Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Flowers in the Sludge


There is no whitish wind.

Last night, the rain had not penetrated the ground, the path was muddy, and the moonlight fell through the gaps in the shade of the trees, reflecting a halo.

Zhou Jia is not a good carpenter, and the door of the tree house is not so tight.

Through the gap, you can see a tall silhouette is coming from the forest, the speed is not fast, but it gives people an invisible pressure.

This pressure…

No less than that one-eyed, four-armed monster!

“Da da… da da…”

As the distance gets closer, the silhouette becomes clearer.

A mutant corpse?

Zhou Jia and Dai Lei were surprised at the same time, but the warning signs in their hearts prevented them from uttering a word.

This is a rider on a white-maned horse, the rider clasps the long spear, the man and the horse have been dead for a long time, and the two groups of Nether Ghosts in the eyes are dancing.

Before getting close, a stench of carrion wafted in the wind.

Zhou Jia’s nose has been more sensitive than others since he was a child. This is even more subconsciously covering his mouth and nose, pulling Dai Lei cautiously back.

Depending on the situation, it should be a mutant corpse that strayed into a mountain col. Similar situations are not uncommon, but they are mostly ordinary monsters.

After all, the powerful monsters around have been cleaned up long ago.

But this corpse is strong!

I am afraid that no one is its opponent nearby. I hope it does not find the person in the tree house. Just wait for the Huo Family Fort patrol to find it.

When there is no white-haired wind, there will be patrols, although most of them are slack.

“Liu Lulu…”

The white-maned horse, which had turned into a corpse, suddenly raised its front hooves and screamed loudly.

The rider turned his head slightly to the side, as if he had discovered something, opened his pitch-black mouth, and moved towards a giant sycamore tree not far away and took a deep breath.

Then spit it out.


naked eye It can be seen that a gray mist emerges from its mouth and wraps around the giant sycamore tree beside it.

The next moment.


“Bang dang…”

Screams and confusion sounded from the inside of the giant tree, and a piece of bark was even caught by someone. Opened, two staggering silhouettes ran out of it.

The eerie mist still haunts them.

naked eye It can be seen that the bodies of the two people melted rapidly in the mist, and in the blink of an eye they turned into two dead bones.

The mist rolled back and returned to Knight’s mouth again. It seemed to have eaten Shiquan Dabu pills, roared towards the sky, and his eyes were red light.


The gloomy wind suddenly rose, and a strange wave rushed to the four directions.


The ‘magic’ from the world of Fem.

Zhou Jia only felt his consciousness sink, and he was about to reach out to open the door in a daze. A starlight flashed in his mind, which instantly brought him back to his senses.

Dai Lei, who was beside her, didn’t know it, so she was about to move the door.


Zhou Jia hurriedly held her down, exerting force with her five fingers, and the severe pain also brought Dai Lei back to her senses.

The two looked at each other, and both could see the fear in the other’s eyes.

If you go out at this time, you will surely die!


The sound of the door rattled, the two of them shouted inwardly, and hurriedly looked out.

The tree house door opened not far away, and Lina came out with a dull face, and a struggling silhouette could still be seen in the house.

Not only Lina!

And Xiaoyu, Cheng Qi…

People nearby, as long as the willpower is not enough, they will be attracted for a while.

Cheng Qi leaned on crutches and moved forward with each step, but his speed was not slow. He moved towards the rider who had been screaming in the sky and approached.

Seeing this scene, Dai Lei’s body trembled slightly, her eyes were full of horror, she tightly grabbed Zhou Jia’s sleeve, but did not dare to make any sound.


The rider stopped his cry, and the white-maned horse under his crotch rushed forward, and came to Lina in an instant, and a long spear had already pierced through her body .

A strange mist emerges from the long spear, sweeping away the essence of Lina’s fleshy body.

naked eye Visible, Lina’s body trembled until she was silent.


The moment the rider stopped screaming, the others had regained their senses, shouted loudly, and moved towards all directions.



