Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Kill Streak





From the beginning of a drop, to the rain falling like a curtain, it only takes a short time.

The clouds in the sky are turbulent, and endless water droplets grow out of thin air. They pierce the clouds and mists, cut through the void, and roar toward the earth.


In the thunder and lightning, the water droplets collided with the leaves, shattered to pieces, and followed one after another.

The mountain wind whistled and the rain curtain poured down, like countless thin veils covering between Heaven and Earth, the naked eye can be seen as gray.

I knew it would rain, but I didn’t expect it to rain so fast and so urgently.

For a time, the market was in chaos.

“It’s raining, the stalls are closed, and we will continue tomorrow!”

“Quick, quick, I can’t see water with these things, you guys can be quick, if there is a loss, this Don’t want monthly wages.”

“We’ve dealt with weapons, the last sale…”

“Still selling?”

“Aren’t you afraid of being caught?” Lightning strikes to death!”

“You can’t control it.”

In the roar of thunder, everyone was clamoring, one by one stalls put away the goods one after another, and everyone moved towards their tree house and ran go.

On the forest path, two silhouettes, one fatty and one thin, are walking by themselves.

fatty covered his eyes with his hands, looked up in the rain, and cursed:

“It’s going down so fast, I’m rushing back to my mother’s house on this old thief day, I knew it earlier It will rain, so prepare your poncho when you come out.”

“hehe…” The thin man chuckled:

“Forget it, it won’t answer you, go back early Rest is the right thing to do.”

“Brother Huang.” Fatty rolled his eyes:

“Otherwise we’ll go to the venue today, it’s raining and there shouldn’t be many guests. , Xiao Cui and the others probably don’t have any guests.”

“Going to play?”

“Hmm…” Shouzi’s face moved, and then he shook his head:

“Forget it, there are still things to do tomorrow, so let’s save some energy today.”

“Hey!” Fatty waved his hand:

“One rises by luck. What kind of strength can a newcomer in Grade 5 have? If you don’t bother Brother Huang, I can solve him.”

This is not an exaggeration.

Both are Grade 5, and the gap can be as different as heaven and earth.

And Zhou Jia’s Grade 5, which is achieved by luck, is undoubtedly the worst kind. With Grade 5 strength, he is like a bull.

The thin man raised his eyebrows:

“Then, go to the venue?”

“Just go to the venue!” Fatty laughed:

“We’ll have money tomorrow, so it’s nothing to play with a few women.”

“That’s the truth.” The thin man also laughed:

“Then let’s celebrate in advance, we Let’s go.”


The two looked at each other, turned their directions slightly, and walked towards the East District.

“Da da…”

At this moment, a rush of footsteps came from behind, getting closer and closer.

“Two, please let me go.” A man in a scorpion came running from the rear. He couldn’t see his face under the rain curtain, but could only hear a rush of voice:

“I’m in a hurry, I’m going to the market, and there will be no one there when it’s late.”

“I’m in a hurry?” Fatty laughed softly, as if he was about to get out of the way, but his feet were slightly inclined. , like a stumbling block.

The thin man cooperated with his voice to distract the people coming from behind.

They never miss an opportunity to prank people.

If appropriate…

Can also do a small ‘business’.

The people coming from behind were getting closer and closer. It seemed that they saw two people moving out of the way. They did not slow down at all, but ran faster and faster. It seemed that they were really in a hurry.

The distance is gradually approaching, three feet, two zhang…

two meters.

The thin man who was laughing at himself seemed to have noticed something, his brows suddenly wrinkled, and he looked under the robe through the rain.

A cold light appeared in his eyes.

Not good!


The heart skipped a beat, the thin man shouted loudly, and his body retreated crazily.


Zhou Jia’s eyes widened with cold light, his right hand clenched the handle of the axe, and the move of cloak the autumn wind sweeping the leaves swept through his heart, and his body changed accordingly.

“Pu tong! Pu tong!”

His heart was beating fast, and an invisible force emerged from the muscles, instantly rushing to the limbs and bones, intersecting with the source power.


The power of Grade 5 instantly multiplied several times, enough to crush Grade 6.

Strength, swing the axe!

The air screeched.


