Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Monkey

The mountain where Huo Family Fort is located has a unique terrain, and there are mountains on both sides to block the cold current.

A suitable environment allows trees to grow freely.

Viewed from a height, the dark red leaves of the giant sycamore tree are connected into one piece, mixed with a little emerald green and dark yellow, with bright colors and complex layers.

The mountain wind blows, and the leaves dance with the wind, undulating like tides.

Like this mountain, it is magnificent and gorgeous, but there are countless sinister evils hidden inside, like an ominous beast that eats people without spitting out bones.

In the forest.

The monkey shrugged, staring at the mountain wind.

His lips were a little purple, and his eyes flashed back and forth. Even though he was wrapped in several clothes to keep out the cold, he was still habitually tight.

Seems extremely insecure.

Turn left and right along the path in memory, and finally come to the position where the three big trees are closed.

Under the tree, two people were already waiting.

“What’s the matter?” A man walked out of the shadows, looking towards the monkey with a face, his voice was dull:

“Didn’t you bring me?”

“Report… I’m sorry.” Monkey trembled slightly, and cowering said:

“He said it’s too late today, so he’ll come back early tomorrow morning, the two big brothers don’t worry, I’ll be sure to pick up Surnamed Zhou’s tomorrow morning. Bring it here.”

“en.” The two of them looked at each other under the tree, one of them stepped forward and patted the monkey’s shoulder:

“You should understand that if tomorrow people If he doesn’t come, what will be the consequences.”

This man is 1.9 meters tall, but he is skinny and skinny, like a hemp pole, as if a gust of wind can blow him down.

But the monkeys have seen each other’s brutal very ruthless means, hearing this hastily nodded:

“Understand, get it!”

“I must put surnamed Zhou’s Bring it!”

“It’s not just him.” The thin hemp pole shook his head:

“It’s mainly the Originium in his hand, a hundred Originium should not be placed in one In the hands of a lucky waste, don’t you think?”

“Don’t worry, you won’t be without your share until the person is resolved.”

“Yes, yes.” Monkey A submissive look on his face.

“Boy.” Another person stood in the shadows and said coldly:

“You brought that woman here by yourself, she doesn’t want to do anything and dares to hurt Lao Tzu Guests, then don’t blame us for being ruthless.”

“You don’t blame us, do you?”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare.” The monkey turned pale.

“Huzi, don’t scare him, what should I do if I’m frightened?” The thin hemp pole smiled and slowed down his voice:

“Sun Chengliu, you are born to be suitable In our line of work, I heard that there are two women by your side, can you bring them over?”

“This…” The monkey hesitated for a while:

“The two I’m not familiar with the woman yet, so I don’t have much confidence, but if you give me some time, I should be able to win.”

“Okay!” The thin hemp pole voice mentioned:

“I admire your confidence, but it’s really late today. It looks like it’s going to rain later, so the two of us will wait for your news tomorrow?”

“Two big brothers, don’t worry.” Monkey reassures:

“I will definitely bring people.”



The mountain wind whistled like weeping.

After sending the two away, the monkey’s expression loosened immediately, and he straightened his wrinkled collar, which was ripped by the thin hemp pole, and turned around and walked towards the road he came from.

Just after walking a few steps, a sudden blackness appeared in front of him, and a huge force rushed towards him, tightly choking him, and pinning him against a tree.

“Sun Chengliu!”

Zhou Jia, wearing a mink robe, clenched his teeth, stared at each other, and roared in a low voice:

“Do you want to Harm me!”

“Uh…uh…” The monkey’s face was flushed red, his hands were slapping Zhou Jia’s arms weakly, and the veins on his forehead were bulging high.

He wanted to speak, but was out of breath.

Zhou Jia’s eyes were red, and he wanted to strangle the other person directly, but his hand moved, after all, it still gave him a little space to breathe.

β€œcough cough!”


The monkey desperately coughed and panted, ignoring the physical discomfort, and hurriedly waved his hand:

“Brother Zhou, it’s not… It’s not that I want to harm you, the key… It’s them who want to harm you, and they forced me to do it.”

