Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 34

Chapter 34 is missing

Seven days later.

The tree house.

Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Ordinary Grade 5 Yi Jin (946/4000)

Origin Star: Earth Star (Trait: Violent)

cultivation technique : Introductory Trinity Rectification (55/300)

martial skill : Shield Reverse Proficiency (23/70), Shield Strike Introductory (5/20), Cloak Axe Technique Getting Started (36/100)

Overall, the subtitles have changed a lot.

Without the introduction of source power in the martial skill column, there is a cultivation technique and two sect martial skills, and the quality is far superior to what I have learned before.

Especially the three-element rectification method and the cloak axe method, which are just getting started, and the experience required is far more than shield counter and shield strike.

This also shows whether there is a gap in inheritance.

“What a pity!”

Opening his eyes, Zhou Jia sighed silently.

The Tieyuan School’s Origin of Inheritance is a three-dimensional orthodoxy, but the foundation of the set up Sect is a Body Refinement martial skill, which is used to polish the body cultivation technique.

You know, no matter how well you practice the martial arts, blindly dodging can’t guarantee your safety.

Origin Art, Body Refinement, the two complement each other, plus a few excellent martial arts to fight the enemy, all learned is the true inheritance of Sect.

But he doesn’t have to think about it.

Shaking his head, moved towards Dai Lei who was cleaning up the room and explained a few words, Zhou Jia got up and went to the market with the money bag to make some purchases.

Next, he needs to try.

In order to increase the cultivation base, one is to capture the essence of all things have spirits, and the other is the cultivation source.

There are two kinds of taking the essence.



Out of the novice area, killing low-quality monsters has no effect on Zhou Jia, and stronger monsters mean greater danger, which is not his choice.

All that’s left is to eat.

The first is to take japonica rice.

Three meals a day, because of the powerful internal organs, if you eat them openly, you will consume about ten pounds. With the cultivation of the three-element rectification method, you can get two points of energy a day.

And others such as jade mushroom, grass fruit and so on.

The effect is better than that of japonica rice, and you can get 3 points of energy a day, but their price is several times more expensive than that of japonica rice.

In addition, there is a lot of food to fill the stomach, so the cost performance is extremely low.

There is also a gap between the lean meats.

The best High Level refined meat is supplemented by Sanyuan Dharma, which can get up to 5 points of energy on one day, and 3 points on the second day, until the effect disappears on the third day.

The energy supply of poor meat is not even as good as that of jade mushroom and strawberry, only better than japonica rice, but the price is much more expensive than that of jade mushroom.

Only the taste is not bad.

β€œCultivation one hour of the three-element Dharma, taking japonica rice and mushrooms in combination, can probably increase a little energy, and if you practice asceticism, it’s between two and three o’clock.”

β€œThat is, In other words, if you simply cultivate the three-element rectification method, one day of ascetic practice can only provide a little more energy.”

As for doesn’t cultivate, it only depends on eating.

Sorry, the increase in source power is negligible, unless the food is unusual.

Zhou Jia rubbed the temple and looked helpless.

He needs to break through Grade 5, and the energy experience required is still more than 3,000. Even if he eats meat and cultivation every day, it will take more than 600 days to do it.

That’s nearly two years.

Sounds ok, but it’s an ideal situation.

Let’s not talk about where the money for eating meat comes from every day, even if there is enough money, he is impossible to spend the whole day on the three-element Fa-rectification.

It is also necessary to cultivate martial skills, as well as daily contacts, mental exhaustion…

Not to mention earning money!

One day, half a day spent on cultivation is a luxury.

Not to mention two years, but six years.

According to the rule of getting harder and harder, how many years does it take for a Grade 6 liter Grade 7?

More than ten years!

“No wonder!”

Shaking his head, Zhou Jia muttered to himself:

“No wonder people like Situ Lei also want to go to Cloud Burial Forest Exploration, relying solely on the cultivation source technique, it is too difficult to upgrade.”

He has a panel, and he can clearly see his daily progress, but he feels it is difficult, while the other people are struggling every day, always Can’t see the end, how many people can hold on?


Zhou Jia achieved Grade 5 early because of chance, while others started from Grade 2, Grade 3 and even from scratch, which took longer.

Grade 6 and above, almost hopeless!

If you want to really stand out, you can only have a chance to enter the Cloud Burial Forest to explore, hunt monsters, and collect materials in exchange for source stones.

Of course.

The wealthy and wealthy family is extra.

There are several kinds of precious medicines on the market, which can provide a lot of source power, but they are expensive, and they often use Originium to buy them.

Rich people take precious medicines, but poor people choose to work hard.

“Have you heard of it?” Holding the bowl, Dai Lei said while clasping the rice:

“Fan Lin is missing.”

” en. “Zhou Jia frowned and looked up:

“When did it happen?”

