is impossible to get started with just one cultivation.

When I came back to my senses, I saw Master He playing with his axe and shield.

“Wake up? How much do you remember?”

“This…” Zhou Jia estimated:

“In two more days, it will probably be enough. Try cultivation by yourself.”

“It’s not too small.” Master He hummed, not thinking about it.

The time stuck at seven days was actually a test. Most people need seven days to get started.

If you don’t pay attention, you will probably fail to learn in seven days.

He didn’t know that Zhou Jia was a little different. As long as the star halo showed the entry, it was the real entry, and he would never forget it.

“From tomorrow onwards, it will be your Eldest Senior Brother Luo Ping who will teach you.”

After explaining, Master He picked up the axe:

“The axe is not in iron. Within the scope of Yuan School inheritance, I have never cultivated concurrently, and only have a common ground with cloak Blade Technique all the way.”

“Would you like to learn?”

“Junior is willing! “Zhou Jia hurriedly nodded.

The money has already been spent, how could it be unwilling?

β€œThere are seven types of cloak Blade Technique. The moves are simple and the lethality is not weak. Especially in the event of an outbreak, the formidable power is amazing.” After speaking, Master He took out a booklet:

“The secret art of this knife is all there. You try cultivation first. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask your Senior Brother in the past few days.”

“en. ”

Perhaps he felt that this was a little irresponsible, he pondered for a while, and then took out a booklet:

“There is also a kung fu called shield strike, so I will give it to you. Yes, but don’t expect anyone to teach you this kung fu.”

Tie Yuan faction, few people use shields.

Even so, Zhou Jia was overjoyed:

β€œmany thanks Master He!”

Outside, even Originium may not be able to learn the martial skill. Trifling seventy Origin Stones can learn the Tie Yuan School Inheritance Origin Technique, mainly because of Situ Lei’s face.

Otherwise, what more than seventy?

Anyway, it’s well worth the money!

(End of this chapter)

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