The silent night was suddenly broken by screams.


The horse corpse raised its hoofs and roared, dashing into the crowd. The rider above waved a long spear and kept running through the silhouette while devouring the essence of flesh and blood.

Silhouettes fell one by one.

“Help!” Cheng Qi shouted and ran wildly. The direction he ran was the place with the most residents in the Western Region, and it was safer for him.

Perhaps he was too weak and the rider was not very interested, so he let him, who was leaning on crutches, approach the residents over there.


“Don’t come here!”

In the darkness, someone cursed.

Someone was more direct. A rocket shot from a treehouse until it penetrated Cheng Qi’s chest, and the flames instantly wrapped him.


Cheng Qi screamed and fell to the ground, rolling in the mud, trying to hit the flames, but let the arrows pierce deeper and deeper. .

“What’s going on?”

“What’s going on!”

The chaos here finally attracted the attention of the patrolmen, a group of cavalry soldiers. Approaching quickly, until we see the situation in the field, the complexity greatly changed.


“mutated corpse!”

“Notify Captain!”

In the noise, the mutant rider suddenly Pulling on the reins, moved towards the patrol, which was noticeably more abundant.


The collision sounded, and the patrol team quickly retreated, leading the mutant corpses towards the inner city, and people would die from time to time. It seems that ordinary patrol personnel Not the opponent of this monster.

Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered, he suddenly opened the door of the house, charged ahead, pulled Xiaoyu who lost one’s head out of fear, and quickly took him back to the tree house.


Most of the people living here are used to being accompanied by danger. After panicking, everyone hides in a place they think is safe.

Until news comes in.

“Don’t worry, Captain Wan and Mr. Jia from Liurentang took action. That thing has now died without a whole corpse, so you can come out.”

“Lina !”

Apu rushed out of the house first, knelt beside a pile of bones, howling and crying.

His own willpower is acceptable, resisting the temptation of the mutant rider, but he is powerless to stop his wife, watching the other side be killed.

“Why are you crying? Everyone is already dead, what’s the use of crying at this time?”

“Yes!” Someone sneered disdainfully:

” When talking about love, it’s not just watching his wife die, hiding in the house, and not even daring to cry.”

β€œI remember them, they made a living by painting for people, and the men made money, The housekeeper is not doing well, so if you die alone, you might have more money on your hands.”

“What are you talking about?” Dai Lei has restrained her temper a lot during this time. At that time, I couldn’t help but say angrily:

“When someone else’s wife died, you still talk nonsense?”

“A dead wife is not necessarily a bad thing.” The crowd sneered:

“If you die, your wife can marry again, and you can live better here without a burden, don’t you think?”

“It is said that spiritual people are the most loving, The wife died and did not want to live alone. It seems that the rumors are not true, or the relationship between the two is not that much.”

“Yes, yes.”

In the voice The sarcasm is getting more and more excessive, even too deliberate, each with anticipation, and Zhou Jia brows frowned, his face suddenly changed:

“Not good!”

“Ah! “Apu’s body trembled, and he suddenly shouted up to the sky, hugged the dead bones on the ground, and slammed into a stone not far away.


Brains burst and blood flowed.

“Really dead?”

“It’s really fucking tough!”

“Quick, quick! Spirit people like to collect good things the most.”

A group of people rushed to the Apu couple’s tree house and began to loot frantically.

Zhou Jia was stunned and trembling with anger. This group of people knew that Lingren’s personality was very sensitive, and they deliberately stimulated Apu.

Just to kill him!

Good for good!

These people…


“Huh…” Dai Lei stared blankly at the corpse on the ground, as if she suddenly wanted to understand something, face revealed a bitter smile, covered her face with her hands, and murmured with her head lowered:


“Apu, Lina, Lei Lei, Cheng Qi, me and…”

“The feelings here are like flowers growing in the mud, sooner or later… There will be no results!”

(end of this chapter)

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