Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 4

Chapter 4 classmates

Tao Hong!

White skirt, slender silhouette, stubborn eyes, the silhouette that suddenly appeared in the field is Tao Hong who has traveled all the way.

Zhou Jia was taken aback for a moment, and his face was puzzled:

β€œWhat are you doing?”

β€œWhat are you doing?” Tao Hong was full of excitement, He stretched out his hands to stop the others, and shouted like a calf guard:

“This is a small animal, why must you kill it?”

“Girl.” The crowd In the middle, a tall and sturdy middle-aged man frowned and said:

“This thing is a beast and has no humanity. You let it go, let’s kill it first.”

Said, stepping closer.

The little monster was obviously very scared of him, shrank back when he saw this, and hid behind Tao Hong.

It’s cautiously action seemed to arouse Tao Hong’s hidden motherhood, with a stiff neck, glaring at the middle-aged man:

“You know it’s just a beast… …animal, it doesn’t know what to do and what not to do, don’t you know?”

“It’s cruel to kill a small animal that hasn’t grown up yet!”

As a woman, Tao Hong is petite and physique, but in front of a group of big men covered in blood, she is hard to back down.

Courage is commendable.


“Are you sick?” Someone said angrily:

“Go away, or don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“little girl.” An old man in a Chinese tunic suit even stamped his feet:

“This beast eats people!”

“That’s right, what are you protecting at this time?”

“There is no use for kindness!”

“What are you doing?” Seeing the crowd approaching, Tao Hong couldn’t help but reveal Panic, he took a step back but still stretched his hands to protect the cub behind him:

“Animals are also spiritual, how can they be random…”


An abnormal sound interrupted her speech.

Tao Hong’s body was stiff, and she slowly lowered her head to see a sharp claws sticking out from her chest, with a hot heart on the claws.


The little wolf-headed monster took out Tao Hong’s heart, swallowed it whole, and glared at everyone fiercely while chewing.



The sound was threatening.

“Fuck!” One person roared:

“Little bastard, go to hell!”

Although she doesn’t like Tao Hong’s approach, she is human after all. Being killed in front of everyone can still arouse the indignation of others.

The crowd rushed up, fists, sticks, and sticks out, killing the trumpet-headed monster on the spot in the blink of an eye.

The body of Tao Hong, who lost her heart, swayed, her eyes gradually lost their brilliance, and finally her feet softened and she stumbled to the ground.

As far as the eye can see, is the little bastard, which has also lost its vitality.

She opened her mouth and her vision was pitch black.

“Tao Hong!”

Su Qiang ran to the front with a look of regret.

He was about the same age as Tao Hong, and he was also unmarried. Along the way, the two were talking and laughing, wondering if they could go further.


It’s too late.

Zhou Jia also couldn’t bear it.

After all, he was the one who talked a lot along the way, why did he just die like this?

“Two people.” The little bastard came to an end, and the sturdy middle-aged man came over just now:

“You also came from the winding mountain road, right?”

“Yes!” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, suppressing his emotion for Tao Hong’s death, and hurriedly asked:

“This big brother, you are also coming from Panshan Road. Yes, then do you know where we are now? How can we go back?”

“Hey!” It’s not long since I came here, and it’s already been changed that day, there’s no way to go back, who knows what the hell this place is.”

β€œAnd these beasts…”

He pointed to the wolf head monster on the ground:

“I don’t know where it came from. There are a dozen people in our convoy, and they killed a few people, so there are other people in the vicinity. , and finally killed them.”

“It seems that you don’t know any news.”

hearing this, Zhou Jia’s expression darkened:

“We came by bus, we thought we had overturned, who would have thought…”

“Hey!” , had been blocked by the strange fog, and then fell into this place.

But not like everyone on the bus.

Most of the people here are not in danger when they appear, only a few accidentally cut their clothes by the window glass.

When asked about the wolf head monster, the experience is not the same.

We encountered a pack of wolves here, and suffered a loss at first. Fortunately, there were a lot of people in the vicinity, and they joined forces to fight back successfully.

“That’s right.”

The man said:

“My name is Huang Jinfu, I’m a security guard in the city, you killed a monster, you should find it Is your strength stronger than before?”

“That’s right.” Zhou Jia nodded, and waved the frying pan in his hand, and the sound of hu hu wind sounded.

He is now confident that even if he doesn’t have something in his hand, he should be able to solve a wolf-headed monster by his own strength alone.

β€œKilling monsters can also increase strength?”

This is the first time Su Qiang heard about this, his eyes lit up, and when he looked at Zhou Jia again, his eyes were already filled with envy. .

“Not only can it increase strength, but it can also heal injuries on the body.” Huang Jinfu moved towards a fatty in the crowd, opened the mouth and said:

“Fatty Han He killed three monsters in total, and he is the one who has killed the most here, and his strength is estimated to have surpassed that of Hercules.”

Three heads?

Zhou Jia killed two heads, but there was a lot of luck in it. I didn’t expect that there were still fierce people who could kill three heads in a row.

The look in the past is filled with admiration.

“Passenger A!”

While speaking, a crisp voice sounded, shouting his nickname.

Xunsheng looked around, but saw a man and two women looking over here, and one of the women waved excitedly.

“Chen Hui!”

Zhou Jia was overjoyed and hurried over:

“Why are you here?”


Chen Hui and Zhou Jia were classmates in high school, and they had a good relationship. They have kept in touch over the years.

After not seeing her for a few years, Chen Hui’s appearance has changed drastically.

The short denim skirt and fashionable sweater complement the tall figure, especially the long white, tender and smooth legs, which are even more eye-catching.

It’s just that this dress is definitely inconvenient in the forest.

“This is my boyfriend Cheng Qi, my roommate Leilei in college, I told you.” Chen Hui felt a little happy when she met her old friend:

“I didn’t expect to meet you here.”


Zhou Jia sighed and greeted the two of them.

Different from Chen Hui, who has a straightforward personality and a hot dress, Dai Lei looks delicious and pretty, wearing a long embroidered dress, with a milder temperament.

She also heard from Chen Hui about Zhou Jia, and planned to match the two.

However, the two colleges were not in the same city, which meant that at the time, it was nothing to do with it.

As I look at Zhou Jia now, I sigh even more.

Zhou Jia’s figure is not bad, but his appearance is very ordinary, and he looks a little dull. Even if he introduced himself at the beginning, he would not agree.

Cheng Qi nodded, it’s an understanding.

“Zhou Jia!”

Not long after, Huang Jinfu came over:

“We discussed it, it’s too late today, and then go to the bus It’s definitely not possible in the car, and even more how there is no doctor here.”


“I’ll see you when it’s dawn tomorrow.”

Zhou Jia looked up at the sky, the sunset was about to set, and the forest behind was pitch black. In this case, he could not possibly recognize the way he came.

There is only nodded at the moment:

“Alright, I’m afraid that Dr. Qin and the others will wait.”

“There is no way.” Jin Fu Shaking his head, his face was full of sorrow:

“We don’t know where we are now, it seems that most likely already not in Earth, we can only take a step by step.”

Saying that, he walked towards the crowd with his hands behind his back.

Zhou Jia opened his mouth and hesitated.

In this kind of place, it is natural to find a good sleeping place, and a group of people are separated in small groups.

Everything that happened today was too amazing. Although Zhou Jia was full of energy, it was inevitable that he was drowsy, and he fell into a drowsiness while leaning against the tree in a daze.

I don’t know how long he slept, but the slight pull on his sleeve woke him up.

“Zhou Jia, look over there.”

Dai Lei lowered her voice and whispered:

“The dead person over there… “


(end of this chapter)

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