“Speak!” Zhou Jia exerted his strength again, Whispered angrily:

“What’s going on?”

He just felt that the monkey’s demeanor was a little strange today, not like finding a clue to Fan Lin, so he followed curiously have a look.

I didn’t want to, but I heard that the three were conspiring to kill him!

If I didn’t follow me on a whim…

Then, I’m afraid I’ve fallen into a trap!

Thinking of this, Zhou Jia only felt anger in his heart, and his murderous intention was hard to restrain.

“Yes, yes.” The monkey’s face was pale and his body was trembling:

“Those two are from the ichthyosaur association, and they specialize in abducting and selling women to do that kind of thing. It’s me… …I met by chance, and they heard that you have a hundred Origin Stones in your hands, so they got confused.”

“Brother Zhou, Brother Zhou.”

both of his hands cup one fist in the other hand, begging bitterly:

“I didn’t really want to offend you, but those two vicious and merciless, if I don’t agree, they will kill me Yes.”

“Fan Lin, Linlin was killed by them!”

Zhou Jia looked at him and said nothing.

Long Fang said:

“How powerful are they?”

“Skinny Grade 4, Fatty Grade 3.” The monkey said.

β€œGrade 3 Grade 4?” Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

“Indeed.” Monkey nodded:

“But, but they have a martial skill, origin technique, their strength is much stronger than… than the ordinary three grade 4, And there are other means.”

“Grade 5, you can also win.”

Zhou Jia was dumbfounded.

He only felt that he was Grade 5 and looked down on Grade 3 and Grade 4, but he forgot that in the eyes of others, his Grade 5 was just an empty shell, and his real strength was not necessarily stronger than Grade 3.

Although Monkey didn’t say it explicitly, the meaning in his words was that he was definitely not the opponent of the two.

slightly hesitated, Zhou Jia said slowly: “Tell me about the two of them.”

“Brother Zhou.” The monkey said in a low voice:

“I said, will you just let me go?”

“Speak!” Zhou Jia raised his voice and put one hand directly on the tree, the anger in his eyes was real.

“I said, I said.” The monkey roared anxiously:

“The skinny man is called Huang Changsong, he is proficient in claw skills, and he can grasp stones with five fingers; fatty’s surname is Yang , I don’t know what it’s called, but they have hard skills…”

“They live in the Western Region, but most of the time they spend most of their time watching factories in the Eastern Region, and sometimes they come to the Western Region to pick up some goods. …”

Seeing that Zhou Jia was really angry, he didn’t dare to neglect, he repeated the news he knew in one breath, and then stopped shivering.

Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered and he asked again:

“How did Fan Lin die?”

“Lin Lin.” The monkey’s body froze, then immediately With tears in her eyes, the soundtrack choked up:

“Linlin sees that we are living a hard life and can’t find a livelihood for a while, so I think about supporting my family with my own body.”

“I disagreed at first!”

“But she kept pestering me. I… I couldn’t help being pestered, plus I really had no ability, so I took her to the field to try.”

“Who knows.” Speaking of which, the monkey twitched his nose:

“When she got there, she didn’t want to do it, and offended the people of the Ichthyosaur Society, she was…”

“I was killed!”

“Wu wu…”

He lowered his head and cried, wiping away his tears as he cried:

“Brother Zhou, we came from Earth, that’s all, I made a mistake for a while, it’s not right, but I promise I’ll change it in the future.”

“You…you just let me go. Yima, I will remember your kindness for the rest of my life!”

Zhou Jia looked at him, his eyes struggled, his hands tightened and loosened, swaying between killing and not killing.

In the end, he sighed helplessly, let go of his arms, and turned his body slowly.

“many thanks Brother Zhou, many thanks Brother Zhou!” Monkey was ecstatic and thanked him in a hurry.

Zhou Jia turned his back to him, closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and said slowly:



The monkey, who had just escaped from the trap and was ecstatic, saw a flash of light flash, and his eyes flew high, and a familiar and unfamiliar headless corpse came into view.


Zhou Jia holds an axe in one hand and wears a mink robe, bowing his head silently.

After a long time, he adjusted his clothes and moved towards the direction where the two left.

(End of this chapter)

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