“Yesterday.” Dai Lei’s face was pale and her eyes were terrified:

“Yesterday morning, she went to the ditch with Xiaoyu to wash clothes. No one saw her at noon. Monkey came to ask at night.”

“No one…”

“See her again.”

Zhou Jia fell silent.

In the Western Region, people are often missing. It is said that some people were taken away by the Ichthyosaur Society to do secret prostitution business, and some were completely disappeared.

This group of them are from Earth, new arrivals, very careful, impossible things happen and never return home.

And there was a white-haired wind last night.


There is a high probability that it will never appear again.

Thinking of the little girl who came to borrow money with a worried face some time ago, he couldn’t help feeling nervous.

Dai Lei’s hands trembled a little, and the grain of rice trembled around her mouth. She had a good relationship with Fan Lin and Xiaoyu, and was fine yesterday.


It hit her hard.

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t run around, you’ll be fine.” Zhou Jia could only be comforted:

“Maybe he got lost, you know that monkey is out of tune , maybe someone has come back, but they just didn’t come to notify.”

Dai Lei shook her head slightly, and changed the subject a bit bluntly:

“I don’t know what happened to Huihui? “

“She’s pretty good.” Zhou Jia said:

“When I was in the inner city, I went to her side, she was not allowed to enter the yard, and said a few words through the door In other words, she has nothing to do except complain about being bored.”

“Well, she also asked about Cheng Qi’s situation.”

Since she came to Huo Family Fort, Cheng Qi Just like having no desire to improve, I ask someone to buy some food and drinks every day, and I never go out.

Dai Lei went to see it at the beginning, but now she’s gone.

The corner where Cheng Qi, the tree house, is over there, is full of alcohol and stench.

“I really envy her and Lu Rong for being able to enter the inner city.” Dai Lei sighed, only after spending time in the outer city did she know how good the inner city is:

“Fatty Han also went to the inner city and sent the two of them’s Originium.”

“Really?” Zhou Jia didn’t know, hearing this:

“Although the inner city is good, it also costs a lot. Their wages are not much, so if you have these Originium stones, you will not be so nervous.”

“Fatty Han is very scheming.” Dai Lei narrowed her eyes :

“I heard that the yard where Huihui is in was specially arranged by Master Huo Young for that Miss Qian. Miss Qian is the fiancee of Master Huo, and she will definitely go to Huo’s house in the future.”

“If Huihui can follow Miss Qian to Huo’s house…”

“Fatty Han can catch this thread.”

It stands to reason , Chen Hui has a closer relationship with Zhou Jia and Dai Lei, and Zhou Jia has been in the inner city during this time, so there is no need to make a special trip to send Origin Stone Fatty Han.

But he went with a small gift.

This thought is self-evident.

Dai Lei looked towards Zhou Jia, but found that his face was indifferent, as if he didn’t understand the key here, and couldn’t help but sigh.

“I’m full!”

Zhou Jia put down the tableware:

“I’m going to wash the dishes and wash the clothes by the way, if you’re tired, go first Take a rest.”

Speaking and standing up.

Fatty Han’s thoughts, it’s not that he doesn’t understand, but what if he understands?

is it possible that in order to run this trip, is it impossible to compete with the other party?

And the reason why the other hospital chose Chen Hui and Chen Hui who have no background is because they don’t want to cause trouble, and they even want to find temporary workers with a high probability.

What will happen in the future?

On the contrary, he was the one who wanted to ask Dai Lei to find another place to live in the past few days, but when something like Fan Lin happened, he could only suppress her urging.

After washing the clothes, the wind is already blowing in the col, and it looks like it is going to rain.

“Zhou…Brother Zhou.”

Zhou Jia was rushing back against the wind when he was stopped by a voice.

“Sun Chengliu, what’s the matter?”

The person who came was Sun Chengliu, nicknamed Monkey. He rubbed his hands and walked over nervously:

“Brother Zhou, Lin Lin is missing.”

“I heard that Zhou Jia said Lin Lin.”

“Do you have any news?

“Yes… …is there.” The monkey lowered his head and said in a low voice:

“I know a place where there may be Linlin, but my strength is too weak, can Brother Zhou come with me to have a look. “

“Really?” Zhou Jia pondered, looked up at the sky, and said:

“Today is too late, how about tomorrow? You go over.”

“This…” The monkey was stunned for a while, and then nodded:


Watching the monkey leave, Looking at his back, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful, until he returned to the tree house, his brows were furrowed, as if there was some problem that could not be solved.

Long time.

He rolled over from the wooden bed and sat up, picking up the hoodie hanging on the wall:

“I’m going out.”

“en?” Lei was stunned for a moment:

“It’s so late…”

“I’ll be back when I go.” Zhou Jia said and opened the door.

(End of this chapter)

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