The dazzling cold light suddenly bloomed, and an arc halo seemed to suddenly appear in front of Zhou Jia. Wherever the halo passed, everything collapsed.

A huge force erupted at the axe blade, slashing Fatty’s waist and abdomen, and the two plump stumps flew up and down.

With all the power left, giant axe falls on the skinny man again.


A halo suddenly appeared from the thin man’s body, blocking the axe’s blade.

Although the halo of the next moment disintegrated, like a mirror shattering, he also took the opportunity to take two steps back to avoid the fatal blow.

Seeing this, Zhou Jia’s complexion did not change, and his feet once again exerted strength, and the whole person suddenly rushed forward.

I don’t know when, the shield has been buckled in his left hand, in front of him.

Shield Bash!


It’s like a truck rushing forward in an instant, Juli dented the water curtain in front of it, and countless water droplets were forcibly smashed into fog. .

The extreme speed made his silhouette crash into a rain-free passage in the rain screen.

The thin man’s eyes narrowed, and before he could blurt out the word be careful, his body was hit by the giant shield, and the terrifying giant force made his body bow.


In an instant, the skeleton of the skinny man’s chest and abdomen were all broken, the bone stubble was pierced into the internal organs, and the external flesh was also smashed by the force.


Zhou Jia stood still, and a bloody silhouette was knocked ten meters away, and it was not soft until it hit a big tree Slipped off the ground.

The silhouette after landing is no longer a person, but a pile of meat.


Zhou Jia let out a mouthful of impure air.

His face was tense, his whole body was full of heat, and after suppressing his rapid breathing, he touched the bodies of the two, then smashed his head and left quickly.

When he was about to get to the tree house, he stopped, took out some of the things he had just started, and found a hidden place to bury it before knocking on the door.

“Where did you go?”

Dai Lei took the mink clothes and hung them up, diligently like a wife who has been waiting at home for a long time.

“The monkey said there is a clue to Fan Lin, I’ll go over and ask.” Zhou Jia looked indifferent, the blood on his body was washed away by the rain on the road, and shook his head:

” But he’s not at home, so I don’t know where to go so late. Forget it, let’s see tomorrow.”

“Any clues about Linlin?” Dai Lei’s eyes lit up:

“I hope she’s all right.”

“en.” Zhou Jia was expressionless:

“I’m going to bed first.”

“Go to sleep. .” Dai Lei nodded:

“I’ll keep watch for another night.”



The rain is getting faster and faster.

The wind is getting stronger and stronger.

Generally speaking, there is no white-haired wind in rainy days, so there are not many people rushing to the road in the rainy day, and the bodies of Fatty and Thin Man were found early.

“How’s it going?”

Some bald ichthyosaurs will squint their eyes and look back and forth at the corpse on the ground:

“What can you see?”

“Go back to deacon.” The old man who inspected the corpse straightened up and replied in a low voice:

“Both of them are one strike certain kill, and the body protection talisman on Huang Changsong helped him block it. One click, and then the body becomes a pile of rotten meat.”

“It can be seen that the person who started the attack is very strong, I am afraid that he is a Grade 7 expert, and this strength is rare even in Grade 7, but The strength is scattered but not condensed, and there is not much use of skills, it is more like venting anger.”

The thin man is a Grade 4 exchange blood, and his skin is tough and the flesh is rough, and his skills are very good, but in the face of The opponent is powerless to fight back.


It’s definitely expert!

“Grade 7?” Lu deacon complexion stiffened, he knew that the striker should be good, but didn’t expect it to be so strong.

Immediately, he turned his head and looked at a youngster beside him coldly:

“Xiao Hai, didn’t you say that the two of them are planning to attack a new group recently, the probability of that group of people, The biggest?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Xiaohai stammered.

“There is a Grade 7 expert in that group of people?”


“Grade 6?”

” Also… no.”

“You’re fucking kidding me!” Lu deacon was furious, kicked over, and kicked the youngster all over the ground, making his body muddy.

“Old Lu, what’s so maddening?” At this moment, a slow voice came from the rain curtain, and several silhouettes walked slowly.

He was wearing a mullet and couldn’t see his face clearly.

Among the people who followed behind, there were Fatty Han and Zhao Gang.

(End of this chapter)

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